17 Signs He Only Wants You For Your Body

Are you worried he only wants you for your body?

If something seems off about the guy you’re seeing and you often ask yourself, “Does he only want me for my body?

…It’s time to find out!

It’s time to stop making excuses for him and face the truth

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself sexually, it’s still important to figure out his intentions before you catch feelings for him.

How? Well, don’t expect him to just admit it to you. 

Instead, take a look at the following 17 signs. They’ll reveal everything you need to know about what he wants.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

17 Signs He Only Wants You For Your Body

1. He pays you compliments only about your appearance

Why would a guy compliment your appearance? Because he is attracted to you, of course. However, there is a catch.

If he only says nice things about how you look or about your body, take it as a sign. It means he most likely wants you for your body and he can’t get past the physical attraction. Not yet, anyway.

He may feel drawn by your appealing body to the point where nothing else goes on his mind.

But it could be also be a conscious decision on his part.

He could have made up his mind about you and decided that he only wants you for your body. So, give this some thought.

Has he ever paid you a compliment about your personality?

If he hasn’t, I’m sorry to break it to you: He’s either a superficial guy, or he is in just for the physical part.

At first, it might be difficult to notice when a man directs his compliments at your appearance. He makes you feel good, flatters you, and sparks your interest.

But if you doubt his intentions, start paying attention!

2. He only wants to meet up when it’s convenient for him

Is he busy? Or just acting busy?

If he only wants to see you when it’s convenient for him and he often cancels plans without trying to reschedule them, it might mean he’s just acting busy.

A busy man who is also romantically interested in you would do the following things:

  • He would reply to your messages in a timely manner, not after a few days;
  • He would try to make plans with you to make sure you will see each other;
  • He would not spend time online and ignore you at the same time;
  • He would choose to go on a date with you, not go to a party instead;
  • He would not ask to see you when he knows you’re unavailable.

Can you relate?

When I was seeing a guy who was only interested in physical intimacy, I thought he was genuinely busy.

I thought he loved his work and didn’t have time for a serious relationship.

But sadly, after some time, I realized he was just stringing me along. He’d post pictures from various places and parties on social media. That was a red flag for me and I decided to confront him.

His answer?

He’d made up excuses for going there and not telling me about it. He’d say that if he did have something to hide, he would hide it, not openly post about it online.

His arguments made sense, even if my gut was telling me otherwise.

3. He invited you over to his place for your first date

Think about your first date for a second.

  • Did he take you to a nice restaurant? What did you do?

If your first date was also your first hookup, and all these happened at his place, late at night, you might not have to look for other signs.

This was exactly my case, and guess what?

I thought the burning passion between us led us to agree on a spontaneous and last-minute date.

But that wasn’t true.

The truth was that he didn’t like me enough to put in the effort and organize a romantic date for us. He was attracted to me, that’s for sure. However, that was it.

Now, this doesn’t mean that every serious relationship that starts with such a first date is doomed right from the start.

The initial physical attraction between two people is sometimes so powerful that it puts feelings second.

While things may progress in a romantic direction with time, an effort is needed from both sides.

Is he making any efforts?

4. He doesn’t seem interested in getting to know you

Another sign he only wants you for your body is when he doesn’t try to get to know you. He keeps your conversations light.

In fact, you two don’t talk much. Since he is busy and all, he rarely contacts you during the week or at decent hours. And when he does, it’s not like he asks you deep questions.

No, he is an expert at doing small talk. He might make a joke or two to lighten up the mood and make sure he’s getting some action. 

Here’s the thing: If he knows your favorite sexual position, but he doesn’t know how you drink your coffee, take it as a sign.

You might be his booty call and that’s why he doesn’t try to find out more about you. What’s more, if he also doesn’t share personal things about himself with you, you have all the reasons to worry.

If he was interested in something more than physical intimacy, he’d definitely ask! 

5. He typically texts you late at night, after 1 AM

Did you know that a booty call typically occurs between 12 AM and 4 AM? 

Now that you know, take a look at your message history. If he reaches out to you at night more often than not, you’ve got your answer.

You might think he’s busy with work or other serious activities, but that’s not the reason he contacts you at late hours. 

Maybe he went out and didn’t find anyone to hook up with. I know this is a terrible thing to assume but it happened to me.

