How to Make Him Want You Desperately? (Here’s What Men Find Sexy)

The flutter of butterflies in your stomach are normal when the man who has been catching your eye is right there in front of you.

Yet, the spark you’re yearning for seems to be on a slow burn; he hasn’t quite noticed the magnetism you feel.

Things have been changing for last couples years with rise of this whole Alpha men movement.

Now men lean towards rationality in romantic pursuits, often needing a nudge to notice the potential chemistry bubbling under the surface.

It’s a dance of subtlety and boldness, of showing interest without overwhelming, of inviting intrigue without laying all your cards on the table.

How do you navigate this delicate balance to not only catch his eye but ignite a desire that encourages him to pursue you?

In this article, I will uncover treasure trove of tips to help you make him wants you desperately.

So, let’s get started

How to Make Him Want You Desperately:

Here is the list of things that make a man fall in love with a women and make him want you more.

1. Become a Powerful Charismatic Woman

There’s always a woman in your school or workplace who draws the attention of everyone and is constantly winning over the sympathy of the people she has around. We could say that she’s a charismatic person. 

Being charismatic makes people feel calm and connect with you at a more intimate level.

But is charisma something we’re either born with or not?

Well, research shows that we can create such an aura around us even if we’re not naturally born with it.

These are a few of the things you should consider doing more to be a charismatic person: 

  • Have an open body language which includes facing them whenever they talk and being free of any tension.  
  • Do your best to maintain eye contact regardless of the emotional overload you feel when they’re in front of you. 
  • Be humble, accept compliments with grace, and always give credit to others for helping you in your achievements. 
  • Socialize and show honest curiosity for others’ lives; not only will you gather plenty of stories to tell, but also enrich your worldview and appear desirable in front of him. 

Building more charisma into your personality will attract his attention like a magnet, and he’ll want to spend more time with you.

While this trait seems immeasurable and abstract you can focus on another tangible trait.  

2. Dress To Get Inside His Head

Your looks speak about you before your lips do. So it’s worth paying attention to the way you dress if you want his attention to be on you, and for him to desire you romantically.

Consider a trip to the shopping center with your girlfriends this weekend, and get yourself a glamorous set of clothes that are seductive but not to the point of being inappropriate.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Men tend to be attracted to women dressed in red so select some clothes which revolve around that spectrum of colors. 
  • Pick up some clothes that show your curves but aren’t too extravagant. 
  • Match your clothes with flattering makeup and an honest and childlike smile, etc. 

At this point, you’ve become irresistible for sure. If he still doesn’t have your attention, it’s time to take a little bit more action. 

3. Flirt With Him & Compliment Him

Women aren’t the only ones who are flattered by simply compliments.

Men appreciate them more actually because they don’t receive compliments often.

In fact, a few compliments on his personality or look can even make him obsessed with you. It’s an easy to way to him want you. So throw a few subtle but honest compliments in the conversation. 

Let these compliments serve as an initial flame to flirt with him lightly. Through compliments, you’re showing that you’ve been eyeing him for some time. 

Be truthful with your words instead of just flattering him. Since he hasn’t noticed you yet, that means he’s a high-value man. And such men don’t tolerate flattering let alone take it as a compliment. 

Your body language is key to flirting with him gently and openly. And we’ll get into that below, but first let’s point out some things you could compliment him about

  • When he purchases a new pair of clothes, costume, or takes a haircut. 
  • When he comes well-groomed with you into an event. 
  • When he keeps a particular stance during an argument or states an opinion confidently, etc. 

After caressing his ego with your compliments, it’s time to get a little bit closer to him by imitating his body language.

4. Mimic His Body Language

What behaviours does he exhibit at certain occasions and what behaviours does he exhibit at others?

Based on through research available on National Library of Medicine, we tend to mimic the body language of the people we like or have some kind of sympathy towards.

This is a well-known signal that he will definitely understand too, either consciously or subconsciously. 

So keep this in mind when you’re in front of him. Small things such as a tilting of your head, crossing your legs or touching your ear could signal that you’re into him. 

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but you’re actually telling him that you like how he behaves, and that you like his personality too.

These tricks could appear childish but they’re quite effective to raise attention in the heart of the person sitting in front of you. 

5. Make Him Feel Jealous

Jealousy rarely fails.

If you’ve been close enough to him to have formed feelings for him, then chances are that he might be feeling something too. But to get there you have to poke into those intimate feelings. 

