20 Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

He might like you, but are you taking things to the next stage? 

It’s a decision that might keep you on the edge of your seat, and it can make you anxious if you’ve been dating for a long time. 

You could be unsure to ask him because the man should take the first step, but you want to know what his intentions with you are. 

In this article, we’re diving deep into twenty signs he’ll show if he wants you as a girlfriend soon, so you can end your doubts. 

20 Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon:

1. He Asks You Things About Yourself

Unless he just is after you for your body, before he asks you to be his girlfriend, he’ll try to get to know you on a deeper level. 

And, how one does that?

By asking deep questions.

These detailed questions might come as a surprise at first. You could wonder if he’s having doubts about taking the relationship to next stage or wants to end it. 

But he’s just learning more about you so he gets the full picture of your life, family, customs, and dreams. That’s the mindset of a man who wants to be with you for a long period of time. 

If he is interested in you, He might have asked some of these questions: 

  • “What’s your vision of the perfect family?”
  • “If you’d change one thing from your past what would it be?”
  • “What’s something you’d do passionately every day even if you’re not paid for doing it?”

2. He is Not on Dating Apps Anymore

Most singles are on dating apps these days so if you ever gotten a chance to use his phone and hadn’t noticed any such app then it could possible indicate that he’s clear about his dating life and doesn’t want to keep other tabs open. 


If was on a dating app but now you don’t see it anymore it means that he could have caught feelings for you and wants you to e his girlfriend. 

However, even if his profile is still active, that’s not a surefire sign either that he’s still dating. It’s possible that he could have forgotten about it completely or he could also be addicted to swiping right (that’s a thing too). 

What would be some things you can do at this time? We suggest:

  • Asking him downright what apps he’s using for online dating. 
  • Checking his phone to spot dating apps’ icons. (without being disrespectful)

Regardless of how this goes, pay attention to other signs for more accuracy. 

The people he introduces you to, for instance, tell a lot about the place you have in his life.   

And, that’s what the next sign is all about..

3. He Introduces You To His Inner Circle

No man wants to embarrass himself by having his loved ones meet every girl he dates before the relationship has progressed to a serious stage. 

The moment he wants you to meet his relatives, close friends, and loved ones, know that you’re more than just someone he likes. He wants you to be his girlfriend and stick with him for longer than just a casual meet-up. 

Even though he might not be as straightforward with his intentions as you expect, actions do the talking.

For instance, if you find yourself: 

  • in the middle of a birthday party organized for one of his loved ones,
  • accompanying him on a relative’s special occasion, 
  • in a trip where all of his loved ones are invited, etc. 

…then he’s implying that you have a special place in his life. 

Yes, he has not officially asked you to be his girlfriend but he wants to see if you get along with his loved ones first. 

Once his loved ones see you together, it’s clear that you’re special to him. It’s a clear sign he wants you to be his girlfriend soon.

4. He Calls & Texts You Everyday

A guy who wants to start a serious relationship with you will make the effort to call and text you every single time he can. 

If he feels like calling or texting you, he will. 

Some argue that a masculine man shouldn’t be clingy and rather spend more time working or hanging out with his friends. 

But, I just don’t agree with this take and think it’s quite the opposite really.

It’s understandable that he won’t be texting you if he has an intense work schedule. However, it that’s not the case then he might not want a serious relationship with you.

Here are some signs of healthy communication include: 

  • Calling to ask for something but then prolonging the conversation intentionally
  • He initiates communication with you any time of the day 
  • Often, he replies lightning-fast as if he’s waiting for your reply

5. He Includes You in His Future Plans

If he is really into you and you’re also reciprocating to his feelings then you shouldn’t take his behavior lightly.

Whenever he takes major decisions like changing jobs, moving out, or going on trips, he’ll ask you for advice or invite you in. 

The most obvious time when a man shows his commitment to making you his girlfriend is when he makes future plans. 

If you’re in his future plans, he wants a long-term relationship with you. 

Some of the things he’ll do if he wants a future with you: 

  • He discusses what’s the ideal place to live. 
  • He wants to know more about your family.
  • He mentions (even jokingly) what your kids would be like, etc. 

Look for hints in his conversations. When he talks about having a fulfilling career, does he mention what an ideal day in his life would look like?

If “Yes”, does the person he describes as his future partner resemble you? 

6. He Maximizes His Physical Appearance

Studies say that preening is one of the telltale signs displayed by someone who likes you. 

If he wants a committed relationship with you, he’ll aim to impress you every single day. Working on his physical appearance is one of the signs he’s trying to do this. 

You’re likely to realize that he cares about his appearance still even after you’ve been dating for while. Otherwise, a man drops his self-care efforts after he losses interest in the woman he wanted. 

Preening is a well-known set of behaviors performed when we want the attention of others. It means we do whatever we can to appear attractive. 

Some signs of preening you should look for in him, include: 

  • He clears off subtle spots in his clothes right away. 
  • He fixes his hair, tie, or sleeves.
  • He checks in the mirror often, etc.

7. He Shows A Lot Of Empathy Toward You

Empathy appears where an emotional connection is strong. 

