How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? 20 Ways

Have you fallen for a guy but are in a dilemma between telling him and not telling him your feelings?

Girls usually hide their feelings because it is more common to let the man take the first step. It used to be unimaginable for a girl to ask out the guy she liked.

However, recent research had revealed that men love to be approached first. 72% of men are attracted to the women who make the first move. 

Surprisingly enough, in another survey in 2017, over 95% of men said they would prefer women to ask for their phone numbers. This shows that we should normalize the fact that women can make the first move. 

You just have to find the right way to express your interest and liking.

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him: 20 Ways

1. Just Tell Him That You Like Him

Instead of dragging you through all the methods, I would like to start out with most obvious one and perhaps, also, the best way.

There’s nothing wrong with telling a guy you like him first as long as the way you say it doesn’t jeopardize the relationship. 

Men are very direct creatures, for the most part. However, before making the first move on a guy, you should have an established satisfying level of communication with him. 

You must be careful so that the way you choose to express your feelings appeals to him emotionally. 

Two of the unique methods you can use are: 

  1. Backhanded compliments. Unless he’s a narcissist (who’s not fond of jokes) he’ll get the hints you like him when you crack backhanded compliments. E.g  “You’re charming… on the inside.”
  2. Expectation creation jokes. Known as push and pull, this method is highly effective to get them to imagine being together. E.g “You know I’d go to the end of the world with you!?/Really?/ Yes, leave you there and then return home, haha.”

The best way to tell a guy you like him is to be direct regardless of his reaction. It’s better to dare than never find out what he thinks about you.

But if being too straightforward makes you feel under pressure, keep reading for other methods.

2. Come Across As A High-Value Woman

High-value and confident women ​​tend to attract attention and stand out from others. 

In order to be a high-value woman, you should have an appealing character, your own personal worldviews, and be independent and not clingy. 

Regardless of how lonely you might feel, begging for attention won’t help you attract the man of your dreams.

A woman of high value can easily attract the man she deserves when she steps into her independent mindset. 

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and disagree. Men like determined women who are clear about what they want.

3. Drop Some Hints In The Conversation

Whether you’re talking in person or via texting, chat about general topics for a few minutes to warm up the conversation and build up some chemistry. 

That would encourage you to feel more open and have more intimate conversations. 

Silence while chatting makes the interaction boring. Forget for a moment that you like them and strike up intimate conversations, dropping hints here and there.

Choose carefully what you want to ask or express. Hasty and general words will fade and will not attract the guy to you. 

Show conversational intelligence and finesse. Also, the manner and tone of voice are significantly important.

Here is the example of topics to send hints to him: 

  • Mention how stylish other guys who wear a similar style to his are. 
  • Tell him that you hope the man of your dreams has X music taste (which resembles his). 
  • Start chatting about ideal/popular couples, celebrities’ love lives, etc. 

Don’t strain yourself too much on picking the ideal topics. Start with something small and let the conversation flow freely. 

4. Compliment Him Time to Time

Compliments set up the atmosphere for something bigger to come. In our case, for the confession to him that you like him.

Of course, they don’t have to be mundane or boring. Start by complimenting him on his dressing style. Men don’t usually put much effort into their looks but when they do and you notice it, it’s an instant turn-on.  

Other details to compliment him about include: 

  • His mentality, attitude, and the way he thinks. 
  • His personality, and sense of humor. 
  • His behavior and how he treats people, etc. 

Every guy would like a girl who makes him feel special. Give him sweet and playful but genuine compliments

Don’t shy away from giving compliments to his physical appearance. This will soften him up and tear down all the possible walls separating you.

5. Ask Him Questions About Himself

Chances are you’ve come across a man who’s very talkative and constantly interrupts others to talk about himself. Truthfully, even science has proven they love ranting about themselves because it satisfies them. 

A popular study acknowledges that when men talk about something they like passionately, chemicals related to pleasure are released in their brains. 

As a result, when you allow them to express themselves freely, you’re not just listening; you’re bonding with them at a deeper level and making them feel important and appreciated. 

Encourage him to talk about himself by asking questions about: 

  • His hobbies and activities he does in his free time.
  • His childhood times and favourite memories. 
  • His pet peeves and what makes him laugh, etc. 

Don’t annoy him with questions one after another, give him time to express himself and finish his train of thought. 

Avoid asking questions that might cause him to feel uncomfortable.

6. Be a Subtle Flirt

Often men cannot understand if you are into them or not. Flirting helps you solve this problem. 

Men tend to be more flirtatious but even if he hasn’t flirted with you yet, you can take the first step and throw a few subtle flirts. 

The fact that he might not be flirty with you doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Flirt subtly and seduce him with your spontaneous behaviour. 

For example, if you’re talking in person, start playing with your hair and occasionally look down and then back at him. 

