15 *Promising* Signs He Will Eventually Commit

You’ve been seeing this guy for a while and things seem great…but is he ever going to step up and commit?

I know how frustrating and disheartening it can be to put your heart on the line without any assurances.

If you’re tired of waiting around for him to man up and take the next step, keep reading.

I’ll reveal what to watch for so you can feel confident and secure about where your serious relationship is heading.

My proven advice will help you judge if he’s willing to fully invest in you or if you need to keep looking for the committed relationship you crave.

But first let me answer the most common and important question of all.

How long does it take until a man is ready to commit?

According to a new study published published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), a man can take up to 6 months before making up their mind if they want to commit to their partner or not. 

Approximately 172 days are needed for him to decide whether he wants to take things to the next level with you or not. 

But what if more than 6 months have passed since you’ve been seeing each other?

There are still chances that he will eventually commit.

15 Promising Signs He Will Eventually Commit

1. He always makes sure to spend time with you

Depending on where he is in life, your partner has certain priorities.

Maybe he’s an ambitious guy who works hard with the purpose of building a reputable career.

Or, perhaps he is an active guy who likes to stay in shape and spends a lot of time at the gym. 

It doesn’t really matter what his priorities are. What matters is if you are one of his priorities or not. 

How can you tell?

Determine whether…

  • … he is sincerely interested in spending time with you or squeezing you in.
  • … he puts you ahead of other people or the other way around.
  • … he makes time to reply to your calls and texts or goes silent on you.

His choices can tell you a lot about his intentions with you. So, if you’re already a big part of his life, committing to you is just a matter of time.

2. He takes an interest in everything about you

Look, maybe the man you’re dating isn’t quick to commit. But if he shows an interest in everything related to you, that’s a pretty good sign he will eventually commit. 

Your needs, interests, and goals are important to him. A guy who pays attention to these aspects is a guy who cares about their partner a lot. 

The same goes for your likes and dislikes, as well as dreams and hobbies. If he constantly asks you questions about yourself and tries to create a safe space for you to share all this info, you are on the right track!

The fact that he listens to you talking about your problems and concerns is also a strong indication that his intentions with you are serious. 

3. He wants you to be part of his inner circle

Will he eventually commit to you?

He will if he’s trying to include you in his circle of friends. 

A man’s friends have an essential role in his life. Especially if he is friends with them since childhood, they are a big part of his life. He shares memories and lots of other stuff and experiences with them. 

So, any attempt to put you in the same room with them is a positive sign. It shows he wants you to get along with them and fit seamlessly into the group. 

In case you already met his buddies and the chemistry between you is good, then you have all the reasons to be hopeful!

Meeting his parents falls into the same category. 

4. He acts protective

How can you tell when a man is being protective of you?

Here’s how:

  • He doesn’t think twice before defending you in front of others;
  • He drops everything he’s doing if he realizes you’re in danger;
  • He provides you with moral support when you need it;
  • He doesn’t like it when you wander the streets at night;
  • He puts his arm around you when walking on the street;
  • He becomes your personal male nurse when you’re sick.

Simply put, your physical and emotional well-being matter a lot to him. If that’s true and you bring out his protective side, then you can expect him to commit for a serious relationship.

5. He shows his hero instincts

The hero instinct is an innate drive that men have, which is even more powerful than their desire to experience freedom. 

However, this instinct must be triggered, and believe me, not many women know how or are capable to do this with the man in their lives.

In theory, every man needs a woman who empowers him; someone who makes him feel truly important, desired, and useful. 

He needs a feminine presence in his life that awakens his hero-like instincts. These are already embedded in his DNA and if activated, they become powerful motivators.

In case you already managed to do this, he will want to become your “HERO,” the man who saves the day and sticks by your side.

How can you tell if you triggered it? He…

… doesn’t have eyes for other women. 

… he pays special attention to your needs.

… he loves you wholeheartedly.

6. He celebrates your achievements

Let’s stop for a second and analyze his actions: What does he do when you achieve something?

If he congratulates you but doesn’t give too much importance to your achievement, I’m sorry to tell you that he doesn’t care enough about you to commit to you.

However, if he doesn’t let even the smallest of your achievements go unnoticed, that’s a sign he feels happy for you for real .

He wants to celebrate such events not only to reward you and encourage you to push forward but also because it is something that brings him joy.

Also, if he does this, it means he is proud of you – one more reason he’ll commit to you eventually.

7. He includes you in his future plans

I’m not a fortuneteller, but I can tell you one thing for sure: Your guy is not planning on leaving you if he includes you in his plans for the future.

Maybe he loves you a lot and simply adores spending time with you. However, the idea of making a commitment and taking on responsibilities scares him.

This is one possible reason why he doesn’t want to put that label on what you have. It could be that he doesn’t even know what to expect and the unknown makes him reluctant.

