21 Signs He Wants You To Notice Him (Badly!)

Men are usually straightforward about what they want, but often they’ll wait for confirmation before taking the next step.

While you can understand their desire to be noticed from the way they text, that’s not always the case.

Guys are careful with the signs they give away. They’re afraid you’ll lose interest if they appear too clingy. And women generally dislike clingy men. 

Even when the signs of him wanting your attention are there, why are they really interested in you?

Is it simply a flirt or they’re genuinely attracted to you?

We’ll help you understand the difference today. 

Breakdown of summary:

For those running short on time, here’s a recap of the main points to search for in a guy’s behavior to confirm their interest:

  • Questions. Is he always asking questions to better understand you and your life? Non-sexual questions reveal a genuine interest in your personality, and they’re a surefire sign he wants you to notice instead him just being a flirt to him.
  • Behavior. Does he reply fast and attentively to each one of your messages? Does he display signs of jealousy whenever you talk with other men? Look for these telltale signs as they’re equally important.
  • Physical signs. Observe his body movements. Does he attempt to touch you? Does he constantly throw his sign toward you? These gestures can be subtle indicators that he wants you to notice him.

These are some general pillars for the signs he would display if he wants you to notice him. However, we’ll go into more detail below.  

21 Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Here are the top signs he wants you to notice him. If he really wants you to notice him, he’ll display more than one of these signs. 

1. He Plays Eye Tag

When a guy wants you to notice him, one of the first things he will is play eye tag with you because he wants you to read his eyes and understand that he wants your attention. 

Sometimes it appears as if he wants to eat you by staring intensely but this is one the most straightforward ways for men to show their interest. 

Maybe you’ve noticed that your eyes lock often and you end up staring at each other just to break into laughter.

That’s pure chemistry right there. 

And if you think it’s nothing, for him it might mean more than you think. Actually, he might already be thinking that you like him back too. 

This case of eye contact is even more staunch when you’re dealing with a shy guy that likes you.

2. He Notices Small Details About You (Hair, Clothes, Scent, etc.)

Most guys don’t often notice details but if he keeps pointing out the changes you’ve made in your looks, perfume, or clothes, it’s a sign he likes you. 

Now, by demanding your attention he wants you to notice him and maybe like him back. Stay on the lookout for compliments about your: 

  • Scent. He’ll take the time to compliment you about a new scent you’ve put on. As someone who’s interested in you, he’ll remember the change in scent because he’s paid attention to it. 
  • Voice. Did you send a voice message and he said that your voice sounds so soothing? That’s definitely a sign of affection.
  • Smile. Has he ever told you that you have a beautiful smile? Someone who notices your smile genuinely likes you, and if he really likes your smile, he’ll try to make you laugh often.  

3. He Starts Dressing Better

One of the surefire signs he wants your attention lies in his appearance. The easiest way to catch someone’s attention is by dressing better and he knows it. 

He wants you to notice him so badly. That’s why he always going to be groomed and well-dressed around you. 

Some signs regarding his looks: 

  • He asks your opinion on his dressing style. 
  • He changes his style often aiming to catch your attention. 
  • He wears expensive (and highly suitable) clothes. 

Let’s take the scenario when you start a new job and this man is your coworker. His friends will be the first to notice the changes in his style.

You’re likely to hear them tell him or you directly that they’re surprised that he has started dressing so differently. 

4. He Tries To Make You Laugh

We want to do more of what makes us feel good. If you feel good listening to his jokes, you’ll want to hear more jokes from him.

As a result, you’d love to interact with him. And as long as he has your attention, he’ll attempt to win your interest.

Hence, he’ll try to make you laugh and even slide out of awkward situations with a joke. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Friends crack wonderful jokes sometimes, which doesn’t necessarily mean they’re into you. 

But this guy will display other signs to confirm his intimate intentions toward you. 

Friends won’t play eye tag with you or keep eyes locked with you for long in an intimate manner.

5. He Always Tries To Help You

Moving around the office heavy equipment?

Heading home without an umbrella on a rainy day? 

When he wants you to notice him, he’ll be there to help, and you shouldn’t be surprised. By helping you not only does he get your attention, but also spends time with you. 

That’s where he might start asking questions as we mentioned earlier. It’s the perfect moment to discover more about you. 

A man who wants to get you to notice him will prioritize helping you over his tasks and will find ways to spend as much time with you as possible.

6. His Body Language Changes 

He smiles or runs his fingers through his hair unconsciously. He is showing you that he is happy and feels more comfortable around you. 

His body behaves differently when he is around you as well. Experts say that a common hint from a man who wants your attention is seen in his posture. 

One way for him to show his intentions is by angling his body towards yours. Other body language signs that scream “he wants you to notice him” include: 

  • Leaning towards you. 
  • Lightly touching your shoulder. 
  • Mirroring your behavior (shaking his head, looking in the same direction, crossing his legs, etc). 

