10 *Amazing* Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

I remember the last time I had a crush on someone … I was trying to act as cool as possible around him. 

I didn’t want him to think that I like him more than he likes me. In a way, I was hoping he’ll gradually fall for me as well.

I was lucky, too, since I got to frequently hang out with him because we had friends in common. 

That gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better and discover the things we had in common. 

But here’s the thing: I was in no rush. I didn’t risk coming on too strong because I was mainly acting friendly with him. 

One time, after a get-together at my house, we were the only ones left. What do you think happened? He came on to me!

So, I guess my efforts paid off in the end. 

Whether you’re a more direct person or one who prefers subtleties, you can succeed at getting your crush to like you as well!

You can develop an emotional connection with this person if you follow the next 10 steps. Most of them worked for me, so they’re worth trying!

10 Tips Get Your Crush to Like You

1. Reflect on your feelings and theirs as well

Be honest: Why do you like this person? 

People fall for other people because of multiple reasons. Maybe you’ve got your eyes on this person because he or she has an amazing physique and they’re funny.

Or, maybe they showed up at a time in your life when you were hurting due to a breakup and they distracted you from your emotional suffering. 

Their intelligence and views on life may also attract you. Or is it their spiritual side? Who knows, maybe they are different than everyone you’ve ever met.

Establishing the “whys” is important because they’ll help you with your approach. 

At the same time, it’s imperative to also consider how your crush may be feeling.

For example, if they’re already in love with someone else, chances are you won’t get him or her to like you any time soon. 

According to a Reddit user, if your crush is a girl, there could be 3 reasons why she might not like you back, as follows:

  • She doesn’t feel any chemistry with you
  • She is not interested in you romantically
  • She has feelings for someone else

In other words, there are situations that might make your mission impossible. So, make sure the odds are not entirely against you before you begin. 

2. Start casual conversations to build a friendly rapport

Something that I noticed over the years that really works when you want to get someone’s attention is to act friendly with them.

Remember, numerous relationships begin as friendships.

On top of that, this approach really works because you can get to know someone and they can get to know you without feeling pressured.

You can’t really scare someone off by simply being kind and curious about them, can you? 

So, with this approach in mind, what you should do next is look for opportunities to talk to your crush, preferably in person. 

While I’m not against online communication because that can definitely be effective as well, I still firmly believe that you have better chances at building a connection with someone faster and more meaningful IRL.

How would you do that, though?

Depending on where you know your crush from, you could ask them to hang out after school/work with a couple of other mutual friends/coworkers.

Or, if you discover that they like to do volunteer work, find someplace where you could go together. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to give them compliments and express your appreciation for their qualities. Offering your help wouldn’t hurt either!

If you’re unsure what to say then I recommend you to check our article Cute things to say to your crush, it will help you unleash the Rizz.

3. Show them the best version of yourself, while keeping it REAL

I assume that, at this point, all you want is to impress your crush and steal their heart.

I know you will succeed!

But how?

I can tell you with certainty how you will NOT succeed… and that’s by exaggerating your qualities or embellishing reality a bit too much. 

For example, if you tell someone that you know how to play guitar, then be prepared to play it!

Don’t come up with excuses such as “I’m rusty” or “I haven’t played in a while.”

You won’t make a good impression if you do that. So, try to keep it real. I am sure you don’t want them to fall in love with a version of you that’s not real.

I am also sure that you are amazing just as you are and that there are numerous interesting things about yourself.

You just don’t see yourself that way because you’re familiar with your true self.

But, for your love interest, everything about you is new and has the possibility to fascinate them. So, don’t act cool and show them the real you.

4. Flirt with them and build attraction with the help of your body

Now, since we’re betting on a friendly approach, there’s something you should try to stay away from and that’s getting in friend zone. 


Flirt with them and use your body language to give off subtle signs of attraction.

Remember: You want to go easy on them. Don’t make things awkward by looking at them across the room and start licking your lips as if you want to devour them.

While that may be exactly how you’re feeling, during this phase, it’s best to partially hide it. By this, I mean that you can make eye contact with them for a few seconds and smile lightly.

However, you should leave the part where you lick your lips out. Keep it for times when you’ll be closer to each other.

Here’s how to build attraction when you’re around your crush:

  • Make plenty of eye contact, but don’t stare at them
  • Look them in the eyes when they’re talking to you
  • Paying attention to them when they are with you by putting your phone away
  • Smile and giggle when they say something amusing
  • Maintain a correct posture and use open body language
  • Don’t cross your arms or legs when they’re next to you
  • Lean in a bit when your crush is talking to you
  • Touch them lightly to draw their attention
  • Take care of your appearance and make sure you smell good

5. Try to build an emotional connection by being vulnerable

How do you get your crush to like you? Open up! 

