13 Subtle Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

You both kissed and now you’re wondering if the kiss meant something to him..

It’s an important question – and trying to answer it can drive you crazy. 

Kisses have different meanings.

Unless you’re able to gauge what it meant to him, you won’t know whether it was a serious kiss that suggests he wants something more with you

… or whether it was just a flirty, friendly kiss that meant nothing to him – a typical player .

Or, worse still, whether it was a kiss he regrets. 

Because kisses have different meanings, this article is here to help.

We’ll give you a few insights into what you need to look out for when you kiss a man, as well as how he reacted afterwards. 

By the end of the article, you should be in a better position to understand if the kiss meant something to him.

13 Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

1. Your Gut Feeling is Telling You That Kiss Meant Something 

People often say that we should trust our gut when it comes to guys. But what does that mean exactly?

A gut feeling can help you work out how this guy felt about the kiss (and you in general). If you came away from the kiss with the nagging doubt that it meant nothing to him, you might be right. 

On the other hand, if you came away from the kiss with the belief that this truly meant something to him – again, you’re possibly right. 

Whatever your gut is telling you right now, listen to it.

If you’re experiencing positive sensations and emotions as a result of the kiss, it’s highly likely that – yes – this guy was feeling it and he likes you

2. It Was a Gentle, Passionate and Slow Kiss

How he kissed you matters.

When a guy kisses you, but tries to make it sensual kiss for the very first kiss by forcing his will by grabbing your ass cheeks or just not holding you tight that you’ve trouble letting go then it’s a clear sign that he just wants you for your body.

What’s more, it was hardly romantic – and that’s not a good sign. 

But if the kiss was slow and gentle? It suggests that he felt comfortable kissing you and even has strong romantic feelings for you.

He made sure you felt it and there was greater intimacy between the two of you as a result. 

A french kiss or soft kiss on the lips are good signs that kiss meant something to him.

3. The Kiss Has Evoked a Deep Sense of Passion 

Did you feel the passion when you kissed him? Maybe you felt his desire and, once the kiss was done, you wanted more of it.

The kiss created a bond between the two of you. 

If this is the case, the kiss likely means something to him. No man alive will bring themselves to fake a passionate kiss if there was no feeling behind it. 

You can easily tell the difference between a passionate kiss and a non-passionate kiss, too: The kiss was sensual, there was a feeling of lust and you felt sexually aroused.

You also felt that he was sexually aroused, too. 

Your lips locked softly, gently without hurry … until he brought you nearer to him and the kiss lingered for a long while. 

What’s more, you couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss for a long time afterwards – and you feel sure he couldn’t stop thinking about it either. 

4. He Appeared Nervous When Kissing You 

If a man’s body language appears nervous when kissing you, it doesn’t mean that he’s always an awkward, nervous kisser.

It might actually mean that he was stealing himself for this kiss and getting nervous because it meant a lot to him!

So much so that he felt overwhelmed and was afraid of being a bad kisser for you. 

Think back to what he was like when he kissed you. 

Was he tentative and unsure?

Did he lean forward and hesitate with a sort of “is this okay?” look in his eyes?

Maybe he seemed awkward and embarrassed after it and didn’t know what to do next.

Remember, first time kiss for a can be a daunting experience if he really likes her. He might not be sure of her feelings and whether he’s actually doing the right thing here.

So if he seemed nervous, having trouble making eye contact and looked a little shy, it might be because the kiss meant something to him. 

5. He Is More Proactive In Contacting You 

A man will behave differently in terms of how often he contacts you after a kiss if it meant something (and if it didn’t mean anything at all).

If it meant nothing at all, he’ll either contact you the same – or he’ll contact you even less.

Indeed, if he regrets the kiss, there is a chance that he’ll go dark for a while and wait for you to text him. And when you do reply, he even goes ghost. 

On the other hand, if he’s much more proactive in contacting you – in other words, he makes an effort to text you first and seems keen to hear from you – this is a sign that he enjoyed the kiss and wants to see where things can go with the two of you. 

What he says matters, too. 

Does he want to meet up? 

Is he trying to gauge your feelings after the kiss? 

6. You’re Feeling a Sense of Change in the Air 

A kiss can really change things between two people. 

After all, it’s a pretty big deal. It’s an intimate act between two people, and especially if the two of you were just friends beforehand it can either make things awkward or it can encourage you both to take this to the next level. 

What has happened since the kiss? Has he gone quiet, is he behaving the same as he was before the kiss? 

Or is he behaving differently; is he more interested in you and eager to hang out? 

Or maybe he’s shyer around you and doesn’t seem keen to talk about the things you usually talk about? 

If he’s acting differently after the kiss, it’s a sign that it’s got to him – and it possibly means he likes you. 

If he doesn’t talk about the kiss (even after you try to talk about it), and if his behavior is barely any different, it suggests that the kiss was nothing to him. 

7. He Chose to Remain Silent About the Kiss With His Friends 

You might discuss intimate moments with your friends (a lot of girls do).

But here’s the thing: Guys aren’t generally known for discussing intimate topics, such as falling in love or kissing a girl.

Well, unless it was just a bit of fun, of course. Indeed, if a man manages to kiss a hot girl but it didn’t actually mean anything, he’s definitely going to brag about it.

If the kiss meant something to him and he’s working his feelings out?

It’s highly unlikely he will spill the details to his friends. 

It’s just the way men are – they can be very guarded with their feelings.

So if none of his friends have come up to you and asked you how you feel about this guy, you can take it as a sign that he hasn’t yet said anything.

