15 Clear Signs She is Developing Feelings For You

Is there a better feeling than when a woman develops feelings for you?

You can see it in the way she smiles at you, twirls her hair around her fingers or the way her eyes light up when she sees you. 

Well, here’s the thing: Not every guy knows instinctively when a woman is developing feelings for them. 

But if you can spot the telltale signs, it will not only confirm her feelings, it will also help you to work out your own feelings and move things forward. 

In this article, we take a look at the top 15 signs that she is developing feelings for you. 

15 Signs She is Developing Feelings For You

1. She Smiles at You 

If a woman smiles at you, it’s a sign that she’s interested in you. She likes the look of you, wants to get to know you more – and maybe even wants to take things to the next level. 

That said, a smile alone isn’t enough to suggest she is developing feelings for you.

But if she smiles often when she’s with you, it tells you that she’s enjoying your company and that her happiness is genuine. 

2. She Touches You 

Physical touch is a key sign to look out for. When a woman touches a man, it typically means that she is having a good time with him. 

It’s also a sign of flirting, which itself is another sign that she’s developing feelings for you.

Pay attention to where she touches you and how she touches you. Touch isn’t always meant to be taken romantically or sexually but if she strokes your upper arm, or your chest or if she playfully punches you, it’s a strong suggestion that she’s really into you. 

A woman might also brush past you deliberately even when there is enough space for her to get past you without touching you. If this happens, take it as another indication that she’s developing feelings.

3. She Has Open Body Language 

Open body language is the opposite of closed body language.

The difference is that closed body language means that a woman sits next to you with her arms or her legs crossed. She sits away from you (maybe she sits back in her chair) and generally keeps you from getting too near to her.

Open body language is when a woman is more relaxed in your company. Her arms are not crossed in front of her and perhaps at times during the conversation she leans forward to get nearer to you. 

Open body language is a crucial sign to look out for because it’s a woman’s non-verbal way of inviting you to get nearer to her.

If she displays open body language when she’s with you, it’s a good sign she wants you to make a move on her

4. She Appears Anxious Around You 

Often, a woman will get anxious when they’re spending time with the man they really like.


It’s human nature. She likes you and this makes her self-conscious and on edge.

As a result, she starts noticing how she’s behaving around you – and this can make her appear anxious.

Indeed, whenever a woman is anxious around a woman, it’s nearly always because they have feelings for him. She wants to impress him and doesn’t want to do or say anything that makes her look foolish. 

She might also be picturing the two of you doing things together sexually, which can make her appear even more anxious. 

Either way, if she is on edge when she’s with you, take it as a sign that she isn’t uncomfortable in a bad way! 

5. She Twirls Her Hair Around Her Fingers 

A girl twirling her hair around her fingers is one of the most common signs of flirting. It signals her feelings towards you (she likes you) and it playfully suggests that she wants to take things further. 

Body language is incredibly important when it comes to understanding how a girl feels about you. And while twirling her hair around her fingers by itself isn’t enough to suggest she has developed feelings for you, it does at least mean that she’s attracted to you.

Pay attention to how she twirls her hair, too. Does she show the inside of her wrist? 

And is she nervous when she plays with her hair? This is another clue that she really likes you.

6. She’s Proactively Interested in You 

If the conversations you have with a girl are one-sided to the point where you’re the one asking all the questions, it’s a strong sign that she isn’t all that interested in you. 

If, on the other hand, she’s asking you lots of questions, it’s a sign that she’s proactively interested in you.

Proactive interest is when a woman makes an effort to engage you. She’ll take an interest in your life – your career, your family etc – and she’ll do her best to get you to open up about yourself. 

She might also plan things that the two of you can do together, such as a dinner date or a trip to the cinema. She takes action! 

In short, she’s not sitting back and letting you do all the heavy lifting. Instead, she’s being proactive. 

This means she wants to spend time with you, most likely because she’s developed feelings and she wants to be your girlfriend

7. She Engages More on Social Media 

Low-level interest from a girl is when she barely responds to you on social media. You shoot her a message or send her something funny but she a) takes ages to open the message and then b) sends a low-key reply that leaves the conversation with nowhere to go. 

Because the way she responds to you on social media can be a huge indicator of her feelings towards you, it’s important to take note of how she acts.

Does she open your messages pretty quickly or does she leave you on read? 

Does she instigate conversations by sending you random messages? Does she share memes with you and comment on your posts? 

