13 Psychological Tricks Get Your Crush to Notice You

There’s that special someone out there that’s caught your eye, but while you’ve been “investigating” their social media and being your best self to catch their attention, they don’t seem to have noticed you. 

Now what?

What can you do to get your crush to notice you exist?

Should you be doing anything special to grab their attention or simply keep plodding along and hope they’ll someday see you for who you are? 

Many people are in this very position and want to know how to go about getting their crush to notice them without being pushy or overwhelming.

Getting your crush to notice you may be easier than you think. In fact, once you know the few psychological tricks you can use to get your crush’s attention, you’ll consider it a no-brainer. 

Here’s what you need to know…

13 Psychological Tricks to Get Your Crush to Notice You

1. Recognize Your Worth Before Taking Any Action

The most important question is what you think of yourself. Do you like yourself and how do you want the rest of the world to see you? 

The only way for someone else to realize your worth is for you to realize it first. 

When you realize your worth, you’ll exude a kind of alluring confidence and put it out into the world how you expect to be seen and treated. 

How can you recognize your self-worth?

Start by developing a positive self-image. Take the time to notice what’s great about you and why you’re a catch. 

Out of all the people on the planet, you’re the one that knows the most about your strengths and uniqueness. Make a list of what makes you a strong and unique individual, and make time to celebrate those things. 

Lastly, developing a self-care routine can set you in the right direction. When you’re taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, you’ll start to realize your own worth, and so will others. 

Before you make your crush notice you, it’s essential that you work on your personality.

2. Challenge your negative thoughts and develop a positive mindset

When crushing on someone, it’s natural to feel a sense of insecurity. You may wonder if you’re good enough or feel self-conscious. It’s easy for negative thoughts or a negative mindset to creep in.

You may even let negative thoughts you have about yourself to come to the surface. 

Thoughts have the ability to change your entire path. If you’re thinking negatively, you’re likely to have a negative life experience. But if you’re thinking positively, you’re likely to have a positive experience. 

Before your crush notices you, you need to set negative thoughts aside and develop a positive mindset and approach to life. 

Studies have shown that people find positive emotions and mindsets attractive. This means you’ll instantly be more noticeable and alluring if your mindset is positive. 

3. Make the strongest first impression

When other people first meet you, what’s their take on you?

Are you the type of person that makes an excellent first impression, or not so much?

First impressions last, so make an effort to ensure that the first impression you make is unforgettable – in a good way. 

How can you make a strong first impression? 

Wear clothing that shows off your best features and leaves you feeling confident about yourself. Make sure that you put effort into dressing nicely for all occasions. 

Pay attention to grooming and personal hygiene. The idea is always to look and feel your best, so prink and preen when you’re leaving the house – every time.

Experiment with your style. It may be time for a makeover or a spruce-up. Find a look you’d like to experiment with, and go for it. It will boost your confidence and get you noticed. 

4. Improve your communication style

Improving your communication style can only ever be a good thing. How you communicate can either draw someone in or send them running. 

Communication is even more important when you’re in getting to know stage.

Because by knowing how to talk to people and manage them in all kinds of situations, you can ensure that your communication style is alluring. 

Have you ever spoken to someone who just seems so good and at ease in a conversation? That’s because they’ve developed a good communication style.

When conversing with your crush, apply the art of good conversation. You may need to brush up on your conversational skills. 

You can do this by asking open-ended questions to your crush and actively taking an interest in the answers.

Actually listen to what they have to say before responding, instead of planning what you’ll say in your head before they stop talking. 

People love to talk about themselves, so the more you ask about them and what they’re into, the more attractive you will appear to them. Ask questions about who they are, what their passions are, how they wish to live life – don’t be afraid to ask slightly deep questions.

Another good communication style is sharing interesting experiences, inside jokes, and anecdotes they can relate to or find amusing. 

If you’re keen to compliment your crush, make sure it’s a genuine compliment. No one likes to be lied to, and it may seem insincere if you make outrageous compliments. 

Some good compliments to have up your sleeve include:

  • “I always have the best time with you!”
  • “You’re looking great today.”
  • “I never get bored around you.”
  • “I’m so glad we met up – I am having the best time!”
  • “You’re so interesting.”

5. Use effective body language cues to get their attention

Most experts agree that around 70% to 90% of communication is non-verbal.  With this in mind, it’s easy to note that using the right body language around your crush can make all the difference. 

Positive body language includes making eye contact, smiling when you see them, and leaning in slightly towards them while they’re talking. 

