21+ Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You 😍

Admit it: You already know he has strong feelings for you but you’re looking for confirmation. You feel it in your gut that he cares a lot about you – even if he didn’t say it.

Or maybe you’re confused and don’t know what to think – too much happened in too little time.

Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll share with you 22 signs he has strong feelings for you.

But first, there’s something you need to know: Men and women are wired differently, and being aware of this aspect will make your romantic life much easier.

To be more precise, men find it more difficult to express their feelings than women do, but they’re just as emotional. 

Are you curious to find out more? Below you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for!

If He Likes Me Why Isn’t He Expressing His Feelings? 

Here’s the thing: He isn’t expressing his feelings because he wasn’t encouraged to do so. As you already know, men are taught NOT to show their feelings.

For example, it’s simply not socially acceptable for a man to cry in public. But does this mean that he is never sad? 

According to new research, men are just as emotional as women. Even if they don’t openly talk about what they’re going through, they experience similar emotional fluctuations as women.

In other words, men experience positive and negative emotions just as much as women do. However, they react differently because they know something else is expected of them.

So, instead of confessing his feelings for you and thus becoming vulnerable, he channels them into another emotion, such as jealousy. 

If he gets jealous when you’re around other guys, it means he is expressing his feelings – but selectively. More specifically, he displays an emotion that is considered more masculine than the other.

Or, let’s say you disappoint him by canceling your plans last minute. If this happens, he will not tell you he is sad because he can’t see you. However, he will not hesitate to express his anger.

He could tell you that you ruined his night or that you’re unreliable. But deep down, he just wants to see you. 

The secret here is to be able to read between the lines and understand his true emotions. How?

The following signs will reveal his true emotions for you!

22 Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You

1. His body language reveals his romantic feelings for you

Do you know what society has forgotten to teach men? How to fully control & use their body’s language.

Luckily for you, if you want to find out if he has strong feelings for you, you can simply analyze his body language. 

Here are a few examples:

  • His pupils dilate when he gets close to you;
  • He unknowingly makes a lot of eye contact;
  • His feet are always pointed in your direction;
  • He finds ways to touch you in subtle ways;
  • He pays attention to his looks and posture.

Each one gives away his feelings for you. So, next time you see him, watch what he does with his body!

2. He keeps in touch throughout the day

This is my personal favorite sign! He keeps in touch throughout the day by sending you texts or by calling you.

I am a big fan of constant communication and that’s why I always think it’s a good sign when a man expresses his desire and interest to talk.

Many might confuse talking all day long with a controlling or suffocating attitude. However, if he is genuinely interested in what is happening in your life, it’s a good sign!

Unless he sends d#ck pics every day or wants to talk about s3x only, he might be in love! 

3. He makes sure you know he’s single

How can a man say he wants you for himself without actually saying it? He tells you he is single and not seeing anyone else. 

In a way, if he tells you that, it’s like he is reassuring you there’s no one else he’s interested in. It could be an indirect way to let you know how he feels about you.

He may have caught feelings for you if he casually mentions that he deleted that dating app you were both using.

In my case, for example, I simply knew my partner truly loved me when he deleted his Instagram account, which he was previously using to meet girls. 

So, if he keeps bringing his single status then it’s safe to say that he wants you to be his girlfriend or he has feelings for you but shy to make the first move.

4. He is an active listener and likes to hear you talk

The next big sign his feelings for you are strong is also related to communication. How so?

When someone is actively listening to you, it means they:

  • Pay attention to what you have to say;
  • They make sure they understand what you said;
  • They provide feedback on what you said;
  • They ask follow-up questions;
  • They respond appropriately without judging.

So, if he does all of the above and he genuinely seems interested in what you say, it might mean he’s in love with you.

Or, maybe you’re just a really interesting person. To find out for sure, take a look at the next sign!

5. He often asks for your opinion and/or advice

Do you know what it means when a man asks for your opinion or advice? It means he respects you! 

Respect is not exactly easy to earn. However, if you find that he often asks you what you think about something before he makes a decision about it, it means you’ve earned his.

Also, no man would ask for your opinion day after day just for the sake of it. If he does this, it means he truly values it.