If you’re talking online, emojis are very powerful for flirting, alongside jokes and forwarding provoking content.

Use hot face (🥵️) and kissing emojis (😘) to flirt with him. 

Flirting is a great way to show a guy you like him. You don’t have to go all out, just be subtle.

7. Talk About Your Common Interests 

Various physiological observations have noted that people feel more connected to each other when they have shared experiences or interests. 

By conversing about multiple topics, you can find in each other experiences that bring you closer. And unknowingly, you’ll have all of his attention on you and that’s where the chemistry between the two gets more intense. 

Once you’ve discovered your similar interests you can find ways to spend time together. Maybe you both love sports. Then, watch a match together. 

Maybe he’s passionate about the cinema the same as you. Go watch a recent movie together.  

Sports, music, food or family are topics that men are most interested in and joining him in these activities would make him feel closer to you.

Our personalities are quite complex though. Be playful and nudge him to open up about his secret obsessions. Send him flirty memes and other thought-provoking pieces of content to find out his tastes. 

8. Laugh At His Jokes

Humour is universally attractive. But cracking a good joke and having no one laugh at them makes one feel like a loser.

Don’t be this person. 

No guy will like a girl who remains indifferent to his jokes and does not laugh. Follow the flow of the conversation and comment occasionally on his jokes to encourage him to continue.  

In this way he will feel freer to make other jokes with the idea that you will not be bothered by them. Laughter activates pleasure centers in the brain. 

It may seem strange, but it works. If there is laughter in your interactions, no conversation is boring. Actually, all of them will then be fun.  

The next time he looks at you, he’ll recall the chemistry you had last time and feel good. Once you’ve drawn him closer, it’ll be easier to express your feelings. 

Even though, a few conversations later, you might not even need to speak at all because it will be implied that you like him. 

9. Use This Push and Pull Flirt Technique

If you want to tell a guy you like him but do it playfully then this flirting technique is for you.

The push and pull flirting technique doesn’t involve only smart conversations but also acting in a flirty way. 

This method allows you to say whatever you want without risking anything. 

For example, you ask him “Do you know what I like about you?” and he answers “What?” and you interject in a hilarious way “Nothing, haha!”.

You’ll both burst into laughter and he’ll feel more drawn to you romantically. 

It’s a fun way of communicating because through his response you get to understand how much he wants your opinion or approval. 

Another way to use this technique is through your provoking movements. For instance, you can get closer to him and then sit back and focus on your phone.

The spontaneity of this push and pull technique increases the romantic effect, influencing the creation of a long-lasting relationship.

10. Make A Prolonged Eye Contact

Using your body language is the best way to make the first move on a guy.

Looking someone in the eye for a few seconds shows feelings of attraction or admiration because most people lock their eyes for 1-2 seconds. 

Eye contact lets you know if someone is really interested in you. Guys like girls who look them in the eye and follow them with their eyes when they talk. 

In this way, they manage to distinguish not only your beauty but also your level of self-confidence which is highly attractive. 

If you are in an environment with several people and you catch them looking at you, keep eye contact. 

If he continues looking then it shows that he likes you otherwise he would have been indifferent and looked away from you. 

Once you’ve grabbed his attention, you’ve nonverbally communicated your romantic feelings to him and now it’s easier to do it verbally. 

11. Smile At Him

Smile is one of the most powerful weapon we humans have. It can be used to provoke, seduce, and clearly state your intentions.

If you want to tell a guy you like hum then smile at him with eyes and facial expressions to entice him as much as possible and invite him into a conversation. 

Studies confirm that men like women with a smile on their faces because for them smiling is a flirtatious element which makes them more approachable. 

Smile at him during the conversation to show that you are willing to listen and that you’re enjoying the time together. 

Smiling helps avoid the awkwardness that comes when silence falls between you two. But it also makes you appear more charming and interested in an intimate connection. 

12. Get Touchy With Him

Allow yourself to be touched, physical contact will make you feel closer to each other and stimulate your emotions and feelings more. 

Sometimes even the smallest touch can create a connection between the two. 

You can rest your head on his shoulder to show him that you are upset about something. Of course, the touch shouldn’t make him uncomfortable. 

Carefully observe his behaviour in these moments to understand his reaction to physical contact. 

You can touch his hands with the excuse of showing an interesting pattern in his palm. Clap your hand into his into a high-five, creating a kind of physical teasing that he cannot avoid. 

You can tap him on the shoulder when he is teasing you with a joke to create a deeper emotional connection. 

13. Lean Towards Him

Body language can be used to express different emotions including love, disgust, or likeability. 

Being straightforward and cold doesn’t make a relationship interesting. If you like a guy, allow yourself to get physically closer to him while in the same environment. 

For example, if he is leaning on a wall, you lean close to him. 

