19 Interesting Topics to Talk About with a Guy

What to talk about with guys to avoid awkward silence which seems to last for eternity?

Whether you’re on a first date or trying to build a deeper connection with your partner, having engaging conversations is key to building a strong relationship.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on topics to talk about with a guy.

From current events and hobbies to travel and personal interests, our guide offers 30 great conversation starters to help you create meaningful connections and build rapport.

With our tips and tricks, you’ll never run out of things to talk about again.

So why wait?

Read this article and start building strong relationships today!

Interesting Topics to Talk About with a Guy

1. Start with a Genuine Compliment 

Everyone wants to be made to feel good about themselves – and guys are certainly no different!

When you direct the conversation from and onto them, and especially when you compliment them, you’re displaying high levels of charisma that make a guy fall for you. 

Compliments show him that you’re into him and that you appreciate the many different aspects of who he is. 

For example, you could compliment him on his intelligence :

You’re so smart.

Or his style:

Your fashion sense is just on another level

Or his sense of humor (and by the way, guys love it when you recognise their sense of humor):

You’re a funny guy, you always make me laugh!

2. Hobbies and Passions 

Hobbies or passions topic make for a great conversation starter. This is particularly true if the two of you’ve shared interests – but it also doesn’t matter if the two of you have entirely different hobbies. 

In fact, it’s often better when he has his own hobbies and passions and you have yours. In this way, you can introduce him to yours and he can introduce you to his.

Naturally, you don’t have to fall in love with all of his interests. But if you can get him to open up about his passions, it can either deepen your own interest in them, or it at least ensures that this part of him isn’t “lost” to you. 


  • Ask him open-ended questions about his hobbies. How did he get interested in them?
  • Ask what it is that interests him about his passions. What does he enjoy about them? 
  • Ask him if there’s a way the two of you can share his hobby. 

The more you learn about his passions, the more insights you’ll have into his personality. 

3. Sports 

Most men enjoy talking about sports.

In fact, Sports for some guys are a way of life. And the issue is that a man might not want to bring up sports when he meets a girl because he’s worried that he’ll put her off!

After all, if a girl doesn’t like sports herself she might not like the idea of dating a sports-mad guy.

That said, many girls love sports, too. If you’re of a sporting nature yourself and would enjoy talking about sports with him, now is the time to bring up this topic of conversation.

  • Ask him about his favorite sport and share your own. Does he just watch sports or does he also play them?
  • Ask him about his favorite sporting memory. 
  • Ask him about his sporting hero (and share your own!).

If it turns out that the two of you have a common bond when it comes to sports, you could arrange to go and see an upcoming game together. 

And if it turns out that you both support rival teams? Well, that just makes things even more interesting!

You can keep guy interested just by talking about sports with him  😅.

4. Travel Experiences 

Travel is an interesting thing to talk about if the two of you have both traveled. Everyone has stories to tell – some heartwarming, some beautiful and some hilariously funny!

Travel stories are also evocative. If you talk about traveling with him, it might help him relive some of the best moments of his life, which is great for the two of connecting via conversation.

As well as him talking about his own traveling experiences, you should talk about your own, too. Talk to him about the places you’ve been, the people you’ve met and the things you’ve learned.

Talk about the places you’d love to go and visit. It might surprise you – he might want to visit the same places as you.

  • Ask him whether he’s ever traveled alone. And if he has, did he enjoy it?
  • What are some of the things he’s learned from traveling? 
  • If there’s one place he’s been to that he’d love to revisit, where is it? 
  • Where is next on his list of places to visit? 
  • Has he made any new friends in different countries? Does he still speak to them? 

5. Food and Drinks 

There was a time when everyone was writing “foodie” on their dating profile. And it’s true – we all love food! 

While it’s said that food is the real way to a man’s stomach, it’s also kinda the way to a woman’s stomach, too.

Food and drink is hugely appetizing (and it can also work as an aphrodisiac). As such, what better thing to talk about with a guy?!

  • Talk to him about your favorite cuisine. Ask him what his favorite dishes are, too.
  • Let him know how good you are at cooking. How good is he at cooking?
  • What is his favorite comfort food? What does he love to eat when he’s winding down?
  • What’s his favorite restaurant in town? And favorite bar? 
  • What’s his tipple of choice on a night out? 

6. Entertainment and Pop Culture 

Talking about entertainment and pop culture is ideal for whenever you want to keep the conversation current/topical and lighthearted. You could chat about your favorite TV shows, box sets and celebrity gossip, as well as ask him if he’s seen any good movies lately. 

Be careful when talking about celebrity gossip, though – you don’t want to go too far and look like a gossip yourself!

