Here’s What Makes a Man Fall Deeply in Love with a Woman!

Men – despite their reputation as flirts who don’t want to settle down – do commit to one woman eventually. 

But, before I touch the subject “What makes a man fall in love deeply,” let me in you on something that you will definitely find something interesting.

How Men Behave Whey They Are In Love?

Research on romance has shown that men change their behaviour when they’re in love. Men become obsessive about the object of their desire, with researchers comparing their behaviour to a person with an addiction. 

A man who has fallen for you will yearn to be with you as often as they can. It’s only by being with you that he can satisfy his emotional longings, as well as experience feelings of euphoria. 

In short, when a man is in the grip of romance, it’s at this point that he falls in love – and is ready to devote himself to you entirely. 

But what is it that makes them forgo all other women and fall deeply in love with with a women that he never wanna let go?

In this article, I will be be sharing qualities that make a man fall deeply in love with a woman.

I will also show you what you can do to woo the man of your dreams and put him under your spell. 

16 Qualities That Make a Man Fall Deeply in Love with a Woman

1. Physical Attraction, Though!

No matter how much a person might try to deny it, initial attraction is always based off the physical attraction.

If we don’t find someone attractive physically, it’s impossible to fall in love with them. 

There’s not much you can do if you’re not his type. 

And believe me – every man has a type. If he doesn’t fancy you from the moment he first sees you, that’s probably not going to change.

But if there’s a spark between the two of you straight away, there are ways to enhance the way you look:

  • Stay in shape by going to the gym and eating healthily 
  • Wear clothes that accentuate your body type 
  • Wear makeup that makes you feel good about yourself 
  • If in relationship, improve on sexual chemistry and physical intimacy

2. Similar Interests and Goals 

Of course, a man and a woman don’t have to share every single hobby and interest. If he likes sports and you hate sports, that’s totally fine. 

But it is important that the two of you have some similar interests and goals. If not similar, at least, they shouldn’t be too contradictory otherwise it can be an instant turn off.

  • Plan days out together indulging in your shared hobbies
  • Take an interest in one of his biggest passions. You don’t need to be as passionate as he is about it but if he spends a lot of time on this passion, it won’t hurt for you to get involved somewhat 
  • Introduce him to your interests and goals 

3. A Joyful and Positive Woman

I get it – everyone has days where they feel a little bit low. Sometimes, we wake up and simply don’t feel very positive. 

But if you’re to make a man fall deeply in love with you, you need to have a joy for life and a “the glass is half-full” attitude. 

Men are drawn to positive women. The more optimistic you are about everything, the more enthused he’ll be around you. 

Here’s what you can do if you want to appear more joyful and positive to your man crush:

  • Check your language. Make sure to use positive words as often as you can, swapping the likes of “I can’t” for “I can.”
  • Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude is the root of positivity. 
  • Love yourself. The more you love and take care of yourself, the more your positivity will take root 

4. When A Woman Shows Her Emotionally Vulnerable Side 

Extensive research by international association for relationship research observed in their findings that men connect with emotionally vulnerable women.

Men are by and large biologically wired to fall in love with women who need them.

What’s more, by showing him your emotionally vulnerable side, you’re demonstrating that you trust him – and this is what causes a man to bond with a woman. 

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t display your vulnerabilities to a man you don’t yet trust. But if there’s a man in your life who you feel a connection with and want to spend your life with, don’t be afraid of putting your insecurities out there.

Now that you know being vulnerable makes a man fall deeply in love woman more, you can implement this aspect in your relationship by…

  • Being honest with him. Talk to him about your hopes, dreams and fears. 
  • Opening up about your past.
  • Asking him open-ended questions. 

5. When A Woman Shows Commitment 

A committed woman can instantly make a man fall in love with a man.

It’s a bit of a myth to suggest that men like to play around. The popular theory is that guys are playboys who are constantly chasing “tail.”

While this is true to an extent, most men are hopeful of settling down one day – but they need to make sure you’re the One before they’ll commit.

Commitment works two ways. Unless you show commitment to him, he probably won’t show it to you first. 

  • Talk about how you want to spend the future together.
  • Make healthy relationship goals (and stick to them).
  • Make time for him. 
  • Make him your priority. 
  • Be there for him. 

6. When A Woman Can Hold Authentic Conversation 

There are different stages to dating. 

First comes the small talk. The “Did you have a good weekend?” type stuff. 