Being open and laughing is also a good way to communicate that you’re having a good time and enjoy their company. 

This can make a positive impression on anyone, not just your crush!

6. Enhance your presence by exuding an irresistible fragrance

Having a personal fragrance is a great way to get someone’s attention. 

Studies have shown that scent plays a rather important role in attraction. When you smell something you like, your brain releases pheromones (oxytocin), which can leave you craving that smell when you miss or think about the person. 

Choosing a fragrance is a personal thing.

Spend some time trying out scents that appeal to you. If you feel the scent matches your appearance and style, it’s the best scent to go with. 

Be sparing when using a scent – you don’t want to overpower your crush, you just want to pique their interest.

7. Nurture a diverse social network to make a lasting impression

You’ll be more interesting to your crush if you have a full and active life. To have an active or full life, you need to have a social network of your own. 

How do you do that?

Join social activities and clubs in your area that you enjoy. This shows that you are your own person with interests and hobbies – this is attractive to most people.

Attend parties, gatherings, and networking events to meet people as friends and acquaintances and grow your support network. 

A study that the University of California conducted showed that people found pictures of people in a group more attractive than when on their own. Surround yourself with your people!

8. Befriend the people in your crush’s circle

Your ability to fit in with your crush’s circle of friends can make all the difference to how much your crush notices you. 

If you make friends with your crush’s circle, you can get to know them better and more organically, which may make the attraction more natural and authentic. 

While getting familiar your crush’s friends, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about them and show off your social side.

9. Express genuine interest in knowing them

While working on getting yourself noticed, make a point of noticing them. Yes, your crush also needs to feel noticed. 

Spend some time genuinely paying attention. Ask your crush about their passions, hobbies, and values, and share information about yours. 

Be careful not to come across as an interrogator. Be casual about asking questions and clarify when you can relate or have similar views and ideas.

If your crush shares information on their interests, research those topics and show off your new-found knowledge. They will surely notice that you’ve taken the time to learn more about their passions.

10. Compliment them in a flirtatious manner

Giving genuine compliments is a good way to get some attention back from your crush, but be prepared to take things up a notch by adding a few flirtatious compliments too.

Some examples of flirtatious compliments you can try are:

  • “How is someone like you still single?”
  • “Did you get dressed up for a special occasion or do you always look this good?”
  • “Gorgeous and witty – you’re the total package.”
  • “You have this way of making me so happy.”

11. Support them wherever they need you

You can drive home the message that you care by ensuring your crush knows you’re always there to help them, they just have to ask. 

Be open and clear about the fact that you’ll be there no matter what. Tell them that they can call or text you at any time, and you’ll be available. 

Avoid imposing your advice or help when it’s not asked for, but if they indicate they need help or support, be there without fail.

This will make your crush like you.

12. Build the connection before opening up your feelings

Getting emotional too soon can be a relationship killer, work on being emotionally balanced. 

Be open to a connection and having fun, and save developing feelings for later.

This will make your crush see you as a level-headed and balanced person who is worth knowing.

13. Now, confidently open up your feelings

Once you’re spending a bit more time with your crush, you can be a bit more open about your feelings. Being confident when sharing your feelings is important.

Avoid overwhelming your crush with emotions. Being in control of your emotions and how you react to emotional triggers is important.

What actions should you avoid when trying to get your crush’s attention?

You should avoid playing hard to get, coming on too strong, or getting overly intoxicated when out and about with your crush.

You should also avoid being jealous, controlling, and demanding, as it may make your crush feel like you’re trying to take over their life instead of becoming a valued addition.

Can I get my crush to notice me without talking?

How you behave in your crush’s presence will be important for getting his attention. 

While you may not speak directly with him, you can show genuine care for others, be social, and have your own interests and hobbies. 

When your crush sees that you are a well-rounded, interesting person that is liked by all, you’ll be hard not to notice. 

How do you know if your crush have noticed you already?

Are there any tell-tale signs that your crush has noticed you and has taken an active interest in you?

The answer is, yes!   

If your crush makes and maintain eye contact, directly chats with you, makes an effort to contact you, and wants to hang out, chances are your crush has noticed you already.


Trying to get your crush notice you should not become something that determines your self-worth. For instance, if you go through all the psychological tricks but it turns out that your crush likes someone else, don’t get hung up on the outcome. 

You’ve done the work, and chances are that the right person for you will come along. Just keep being yourself, practice self-care, and continue to be yourself.

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