And his silence speaks a thousand words: It means this kiss may well have meant something to him. And, when guys fall in love, they become very protective of their lover.

8. He is Planning Thoughtful and Romantic Outings 

We’ve already seen that he’ll change his behavior after the kiss depending on how he felt about it. 

If the kiss meant nothing to him, he’ll stay as he was or go quiet. Either way, it’s clear that the two of you are just friends.

If the kiss meant something to him, you’ll notice the romantic side of him coming out. He might ask you how you felt about the kiss (as well as how you’re feeling after the kiss) and he might ask if you enjoyed it … or if you didn’t enjoy it. 

Not just that but he also expresses a desire to do it again by planning thoughtful and romantic outings for the two of you. Maybe he suggests dinner together, a trip to the cinema or a drive into the country.

The fact that he’s planning to do these things with just you goes a long way to indicate that he enjoyed the kiss and the kiss meant something for him. Only this time it might signify the start of a relationship between the two of you. 

9. He Has Started Showing More Concern Towards You 

How concerned was he about you before the kiss? Did he ask about your welfare often?

Or was he barely interested in you? 

If you’ve noticed that he’s taking more of an interest in your overall welfare – such as asking if you got home safely tonight or if you’re doing okay today – this is a strong sign that he’s more interested in you as a result of the kiss. 

Look at it this way: When a man wants to be in a romantic relationship with a woman, he will ask her questions that friends don’t normally ask.

This might mean he’s keen to make sure you are “alright.” He’ll also perform gestures, such as offering you his coat when it gets cold or asking if you need a lift someplace. 

Basically, all of a sudden he seems to be there for you. And this is another sign that the kiss meant something to him. 

10. He Doesn’t Seem to Be Playing Mind Games or Sending Mixed Signals 

If there’s one thing that can be really annoying after you kiss a guy, it’s when he starts playing mind games and sending mixed signals.

One minute he’s hot, the next minute he’s cold. One moment he’s taking an interest in you, the next he’s canceling plans.

What’s in his mind?

Well, if he’s messing you around like this it shows a lack of care – which can suggest that the kiss ultimately didn’t mean as much to him as it might have meant to you. If the kiss truly meant something to him, he wouldn’t mess you around.

So look at the way he’s behaving lately in terms of consistency. 

Is he easy to read? 

Is he consistent with his words and actions? 

… Or is he frustrating you by leaving you confused?

If a kiss means something to a man and he genuinely likes you, he will be sure to let you know via his actions (he won’t play games!).

11. He is Trying to Involve You In His Life

Do you feel more involved in his life since the kiss? 

Or do you feel less involved? 

When a man sees a kiss as meaning something and therefore wants to take things to the next level by asking you out to be his girlfriend, one of the next steps he’ll take is to introduce you to various aspects of his life.

For example, he’ll probably introduce you to his family and friends. 

He might take you to a “+1” event. 

He might also share his hobbies and passions with you and ask for your opinions and advice when it comes to the big decisions in his life, such as those relating to his career or his friends. 

He makes excuses to spend more time with you and he also seems keen to be a part of your life. He wants to see your world and what makes you tick. 

The most important thing is that he includes you in his future plans. All of a sudden he starts to speak about the next few months and even years with you at the centre of things.

If this is the case, take it as an extremely strong sign that the kiss means a lot to him. 

12. His Nonverbal Cues Convey His Strong Feelings 

Often, it’s not necessarily what a man says that gives his genuine feelings away. It’s his nonverbal cues.

Nonverbal cues are his body language. In other words, how he conducts himself (consciously or unconsciously) when he’s around you.

Pay attention to the postures he adopts, the gestures he makes and the actions he takes. 

Is he avoiding eye contact with you? If so, it might be a sign that he’s nervous and is afraid that you’re going to reject him after the kiss. 

Is he shyer than normal? Again, it’s a sign that he is nervous and wonders how you felt about the kiss.

Overall, he doesn’t seem at ease around you – he’s clumsier than normal and even a little awkward.

What does it all mean? 

It surely indicates that he enjoyed the kiss a lot and all of a sudden can’t be himself! Hey, it happens to even the most confident guys. 

13. He Displays Signs of Jealousy 

While jealousy isn’t a good thing, it can give you insights into how he feels about the kiss that the two of you shared. 

If he literally couldn’t care less who you talk to and doesn’t seem to mind you flirting with other guys, it can suggest that the kiss meant nothing to him. He’s already moved on from it.

But if you’ve noticed that he’s started acting really possessive with you, it could mean the kiss meant a lot because has has developed a strong emotional connection with you. 

  • How does he react when you talk about other guys?
  • How does he react when you talk to other guys in front of you?
  • Has he asked you questions about other men in a bid to find out how you feel about them? 

Maybe he’s trying to pry to see whether you’re seeing someone else or not. If so, these are all strong signs that he’s feeling insecure after the kiss – and would prefer it if he’s the only one you’re kissing!

What If He Kisses Me But I Don’t Feel Anything? 

Let’s turn the tables for a second: What if he feels something … but you don’t?

You thought you fancied him but the kiss gave you no chills. 

Here are some ideas:

It could be that he’s a lousy kisser. You might still like him as a person – but he’s really not trained in the art of kissing at all! 

It could be that you’re not attracted to him. Sometimes we think we fancy a person because we have a certain perception of them. But now you’ve been intimate with him, you’ve realized that you actually don’t fancy this guy. 

It could also be that you’re not ready to kiss him yet. It’s totally okay if you’re not ready. Just be patient, keep talking to him and wait until you’re ready to take things further. 

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