Here we’re not talking about empathy in the altruistic sense where you feel a sense of obligation to help someone in need because you feel their pain. 

Empathy from someone who has fallen for you and wants you to be his girlfriend soon is more intense.

Even Research points to empathy as one of the characteristics found in people with long-term loving relationships. So if he has developed empathy for you, he feels like staying for the long term with you. 

For instance: 

  • He showers you with love and notices the subtle hints that you express when you’re sad. 
  • He calls when he sees that your messages are brief and without emojis (if you use them regularly). 
  • He stops what he’s doing when you’re sad and asks you to express your feelings to him. 
  • He waits for you to calm down when you’re angry instead of taking arguments seriously and yelling at you, etc. 

8. He Hints You That He is Single

You wouldn’t date someone who’s taken, and he knows this. That’s why he’ll try often to remind you that he’s single, or seeing only you. 

He’s showing exclusivity. Don’t let his efforts go unnoticed because they’re a clear sign of his interest to be with you in a long-term relationship

So when the conversation about dating or love resurfaces he’s likely to state that he’s tired of dating now, and wants to focus on his goals. 

Men don’t stop dating unless: 

  • They have high goals, and aim to maximize their self-worth before dating again, 
  • Or they’ve found the ONE and want to stop chasing women. 

So if he always bring up his relationship status then try to identify the WHY behind it. The reason can easily be you. 

9. He Showers You With Compliments

Men give compliments in the early days of seeing someone, but if he keeps complimenting you randomly even after a long period of dating, it means that he’s truly in love with you. 

The initial flame is still there, and that is highly important to predict the length of a relationship. 

Compliments are the simplest way for him to show his appreciation for you. 

But they’re also a reminder that his affection hasn’t faded away and it might soon progress into a long-term intimate relationship. 

However, compliments are used even in a friendly manner. Your friends may pay you compliments too, but what’s the difference? 

Well, here are some sweet things he could be complimenting you for which make the difference: 

  • Appearance details. He compliments slight changes in your hairstyle, clothing combinations, or a new fragrance.
  • Level of intelligence. He praises the way you word your arguments or the maturity you display in a specific case. 
  • Future plans. He adores your vision of the future and appears enchanted by what you plan to achieve. 

10. He Spends Most Of His Free Time With You

Free time is precious, and we often spend it on activities that give us the most rewards or we just actually enjoy doing for inner pleasantness. 

The people we decide to spend our free time with are the ones who make us feel entertained, supported, and most importantly full of energy. 

If he spends most of his free time with you, it means that you make him feel comfortable and he’s excited by your presence even after a long time. 

Furthermore, if he wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll find the chance to have more time together by: 

  • Rescheduling events, meetings, or working hours.  
  • Canceling invitations when they take up the time you’d planned to spend together. 
  • Taking new endeavors which involve traveling close to your place (if you’re far from each other). 

To spend time with you alone and hanging time with you with group of friends are two different things. 

If he really wants to take your intimate relationship further he’ll want to spend more time with you alone and talk about deeply personal topics

11. He Calls You By Nicknames Or Baby

We get this question asked frequently:

“He calls me baby but I’m not his girlfriend!”

It’s normal for you to feel shocked at first but the reason why he’s doing that is pretty simple: he wants you to be his girlfriend

Nicknames contain a kind of special warmth when used in place of the actual name of the person. 

Not only do they make conversations more intimate but also remind you of the relationship you have with the other person. 

For instance, friends call you funny nicknames which remind you how close you are to each other.

When someone is smitten with you and uses sweet nicknames such as “baby”, “love”, or “angel”, they’re building an intimate rapport that slowly will progress into a relationship. 

So if he calls you baby is a clear sign he wants your be his girlfriend soon.

12. He Doesn’t Talk To Other Girls (Anymore)

You’ve seen his DMs and there are no more new messages with girls. That’s a sign he’s given up checking other girls and is focused on you. 

Particularly when a man has big goals, he’ll ignore hooking up randomly, focus on finding a girl he thinks is worthy of staying for the long term with, and then drop the chase. 

When a guy wants you to be his girlfriend, why would he flirt with other girls or even reply to their messages (unless they’re only friends)?  

If he keeps talking with other girls just like he did before meeting you, he’s not thinking about getting into a serious relationship with you. 

The only reasons why he would keep talking to girls would be: 

  • He is a player
  • He doesn’t want you as a girlfriend. 
  • They’re just friends, or he aims to build professional connections. 

But talking to a female friend and talking to a girl who might want to date him are two different things, so observe their friendship carefully. 

13. He Is Jealous Of Your Male Friends

Jealousy isn’t always bad. It serves as a sign of high interest in one person. 

If his affection for you isn’t fading, he’ll get jealous when you talk to other male friends because he’s started developing strong feelings about you

By nature, we get protective when another potential candidate gets close to the person we want to have a relationship with. 

Signs he’s jealous of your male friends:

  • He gets irritated once you talk about the time spent with your male friends. 
  • He seems uncomfortable when you share memories or achievements that include your male friends. 
  • He cancels his plans just to join you when you’re with your male friends. 
  • He gets in the middle to make sure you’re not too close physically to your male friends. 