Making him jealous sounds like a no-brainer and it works because it touches on his instinctual desire to react.

When you make him feel jealous, he’ll think of the fact that he’s losing the chance to be with you. 

Maybe he’s never thought of that before, so you’re pushing him to think about it seriously for the first time which is a huge step forward. And even though jealousy sounds like such a big word, it’s easy to arise. 

And your intention should be for it to be easy and harmless because there’s no time for drama at this point.

Therefore, keep these situations up your sleeves: 

  • Walk away from him before answering a call. 
  • Smile at your phone when he’s looking at you. 
  • Post content on social media and be more active, etc.

Also, even though it sounds counterintuitive, to make him want you more you have to act as if you don’t care for him.

The opposite makes him lose the excitement of having to fight for you, but when you ignore him, he’ll fight for your attention. The urgency will make him want you desperately.

6. Call Him By Cute Names 

We all love a good nickname, but not everyone can call us by our nickname. Only our closest friends and loved ones have such a privilege. 

So, while using a nickname for him freely, you’ll get into that close circle of friends only a few have access to. Count this a small step ahead because it is one.

But what comes next? 

Then, calling him by a cute name will settle an intimate connection between you two. Firstly, you should take the courage to come up with a name for him and then later on if he assigns you a cute name too, that’s another step. 

Unexpectedly, he’d find himself being called a cute name by a woman who’s getting closer to his heart. It all happens pretty fast. By the time you’ve started calling each other cute names, it’ll be an implied relationship. 

7. Show Him You Don’t Rely On Others

Guys love independent women. And, you need to let him know that.

We’re not searching for someone to babysit all the time, and agree with everything we say. That’s just another definition for a ‘boring partner’.  

An independent woman has all the desirable traits that attract a man. And the scientific findings are pretty confident about this too.

The idea of men wanting to have submissive and conformist partners is slowly fading away. 

Give him a flair or your independence by relying less on others when you need something done. Make sure you’re in front of him when you do so. 

Forming an independent personality isn’t so hard. Start by doing small things.

Things such as: 

  • Sitting all by yourself in a coffee shop. 
  • Working to earn your own living without depending on others. 
  • Being more assertive when you make a request or someone asks you for a favour, etc.

He’ll fall for you when he notices you’re not depending on others to get things done for you. 

8. Attentively Listen To Him 

Women aren’t the only ones who want to be heard when voicing their thoughts.

We appreciate it when someone listens to our chatter without worrying to come up with a practical solution.

Some scenarios when you should consider listening to him carefully include: 

  • When he speaks about his hobbies or interests, listen to him attentively and ask him related questions. You don’t have to fully understand the subject to ask questions.
  • When he’s going through the loss of a loved one or didn’t achieve the wanted result in a project or assignment, let him express himself to you and console him without being judgmental. 
  • When he’s sharing his opinions in a group setting and not many others are endorsing him or following up on his conversations, be the one who is listening and engaging with him, etc.

One trick known in psychology for making the other person speak longer and be more affirmative to your requests is the triple nod.

When you do the triple nod, it’s scientifically proven that the other person will feel more listened to and open up about his feelings more freely.  

The technique (for which you can find more visual information above) consists of nodding three times, with the first nodding being longer and lower than the first two. This gives the other person a sign that you’re truly focused on what they’re saying and that you’re sympathizing with them. 

9. Give Him the Freedom To Have His Own Time

Most relationships don’t last because men don’t get the freedom to enjoy themselves without having their partners complain for not giving them enough attention.

If you want him to see you as a compatible partner, avoid being a stage-five clinger. 

You should aim to spend as much time with him as possible, but do so moderately.

Let him have his own fun time without bothering him with restrictions, ultimatums, or mood swings.

For instance: 

  • Understand him when he says that he wants to have time with his friends.
  • Leave him to engage in his hobbies and follow his passions and don’t force him to give them up so he can be with you. 
  • Don’t bother him with too many questions about his whereabouts, etc.

Let him know that he has the freedom to spend time on his own.

It’s a surefire way to make him want you desperately.

Men don’t fancy many luxuries when it comes to having fun, and if you behave like the kind of woman who doesn’t worry about having his attention all the time, he’ll soon chase you like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

10. Occasionally Decline His Invitations

We love the things we can’t have.