Then, you flirt and have banter. You tease each other and raise the sexual chemistry bar. 

Eventually, you start to ask deeper questions about each other – what are your biggest goals? What are some of your biggest fears? 

Unless you start to go deeper and become more authentic with your conversations, a guy will be turned off. 

Believe it or not, guys crave stimulating conversation.

They’re looking for women who can make them think deeply about things, who can challenge them and who can even hold a discussion with them. 

Here are examples of topics to talk about with a guy to make him fall deeply in love with you:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask deeper questions. 
  • Ask him for his thoughts on current affairs, politics, literature and anything else that is intellectually satisfying 
  • If you’re unsure of a subject, do some research. Become more acquainted with a wider range of subjects.
  • Open up to him. Don’t give Yes or No answers to his questions! 

7. Acceptance

Few things will make a man run a mile more than a woman who tries to change him. She’ll try to change his clothes, his hairstyle, his sports team …

… she might even try to change his friends!


Because I know what’s best for you.


From that point onwards, you’ll either change him far beyond anything you even like anymore, or you’ll cause him to end this relationship. Worse still, men don’t appreciate being constantly nagged, corrected or asked to keep improving. 

Instead of trying to change him:

  • Try to understand him better
  • Respect him and his beliefs/goals
  • Celebrate his individuality 
  • Accept him the way he is – and accept that it’s wrong to try to change people to suit our own needs

Acceptance is the golden key that makes a man fall in love with his woman.

8. When Men Feel Safe to Show Their Vulnerable Side

Most men are deprived of much needed emotional support.

It might be hard to believe but men are just like women in that they have vulnerabilities. They have worries and fears and they have both good days and bad days.

He wants you to be his safe haven – the one person he can open up to and be unequivocally himself.

  • Let him know that you’re here for him.
  • Ask him open-minded questions.
  • Never judge him – always encourage him. 
  • Be a good listener. This means being patient whenever he’s talking and not checking your phone.

9. A Deep Emotional Connection 

It’s definitely true that emotional connections can’t be faked. You either connect with someone on a deeper level or you don’t.

That said, it’s important to point out that if you want him to fall madly in love with you, you first of all need to let your guard down. If you’ve got emotional barriers up at the moment, they need to be pulled down.

Otherwise, even if the two of you have a special bond, there won’t be a deep connection. Instead, you will always appear cold, distant and mysterious to him. 

  • Be a good listener. I touched on this above and it’s extremely vital that you lend him your ear whenever he’s talking about something that’s important to him.
  • Solve problems together. Couples who overcome adversities together are the ones who are able to form lasting healthy relationships.
  • Work out your feelings together. Don’t keep your feelings to yourself!
  • Take your time. You can’t force an emotional connection, which is why you must exert a degree of patience.

10. A Woman That Triggers His Hero Instinct  

Even if your man doesn’t explicitly say to you that he wants to be a man for you, the truth is that all men need to feel like a true man around their women. Otherwise, they’ll feel lousy, weak and useless. 

He wants you to trigger his hero instinct – which is the secret obsession all men have. And when he uses it in the context of a relationship, it gives him strength and courage and it makes him and you better. 

If you’re the kind of woman who makes your man feel less masculine, he won’t feel needed. This will in turn cause him to lose physical attraction for you. 

Men need to lead. They need to be able to help their partner and be a tower of strength when things go wrong. 

  • Give him the chance to lead. If you often take the front foot, now is the time to step off the gas a little and let him lead. 
  • Show him how much he means to you. You are devoted to him and need him. 
  • Tell him he’s your hero! 

If you want to make him want you desperately then you will need to trigger his masculine instincts.

So far, I’ve discussed a number of key qualities that make a man fall in love deeply with a woman. 

I’ve covered a number of general points based on research that demonstrates the importance of a deep emotional connection, a man’s desire to retain his masculinity in a relationship, as well as your ability to give yourself up to him – to commit to him, to be vulnerable in front of him and to accept him as he is. 

These are all objective points.

If you’re the type of person who will insist on changing a man or who doesn’t want him to express his masculinity, you might find that he keeps things on the friendship tip. 

With all that said, there is a lot to a healthy relationship. There is intimacy, commitment and passion. 

As well as the above points, there are a few further less common factors that make a man fall in love with you. I’ll be covering these throughout the rest of the article. 

