21 Signs a Guy is Sexually Attracted to You

Do you have your eyes set on a guy and you’d like to know whether he’s attracted to you?

Or, are you interested in a general guide about male attraction?

Either way, I’m here to help you! 

Thanks to extensive research done in the field of romantic and sexual attraction, we now know what a man does when he’s attracted to a woman. Every man displays certain body language signs, as well as behavioral signs that give his feelings away.

And the best part? I’ve covered both extensively 😉.

The Body Language Signs a Guy is Attracted to You

To find out if a man is attracted to you, pay attention to his body language first! 

There are so many things a guy can do with his body to show that he’s interested in a woman, that you can’t go wrong. 

Here’s what you need to look out for:

1. He adopts some of your gestures and mimics you

One indication is when he starts making the same gestures as you do and even mimics your stance. Also called mirroring, research shows this is something he does unintentionally. 

The explanation?

We have something called “mirror neurons” in our brains that are responsible for recognizing faces and facial expressions.

For example, when we see someone smile, we do the same. We don’t think about doing it, we just do it.

The same goes for yawning. 

However, the mirror neurons’ influence doesn’t stop here. It basically determines you to copy any facial expression or even gesture in an attempt to create a bond with the other person.

So, when a guy does this, it means he’s trying to create a connection with you. He’s trying to tell you in a non-verbal way that he’s just like you and feels the same as you do.

Or, you could take it even further and say this man is attracted to you 💝.

2. He tilts his body towards you while sitting or standing

Does he lean in over you (quite often) when you two are talking?

If yes then this is a sign he’s attracted to you. It’s not that he’s purposely trying to get closer to you – especially if he is a shy guy. 

In fact, the position of his body is determined by his limbic system. The latter is a part of the brain that controls emotions in relation to social behaviors.

To put it simply, when a man tilts his body toward you, it means he’s at least interested in something about you. 

This is not something he does intentionally, though. It’s the way his brain translates his feelings for you making them fit into the context.

When a man seems drawn to you like a magnet, he probably is!

3. He “unconsciously” deepens his voice when talking to you

According to a highly revealing research article, there’s something else a man would unconsciously do when he feels attracted to a woman: he would deepen his voice.

If you’re wondering whether your voice also changes when you’re feeling drawn to a man, the answer is: yes!

Women tend to have higher pitches when they talk to a guy they like, as opposed to men. But do you want to know why?

In short, a deep, masculine voice is often associated with a large body size and a narrow format dispersion. This means that while his voice sounds deep, it’s also not loud.

It may sound soothing, reassuring, and even sexy. Just think about Morgan Freeman’s voice and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

4. The size of his pupils changes when you two make an eye contact

Whenever in doubt if a man likes you sexually or romantically, take a good look at his eyes.

Make an eye contact the next time you see him to see if his pupils get dilated.

If his pupils are indeed dilated, it means his body reacts to his attraction for you. This is largely caused by oxytocin and dopamine, which are considered love hormones.

However, there could be other reasons for pupil dilatation, such as:

  • Excessive drinking or using illegal substances;
  • Alterations in light, such a dark room;
  • Certain types of brain damage;
  • Anything that causes fear;
  • Some kinds of eye injuries.

Here’s a fun fact: according to a journal article, if you typically prefer men with mid-sized pupils, it means you’re after nice guys. But, if you prefer guys with large pupils, it means you are especially attracted to bad boys.

5. He catch him licking his lips

Whether a guy licks his lips intentionally or not, it’s still a sign of attraction! 

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He might do it intentionally as part of his flirting routine, trying to send you a message, or it might be an involuntary gesture caused by his attraction to you. 

You see, many things happen in a man’s body when he feels emotionally and sexually interested in someone.

For example, you can literally make a man’s temperature go up when you’re around him. If you get his heart racing, he becomes dehydrated and hence the need to lick his lips. 

At the same time, this gesture can be associated with more intimate practices such as kissing and oral sex.

Who knows, maybe when you catch a man licking his lips, you also catch him thinking about kissing you!

6. He uses open body language in your company

Here’s the next clue: When a male is attracted to you, he can show his attraction to you in a non-verbal ways.


  • He leans forward;
  • He doesn’t cross his arms;
  • He doesn’t cross his legs;
  • He touches you lightly;
  • He angles his pelvis toward you;
  • He nods up and down with his head.

Want to know more?