Also, he might not be completely clued up on the latest entertainment news. If it’s clear that he isn’t, move on from this topic as soon as you can. 

Here’s what to talk about to start a fun conversation:

  • Tell him about a TV show or movie you enjoyed recently and ask if he’s seen it. If so, what is his opinion on it? 
  • Ask him what his favorite movie of all time is. 
  • Ask him for his opinion on movies and TV shows these days. And are TV shows or movies better at the moment? 
  • What character from a TV show – past or present – is he most like? This is a fun question that can lead to some interesting insights into how he feels about himself!
  • What’s his favorite movies?
  • Does he have any celebrity crushes?

7. Love & Relationship

Engaging in a conversation with your crush about love life can be a thrilling yet a nerve-wracking experience.

It’s a delicate task because you wouldn’t wanna give away your feelings just yet. What you should do is:

  • Be casual and open minded.

Example: While discussing a recent movie, you could say, “I thought the relationship between the main characters was interesting. What’s your take on how they handled their issues?”

  • Avoid direct questions.

Example: Instead of asking, “Have you ever been in love?” you could say, “Some people fall in love quickly, while others take their time. It’s fascinating how different people experience love differently.”

  • Use hypothetical scenarios.

Example: Imagine you found out that your partner didn’t like celebrating anniversaries, how would you handle that?

  • Share general opinions.

Example: I think trust is really crucial in a relationship. It seems like everything else can be worked out if two people trust each other. What do you think?

8. Life Lessons

Whenever the occasion calls for it and you want to talk about something more in-depth with him, you could steer the conversation towards life lessons. 

Life lessons are the things we’ve had to deal with in life and overcome. They could include a breakup, a bereavement, a job loss – and maybe even a financial meltdown.

The idea is that you talk to him about the specific challenges you (and he) have faced, as well as the lessons you learned. 

How did the experience change you? What would you do differently the next time you were faced with the same challenge? 

Talking about life lessons can pave the way for meaningful interesting conversation. And here’s the thing – men love intellectually stimulating conversations.


  • Ask him what his biggest challenge in life was. How did he overcome it and what did he learn? 
  • Ask him about his favorite childhood memory?
  • What’s the best advice he’s ever received? 
  • If he could do anything differently in life from now on, what would it be? And why? 

9. Imaginary Questions 

Looking for interesting things to talk about that trigger funny conversations.

Imagine if …? 

Imaginary questions can be super fun. They can literally include anything and they can help you and him to escape everyday reality for a little while.

Imaginary questions allow both your imaginations to run wild. They’ll give you massive clues into how creative he is and whether or not the two of you have similar imaginations.

Here are some examples of questions:

  • Imagine if you had a superpower – what would it be and why?
  • Imagine if you were the President of the USA. What type of President would you be?
  • Imagine if you could go to space! Which planet would you love to explore? 

Imaginary questions can get a bit facile after a while, though, so make sure you don’t stick to them for too long. 

10. Social Media 

If you’re looking to learn more about this guy, it’s a smart idea to find out what kind of relationship he has with social media. 

Does he use it often? Or not at all? 

And what does he think about the impact social media is having on society? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? 

Does he think there should be an age of consent? Or should social media be for everyone, both young people and old people? 

Whether we like it or not, social media impacts all of us on a daily basis – for good or for bad. And like it or not, it’s actually kinda important that you find out whether his views on social media are similar to yours.

After all, there are people who practically live their lives on social media, as well as those who continue to resist using any social platform. So ask the big questions to find out if his views line up with yours. 

11. Family and Friends 

A relationship won’t work unless you take the time to learn about his family and friends (and vice-versa). 

By asking him questions about his family and friends, you’re not only learning more about him – you’re also expressing an interest in something that’s important to him.

By the way, you can learn a lot about a man by learning about the company he keeps. If his friends and family are stable, good-hearted people, there’s every chance that he’s the same. 


  • Ask who his closest/best friend is. How long has he known them?
  • How does he like to spend time with his family? 
  • Does he see his family often? Are they close?
  • Who is he most like, his mom or his dad? 

Make sure that you don’t pry too much. If he’s uncomfortable talking about his family, respect him by changing the subject. 

12. Work and Career

Some people hate to talk about their jobs when they’re on a date.

“Can we change the subject? I spend half my life working!”

If this is the case with him, it’s better that you avoid this topic.

If, on the other hand, he’s a man who clearly enjoys his job, you should use this as an opportunity to discuss it. 


  • What’s your dream job?
  • What does he love the most about his job?
  • Is he content with his current career or does he have other ambitions?
  • What did he want to be when was younger? 
  • What challenges does he face on a daily basis? 
  • What’s the most rewarding thing about his job?