You see, for him, asking for your opinion is sometimes just as important as telling you he is obsessed with you and loves you.

By doing so, he indirectly admits that he cares about what you think and also respects your point of view.

6. He tells you more and more secrets

When you love someone, you share your secrets with them, right? You feel this urge to open up and tell them everything about you.

On top of that, you feel safe to share this type of information with them because you know they won’t judge you.

This could be exactly what he feels. A man has strong feelings for you if he willingly tells you about his hopes, dreams, and insecurities, too.

You can look at it this way: Why would he risk telling you if he wasn’t fully into you?

As an exception to this rule, a man might try to test you by telling you a secret and then wait to see if you tell anyone else or if you laugh behind his back.

7. He can’t help but react with jealousy

As I mentioned before, one of the signs he has strong feelings for are that he might hide them and channel them into jealousy and other generally acceptable emotions that men can display without being judged.

Let me explain:

Although an old way of thinking, it’s perfectly acceptable for a man to claim “ownership” over a woman by becoming jealous. 

In other words, if he lets you see that he is bothered by the fact that you laughed at his friend’s jokes more than at his, it’s proof of love!

It might not be the best way to show his strong feelings for you, but it could be the only way he knows how.

If you two are coworkers and he acts jealous when you interact or laugh with other guys or coworkers then it’s a sign your coworker has feelings for you.

8. He shares the good news with you first

The new research I shared with you previously also shows that men and women process good news and bad news in a similar way.

What does this mean for you?

Well, think about it. What would you do if you received some good news? Would you pick up the phone and share the news with someone dear to you? Or just keep them to yourself?

When we feel close to someone, it comes naturally to us to tell them what goes on in our lives; good or bad.

So, if he shares joy and happiness with you, take it as a positive sign!

9. You can simply read it in his eyes

Want to learn a trick?

One of the most obvious signs he has strong feelings for you if he can’t keep off his eyes off you. You can easily figure out if a man is attracted to you if he looks you deeply in the eyes.

But wait, there’s more!

If you also notice he goes from looking into your eyes to looking at your breasts and at your mid-section, that’s an undebatable sign of attraction as well!

Thanks to another new research in this field, we now know what it means when a man does the occasional “dip” (he looks at you below the neckline).

However, if he looks at your boobs more than he looks you in the eyes, maybe his urges got the best of him.

10. He includes you in his plans for the future

Planning a future together is one of the scientifically proven signs of love. Here’s the explanation:

At the beginning of a relationship, both partners go through feelings of infatuation that are positive and negative. 

The positive ones include happiness and lust, while the negative ones may include obsession and excessive jealousy. 

They also experience an increase in serotonin, which is a “feel-good hormone” or “happy hormone”. 

But, after some time, both partners move into another relationship phase, characterized by lower levels of serotonin. 

As soon as the serotonin levels return to normal, the levels of another hormone called oxytocin start to increase. Oxytocin is responsible for creating a more mature type of love. 

So, if he already includes you in his plans for the future, he might be over the infatuation phase and he is ready for a serious relationship with you.

11. He shows you his vulnerable side

Does he show you his vulnerable side? If this man goes against his nature and lets you see him for who he truly is, then it’s a good sign he has strong feelings for you!

But how can you tell for sure?

Here are a few signs:

  • He shares a secret with you that could be compromising;
  • He opens up to you about his likes and dislikes;
  • He doesn’t shy away from having profound conversations;
  • He shows you when he’s nervous without trying to hide it;
  • He tells you things about his past that are not flattering.

However, there are many other ways a man can express his vulnerability. As your relationship progresses, you will be able to see more.

12. His friends know a lot about you

Let me ask you this: Did he introduce you to his friends?

If he has, that’s a great sign! But, did you by any chance notice that his friends know a lot about you?

In case they know more about you than you know about them, it means he talks about you a lot – meaning you’re not just a friend to him.

He may go on and on about you when he hangs out with his friends and that’s how they know so much. 

If that’s true, then it’s one of the best signs he has strong feelings for you.

13. He pays you compliments all the time

When guys catch feelings they can’t help but shower you with compliments. They won’t be able to help it but tell you how beautiful you look, how funny you are, and so on.