You see, my feelings for him stopped me from seeing him for who he really was. But, in time, I realized he wasn’t interested in taking things to the next level with me. 

He was keeping his options open and only using me for physical intimacy from time to time. And your guy could do the same to you. 

To find out, don’t hesitate to ask him questions like:

  • How was your evening? What did you do?
  • What is keeping you busy until late at night?
  • What are you working on so late?
  • Would you like to have breakfast together rather than meet now?
  • How come you never make time for me during the day?

6. He doesn’t include you in his plans

When a guy doesn’t include you in his plans and only wants to see you late at night, it’s a sign he only wants you for your body.

Look at it this way: Why would he want to change things between the two of you if they work perfectly just the way they are?

If he’s already getting what he wants from you, he will not try to do anything more. He will not invite you to his best friend’s birthday party or anywhere else for that matter.

You might fulfill him sexually and that’s why he’s keeping you close. However, if he doesn’t show interest to spend quality time with you doing something else than sex, you have to face the facts.

You are an especially attractive and alluring woman with numerous skills in bed and this guy can’t see past the physical attraction. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you should lose your confidence. He is simply not the right guy for you or now may not be the time to build a romantic relationship with him.

7. He doesn’t show any interest to learn more about you

Another way to find out if he’s more attracted to you than interested in you romantically is by analyzing his questions.

Is he curious to learn more details about you? Does he ask you about your family, hobbies, and dreams?

Or, whenever you share things with him, does he ask you any follow-up questions?

If he doesn’t, and while you talk to him he’s trying to distract you by touching you and kissing you not because that kiss means anything to him, rather because he thinks you are irresistible.

There’s one thing that he desires the most from you, and that’s the physical act . It might mean he simply can’t resist you or that he’s just a jerk. 

Maybe he doesn’t respect you as a person and he is using you for your body. 

Here’s how to tell if a man respects you:

  • He always asks for your opinion;
  • He opens up to you;
  • He supports you when you need him;
  • He really listens to you;
  • He doesn’t leave you hanging.

8. He enjoys the physical part of your relationship… a lot

Be honest: Did he touch you indecently right from the start? 

This is often a sign that you’re not dealing with a guy that’s boyfriend material.

You see, even if a guy gets a boner every time he sees you, he should still be able to keep it for himself. 

Unless he only wants to sleep with you, any guy would make an effort to think about something else and really try to get to know you.

But if this man focuses on the physical part and he’s not ashamed to make a move on you every time he sees you, he might be in it for the sex.

On top of that, if he likes to talk about sex a lot, you have one more reason to believe he’s got no emotional connection or real intentions with you. 

Don’t get me wrong, though. Skipping some steps and sleeping with a guy in the early stages of your relationship is not a mistake if it’s something you really want to do.

What I mean is, if you felt lustful about him, just as he did about you, there’s no point in regretting it. You had fun. 

However, if his intentions no longer match yours, there’s no shame in admitting it and doing something about it.

9. He only makes time to see you during the night

As mentioned earlier, a guy who is only interested in your body would typically want to see you during the night.

It’s generally accepted that when a man invites you over at night, it means he wants to have sex with you.

What’s more, he may not have any intention of making you his girlfriend. He might meet you at night because he doesn’t want to make you a part of his daytime life.

If he’s keeping you away from everyone and he doesn’t want to go out with you in public, you might be his dirty little secret. 

Now, if you have feelings for this guy, it’s totally understandable if you are upset and even angry at him. But, you can look at things from another perspective.

Even if he can’t make a connection with you or isn’t interested in making one, you’re still a big part of his fantasies and he finds you very attractive.

If that’s true, it’s important to realize that not all relationships are the same and that you can use this opportunity to, let’s say, explore your sexuality.

10. He always makes excuses not to sleep over

Is this guy making an effort NOT to get close to you?

He wants to meet up during the night, but he doesn’t want to spend the night with you. As soon as he gets what he’s looking for, he comes up with an excuse and leaves.

Or, even worse. If you are at his place, he won’t tell you directly that he wants you to go home. I

nstead, he might say some of the following:

  • I have to get up early in the morning and leave for work. I only have one set of keys.
  • My parents are coming tomorrow morning to have breakfast together.
  • I wish you could stay, but the cleaning lady starts her shift early tomorrow morning.
  • The boys are coming to pick me up in the morning. We’re going hiking/fishing etc.
  • My shower is broken. You will be late for work if you spend the night here.

