21 Early Signs He Wants A Relationship With You

Have you fallen head over heels in love with a man, but you’re unsure whether he wants a serious relationship with you?

When we catch feelings for someone, it’s difficult to trust our own judgment about them. The danger of seeing our significant other through rose-colored glasses is real.

However, I have good news for you!

I can tell you from personal experience that finding out his real intentions with you is not that hard. All you have to do is look for the signs that typically give men away in this situation.

And the best part? 

By the end of this article, the uncertainty that is eating you up inside right now will go away! You’ll know for sure if he’s in for the long haul or just passing through.


I’ll share with you 21 revealing signs he wants a relationship with you. 

Let’s get started!

21 Signs He Wants A Relationship With You:

1. He lets things flow naturally between you two

Unofficially, my partner and I have been together for 5 years. Officially, we’ve been together for 4 years.

Yes, you got it right!

We didn’t put a label on our relationship for one year. It’s not that I didn’t think about having a DTR conversation with him.

I did, but, at the same time, things were progressing between us. We didn’t take any steps back in our relationship just because we didn’t define it. 

I guess you could say that we took our time. And while that’s true, the fact that we both naturally pushed the relationship further mattered a lot.

So, if you feel your relationship has been progressing since you two started dating, take it as a positive sign. 

On top of that, if he occasionally calls you his babe or “girlfriend”, you have all the reasons to believe he wants to take things to the next level with you.

2. He enjoys spending his free time with you

I’ll be honest with you: At the beginning of my current relationship, my partner and I hooked up a lot. 

Every time we got together, we somehow ended up in the bedroom. Sparks were flying and the passion was indescribable. 

But, do you know when I knew he wanted something more? 

  • When he started asking me to go out for long walks or go out for drinks with him;
  • When he stopped focusing on the physical part of our relationship;
  • When he wanted to spend even more time with me than before.

Turns out, I was right! Most men don’t know if they want a serious relationship early on but they know this

When they want more, they naturally go from only thinking about having sex with her as a primary thought, to actually taking an interest in her as a person. 

Can you relate? If he enjoys spending his free time with you and he’s not focused on sexual attraction, take it as a sign he wants to get serious with you. 

3. He takes interest in your daily life

Let me ask you this: When you meet him, does he ask you about your day? Is he curious to find out more about what you do at work?

If he takes interest in your daily life, it’s a good sign! It shows that you sparked a deep attraction in him and he wants to know more and more about you. 

Unless he has hidden motives, no man would display a false interest. Men are quite notorious for wanting to keep things simple.

In my case, the transition was pretty obvious. I was surprised when he first told me that I can vent to him. He didn’t mind listening to me letting my feelings out about the most insignificant things.

On the contrary, he even asked me follow-up questions. He wanted to know what was making me stressed, and what was making me happy throughout the day.

4. You already know his family and friends

How else can you tell if he’s genuinely interested in a serious relationship with you?

If a man does his best to include you in his life and in his world, take it as a sign he has serious intentions with you.

The explanation is simple: He introduced you to his family because he wants you to be part of it. 

What’s more, he introduced you to his friends and family, because he wants you to be part of his close circle of people he loves and trusts.

You can look at it this way: If he has no intention to keep you in his life, why would he bother to mix the two worlds?

He wouldn’t! 

5. He doesn’t ask for tasteless nudes

Well… maybe he did ask you for one nude photo or more when you two first started dating and his mind was elsewhere. 

But, is this something he keeps doing? 

If he does, I’m not going to lie to you… he might be stuck in that relationship phase with you. But if he doesn’t, and instead he asks for a picture with you all tucked in, the odds are in your favor.

It appears that he has gained enough respect for you and romantic feelings to not be that guy anymore. He knows he can see you naked whenever he wants, so there’s no point in being that obvious about it.

6. He opens up to you without hesitation

Look, being vulnerable with someone is hard. It doesn’t come easy at all, not even with someone you love. It takes a lot of courage and desire to be seen to do that. 

That’s why you can be sure he wants a relationship with you if he tells you sensitive things about himself or game-changer things.

Overall, if he gives you the opportunity to judge him, it’s because he wants to build a future with you. He wants that and that’s why he takes a chance and shows you the real him.

Want to know what happened in my case?

He opened up about his former addiction to certain illegal substances. Although that was not putting him in a good light and it was an ongoing problem (the risk of relapse is always there), he took the chance and told me about it.