Maybe you recognize some of the compliments he gives you in the following list:

  • I like what you did with your hair.
  • You look lovely tonight. Red is your color.
  • You are the most hilarious woman I’ve ever met.
  • You are so good at planning and organizing stuff.
  • No one makes better sandwiches than you do.

However, if he only compliments your appearance, he might still be in the infatuation phase or he may just want you for your body.

14. He does his best to be empathetic

In short, an empathetic person is someone who tries to understand you, put themselves in your shoes, and genuinely be there for you.

Although many think that men are incapable of showing empathy and feeling empathy, that’s not true. 

I can tell you from personal experience that a man who has genuine feelings for a woman can be empathetic. He can understand her by trying to virtually switch places with her. 

However, just because he can, it doesn’t mean he will. That’s where love comes in. 

15. He likes it when you talk about deep topics

What do you two talk about? Do you like to talk about the weather, music, movies, and parties?

If you can’t get past small talk, I hate to break it to you but you are dealing with a superficial guy who might not look for anything serious.

However, if you two talk about your hopes and dreams, what makes you happy, and what causes you pain, then you can take it as a positive sign!

16. He never spends time on his phone when he’s with you

Another great indicator of a man’s feelings for you is the time he spends on his phone while he’s with you.

If he is focused on you and doesn’t like spending time on his phone except for random Google searches, you’re a winner!

Especially if he tells you whatever he’s doing on his phone, you have no reason to worry. On the contrary, it’s a sign he is in love with you.

If you’ve been dating for a while now and he isn’t secretive about his activity on his phone, it means he’s honest about his intentions with you. 

There are other signs he has developed true feelings for you after dating for a long while. Find them below!

17. He wants you to be part of his world

A man who has strong feelings for you will want to make you part of his world. He’ll introduce you to his friends and family. 

On top of that, he’ll include you in his weekend activities, as well as vacations and holidays. He’ll want you to be part of his routine. 

If he’s already done some of these things, your relationship is heading in the right direction!

18. He likes to be playful with you and teases you

What else would he do if he had secret feelings for you?

To make sure he keeps you interested, he would flirt with you and he would playfully tease you. He’d try to grab your attention and keep it.

A guy who makes an effort to impress you, gives you sweet compliments, give you pet names, makes a lot of eye contact, touches you, and tries to make you laugh, is trying to flirt with you.

19. He is very protective of you

Dating him for a while should’ve given you the chance to see how he behaves with you in different situations.

If you noticed that he’s protective of you, takes your side, and defends you in front of others, take it as one of the most positive signs he has strong feelings for you.

When a man loves you, he instinctively wants to protect you. This happens because of his innate instincts, but also due to social pressure.

To be more precise, a man who doesn’t defend his female partner is seen as weak, incapable, and less of a man.

20. He sends you really long texts

Everybody knows that men don’t like to spend hours talking and texting. It’s in their nature to be wild and take care of things rather than talk about their hopes and dreams, right?

While that may be true for some men, it does not apply to all. You either got a sensitive guy on your hands or just someone who absolutely loves to talk to you. 

21. He kisses you even more passionately than before

If this guy has developed stronger feelings for you, you should feel it! You should feel it in the way he kisses you, touches you and holds you in the morning.

A man who is deeply in love kisses his partner passionately, with both his body and his heart. He really puts emotion into every gesture.

22. He makes love to you like there’s no tomorrow

Just as his kisses become more and more passionate, so will his game in bed. If he has strong feelings for you, he’ll pay more attention to pleasing you in bed.

So, if you’ve noticed he devours you in bed and puts his energy into satisfying you, you’ve got your answer – he is crazy in love with you.


What To Do If He Has Strong Feelings For You?

If you just got the confirmation you needed, congratulations! You have earned a man’s love – even if he’s not clearly expressing it to you through words.

He could be a shy guy and giving you indirect signs – keep that in mind!

In case your feelings for him are also strong, it means you’re at the beginning of a beautiful love story. Don’t be afraid to give it your all if you feel he’s worth it.

However, if you found out what he really feels about you, take some time to process this information.

Analyze your feelings and act accordingly!

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