If time doesn’t allow you to observe him thoroughly or you simply want to find out the answer faster, there’s something else you could do, namely to test him!

Depending on where you are, buy him a cup of coffee or bring him one and then sit next to him and watch what he does with the cup. If he puts the cup between you and him, like a barrier, that’s a bad sign. However, if he puts it to the side, it means this guy is attracted to you and want your complete attention.

Remember, if you’re dealing with a shy guy who has romantic interest in you then there will be some differences in how they behave.

For instance, they would be be scared to enter in your personal space and that’s where overall behavioral signs become important.

Behavioral Signs a Guy is Attracted to You

Now that you’re familiar with the main body language signs that give away a man’s feelings of attraction to you, let’s move on to behavioral signs that will give you a cue if he is interested in you or not!

Here’s how a man usually behaves with and around the woman he feels interested in or attracted to:

7. He can’t stay still whenever you’re close to him

If a guy fidgets a lot whenever you’re close to him, it’s a positive sign! It confirms that you at least make him nervous. 

But, since nervousness is also a sign of attraction, these two go hand in hand. You see, a guy may be nervous when you’re around because he might not know what to do. 

He might not know what to say either and that’s why he can’t stay still. Fidgeting might help him think, or it could simply be an expression of his nervousness.

Even so, men also fidget because of other reasons such as when they’re bored, anxious, and so on. So, to make sure a man is indeed attracted to you, look for more signs!

8. He expresses his attraction through physical Contact

What are some of the ways a man can express his attraction through physical Contact?

Here are a few examples:

  • He wipes your face when you get dirty while eating;
  • He touches you lightly whenever you make him laugh;
  • He touches you “by accident” while grabbing something;
  • He brushes against your body when he walks past you;
  • He opens the door for you and puts his hand on your lower back.

When a man does all of the above, it means he feels comfortable enough with you in order to touch you. 

At the same time, it means he wants to get closer and closer to you as a result of his romantic interest or sexual attraction for you. 

9. He gets in touch with you more and more often

Now, you might wonder: How else would an interested man behave?

Unless he’s super busy or wants to keep his feelings all to himself, he’ll try to get in touch with you more and more often. 

I can’t tell if he’s going to text you, call you, or DM you online. Every person has his or her style of communication. 

However, what I can tell you is that he’ll do it frequently. He needs to do it because you sparked an interest in him and now he’s actively pursuing you to get to know about you. 

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In this regard, the topics he chooses to talk about are good indicators. In case he asks you many things about yourself, you’re on the right track!

10. He makes real efforts to help you out when you need it

A guy puts on his best behavior when he’s attracted to a girl and wants to chase her. He often goes out of his way to help her out. 


Psychologically speaking, he needs to prove himself to you. If he shows you that he’s a perfectly capable man who can handle things, he might have a shot with you. 

In addition, if he’s already catching feelings for you, he might help you out because he wants to protect you and has genuine interest in you. 

If this is true, it means you’ve awakened one of these innate instincts in him, which, again, is an amazing sign – well, it is amazing if you’re also attracted to him.

11. He showers you with sincere and uplifting compliments

Let’s talk about one of the most obvious signs of sexual attraction in a man.

What could that be?

Yes, you got it right! One of the nicest and most inoffensive ways to express attraction is with the help of compliments. 

This sign is great not only because it’s easy to notice, but also because it reveals if he’s sexually attracted to you or romantically.


If he mostly compliments you on your looks, which includes hair, body, clothes, and overall appearance, he might be sexually attracted to you. 

However, if he also finds nice things to say about your personality, performance in different areas, and so on, he might have a crush on you. 

12. He includes you in his long-term plans

What does it mean when a guy includes you in his plans? 

It means he is looking forward to seeing more of you. It also means he wants to make you a part of his world. 

But wait, there’s more! If he’s trying to make sure you’ll be in his life sometime in the future, it also means that he’s not only sexually attracted to you, but also emotionally. 

No man can commit to a friends-with-benefits type of relationship in the long run. That’s simply irrational and most men know it. 

However, be aware: Some men might do it just to trick you into seeing them on their own terms. 

13. He is constantly looking for common interests and hobbies

In his attempt to get to know you better, a guy who is attracted to you typically looks for common interests and hobbies. 

He does this because of many reasons, such as wanting to learn more about you, finding common ground, and deepening your connection. 

But, how can you tell?