It makes sense that he’ll get protective of you whenever you’re interacting with other male friends. He wants to make sure you don’t have intimate feelings for any of them.  

14. He Is An Open Book With You – Doesn’t Hide Anything

Everyone has secrets.

Our friends might know a lot about us but they don’t know everything. 

Some secrets we decide to share only with the people who make us feel special. Such secrets hold a heavy emotional weight, and when told we get closer to the other person. 

If he decides to share the most personal details of his life with you, it means he sees you as someone special and close to his heart. 

When a guy wants to make you part of his life, he’ll share secrets such as: 

  • Things that happened in past relationships. 
  • Family issues, fights, and past/current problems. 
  • Childhood memories or painful life events only he knows about.

A man who doesn’t really want you as his girlfriend will keep most of the secrets to himself, fearing that this relationship will end soon, and you might leave with his secrets.

15. He Talks About Deal-Breakers In A Relationship

If he talks about deal-breakers in a relationship he’s pointing out what he wants in a relationship. 

Topics such as deal-breakers among other relationship-related topics show that he’s trying to understand if it would work if you two were in a relationship. 

By learning what each considers deal-breakers in a relationship, you’re halfway to assessing how compatible you are as a couple. 

Some things you can ask him about during this conversation include:

  • Spending and saving habits, 
  • Having kids or not,
  • Sexual lifestyle preferences, 
  • Religious beliefs, etc.  

16. He Does Things He Wouldn’t Do If He Was Not Interested

Men start doing things differently once they’re with someone. They change their sleeping schedules, eating/sleeping habits, and more. 

But they don’t care to change any of these unless they’re seriously invested emotionally in a person. 

They might start by taking up new hobbies or learning new skills to impress or spend more time with you. 

What happens after you’re dating together matters. Was that just a cover-up to get close to you and now he’s abandoned it?

Time will tell. 

If he still tries to appear impressive in front of you, it means that he wants you to like him deeply.

Some of the things he could do are: 

  • Start playing the same sports you like. 
  • Start working out to be more well-built and attractive. 
  • Start picking up a new hobby (playing the guitar, writing, photographing, etc).  

17. He Is Always Ready To Change Himself For You

Relationships end because people refuse to make compromises of any kind. 

People have different personalities but if they want a relationship together they should find a middle path and when there isn’t one, one should change.

When he’s sure that he wants to have you as a girlfriend, he’ll do his best to resolve any issues you might have. 

Rather than complaints, the source of his desire for change should be love. The moment you decide to force him into changing, the spark is lost. 

But when he shows readiness to change and takes measurable steps to change, that’s a sign he wants to become a better man for you. 

Some of the things he could do are: 

  • Drop his addictions such as smoking, drinking, or gambling. 
  • Get fitter by eating healthier meals and exercising. 
  • Start a business or get a better job so he makes more money to afford life as a couple.

18. He Goes Out On Dates & Events With You

Does he feel proud to have you beside or does he simply wants a discrete relationship with mutual benefits that will end soon? 

The answer depends highly on how much he goes out with you in public. Events you both like are a good example here. 

Not only do they show how ready is he to meet new people together with you, but they also reveal how well you match with each other. 

If you prefer going to the same events together, it means that you have similar interests, which is a good sign. 

Next, how often you go on dates with each other is also important. If your intimate life has lost the romantic intensity, you’ll slowly go on your separate ways.  

Besides the frequency of going out together, you should look for signs that show he’s dedicated to having a good time with you and tries his best: 

  • He opens the door for you and stays close.
  • He rarely gets his eyes out off you even when you’re in separate groups. 
  • He pays attention to you instead of staying on his phone or chatting with others extensively.  

19. He Makes You A Priority In His Everyday Life

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but how we manage them determines whether we’ll find time for people or not. 

When he says that he doesn’t have time to meet you, and keeps postponing the plans you had together for no serious issue, it’s a sign of a lack of commitment to take your relationship further. 

But if he keeps showing up on time every day and comes to you whenever you need him, he’s serious about having you as a girlfriend. 

Now, not every scenario has a clear cut. Surely, there will be bad days when you don’t feel like meeting. But most of the time, he’ll be there to cheer you up when you need him. 

Some examples of him prioritizing your needs include: 

  • He always reminds you to call or text him if you need anything and he appears right away when you contact him. 
  • He replies almost immediately whenever you text him.
  • He wants to spend time knowing and helping your friends and family. 

20. He Sticks Around 

A man who wants you will always be the first to come up with ideas for trips, dates, or going to new events. 

If you’re the one who always finds events and suggests dates then this will turn into a one-sided relationship (if it turns into one). Or worse, he could feel forced or simply friend-zone you (especially for going to events). 

He might not feel attracted enough to treat you as his future girlfriend. 

But if he takes the first step, texts you daily, and is the one to come up with trip ideas and cool places to go on dates, he loves spending quality time with you.  

It shows that he’s devoted to making things work and isn’t there only for sexual benefits. If he doesn’t insist on getting physical with you and still enjoys dating, talking, and going places, he’s serious about this relationship. 

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