Body movement mirroring happens at an unconscious level; even he might not be aware of it. But they also remain one of the most revealing signs he wants you to notice him because he likes you. 

7. He Brings Out His Alpha Male Traits

When he wants you notice him, he will try whatever seems legit to him.

In short, a man will be a man

For instance, he will flaunt one of his most valued traits as a man: his physique. Not only will he work out regularly but also wear clothes that show off his muscles. 

For men to display masculine traits like strength and confidence in front of the woman they like is as old as humanity itself. 

He is confident, protective, and cares deeply about his loved ones. So, he will stand up for you whenever the situation demands it.  

But strength and big muscles aren’t the only traits of an alpha man. When you’re around him, he’s likely to show other traits such as: 

  • Assertiveness, 
  • Leadership, 
  • Honesty, 
  • Exclusivity, etc. 

However, if he’s all the time showing off and borderline arrogant, he might be simply flirting with you. It’s genuine interest in your life that shows his feelings go beyond that. 

8. He Takes An Interest In What You Like

One of the ways he can strike up a conversation with you is by talking about your interests such as hobbies, work, or future plans. 

The level of compassion he brings into these conversations matters. 

Someone who’s simply flirting with you would want to know what you’re interested in just to start a conversation. 

But someone who wants your attention will be more detailed than that. He’s likely to ask further questions (to try to get into your personal space) that have to do with: 

  • “What do your interests make you feel?” 
  • “What pushed you to chase those interests?” 
  • “Is there a hidden reason why you steered towards those particular interests?”

Even though he might have no clue about what you like, he still will take interest in and listen to you attentively explain them. 

9. He Asks You About Your Zodiac Sign 

Astrology is a controversial topic. 

Yet, it often stirs up powerful chemistry while dating. Knowing their zodiac sign helps you evaluate compatibility somehow. 

When he asks about your zodiac sign and wants to check how compatible you are, it implies he wants to date you. 

Or at least, he’s giving you hints about doing so. 

But it can also act as a good icebreaker, even if none of you is into astrology. 

If you’ve known each other for some time and he starts talking about astrology now, he wants you to notice him as a potential romantic partner.

10. He Acts Differently When You Are Around

A common telltale sign of a man who wants your attention is a change in the way he acts and speaks under your presence. 

Let’s say that he’s with a group of friends/colleagues and you approach him.

What could you expect from a man who likes you: 

  • He’ll lower his voice and speak slower, 
  • He’ll speak less and switch his attention from the conversation to you,
  • He might stutter and fidget while speaking, etc.

Whenever he has the chance he’ll face you and try to lock eyes. During a joke, he might try to get physically close and nudge your shoulder. 

Studies confirm that physical touch leads to fond feelings between two people. He is trying to get you to feel his affection here.

11. He Is All Over Your Social Media Posts 

Social media is the easiest channel of communication through which he’ll aim to get your attention. If you’ve uploaded some content on your social profiles, he’ll have plenty of conversational materials. 

Some behaviors you’re likely to spot on social media from a man who wants your attention include: 

  • He replies fast and forwards you relatable content, 
  • He is the first to engage with your content (by commenting, viewing, and liking it), 
  • He gets sad if you don’t reply fast and ignore him, etc.

Does he mean he’s a stalker? Nah. He is an admirer

He likes and comments on everything you post, is the first to see your Stories, sends cute videos, or even tags you on them because he wants you to notice him and engage with him.

12. He Is Dropping Hints Through Texts

Friends will never send you heart emojis and then apologize for the typo. 

Sweet and sometimes surprising messages like this that catch you off-guard are pretty common from someone who wants you to notice him. 

The texting frequency is definitely a sign you shouldn’t be taking for granted, but there are other hints to stay on the lookout for:

  • He wishes he could talk with you face-to-face instead of texting, 
  • His messages are full of flirting emojis, 
  • Long texts are often the standard for him, 
  • He texts first and often randomly, etc. 

He responds at the drop of a hat and his messages are full of compliments. 

He always texts you “Good morning” or “Good night”, showing you that you are the first and last thing in his mind. Don’t ignore these hints. 

13. He Replies Immediately and Tries to Make Conversations Last Longer

Social media is the ideal venue for singles to find their match, and it’s not surprising he’ll try to win a date with you solely by messaging on socials.   

If he wants you to notice him, immediate responses are the norm. 

He is the only one that replies in seconds. 

Often, he’ll ask questions, even personal ones, that are in your interest, in order to make you talk more and more.

He’ll intentionally ask you about specific personal topics, or maybe ask a professional question about something you’re knowledgeable in. 

For instance, he might ask:

  • To tell him about your childhood, 
  • To talk about that one memory that has stuck in your head, 
  • To tell him how plans for the day went (which he remembers very well), etc. 

