Do I Have a Crush? 15 Physiological Signs to Tell If You Have a Crush on Someone

By definition, a crush is a short-term infatuation for someone who is usually unattainable.

But it could lead to more.

If you get to know your crush a little more and develop real feelings and reciprocity, your crush can develop into something of more meaning and depth.

There are a few characteristics that set crushes apart from more serious romances. Crushes are usually based on fantasy and usually happen when you don’t know much about someone and fill in the blanks with your imagination. 

That said, crushes and love share a few biological similarities. When a crush is at play, and someone is in love, hormones are released.

These include dopamine and oxytocin

If you think you’re crushing on someone, how can you tell for sure?

As humans, we share many things. We share psychology and hormonal systems that make us do what we do. 

With that in mind, it’s easy to understand that regardless of age, gender, or the situation, there are a few universal signs that you have a real crush on someone. 

If you’re unsure if you simply like someone or have a crush on them, you should explore your feelings or the signs a bit more for some clarity. 

Below we cover some tell-tale signs that you’ve genuinely got a crush!

15 Physiological signs That You Have a Crush on Someone:

1. You constantly think about that person

One of the most obvious signs that you’ve got a crush is that you can’t get the person off your mind.

You’ll be living and breathing thoughts of them – at least, that’s what some people who have experienced a crush say.

Give it some thought.

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you wake up? And what’s the last thing you think about when you go to bed at night?

If a certain someone is on your mind, it may be a sign that you’ve got a crush on them.

If you find that everything around you seems to remind you of them – it could be a song, a movie scene, or a quote – chances are that you’re crushing on them.

Everything Reminds You of Them: Whether it’s a song on the radio or a scene in a movie, everything seems to remind you of your crush. In fact, you get dreams about your crush more than once .

2. Your thoughts become scattered and unfocused when you’re with your crush

When was the last time you were so completely flustered that you didn’t know your left from right and your up from down? Was your crush potentially in the same room? 

If the person you currently find interesting enters the room, how do you feel? Do you feel as if you can’t think straight?

Perhaps you stutter a little or can’t get the words out when you need to speak.

Worse yet, do you seem at a complete loss for words?

All of these scenarios could be a sign that you’ve got a crush on the person, especially if you don’t feel this tongue-tied and flustered around other people.

3. You plan the conversations in your head

One moment you’re winging social encounters, and the next, you’re wondering if you should make a list of interesting topic ideas to refer to when talking to someone – what happened?

It can feel like, unlike ever before, you’re worried that you’ll have nothing to say or sound silly when you do have something to say. 

You might even worry that you won’t seem interesting or entertaining enough when conversing with the other person. 

If a particular person seems to inspire you to pre-plan your conversations, learn a few jokes, or look up interesting news to talk about before you see them, you may just have a crush on someone.

4. You feel excited or nervous when you’re around them

Does your heart race, and your breath quicken when they’re around?

Getting nervous or excited when you’re around someone you have a crush on is normal. 

That nervous or excited feeling happens when your dopamine levels increase because you’ve detected something desirable.

An increase in norepinephrine will give you that nervous, giddy feeling.

Because we humans have you neurons in our gut and they are connected to the nervous system, we can also feel butterflies in your stomach.

5. You’re subconsciously mirror their body language

How do you sit, stand, and gesture when you’re talking to the person you’re interested in? Have you noticed?

Perhaps it’s time to pay some attention. 

If you find yourself mirroring their body language and gestures, it may be a sign that you’re attracted to them. 

In fact, studies have shown that when people are attracted to each other, they sit, stand, and gesture in a similar way, indicating good communication and reciprocated interest. 

Mirroring body language also naturally makes people feel more comfortable and accepted by each other. 

6. Your voice tone changes when you talk to them

What do you sound like when you’re talking to your potential crush? Do you sound the same as usual?

If you’re talking to someone and notice that your voice seems a little deeper than usual, chances are that you find them more than just interesting. 

Studies have proven that both women and men lower the pitch of their voice when talking to someone they have a romantic interest in. 

7. You get mood swings based on their actions

It’s not uncommon to feel as if you’re on an emotional rollercoaster when you have a crush on someone. 

It may seem as if everything they do has the power to build you up or break you down. 

You may experience a mixture of excitement, nervousness, happiness, and awkwardness. 

You may hear that your crush has spoken to someone else and feel threatened one moment but then hear that they brought you up in conversation and suddenly feel over the moon. 

It’s normal for your emotions to be tied to someone you’re crushing on.