I’ve heard all these excuses and more. In addition, he might become even more creative when trying to find an excuse to leave your place and not sleep over.

11. He makes sure you never forget anything at his place

Want to know more? 

A guy who wants you only for your body can give himself away if he does this: He makes sure you never forget anything at his place.

No, it’s not because he’s a thoughtful guy. It’s not like you really need that pair of earrings because you wear them every day or because they’re a family heirloom. 

It’s because he wants to keep things simple. He wants to be in control and decide when he wants to see you. 

If he allows you to leave things at his place, you might want to pay him a surprise visit to get them back. Or, you might get the wrong idea about what he wants.

In case he only want you for your body, he’ll try very hard to avoid putting himself in undesirable situations.

12. He is hesitant about you meeting his family or friends

You’ve been seeing him for a while now, but you never got the chance to meet his friends or family.

Maybe he never mentioned anything about meeting them, or maybe he said he wasn’t ready yet. Whatever the case may be, he likes it better when you two are alone.

He doesn’t want to miss any chance to be alone with you and to freely express his sexual admiration for you, as well as his urges.

In my case, he never said no to me. But, he’d always come up with excuses why his friends can’t make it or cancel plans altogether without a good reason.

He’d simply say “something came up.” 

13. He often flirts with other women

Even if you’re not the jealous type if you catch him flirting with other women, be it online or in real life, take it as a sign!

It’s a bad sign pointing to an unfortunate truth: He could be a womanizer. 

What does that mean? It means it is possible he’s seeing other women behind your back. 

Here’s how to tell:

  • He flirts all the time, with attractive women only;
  • You’ve heard rumors about his past of infidelity;
  • He keeps your relationship a secret;
  • He doesn’t share details about the people he hangs out with;
  • He doesn’t want to officially commit to you.

14. He changes his behavior from hot to cold

Is he playing hot and cold?

This type of behavior is common among men and women. They go from being affectionate, warm, and responsive, to being cold, ignoring you, and dismissing your importance.

The explanation? A guy might go hot and cold toward you because of mainly 5 reasons:

  • He is truly confused about his feelings for you;
  • He is trying to play it cool with you;
  • He has something else going on in his life;
  • He is trying to take things slowly;
  • He only wants you for your body.

When you analyze the signs, try to be as objective as possible. Don’t make excuses for him just because it hurts to admit he’s only sexually attracted to you.

15. He tends to talk about himself and what he wants

If this guy you’re occasionally seeing goes on and on about himself, his wants and needs, take it as a warning sign!

You might be dealing with a selfish guy or even a narcissist. Or, it could be that he doesn’t respect you and he’s only focused on his desires.

If he’s self-centered, arrogant, and always wants to be at the center of attention, he might be a narcissist. 

For example, he might try to convince you to fulfill his needs by making a promise in return. He could promise you to do something in return for you sometime in the future.

But, no matter how long you wait, he doesn’t return the favor. He is just leading you on.

16. He makes you feel as if your relationship is not progressing

Let me ask you one more question: Have things changed between the two of you since you first slept together?

If you feel stuck in the same relationship stage with him, this might happen because he isn’t serious about you.

He doesn’t want to commit to you, but he doesn’t want to let you go either. He still enjoys the sexual fun you two have and he sees no reason to change things. 

17. He is not the type of man who keeps his promises

The last sign he is only interested in you just because of your looks and maybe your abilities in bed is this: he doesn’t keep his promises.

When someone, a man or woman, doesn’t keep their word, they’re definitely not trustworthy. Their words are just empty promises and they’re meant to deceive you.

Few men will tell you straight to your face that they only want to sleep with you. Why? Because they might ruin their chances of having sex with you again. And that’s not something they want.

What to do if he only wants you for physical intimacy?

You have reached a painful conclusion: he only wants just your body. The way I see it, you have two options:

On the one hand, you can choose to move on and stop wasting your time on a man who doesn’t appreciate you as a person but only for your attractive body.

On the other hand, if you enjoy your physical relationship with him and want nothing more from him, you can keep going. You could use this opportunity to further explore your sexuality.

Not every relationship you’re going to have in this life will be filled with love and pure intentions. In the end, you owe it to yourself to do whatever feels right.

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