7. He doesn’t use dating apps anymore

If you’ve been dating for a few months now, I think we all agree that he shouldn’t be on any dating apps. The same goes for you. 

In case he knows what he wants and doesn’t need other women in his life, it should be pretty simple for him (and you) to take that step.

However, there is another possibility: He still uses dating apps because he wants to keep his options open. He isn’t actually serious about you. Or, at least not yet.

This is especially true if you met him online. So, don’t be afraid to face the truth. Just because he’s not ready now, it doesn’t mean he never will. 

Although my partner and I didn’t meet online and he wasn’t using dating apps, he did talk to other girls during our first year together. 

However, he gradually gave that up as his feelings for me got deeper and deeper. For 4 years now, we are both transparent and know each other’s passwords.

8. You hear from him during the day, not only at night

Listen, unless your man works late hours, he has no excuse for calling you late at night only! I mean, what are you… his booty call?

To tell you the truth, you might be his booty call if he’s only calling you at night. You see, you might think you have a real thing going with him but maybe he’s deceiving you and using you. 

How can you tell?

Well, if he’s shown any of the signs he wants a relationship with you, then he probably has a good reason for calling late. If you don’t know what it is, don’t hesitate to ask him.

However, if he’s shamelessly contacting you at late hours on purpose, he might not be the man you’ll spend your future with. 

9. He respects your boundaries

Let’s talk about boundaries. Do you know his? Does he know yours?

The topic of boundaries is quite complex because there are 4 main types of boundaries, namely emotional boundaries, physical boundaries, sexual boundaries, and workplace boundaries.

One example of a physical and sexual boundary is this: You tell him it’s okay for him to touch your private parts, but not in public. If he respects your boundary, he’ll do what you asked him. 

However, if he doesn’t, he’ll do just the opposite. And that would be a negative sign. No man who respects his partner and wants to build a serious relationship with her would do that on purpose.

While your boundaries may differ, the idea stays the same.

10. He gets territorial when other guys are around

One natural response in a man when he’s serious about the woman he’s dating is jealousy or even possessiveness.

While these are not desirable traits and they can get pretty wild if left unsupervised, they also indicate a deeper level of attraction and commitment.

The guy you’re in love with might be confident, but if he shows any signs of jealousy or gets territorial when other guys are around you, it might mean he wants a relationship with you.

He is actually interested in a serious relationship with you and that’s why he reacts when he sees a possible threat. 

Examples of jealous/territorial behavior are:

  • He seems bothered when other guys make you laugh;
  • He gets closer to you when other guys talk to you;
  • He doesn’t like it when you say nice things about other men;
  • He tries to prove to you that he is better than anyone else;
  • He points his feet towards you and tries to draw attention to him.

If he doesn’t want anyone else to have you then he will definitely display some of these signs.

11. He asks you a lot of questions about yourself

Want to know another sign he’s totally into you? He asks you questions, but not just any questions. 

He is interested to find out facts about yourself and things related to your friends, family, future plans about career, and so on. 

On top of that, he also asks you about your likes and dislikes and he might even slip a question like, “What are you looking for in a long-term partner?”

So, give this sign some thought and try to remember what he asked you lately. His questions can reveal a lot about his romantic intentions with you.

12. He lets you know what happens in his life

Do you remember before when I talked about a man’s desire to include you in his life by introducing you to his friends and family?

Well, this sign is related to that. If he sees a future with you, any man is compelled to tell you more and more about himself. 

He doesn’t only feel the need to share things with you because you two have a deep connection. He also wants you to be a part of his world so he naturally opens up about it. 

How can you tell for sure? He tells you the bad stuff too, not only the good stuff.

13. He share his future plans and you’re a part of it

When a man starts imagining what a future with you in it would look like, it means he’s really excited about being with you right now. 

He probably wants to do a lot of things with you and because he can’t do them all at once, he tries to make a plan for the future. 

Another reason why he might talk about a future together is to check if your views are compatible with his. For example, maybe you want a big family with many kids and he doesn’t.

He is checking you two are on the same page about certain things which is needed in a long term relationship.

So, there’s really no other way to find out except by talking about it. 

14. You both have discovered new hobbies together

Does he want a serious relationship with you?

Another way to tell is if he’s taking interest in any of your hobbies or if he tried to discover and practice new hobbies with you.