11. Respectful

You know what’s super important to a man?


Respect is a baseline personality trait that all men want in a relationship. They’ll respect you but they need you to respect them back. 

If you disrespect your man – even just once – he might struggle to develop strong feelings for you.

He will immediately be turned off. 

And while I understand that things that we don’t really mean get said in the heat of an argument, it’s essential that you stay in control and remain respectful. Argue your point but don’t start throwing insults around the place. 

  • Don’t make it personal. The moment you lace your arguments with personal insults – such as “you are stupid, you know that?” is the moment you cross a line. 
  • Don’t disrespect his values and beliefs. All men (and women) have values and beliefs that are important to them and it’s key that you never put him down during an argument.
  • Take a time-out. If you feel as though an argument is getting out of hand, step out of the room and go for a walk. 

12. A Good Listener 

There is listening to your man … and listening empathetically.

What is empathetic listening?

It’s when you focus on what your man is saying, as well as how he’s feeling and is currently motivating him.

It’s when you listen without interrupting him or without being distracted by other things, such as your phone. 

It’s knowing when to stay silent and when to talk. And when you do speak, you speak with compassion and meaning, taking into account his feelings.

Listening to someone with empathy isn’t easy and you’ll need to develop this skill over time. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t judge him. Whatever he says, reserve judgment.
  • Give him your whole attention. Switch your phone off or put it out of reach. 
  • Take in what he’s saying. Listen with everything you’ve got – listen with your heart. 
  • Let him speak. Even if he’s stopped talking momentarily and there’s silence, don’t be afraid – give him some time to collect his thoughts. 

13. Honesty

You know how girls say they want a man and not a boy? 

In other words, they want to date a man who won’t play games with them. He’s a grown adult who does adult things. 

A word to the wise – this is exactly what guys want, too. While a man loves a challenge (especially when it comes to dating), he doesn’t want a woman who will mess him around emotionally.

Remember, he’s a mature adult who is way beyond psychological tactics. If you can be the kind, relaxed and easygoing woman he’s looking for, you can make him fall in love with you. 

  • Don’t try to control him in any way. The first sign of mind games is control. 
  • Don’t say things just to get a reaction out of him. It’s easy to do – but it’s a terrible idea!
  • Don’t play dangerous pranks. A few naughty pranks are okay – but if you start playing pranks that he clearly isn’t enjoying, it’s time to stop. 

14. When She is a Keeper 

We saw earlier that men will commit to a woman provided she’s shown that she’s worth it. 

And one of the strongest ways you can show you’re worth it is if you prove that you’re a keeper. 

Remember, men won’t fall in love with women who are flaky. They don’t want a woman who plays games and who hasn’t shown that she’s capable of being in a long-term relationship.

To prove to him that you’re a keeper, you can take care of a few things:

  • Don’t try to make him jealous. This relates back to not playing mind games. 
  • Don’t flirt with other guys. You can talk to other guys – just don’t flirt. 
  • Show a little bit of jealous when someone is trying to flirt with him. It will make him fall in love you if he is really attracted to you.

15. A good sense of Humour 

Men love to make their women laugh. If you have a sense of humor and enjoy his jokes, so much the better! 

And while men don’t mind if you tell jokes, they always prefer it when you appreciate their jokes. 

But if you’re just as funny as he is? That’s even better! The two of you will have a great time. 

As a bonus, you’ll get even further with a man if you have an infectious laugh. 

16. Strong & Confident Women

We all experience high points and we all experience low points. 

But while it can be easy to get trapped intino a swirl of negativity if things are going wrong in your own life, this doesn’t bode well for a romantic relationship. 

Men know that bad things happen – but they prefer it if a woman is able to stay optimistic and keep her head up. Your optimism will be infectious and he’ll have the faith that the two of you will be able to overcome all odds together in the future. 

If, on the other hand, you react badly to hard times, he’ll see this as a red flag.

A man wants to be with a woman who is able to tackle challenges head-on and obstacles and overcome them. 

Be a strong, confident, and independent woman if you want to make him fall in love you because sometimes “We men” get tired of “cry baby” behavior.

Here’s how you can work on this:

  • Remember that hard times never last! 
  • Whenever hard times happen, tell your man that you can overcome them together.
  • Always confront tasks with a smile on your face. 
  • Be grateful for everything that you’ve got going for you.
  • Take care of your health and your finances – everything else will fall into place. 
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