15 Signs He Sees You As a Long-Term Partner

You’ve been seeing this guy for a while and things seem to be going great.

But is this just a temporary fling for him or something more serious?

It’s time to step back and look for signs he sees you as a long-term partner rather than just a fling.

No need to drive yourself crazy analyzing every little thing he does!

We’ll walk you through the biggest indicators that he’s in it for the long haul. From integrating you into his social life to hinting about future plans, learn what to watch out for so you can tell if he’s all-in or about to bolt.

You deserve commitment from a man who recognizes your worth – and we’ll help you figure out if this guy fits the bill!

15 Signs He Sees You Long Term

1. He talks to you about his personal and professional goals

A man who see your as a long term partner won’t hesitate to tell you about his goals for the future. 

This is not an easy topic to talk about , so if he shares this type of information with you, it means he has genuine interest in you.

Do you know why?

Because he might fail. He might not achieve his goals and that could bring him down in a number of ways that could be unpleasant to see.

Even so, he takes this risk. He wants you to know what he desires for himself in terms of achievements. He also wants to share his dreams with you. 

2. He introduces you to his close circle of friends and family

While it’s true that some players like to introduce all their dates to their family and/or friends to create a fake feeling of stability, this might not be your case.

In fact, this could be proof that he wants to build a future with you.

How can you be sure?

  • He repeatedly asks you to join him and his family on various occasions, not just once.
  • He includes you in his group get-togethers and wants you to get to know his friends.
  • His friends welcome you with open arms and they try to connect with you.
  • He wants you to accompany him to various family events or work events as well.

3. He makes spending time with you a priority

Let’s face it: A guy who is not interested in keeping you in his life for a long time won’t spend all his free time with you.

He won’t make you a priority because he doesn’t see as a long-term partner. 

However, if he always chooses to dedicate his time to being with you and doing things with you, that means he enjoys it a lot and can’t get enough of you. 

At this point, he’s either feeling very comfortable in your presence and wants to explore your connection further, or you fascinate him and he wants to find out more about you. 

Whether it’s passionate love that you’re feeling with him or you’re taking things slow, the amount of time he spends with you indicates his level of commitment.

4. He remembers the days/events that are important to you

Ugh… men and their inability to remember important dates… it’s like they do it on purpose, am I right?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re one of the lucky girls I was telling you about. 

In case your boyfriend remembers what you tell him, such as when your sibling’s birthday is, or when you celebrate your sugar-free anniversary, or anything else, his intentions with you are honorable.

This is proof that he cares about you… a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t try to remember all these little details. 

For him, this information is important because it’s either something that makes you happy or sad and he wants to be there for you.

5. He Talks About Marriage & Kids

Let me ask you this: Does he ever talk about marriage in general or joke about you two growing old together?

If he does, that’s a positive sign!

It means he see is interested in a long term relationship. 

Most guys don’t react well when women bring up this topic. So if he brings it up instead – even if it’s as a joke – he has a reason. 

No, he’s not trying to tease you. He’s doing this because he wants to see how you react. Your reaction could be the confirmation he’s looking for to take things to the next level with you.

I think you can imagine that if you have a negative reaction to the idea of marriage or you’re against it, then he might get discouraged.

6. He always asks for your opinion before doing something

Can you relate to the following affirmations?

When he wants to do something with his friends, he asks you if you’re okay with it.

He asks for your opinion before he buys a piece of clothing or even shoes.

He includes you in his decision-making process about the important stuff.

If you can, then it means he has long-term plans with you. Although it might seem like it, this type of behavior is not codependent.

While he’s perfectly capable to decide on his own, he wants to know what you think. On the one hand, he could do it because he doesn’t want to upset you.

On the other hand, this shows that he values and respects your opinion.

Do you need more proof? If you do, then the next signs should convince you.

7. He tries to communicate effectively and handle conflicts

The chemistry between the two of you is undeniable. Even so, there could be times when you two get into silly arguments.

If you’ve been there already, then you know what he did.

So, tell me: Did he initiate a conversation and tried to make you feel better? Or you were the one who reached out to him?

This dynamic is quite important because men rarely take initiative in these types of situations. That’s why it’s a powerful sign when they do. Or, at least when they try to meet you halfway.

So, if he tries to communicate effectively with you, explore your chemistry further, and handle conflicts as well as possible, he’s a keeper – and sees you as a long-term partner.

8. He is happy when you succeed and celebrates your achievements

Here’s another sign he wants a serious relationship with you: He seems genuinely happy for you when something good happens in your life. 

If you succeed at anything you put your mind to, he congratulates you for it and expresses his desire to celebrate your achievements with you. 

Even if you think that what you managed to do is no big deal, he disagrees. After all, you make an effort to get anything – big or small. 