While having lots of things in common is no longer a prerequisite for successful relationships, when two people find common ground, they tend to create a deeper bond compared to other couples.

So, think about what you two do together:

  • Do you like to cook together?
  • Do you like to go jogging together?
  • Have you joined a Zumba class together?
  • Do you play video games together or binge on TV shows?
  • Do you like to go treasure hunting in thrift shops?

Whatever you do, if there’s something you do together, it means your relationship is on the right track.

15. He asks for your advice and follows it

When a man asks for your opinion and values it, it means he’s serious about you. It means that sometime during the past you said something to him that was actually useful and now he wants more.

At first, maybe he listened to you out of respect or because he didn’t know what to do. However, if he still does the same, it means he actually relies on your advice and treasures it. 

If he’s interested in what you think, it’s also a sign that he considers you a capable woman who’s got the right answers lined up.

Or, maybe he’s blindly following you because he’s head over heels in love with you, too!

16. He initiates in-depth conversations with you

In-depth conversations make us feel closer to the person we’re talking to and determine them to open up as well. 

What’s more, a journal article in social psychology has shown that self-disclosure generates feelings of attraction. 

In simpler words, if he initiates a deep talk with you, you’ll feel more attracted to him. As a result, if you take his topics seriously, he’ll also feel more attracted to you. 

So, if he’s already doing it, it means he feels attracted to you and stimulated as well.

17. He is always available to help you out

If he offers his help when it’s not convenient for him, then you can be sure this guy wants you to be his. 

Of course, at first, any guy would drop everything and come help you out – especially if he knew he was going to get some action.

However, if your guy still does it and goes out of his way to help you whenever you need help, then he is looking for a serious relation with you.

If tries to make you feel secure with his helping hand and his presence when you need help then don’t have to look for any more signs.

Really, you’re done here!

18. He is honest with you and doesn’t hide things from you

After dating a man for a while, you should be able to tell if he’s being honest or hiding things from you. 

Most often than not, you can only rely on your intuition because it’s practically impossible to find evidence.

However, in time, his behavior will lead you to the right conclusion.

Here’s how to tell if he’s honest:

  • He always keeps his word;
  • His actions match his words;
  • He never ignores you;
  • He tells you what he’s up to without asking him;
  • He doesn’t hide his phone from you.

19. He invites you to events and parties

To figure out if a man wants to be in a committed exclusive relationship with you, ask yourself if he’s showing you to the world or he’s hiding you. 

If he invites you to various events and wants you to join him at parties, not only family dinners and get-togethers, it means he’s proud to have you by his side and his intentions are real.

However, if he only wants to meet you in private and he never takes you out on a date, he might not want your relationship to progress.

20. He doesn’t act needy or desperate

Are you familiar with the term “love bombing”?

It refers to showering someone with lots of attention, love, admiration, affection, and so on. And while that may not sound particularly bad to some of us, it’s not something that can help a committed relationship grow beautifully.

In fact, psychologists consider love bombing to be unhealthy because it entails a relationship should progress fast.

So, if your man is aware that you sometimes need to spend quality time alone and he respects your boundaries, he’s a keeper and he knows you are too. 

He is aware that acting needy or desperate will only push you away from him. Even if he feels needy or desperate, he’s not showing that to you because he doesn’t want to scare you off.

21. You haven’t noticed any red flags about him

To see if this sign is true in your case, here are a few examples of red flags:

  • He doesn’t give you reasons to trust him;
  • He doesn’t try to communicate effectively;
  • His behavior can be described as narcissistic or egocentric;
  • He tries to control you or aspects of your life;
  • He is gaslighting you every chance he gets.

Overall, if you can’t trust him, feel safe around him, and he always brings you down, run! He’s not interested in a serious relationship with you. 

However, if the opposite is true, you’re good to go!

What’s Next?

By now you should have a good idea about whether he wants a serious relationship with you. So, what does he want?

If he wants a relationship with you and you want the same thing, then you have all the reasons to celebrate! Maybe you found your one and only and this is just the beginning of your wonderful journey together.

But what if the signs say he’s not serious about you? 

If that’s true, it might mean he’s not ready to take things to the next level with you at the moment. He might never be ready, he could be shy, so give this some thought and decide if you want to invest more time in your relationship with him or not. 

Ultimately, your happiness is the most important one. Don’t sacrifice it for the wrong man!

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