When you are in a social or collective environment, stay as close to it as possible, not allowing others to create distance between you. 

If you are at a table and he has his arms resting on the table, rest your arm close to his arm. 

If you are in a dance environment, position yourself in front of him and rest your shoulders on him. 

Mirroring his physical behaviour makes him feel more connected to you, and it sends him signals that you feel strong emotions when you’re with him. 

14. Take The Help Of Your Friends

Friends often guide us in the right direction when we are confused. It would be helpful if you express your situation to your friends and ask for their opinion. 

From friends you can get advice on how to express your feelings to the guy you like. Especially, when they’re mutual friends or know him well too. 

Friends can be great mediators in creating communication options between you and the guy you like.  

When your friends know both of you, it can be easier to push you towards each other. 

But even if they don’t, they have a 3rd-person perspective which is valuable in offering honest advice. They see the stage you’re in with this guy clearly. 

If you’re too scared to tell a guy you like him by yourself, friends are your best bet.

15. Ask For His Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to ask for his recommendations on topics is knowledgeable in, and even general ones.  

For example, you can ask him to suggest a good place to go on vacations, watching a movie or simply having a cup of coffee. 

By asking for his opinion, you will make him feel valued and important. Here are some things you can ask him about depending on the setting: 

  • In the gym. “Have you picked a specific diet?”, “What do you think are the best exercises for building more leg muscles?”
  • At school. “What do you plan on doing after graduation?”, “Did you take any notes during the previous lecture?”
  • At the workplace. “Any idea where we can pick something delicious for lunch?”, “Can you help me install X software program, please?”   

If he readily responds to your request for various recommendations, then this shows that he is also interested in you.

16. Make Him Feel Special

If you want to get the attention of a guy, and tell him about your feelings, start by treating him as someone special. 

Don’t put him on a pedestal yet, as it might come off as flattering, but show him that you appreciate and care about him and his life. 

To illustrate this practically, consider discussing with him about: 

  • A unique accessory he’s keeping (bracelet, necklace, etc.)
  • How he was able to ace the latest exam/project. 
  • The fact you mentioned him in a conversation with your friends, etc. 

Don’t be shy to buy him a drink, and stand with him during a difficult period when he needs support. 

Open up with him about your recent successes or failures.   

Buy a small gift, or leave him a note on the table. Letters always have a magical effect and give rise to special feelings.

17. Take Pictures Together 

Never turn down the invitation to take a picture together. It will remain in his Gallery and he’ll come across it and ponder if you look cute together.  

If you work at the same company, stay close to him when you take pictures as part of an event. 

When taking pictures with him, it’s a great time to tell him how good you feel under his presence. 

Share the photos on your social networks to get as many reactions as possible and to create another bridge of communication with each other. 

They’re a great conversation starter for social media. Once you take a picture, send it to him via DMs, and start chatting about it. 

Photos are reminders of beautiful moments and always have something to comment on. 

18. Dress-Up In the Best Possible Way You Can

A poorly dressed woman would embarrass a man and make him uncomfortable in your presence. 

Dress up nicely. Men like women who radiate authenticity and attract attention with their style and elegance. 

However, you should never exaggerate with your clothes but adapt them according to the occasion and the environment. 

Try to match your clothes with him, to give away hints that you like his style.  

Pay attention to your appearance, hair, makeup and clothing to show him that it is important for you to look good next to him. 

Don’t be afraid to dare and look sexy for him. Physical attraction is important in building a relationship. So, pull those sexy clothes from your closet. 

19. Have A Wing-Woman

It’s of no surprise that a friend of yours can act as a wing-woman and get you in a relationship with the guy you like pretty quickly. 

If you have a wing-woman, she can tell him about your feelings in a subtle way. 

As a starter, she doesn’t have to tell him anything directly. She can start by telling him stories about something funny, creative, or courageous you did.

One of your mutual friends acting as a wing-woman makes it easier for you to meet, join the same parties or events, and also spend more time together.

20. Ask Him Out On A Date

The man does not always have to be the one to invite you. Be brave and ask him out on a date. 

This would show him that you are confident and determined.   

You can invite him to go somewhere together, and if your conversation was flirtatious there is no reason why he should reject you. 

Invite him for dinner, or just for a drink at the nearest bar. 

Invitations from a woman are difficult to turn down even if he is not sure of his feelings for you.


There are many ways to tell a guy that you like him, and it’s quite normal for him to not have the same feelings. Don’t be discouraged.  

If he says no, it’s not your fault. A guy can say no for many reasons. 

He might have another crush, feel confused, have other goals for the moment, or he might just be immature.

Take things lightly and don’t turn bitter because of his rejection. Once you know his answer, you can move on without any regrets.

And if he likes you back, it can mark the beginning of a beautiful love story. 

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