Should I Text My Crush Everyday? How Often Should I Text My Crush?

You like someone but you’re scared of ruining things by texting them too much.

So how often should you text your crush? 

It’s a common question because no one wants to text their crush too little or too much.

What you need is a perfect balance that builds attraction and makes them want to see you again. 

Join us as we take a look at the things you need to be mindful of when it comes to how often you should text your crush, as well as the things you should avoid doing.

How Often Should I Text My Crush? 

The general rule of thumb is that you should aim to text your crush 2-3 times a week.

Does this sound too little?

It’s not. And the reason is that when you skip a few days between texts, you give your crush a chance to miss you and wonder what you’re up to.

This is important in early stages of building good impression and romantic attraction. The less they see of you at first, the more they’ll want you.

Essentially, you need to lean into the push-pull factor. If they push, you pull back (text less). 

That all said, there’s nothing wrong with texting at their pace. If they text more than 2-3 times a week, you can text them a bit more often to get them to notice you (otherwise it could look rude if you keep ignoring them).

6 Tips For Texting Your Crush:

1. Avoid Texting Your Crush Every Single Day

While it can be tempting to text your crush every day (after all, you like them and want to hear from them!), texting them each day isn’t the best approach.

How come? 

Basically, when you text each day (and especially if you text first each day), you appear too available. 

In other words, you’re not a catch or a challenge to them. You have nothing going on in your life except them.

While this might not be true it can seem this way if you text them every single day. 

What’s more, texting each day can have the harmful effect of suffocating them, which is the easiest way to kill attraction make your crush ignore you

2. Send Fun and Exciting Messages

One of the best ways to get your crush to like you and text you back is to send them fun and exciting messages.

Over time, they will develop positive associations with your text messages and will look forward to you texting them! 

Think of it this way. If you send them somber, serious messages all the time, they will eventually get bored and associate you with negativity.

Not good! 

So distract them from their ordinary life with super fun texts – such as memes, role play and joking around. Surprise them with funny voice messages, send funny pictures and basically keep the convo light-hearted. 

However, don’t shy away from sending cute texts to your crush every now and then to build romantic interest and sexual tension.

3. Don’t Double Text  

Your crush won’t appreciate it if you send multiple texts texts whenever they don’t reply to your first message.

If you ask questions like “hey, what’s up? Not texting today?” they will instantly lose attraction for you.

And while they might keep messaging you, it’s very hard to recover after you’ve already acted desperate.

So while it can be hard to refrain from double texting if they haven’t replied for a few hours, it’s much better to stay calm and say nothing.

If they like you, they will eventually reply. In the meantime, you should distract yourself by keeping busy. 

4. Create Scarcity From Time to Time

What is scarcity? 

It’s when you’re not always there for your crush. 

For example, you don’t always have to text back the instant they message you. By taking your time and creating scarcity now and then, you will make yourself appear to be more mysterious, which is one of the easiest ways to build attraction and make your crush interested in you.

Scarcity makes them want you more but you need to use it tactically. If you “disappear” all the time it will look like you’re ghosting them. 

Take a break from texting from time to time, don’t be too available and don’t respond at their beck and call. They’re not going anywhere so there’s no need to rush!

5. Don’t Dump All the Memes and Reels in Their DMs

Another simple way to destroy attention is to be a meme lord.

In other words, someone who dumps a pile of memes and reels in their crushes DMs.

Why is this unattractive?

Because you’re not engaging them. Instead, you’re sending them total nonsense that is only going to bug them. 

Be someone they want to talk to – not someone they go to for their memes.  

6. Avoid Sending Overly Flirtatious Messages

While it’s important to flirt with your crush from time to time (after all, flirting is a great way to build chemistry!), it’s not a wise idea to be overly flirtatious all the time.

This is because relationships are created from more than just flirting. They’re based on meaningful conversations, too.

Not just that, but your text might not be super into too much flirting. If you go too far with your flirting and cross a line, you might put them off.

After all, they’re just your crush right now and you need to make sure that you respect their boundaries. Flirt but don’t go too far and don’t say anything that is way too suggestive and might have a double meaning. 

We’ve shared the perfect tips to text your crush without being boring – a recommended read for you.

Should I Wait For My Crush to Text Me First? 

Sometimes you should wait for your crush to text first but this doesn’t always have to be the case. It’s fine to initiate a conversation one day but it’s important that you’re not the always first one to text. 

Should I Text My Crush After Rejection?

If your crush rejects you, it’s a better idea to go dark. This means not contacting them at all unless they text you first. This can create a bit of mystery and it might make them miss you. 

Should I Text My Crush Good Morning Everyday?

No, texting your crush good morning every day can be “too much” and you might suffocate them. It’s nice to send a good morning text now and then but it doesn’t need to be each day (unless they text you first). 

Should I Text My Crush After a Long Time? 

If it’s been a while since you two last spoke and you haven’t argued, you can totally shoot them a text. Keep it chilled, ask what they’ve been up to and maybe arrange a date to meet up. 

How Do I Resist the Urge to Text My Crush?

You need to distract yourself as much as possible. Stay busy, stay active, see your friends and dive into your hobbies so that you’re not checking your phone all day waiting for a text. 

What Should I Do if My Crush Puts Me in the Friend Zone? 

If this is something you definitely do not want, you can either demonstrate that you want to be more than just friends by sending them flirty texts and suggesting the two of you should meet alone. Or you can simply stop texting them and give them a chance to miss you, which can build attraction. 


Now that you know how often should you text your crush, it’s time to implement it to your game.

Texting your crush can be a bit of a minefield. The key is to not text them too often so that you give them a chance to miss you, and to send them fun, exciting and even flirty messages when you do text them. 

Take breaks between texting and let them send the first message from time to time. Don’t be in a rush to reply straight away whenever they text and lean into the scarcity factor so that they wonder where you are – and therefore desire you more. 

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