It’s even better if she sends flirty emojis, texts and selfies. These are all strong signs that she’s developed feelings for you and wants to connect with you even when you’re not together in person. 

8. She Lights Up Whenever She See’s You 

When you walk into a room and see her, how does she look? Do her eyes brighten, does she smile? 

How she reacts when she sees you is a huge indicator of her current feelings. When a woman sees a man she really likes walk into the room, she’ll lean forward (a sign of interest), she’ll smile a genuine smile and her whole body language will communicate joy and excitement.

An easy way to figure out what it means when a girl lights up is to check her body language before she sets eyes on you.

If she looks moody, bored or tired and her whole demeanor changes positively when she sees you, it’s a huge sign that she loves you

9. She Consistently Makes an Effort to be Around You 

When a girl is interested in a man, she will make a lot of effort to make sure he knows it. Some of her efforts will be subtle, others will be less so.

But the main thing is that you’ll notice you’re suddenly spending more time with her – and it’s sometimes because she has instigated it. 

The obvious one here is that she’s started suggesting ways you can hang out. Maybe she’s noticed a band you both like is playing – perhaps you want to go and see them with her? 

She’ll make little efforts to please you and get your attention, too, such as making a playlist of songs that drop hints about her feelings towards you. This is her feminine way of being subtle without telling you directly that she likes you. 

It works the other way around as well: Maybe you have invited her out and, while her schedule is fairly busy right now, she works hard to move a few things around so that the two of you can hang out. 

Consistency is the key. If she blows you off a few times, it can be a bad sign. But if you get the feeling that, whenever you ask her out she’s prepared to work extra hard to make it, it’s a really positive sign. 

10. She Feels Safe Enough to Share Personal Things 

Take it as a fact that girls won’t share personal things with guys they don’t trust. If she hasn’t figured out her feelings yet – or if she isn’t keen on you full-stop – she won’t go in-depth about things that are affecting her privately. 


It’s a matter of trust and feeling safe around someone. 

The moment she starts to share things that are personal and private, such as information about her home life, a past relationship or something traumatic that happened to her once, is the moment she’s telling you that she feels safe enough to be vulnerable around you. 

11. She’s Keen to Introduce You to Her Social Circle 

Make no mistake, if a girl likes you, she will have told her friends all about you.

Even if she hasn’t fully worked out how she feels about you yet, she will still have talked to them about you. 

And when she has developed feelings for you, she will want to introduce you to her social circle. 

Girls like their closest friends to know that they’ve found a really nice guy that they like. They want you to meet them, to get along with them – and they also want to know how their friends feel about you

So while you might still have to pass that particular test, the good news is that being introduced to her social circle means that she is attracted to you on a deeper level. 

12. She Laughs At Your Jokes 

… and she especially laughs at your jokes when they’re not even funny.

Here’s the interesting thing about women: They will only laugh at your jokes that aren’t funny if they like you!

But here’s another thing about women: If she doesn’t find you funny, she probably won’t hang out with you so much – especially if you’re the kind of guy who tells a lot of jokes.

So if you’ve got a girl that enjoys your sense of humor and always finds you hilarious, it’s a great sign.

13. She Appreciates and Values You 

If a girl appreciates a guy, she usually tells him directly. 

A woman generally tells a man she appreciates and values him because it shows gratitude and it allows for the foundation of a relationship to develop. It shows respect and admiration for you and lets you know that all your efforts are worth it.

At this point, it’s important that you take her words as a compliment (another sign that she likes you) and to make sure you keep putting in the effort that she loves so much. 

14. She Doesn’t Mind Apologizing 

Okay, so she says “sorry” to you when she’s made a mistake or hurt your feelings. Is this really a sign that she’s developing feelings for you? 

A willingness to apologize isn’t enough to suggest she’s fallen for you. But it does show that she respects you and that she sees you on the same level as herself, which is super important if you’re to enter into a relationship with her.

Moreover, by apologizing, she’s acknowledging that she understands your feelings and is in tune with them. She knows when she’s upset you, which strongly suggests she cares about you. 

15. She Tells Her Best Friend About You 

A girl might have a few secrets but it’s highly unlikely that she’ll keep the new guy in her life a secret from her best friend.

If she’s developed feelings for you, watch how her best friend behaves whenever the three of you are together. 

Does she smile knowingly? Does she tease her friend when you walk into the room?

It may even be the case that her best friend confides in you about this girl’s feelings. She might tell you to ask her out or to take things to the next level because “she really likes you!” 

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