He Calls Me Babe But I’m Not His Girlfriend: 😳 Here’s Why

One moment you’re chatting, and the next, he’s calling you “Babe.”

  • Why is he calling me babe?
  • Isn’t that what a boyfriend supposed to say?
  • What does it mean? Is he showing interest in you?


Perhaps, it slipped out while he told you some exciting news; “Guess what, Babe! I just won that competition I entered last week!” or perhaps it’s a more intimate scenario while you’re saying goodnight after a date; “Good night, Babe, I’ll text you when I get home.”

Regardless of when or how it happens, if you’re not at that stage yet, you might wonder what it means.

Should you call each other “Babe,” and if you should, when is a good time to start? 

Of course, there are no definitive rules on when two people can start using terms of endearment for each other. It generally comes down to what feels right for both of you – but with that in mind, a bit of insight into calling someone “Babe” is required before you can decide what’s right for you.

For starters, you may want to delve into what it may mean when he calls you “Babe,” especially if you’re not his girlfriend.

It’s time to discover what does it mean when a guy calls you “Babe” and whether you should read more into the situation.


When a guy calls you “babe” he is flirting with you. He is showing his romantic or sexual interest in you. You don’t need to overthink the situation because the answer is really that simple. He is testing how would you react to make assessment of your interest. If you share the same feelings you could reply back with “babe” as well. It will give him hint that you’re also interested.

5 Reasons Why He Calls You Babe Even When You’re Not His Girlfriend:

1. He is flirting with you

If a guy calls you babe, it’s most certainly that he is flirting with you and showing interest in you.

But, let’s get real; not all guys are knights in shining armor keen to ride off into the sunset with us. Some are just players looking for a good time. If you’re not looking for anything serious, that may be just fine with you. 

But if you’re looking for something more and are confused by a player who is flirting, you need to know not to read into terms of endearment with no deeper meanings.

Not every guy places romantic value on the word “Babe.” Some guys think it’s just a way of flirting and may call several (or even all) girls “Babe.” 

If you’re dealing with a player, you may read too much into the term and think it’s a term of endearment when in fact, it’s just a habit when trying to get a girl’s interest or attention.

Of course, there’s no sure way to know if he is flirting and being a player or if he is trying to break into a more intimate way of communicating with you. 

You could spend some time observing his behavior around you to see if they support the idea of him being a player who is just flirting or someone interested in you. 

For instance, if he calls you “Babe” via text and when you’re alone in a flirtatious way but then acts as if you’re just buddies when you’re out with friends with no mention of “Babe” at all, he may be a player.

2. He is showing his sexual interest in you

Perhaps, he finds you sexy. 

When a man is sexually attracted to you, he may want to communicate that to you without saying it outright.

Calling “Babe” provides some level of protection for him.

He may fear rejection, or that you don’t feel the same, so he calls you “babe” to test the waters while vaguely conveying his intentions toward you. 

“Babe” is undoubtedly a term of endearment, but it could also be a way to say, “I think you’re hot!”

How you respond to him saying it, if he is sexually interested in you, will help him to determine what to do next. The next phase of the relationship (getting you into bed) may hinge on how you react or respond to being called “Babe.”

Using terms of endearment loosely can be a sign that he is only sexually interested in you and doesn’t intend to follow through with a deep and meaningful relationship. He may find you physically attractive and want to let you know, without overpromising by talking about an actual relationship.

3. He wants to start a relationship with you

As already mentioned, sometimes when a guy calls a girl he has been hanging out with “Babe,” it could mean that he is testing the waters to see if there’s something more to the friendship – intimate connection. 

You may expect guys to be bold and confident when seeking out a relationship, but keep in mind that if he has feelings for you, he may be nervous or even worried that you’ll reject him or not feel the same. 

Perhaps you text him to ask how he is and if your plans for that weekend are still on, and he replies with, “Hey Babe – I can’t wait to see you!” or “Yes, Babe, we are definitely still on for this weekend!

By calling you “Babe,” he is letting you know there’s more to the situation than just friendship, and he may want to see if there’s more. How you respond may tell him everything he needs to know about taking the next step – or not taking it!

4. He is playfully teasing you

Be careful not to jump to conclusions or assume that a guy is into you and wants a relationship just because he calls you “Babe.” 

In some instances, guys (especially a best friends or close friend) can see the term “Babe” as a nickname or an endearment he uses for women he is familiar with and fond of but not always ready to jump into a relationship with.

Perhaps he says something like, “Noway, Babe! I can’t believe it!” when you tell him something surprising about your week. Or he exclaims, “Woohoo, Babe!” When you cross the finish line of the community race, you’ve been training for. 

Reading the situation before taking it to heart is a good idea. If he calls other girls “Babe” or only seems to call you “Babe” when he is being playful and teasing, it may just be a sign that he is good friends with you (and is being supportive) and not a sign that he’s looking for something more. 

5. He uses ‘babe’ for all his female friends.

If a guy calls you Babe, it’s a good idea to observe how he behaves with other girls he is close friends with or spends time with. Perhaps he calls them “Babe,” too.

Some guys use “Babe” for all girls they spend time with because it’s an easy way to show fondness, but it doesn’t necessarily imply any commitment or intention. 

If he calls multiple girls “Babe”, don’t read too much into it, meaning something when he calls you the same.

If you still suspect he may like you more than just a friend, look at his other behaviors around you. 

  • Does he give you more attention than he gives other women?
  • How does his behavior and body language compare when communicating with you and other women?

You may have to investigate to get to the bottom of it.

Is it okay for a guy to call me babe when i’m not his girlfriend?

If you’re hanging out with a guy, but you’re not dating, can you call him “Babe”? Calling someone “Babe” is a sign of endearment, even if not always a sign of romantic interest. 

If you don’t like him romantically and don’t want him to get confused and wonder about the meaning or your intentions, it’s probably better to avoid calling him “Babe.” 

That said, calling someone “Babe” if you’re not dating them is not the end of the world, but it may require you to do some explaining if you decide you’re just not that into him.

How To Respond When He Calls Me Babe, But I’m Not His Girlfriend?

How you respond to a guy calling you “Babe” will ultimately depend on how you feel about it, how you feel about him, and the message you want to convey.

You could do a few different things:

  • Simply ignore.
  • If you’re not that into him or not into him in that way, you can let him know that you’re uncomfortable with being called “Babe.” This can be particularly helpful if you’re already seeing someone else and don’t want to confuse your significant other or mutual friends you spend time with.
  • If you’re attracted to him and want a relationship or more with him, you can be enthusiastic about it. You can smile warmly and call him “Babe” too.
  • If you don’t like being called “Babe,” you can suggest alternative cute nicknames. Be gentle, though. You don’t want to slam his endearment and make him scared to use any if you actually enjoy the concept of a pet name.

    You can say something like, “I love that you have a pet name for me, but maybe we can come up with something a little more unique because the term ‘Babe’ isn’t my favorite.
  • If you’re unsure how you feel and want to see where it goes, you can act casually and ignore it.

If you’re struggling to understand what it means when a guy calls you Babe, the best course of action is to observe his other behavior around you and how he behaves around other girls. But, of course, being upfront and straightforward is always the best policy, so you could just ask him if there’s more meaning to him calling you “Babe” or if it’s just a thing he does out of habit or with everyone. You may be pleasantly surprised by the answer!

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