13. Latest Technology and Gadgets

Like a lot of other topics, not everyone will be into technology and gadgets. Some are curious to learn about things like Artificial Intelligence, while others have zero interest.

As such, you should only broach this topic if it’s of interest to him.

And if it’s of interest to both of you? It can make for a very fruitful and rewarding afternoon!

Naturally, there’s a lot to chat about when it comes to technology and gadgets. There’s the controversial subject of AI, as well as virtual reality, the blockchain and 5G. 

Example of things to talk about related to tech with him:

  • Ask him what his favorite technology trend is at the moment.
  • What does he think about AI? Is it a force for good or is it going to take everyone’s jobs? 
  • How is he impacted by technology on a daily basis? 
  • What does he think of robotics? Creepy or awesome? 

14. Future Plans 

If you’re going to talk to him about future plans, it’s essential that you do it at the right time. If you suddenly spring it on, it might look like you’re trying to take this conversation/relationship into a place he’s not ready for just yet. 

A good time to talk about future plans is when the two of you have already been enjoying an in-depth conversation and are getting to know each other. Perhaps you can talk about work and friends and family before proceeding with questions about the future. 


  • What are his long-term plans in life? 
  • Where does he see himself in 5 years? 10 years?
  • Does he even make plans or would he rather just go with the flow? 

If the moment feels right, you can also ask him if he’s ever thought about having kids and starting a family. 

Remember, talking about future plans can be pretty heavy going. At the same time, it’s important that you find out whether his future plans align with yours. 

15. Animals 

Okay, who doesn’t love animals?

Whether we’re talking about our furry baby pets here or whether we’re talking about majestic animals living in the wild, surely everyone has a soft spot in their heart for animals. 


  • You could ask him if he has any pets (although you probably already know this by now) and whether or not he’s thinking of getting more.
  • Take him back to childhood by asking what family pets he had as a kid. 
  • Be a little playful and ask what animal he’d love to reincarnate as?
  • What’s his favorite animal other than dog/cat?

Don’t forget to share your love of animals too! Maybe one day you’d both love to get a pet together? 

On that note – is he a dog or a cat person? It matters!

16. Talisman or Superstition 

Not everyone believes in the power of talismans and not everyone is superstitious. But asking him if he is superstitious can be a great way to learn things about him that would have otherwise been closed off to you. 

Examples of things to talk about:

  • Start by asking him simply if he’s superstitious. Does he have any unusual superstitious beliefs?
  • Does he believe in omens and portents?
  • What’s his lucky number? 

If he doesn’t have a talisman, you could still ask what he does to stay calm during stressful situations. 

17. Funny Stories 

“I’ve got a funny story for you …”

Everyone loves such goofy stories. They break the ice, they create emotional bonds between people and they make conversations more interesting.

If you’re the kind of person who’s able to tell funny stories (and tell them well), more people will be attracted to you – including the guy you really like.

So when you want to let off a bit of steam in a conversation, share a fun story. This could be anything – it could be something that happened to you recently or it could be something from your childhood. 

If you can’t think of a funny story, there are plenty of other funny things you can share. For example, you could share a meme you recently saw on social media or a YouTube prank. 

Tell a joke! And ask him what his favorite joke is, too.

18. Yourself 

Okay, so while it’s true that nobody likes a blabbermouth who constantly talks about themselves, it’s also true that you won’t be able to create a meaningful connection with a guy unless you reveal some things about yourself to him. 

What’s more, a conversation should be a two-way street. It can’t always be about him – that would become awkward! 

So as well as asking him questions, make sure to hand him the floor so that he can ask you some questions, too.


  • Let him know you’re open to talking about yourself. Start things off by chatting about your work, your ambitions and your dreams.
  • Talk to him about your hobbies. Talk at length about the things that really interest you. 
  • Be open! Don’t be a closed book. 
  • Invite him to ask you a question about yourself. “Is there anything you’d like to know about me?”

19. Your Surroundings 

Lastly, if you run out of things to talk about (and now that you’ve got a wide range of topics to choose from, we think that’s going to be impossible!), you could take a look at your surroundings for a bit of inspiration. 

For example, if you’re in a bar or cafe you could talk about a painting that’s on the wall. Does he like this kind of art?

If you’re outside, you could talk about the scenery. This could lead onto other topics, such as traveling and his (and your) favorite places. 

If you visit somewhere together, such as a museum, make sure to ask him for his opinion on the things you’re looking at. Share ideas and get a taste for each other’s preferences.

Essentially, open your eyes to what’s around you. You’ll soon find that dropping a comment on your surroundings can open up a whole new conversation. 

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