No matter how much we’re able to acquire from our list of wantings, we’d still want more. And this list includes people as well as material possessions.

The more difficult something is to acquire, the more we want it. The furthest the stars, the more we’re enchanted by them.

Having a tinge of unavailability is good psychological way to make him want you more.

I think you got the idea.

What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t be all the time available for him. This way not only do you appear more reserved and make him value the time spent together more, but also strengthen all the other traits we’ve spoken about thus far such as independence, charisma, and playing the hard catch to make him jealous. 

Surely, it’s best to avoid a distant and firm “No”.

You could say something along the lines of “I’d love to come but I have plans for today. Please notify me at least 24 hours beforehand next time so I can make time for us.

11. Show Your Passion And Self-Love

On the same par with independence stands vision. A woman with vision is insanely attractive.

So show him what you’re doing to develop yourself: 

  • Tell him about the courses you’ve taken or communities and book clubs you’ve joined. 
  • Show him a secret project you’re working on that only a few people know about. 
  • Share with him an exciting opportunity you’ve discovered lately and how you plan to get involved in it, etc. 

A man instinctively will feel attracted to a woman who is fighting for something bigger than herself. 

It means that she’s not focused on trivialities and living a safe life where others provide for her, but wants to earn her own place in society. 

However, the line between sharing your vision and bragging is quite thin. You don’t want to come off as a cocky and low-value woman. 

So stay humble. Humility will pay off if the man you’re aiming to impress values it. But if he doesn’t, then you should seriously think of the set of values he appreciates in a woman.  

12. Call Him By His Name or Nickmaes

Want to make him want your bad?

Call him by name or nick names (if you two recently started talking).

We talk to tens of people within a day (and maybe hundreds of them if your profession involves working with people on a daily basis).

Most interactions are superficial and we don’t even call each other by name. 

So when we’re called by our name we somehow feel flattered, more connected with the other person and we feel that a sense of familiarity is set. 

Furthermore, we should also consider that: 

  • Similarly to the nickname, our name indicates a sense of closeness because it’s used by people we relate to intimately. 
  • Calling him by his name instantly grabs his attention, making him more focused on the conversation. 
  • Communicating with each other by your name is a sign of maturity which means that you’re serious about establishing a good relationship with each other, etc.

Calling another person by their name shows that you acknowledge and respect their identity. Because a name is deeply attached to one’s identity.

13. Stand Your Own Ground

As mentioned above, making him feel intrigued to have you besides is crucial to having him want you.

Even though it sounds counterintuitive, one of the attractive traits admired by both sides is disagreeableness. 

It’s not surprising that we fall in love with people who have rich personalities and high intelligence.

If you challenge his beliefs and you’re most of the time right, he’ll feel deeply attracted to you. 

But what should you keep in mind when it comes to disagreeing with him?

Because disagreements can often lead to fights, so it’s not sound advice to leave space for fights in your relationship. 

  • Avoid disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing. Express an opposite opinion with self confidence only when you’re sure you understand the topic. 
  • Don’t get too attached. Avoid internalizing your opinions and identifying yourself with them to the point you hate him just because of his perspective. 
  • Be reasonable. Lay arguments down constructively and start debating with compromise in mind as an option. 

Healthy communication is what paves the way to any successful relationship. Be subtle and understanding to make him desire you more. 

14. Take Charge In The Bedroom And Beyond

For the last point, I’m assuming that you’ve made the big leap in your intimate life and have cherished a night full of lust and love.

Or maybe you’ve thought about getting to that point soon. Well, it’s important for you to be yourself in bed and take charge of the “situation”. 

There are plenty of cases when the attraction between two people has marked its end after having unfulfilling sex.

You both have expectations and the bedroom is the place where you get as close to each other as possible.

Positive sexual tension is your golden key to make him want you desperately.

Lemme in on you a guys’ secret: We men feel turned on when the woman takes control in bed, making the intercourse rousing and highly desirable. So, stop thinking men should be always the the dominant ones in bed, and take control. 

Taking charge in the bedroom among other factors we’ve mentioned above such as being more open, empathetic, charismatic, and mimicking him could really help you move this relationship to the next level. 


All these are proven tips to make a want you more if he is already interested in you. To get his attention you will also need to get to know him. He has to have genuine interest in you and this can only be done by spending time with him. Be your authentic self because your true personality is the only way to make a relationship work.

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