8. You continuously check their social media accounts

How much time do you spend on social handles investigating the person that’s caught your eye?

Are you secretly visiting their handles more often than you’d be willing to admit to publicly?

It’s one thing to waste hours scrolling; it’s quite another if you find yourself gravitating to one person’s social page/account to scrutinize absolutely every aspect of it. 

In fact, most people with a crush will agree that it’s quite easy to spend several hours looking through photos, old posts, and old relationship interactions online, gathering interesting tidbits on the person they’re interested in.

9. You see yourself with them connected intimately in the future (Daydreaming!)

Are you a bit of a daydreamer all of a sudden?

Do you find yourself making up fantasies in your head of what your life could be like together?

If you’re staring into space, daydreaming about a life together or absentmindedly doodling their name on a scrap of paper when you should be concentrating on something, it could be a sign that more is at play.

Constantly imagining a life together is a sign that you’re interested in being more than just friends. You could very well have a crush on someone.

10. You find yourself smiling when you think about them or when they’re around.

Have you ever been in a group conversation, and someone’s name comes up, and a smile sneaks onto your face? 

Have you spent an afternoon doing chores and had someone cross your mind, and you just can’t help smiling?

Or you may find yourself smiling back at their profile picture online.

These scenarios could be a sign that you’re crushing on someone.

11. Your friends observe a noticeable change in your behavior

While you’re usually confident and a bit awkward and goofy around your close friends, you’re suddenly trying to appear cool and sophisticated.

Or you’re usually very outgoing, but now you’re shy and reserved. 


It’s probably because you have a romantic crush, and you’d feel embarrassed if the person you like doesn’t think you’re fun or interesting. This can create a behavior change. 

Much the same; if you’re suddenly smiling more, laughing more, and appearing as if you have more of a zest for life, it could be a sign that someone else is the root cause of your behavior change.

It might be annoying or embarrassing that people point out that you act differently around someone, but it could be a sure indicator of your romantic feelings. 

If you’re not acting like yourself, chances are you care about what someone thinks of you or are trying not to show that you’re giddy or nervous. 

Changes in how you normally behave could indicate having a crush on someone. 

12. You seek your crush’s attention (Indulge in Gatsbying!)

Showing off, or Gatsbying is typical behavior of a modern crush. 

You may find yourself splashing out, dressing more extravagantly, or being more outgoing to get someone’s attention. 

Generally, this behavior is in hopes that someone will notice you and find you interesting or cool. 

If you’re showing off to get them to notice you, you’ve probably got a crush on someone.

13. You laugh at their non-funny jokes

Do you ever find yourself laughing at someone’s jokes just because you want them to feel good about themselves?

Laughing at jokes that aren’t funny and trying to make someone feel more entertaining than they are is a sure sign that they mean something to you. 

14. You feel a tinge of jealousy

You may be playing it cool, but then suddenly, you see them talking to someone else and kick-started into jealousy mode. 

You find yourself looking twice, wondering what the other person has that you don’t, and strategizing what to do if someone else truly steals their attention. 

Feeling jealousy is normal when you like someone or have a crush on someone. You may see other people who get their attention as a threat, and so it can activate those negative feelings.

15. They have become the standard 

If you didn’t know what you wanted or found attractive until you met this new interest, but now you know precisely what you want, you may have a crush. 

Making someone the standard you aspire for in a romantic partner indicates that you have a crush on someone. 

What to do if you have a crush on someone?

If you have a crush on someone, take the time to determine if your feelings are genuine and long-lasting or simply a passing phase. Some crushes remain simply that: A crush. 

Don’t rush into anything. Make sure that you understand your own feelings before you take any steps forward.

Before you confess to your crush, I would recommend you to go through out How to Get Your Crush to Like You article.


What’s the next step? You’ve discovered that you have all the tell-tale physiological signs of a crush, and now you don’t know the next step. 

Do you continue crushing on them from afar, or do you take action?

For starters, trying to whittle down the possible reasons for your crush is important. What is it about the person that attracts you?

Are the reasons for your crush sustainable and genuine, or are they simply infatuation?

Getting to the bottom of this is important if you want to take action. 

If the reasons for crushing on someone are solid or genuine, take the time to ascertain how they may feel about you. 

If it seems as if your crush is also seems to be interested in you, you can talk to them about your feelings openly or ask them on a casual date to see if there’s any substance to your feelings.

Avoid overwhelming the person or gushing about how you feel and approach the situation with a mature approach, ready to be open about your feelings and take things to the next level.

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