He knows that and he wants the best for you. He also wants you to keep going and achieve everything you want for yourself. 

That’s why he acts this way. On top of that, he probably likes that you’re an ambitious woman, constantly working on making your dreams come true.

9. He does his best to support you in every way he can

A guy’s level of investment in a romantic relationship can also be determined judging by what he does to support you. 

Since life is hard and there are all sorts of unpredictable problems that may occur when we least expect them, we all need support from the ones we love.

Whether it’s emotional support or financial support or any kind of other support that you need, your boyfriend should be the first to offer it to you. 

He’s your go-to person, am I right? You share the good things that happen to you and the bad things with him as well. 

If he is, then he must’ve shown you that he’s there for you – more than once. He must’ve listened to you and tried to comfort you – that’s a sign it’s a serious relationship.

10. He shares his secrets with you

At some point in any serious relationship, it comes a time when both parties feel comfortable with sharing their secrets.

These could be related to virtually anything. However, there’s a tendency for people to talk about their childhoods, past relationships, hopes, dreams, disappointments, and school/career.

In other words, it has to be something meaningful to count.

For example, if he says his guilty pleasure is to eat ice cream after bedtime, that doesn’t really count as a secret.

If he did share something about himself with you, something that not everyone knows, it could be a sign he trusts you more and more.

Not everyone has the same relationship development pace. Your boyfriend could share inoffensive things about himself first to see what you do and how you react.

However, if he has started to share things about his past its a good sign that he sees a future with you.

11. He shows you his vulnerable side

I have to admit it: Men have started to embrace their vulnerable side and have an easier time opening up now compared to 10 years ago.

The world has started to accept that men experience a wide array of emotions as well – they are simply afraid to admit it because they don’t want to appear weak.

Even so, showing vulnerability in a romantic relationship is risky. If your guy has shown you his vulnerable side, it means he sees you as a life partner.

He doesn’t want to deceive you by faking a continuous good mood or making up stories. He wants to be genuine with you. 

Now, if this doesn’t mean he sees a long term future with you, I don’t know what does!

12. He has open and honest conversations with you

The foundation of a healthy relationship has to be based on honesty – I know it, you know it, and he knows it as well (if he’s doing his best to be authentic and honest with you).

Although it was believed that all people lie and that we can’t help it, a new study has shown that, in fact, most of us are infrequent liars that tell 0 to 2 little white lies per day. 

So, let’s hope that he’s one of these people! If you didn’t catch him with major lies so far or ever had the feeling that he’s telling you a lie, take it as a good sign.

13. He chose to focus on you, not other woman

Look, most men keep their options open if they don’t want to build a future with the woman they’re dating.

This means that they don’t delete their dating profiles, they keep talking to other girls, and they are very protective of their phones. 

Some of them go as far as admiring other women and flirting with them in front of their girlfriends. These guys are by far not interested in building anything serious.

However, if your guy does the opposite, then his intentions are honorable. How can you be sure?

When you’re with him, reach out to his phone and see what he does. If he reacts quickly and asks you what you were going to do, he clearly has something to hide. 

If the opposite happens and he tells you that you can use his phone whenever you want, it means you got through to him!

14. He shows you how committed he is


… he refers to you two as a couple (e.g. he uses “we” and “us”)

.. he takes time off busy schedule to spend time with you

… he tells you that you can count on him and is reassuring

… he invites you to events that only take place months from now

… he tells you that he loves you or that he cares for you deeply

… he makes promises to you and makes sure to keep them

… it means that his heart is yours. He sees you by his side in the future.

15. He Digs Your Essence, Not Just Your Looks

How you long term relationship has evolved is also important factor to consider. 

While it’s understandable if he couldn’t keep his hands off of you when you first began dating, things should be a little different now.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t passionately and erotically enjoy each other’s bodies. However, your romantic relationship shouldn’t be all about that.

What are the signs it’s not?

Things like wanting to spend the night with you just cuddling, kissing your forehead, taking care of you when you’re sick, listening to you when you’re upset, and so on.


We hope these signs have helped give clarity about whether or not he sees a future with you.

If it’s clear he’s fully invested and in it for the long haul, congratulations! You’ve found the right guy to share life with. Cherish what you have built together and keep nurturing intimacy.

But if the signs indicate he’s not serious about commitment, it’s time for an open and honest conversation about where you both see this going.

If he doesn’t want a serious relationship, don’t cling to a relationship that isn’t meeting your needs.

Regardless of his intentions, know your worth – you deserve someone who enthusiastically chooses you every day. If that’s not the case, or you have any lingering doubts, don’t be afraid to move on and wait for the right love.

The future is bright when you’re with a person who recognizes and appreciates your full value. Trust actions over words and know when it’s time to let go. You’ve got this!

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