To find the information he’s looking for, he might ask you a lot of questions about what you like and what you don’t like. 

He could bring up the most common and uncommon topics to see what sparks your interest and what doesn’t. 

14. He tries many ways to get your full attention

If you spark deep feelings of attraction in a guy, he might try to get your full attention in more ways than one. 

This happens because he wants you to have your eyes and ears on him… and maybe other body parts as well. But, how would he go about doing that?

Here are a few revealing ways:

  • He makes intense eye contact with you and doesn’t shy away from prolonged eye contact;
  • He starts conversations with you and keeps them going;
  • He finds ways to touch your body on a constant basis;
  • His behavior is playful and he sometimes teases you.

15. You’ve made it to the top of his priority list

Look, most men don’t need much in life.

A good job, a few friends, and a woman to share his life with could be everything a guy wants. 

In case he feels attracted to you on more than one level and you’ve made it to the top of his priority list, here’s what he could do to prove it:

  • Reply to your texts and calls;
  • Make time to see you often;
  • Cancel his plans to be with you;
  • Ignore his phone when he’s with you;
  • Be available whenever you need him.

16. He lets you see his vulnerable side

Feeling attraction can determine men to do a lot of weird stuff. It can even make them open up to the woman they feel attracted to. 

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As you already know, most guys aren’t quick to reveal their feelings or talk about personal and emotional things from their past. 

So, if they do it, they usually have a good reason to do it. One thing is for sure, though:

He feels safe around you and comfortable enough to show you his vulnerable side. Unless he’s a player and he’s doing this as a technique to make you fall for him, you can take it as a positive sign!

17. He does his best to impress you in many ways

Is he sexually attracted to you? He is, especially if he’s trying to stand out and make you notice him and his positive traits. 

For example, if a man is interested in a woman, he tries to act confidently around her. He also tries to make her laugh or do silly things for/with her. 

In fact, when women laugh at their jokes, guys become even more attracted to them! So, if you think about it, this becomes a win-win situation. 

What’s more, because he knows women are sensitive creatures, he also displays very kind, supportive, and helpful behavior whenever you’re close.

18. He wants you to recognize his strength

Does he flex his muscles? Does he sit or stand with his back straight?

If he does, take it as a positive sign! 

Even if you’re inclined to believe he doesn’t do it on purpose and that’s just another unconscious behavior, that’s not true!

Men often think that flexing their muscles and displaying their masculine dominance is attractive to women and that’s why they do it. 

While it’s highly appealing to some women, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Either way, it’s one of the signs you’re looking for!

19. He listens attentively to your every word

Since attraction comes in many forms, you can take his interest in what you have to say as a positive sign. 

When you get a man to listen to you, it means you’ve already seduced him. Well, maybe you didn’t seduce him to the point of no return, but you’re getting there!

If he’s interested enough to pay attention to what you’re saying to him and remember details as well, his behavior denotes attraction.

A man who really listens doesn’t get distracted by his phone. He gives you his undivided attention, asks you questions, and makes sure he understands what you mean. 

20. You sometimes bring out his possessive side 

Before we continue, remember this: being possessive is a negative and highly undesirable trait in both men and women.

However, if it appears as a natural reaction to a certain unexpected situation and it’s harmless, it often indicates attraction.

Let me explain:

Let’s say you two are talking on the phone and you tell him that you have to go because you’ll be late for your get-together with your friends. 

Instead of wishing you a nice evening out and hanging up, he insists on talking to him a little bit longer. He acts like he won’t take “no” for an answer!

21. He seeks opportunities to spend time alone with you

The last sign of attraction you should be looking for in a guy is this: he wants to spend time alone with you. 

While hanging out with your friends or his friends, or both of your classmates or work colleagues is enjoyable, he still seeks opportunities to spend time alone with you.

To be more precise, he may offer you a ride, or walk you to the metro station. He could even go as far as inviting you to do something together, just the two of you.


While the signs I shared can be of great help when trying to find out if a guy is attracted to you, you need to see more than one before you jump to conclusions. 

Just because a man pays you a few compliments, opens the door for you, and cracks a few jokes with you, it doesn’t mean he’s totally into you. 

However, if you also notice that he makes you a priority, becomes vulnerable, and gets a little possessive sometimes, it’s safe to say he’s attracted to you!

Also, it’s possible that he only has sexual interest in you so it’s important that you directly ask the guy out.

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