Showing vulnerability is a sign you trust them enough to share that information with them. It also has the potential to bring the two of you closer.

How come?

Well, as you open up to them, they might realize many things about you, such as that you’re a sensitive person, someone who cares a lot, or someone who went through similar hardships as them or made the same mistakes.

On top of that, by doing so, you might encourage your crush to do the same. They might open up to you about something as well.

However, don’t expect them to do so, or, at least not immediately. Building an emotional connection also takes time.

Remember: Not everyone will treat you the same as you treat them.

If you feel uninspired, let me give you some examples of ways in which to show vulnerability:

  • Make eye contact and share with them some of the mistakes you’ve made
  • Tell them things about you that few or no people know
  • Admit that you’re not very good at something

6. Awaken the latent hero instinct in your crush

Is your crush a male? If he is, then this point is for you. 

Thanks to a recent discovery done by a relationship coach who has worked with hundreds of couples over his career, we now know that men are driven by something called the hero instinct.

However, this so-called hero instinct is latent in every man. What does this really mean? It means that it must be awakened. 

Every woman has the potential to trigger the hero instinct in a man. The trick is, of course, to know how. 

According to this theory, a man needs the following:

  • To feel desired by a woman just the way he is
  • To feel useful in her life by choice, not obligation
  • To protect her as a form of unity, not a bodyguard
  • To have a purpose in her life and the other way around

When a woman gives him all of the above, something gets triggered in his DNA, and he begins to see her as the only right person and potential partner.

If a guy’s hero instinct is triggered, he no longer cares about other women and wants to commit to the one who triggered it.

Try this concept and if you succeed, it will make your crush fall in love with you!

7. Stay persistent in your pursuit and avoid controlling behavior

I’ll be honest with you: Your crush might make you lose your patience because they won’t give in on your first try. 

You’ll have to make constant efforts to stay on their radar, to keep communication lines open, to find activities to do together, spend time alone, and so on. 

In turn, this could make you behave a little controlling or possessive. For example, if your love interest makes plans with other people, you might not take it lightly. 

But you should. You should back off and let them do whatever they want. You’re not even boyfriend and girlfriend yet, so you have no saying in this. 

Also, try not to show jealousy or be clingy. Instead, act as a supportive best friend.

8. Keep a bit of mystery to make them wonder about you

Let’s say your crush just told you they’re going on a weekend getaway with their friends. You feel disappointed because you were hoping to spend time with them. 

What do you answer?

A: OMG, no! What am I going to do this weekend? I was hoping to hang out. Now I’ll be all alone.

B: Sounds like fun! I hope you’ll have plenty of it! 

Option A sounds desperate, needy, and overall not attractive. Option B is perfect because you seem happy for them and you don’t share any info about what you’re going to do. 

Oversharing is a real danger that you should stay away from. Instead, create an aura of mystery around you. 

Or, let’s say they ask you, “How come you always look so fresh?”

Don’t say: Don’t tell them about your morning routine.

Do say: “I have my secrets…” and smile.

9. Flirt with them via text

For times when you can’t see each other face to face and make eye contact, there is texting!

You shouldn’t stop communicating with them just because meeting IRL is not possible for some reason.

Instead, focus on texting them and flirting with them via text. Texts allow you to use more daring words and phrases, so take the opportunity when you have it. 

To start a conversation with your crush, follow up on something you’ve previously talked about or tell them something funny.

Avoid texting your crush everyday and when you’re texting make sure avoid sending boring texts to your crush such as “hmm” “right.”

10. Tell your crush how you feel about them

If things don’t progress naturally between the two of you, you’ll have to confess your feelings to your crush

When you feel confident enough and have reached a deeper level of emotional connection with them, pick a time and a place to tell them how you feel.

Don’t make a big deal out of it, though. Go with something simple, such as “I enjoyed spending time with you lately and I like you more than just a friend.”


Getting your crush to like you is definitely possible! While there are definitely exceptions, if you play your cards right, and become a confident person then you should succeed.

However, it’s important not to be pushy when you’re chasing them or act possessively. Respect their feelings and personal space as you gradually and slowly build a friendly rapport with them.

Also, avoid exaggerations as far as your qualities are concerned. Do your best to show them awesome self and real. Flirt a little and just go with the flow!

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