Sensitive topics often lead to long conversations. And his main goal is to have deep conversations with you. Clearly, he wants to get into your heart. 

If he wants simply to get under your pants, he’ll skip deep long conversations. 

14. He Tells You About Himself Without Asking

Someone who wants your attention and interests will attempt to impress you with his personality without you asking at all. 

He wants to get you to open up more to him and he does this by taking the first step himself. You can either empathize with him or take his vulnerability for granted but your reaction toward his openness is decisive.

If he’s an emotional person, he’ll take your empathy as a “Yes, she likes me and enjoys talking to me”. And he’ll take superficial answers as a “No”

But the point is that he will start sharing memories, and stories, and tell you about his achievements with the aim to impress you. 

Guys are very reserved when it comes to talking about themselves, so if he does, you are special to him. 

Sure, we’re not talking about arrogant speeches claiming he’s the crème de la crème of all men and no one can compare with him. 

15. He Listens To You More Than Others

Men rarely listen to their own mothers, but when it comes to impressing the women they like, they become more attentive. 

While when we talk with friends or people we don’t like, we’re rarely listening or listening just to argue with them, here it’s different. 

He listens with the intention of: 

  • Empathizing, 
  • Knowing you better, 
  • And finding similarities.

Out of a group of friends or colleagues, he’s the only one who offers his undivided attention to you. 

He appears interested and listens carefully to what you are saying, giving importance to every word you say and most importantly remembers them. 

If these signs characterize him, he’s into you for sure. 

16. He Tries To Connect With You Emotionally

Someone who wants your attention will try to build an emotional connection with you from the very beginning. 

What does it mean to have a strong emotional connection with someone? 

  • You feel safe expressing to him how you feel.
  • He cares about fulfilling each other’s needs. 
  • You know what triggers each of you and why. 
  • You’re not afraid he’ll judge you, etc. 

Did something happen at work and the first person in your contact list to talk about it is him? Do you feel comfortable venting to him? 

If he’s created this safe zone around you, it means he might see you as a potential partner and wants you to notice him as one too. 

17. He Engages With Your Passions

How much does he know about your hobbies and occupation? 

If you love reading or playing sports, he’s likely to talk with you about those passions and even ask you for suggestions on where to start.  

If he wants you to notice him and take interest in you then could even consider: 

  • Joining the same clubs as you.
  • Learning a new skill so he can get closer to you. 
  • Suggesting you go together to events involving your passions. 

Now that he knows what excites you, he’ll learn more about that particular passion of yours to gain your sympathy but also spend more time with you. 

18. He Remembers Details From Previous Conversations

The simplest way to prove his feelings for you is by asking him something about the talk you had the previous day or before. 

If it was something important to you, he’s able to recall it quickly. 

Our brains focus more intensely when we interact with people we’re deeply fond of, and that’s why he remembers you slept early on Friday because you had a trip with your parents the next morning at 10 a.m.

Such small details may slip unnoticed for you but they’re a surefire sign that he has strong feelings for you and hopes you’ll notice this. 

19. He Invites You To His House 

He might not invite you directly to his house, since that’s a big move, but gradually he’ll do it at some point.

In the beginning, when he wants you to notice him, he’ll ask you to join other activities he’s pursuing just to break the ice. 

If he’s having a party at his house or is going out with friends, or attending an event you both like, he’ll invite you over in a subtle way.  

He wants to spend time near you, not always in a physical way. 

He invites you to his house for camping, dinner, sleepover, or coffee with his friends, implying that you’re part of his close circle of friends now.

By doing so, he has more opportunities to chat with you face-to-face. Then, you should observe the other signs we’ve mentioned in this article.   

20. He Is Getting Closer To Your Friends

You spend a lot of time with your own circle of friends, whom you’ve known before him. If he gets closer to your friends, then he will: 

  • Have the chance to spend more time with you, 
  • Know you better from the perspective of your friends. 

The next time your close circle of friends organizes an event, they’re likely to invite him over too. He knows it and he befriended them to pursue you

Now he has more time to spend with you. Moreover, if he forms a close friendship with your friends and turn them to mutual friends, he could even tell them to put into your head the idea that he likes you. 

21. He Compliments You Like “A Lot”

Honest compliments are a source of admiration and love.

Because if someone takes the time to compliment you about particular details of your looks and personality, it means that he’s paid close attention to you. 

A man who wants you to notice him will compliment you in hopes of getting your attention but also because he genuinely likes you.

However, there’s a small difference between someone who’s simply flirting with you and someone genuinely interested in you.

If he’s simply flirting, he’ll compliment you about your body shape, and how sexy you are. But if he truly feels something for you, he’ll mention impressive parts of your personality and your behavior. 

Now that you know some of the main signs, do you think he’s interested in you? Do you like him too or it’s the attention that makes you feel good? 

It’s your time to decide whether to respond to his intentions or let make another step until he’s revealed face-to-face that he likes you. 

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