Even so, he clearly wants you in his future. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make plans with you.

8. He asks for your advice for personal development

If you’re a woman he looks up to, he will do what you expect him to do… eventually. Meanwhile, he could ask you in which ways you think he could improve.

What’s going on? Is he trying to be a better man for you? 

He might!

Perhaps he’s been willing to commit to you for a while now, but he wants to know how to become a better boyfriend before that happens. 

Or, maybe he’s thinking big and wants to better himself on a personal and professional level before he starts building a family, for example. 

Yes, maybe he thinks you are wife material, but he’s not ready to be a husband just yet. That’s why he could ask for your advice on improving himself.

9. He openly talks about his feelings

Are you on the right path with your boyfriend? If he isn’t afraid to tell you what he feels for you, it means you are!

I am not referring to confessing his love in pompous ways like hiring mariachis and serenading you. I’m not referring to grand gestures of love either. 

What I am talking about are those moments when he looks at you and he tells you things like: 

  • “I’ve never felt like this for anyone before”
  • “No woman has ever made me feel this way”
  • “What I’m feeling for you is new to me.”

Did he tell you anything like that? If so, it means you swept him off his feet and he will take things to the next level with you in the future.

10. Hearing you talk about other men makes him jealous

Admit it: He starts rolling his eyes when you talk about other men. Be it your work colleague or an actor that you admire, his reaction is not a positive one.

Is he jealous?

If you think he is, then that’s another very good sign. No, it doesn’t mean he’s insecure. It simply means that he wants to have all your attention. 

So, the next time he makes mean comments about certain guys, know that it’s not something personal. He’s simply bothered by the idea that some other guy crosses your mind. 

The truth is that he wants you all for himself. But for now, he’s a bit scared to say so.

11. He brings up the topic of commitment

Chances are high for a man to refuse to talk about commitment when the woman he’s seeing brings it up. 

The topic alone makes him feel uncomfortable and the idea of taking more and more responsibilities sounds very bad for him.

But what if he’s the one bringing it up? That’s the best sign you could hope for! 

It means that you gave him enough time to realize that he actually wants to commit to a serious relationship with you and that brings him a lot of joy.

He is flooded with happy feelings and is not scared anymore because deep down, he’s made up his mind about you. 

In this regard, he could touch on topics like exclusivity, living together, marriage, having kids, and more!

12. He lets you see his vulnerable and emotional sides

The decision to commit to a long term relationship and everything it entails isn’t easy and it should not be taken lightly. 

Take yourself as an example: How much time did you need to know for sure that you want to be part of a committed relationship with this guy?

Probably not as much as he needs, but still… you know it’s a process during which you learned to trust him, to open up to him, and to show him your vulnerable side.

He has to go through the same process. That’s why any attempt to show you his vulnerable and emotional sides is a positive sign.

13. He shares all aspects of himself with you

We all have flaws and your boyfriend is no exception.

If he’s trying to hide his flaws from you and always puts himself in a good light, his intentions with you might not be serious. 

However, if he admits to you that he’s not really a perfect man and that he has a share fair of shortcomings, that’s good news!

Here’s the thing: He wants you to see him for who he really is. He wants you to see parts of him that he’s not proud of. 

And if you stick around after he shares all aspects of himself with you, he’ll know that what you two have is real and he’ll eventually commit to you. 

14. He involves you in deeper conversations

Whether he prefers to keep the conversations light or dive deep into meaningful topics with you also matters.

Don’t expect a man who only talks about the weather and the news with you to have serious intentions with you. 

He might ask you philosophical questions, such as “Who are you, really?” or emotionally challenging questions such as “What are the lowest points in your life?” and so on. 

If he does, it points to an encouraging conclusion: He wants to truly get to know you and the way you think, so eventually, he might commit to you.

15. He is consistent in his actions and behavior

Let me ask you a few final questions:

  • Does he keep his words?
  • Do his actions match his words?
  • Does he offer you stability?


  • Does he make a habit of canceling plans?
  • Is his behavior unpredictable?
  • Do you know what to expect from him?

In case you can rely on him and he provides you with stability as well as consistency, then you’re a lucky girl. Expect him to commit to you in the future.

But if he isn’t consistent in his actions and behavior, often says he’ll do things, but never does, and purposely deceives you, then you might have to consider letting him go. He is playing you.


Although the guy you’ve been dating might take his sweet time to commit to you, you shouldn’t lose hope!

Especially if the signs are in your favor, you have all the reasons to keep seeing him and work on building a deep connection with him. 

However, if you feel that he’s stringing you along and he doesn’t have serious intentions with you, gather strength and try to move on. 

If you don’t, how else will you meet “the one”? Keep your chin up and stay strong! 

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