17+ Signs She Wants You to Make a Move Soon

Listen, there’s something you need to know that will make your love life easier:

Most women won’t make a move on you, not even if they really like you.

However, there’s something all of them do. 

They give you subtle signs they’re interested in you so that you can make a move on them.

What does this mean?

It means you can stop being confused around women. Whenever in doubt, all you have to do is look for the following 18 signs.

Let’s get started!

17+ Signs She Wants You to Make a Move Soon

1. She shows up wherever you are

Are you going to school with this girl?

If you are, and you always see her around, especially during breaks, take it as a good sign. She is checking you out. 

Are you going to work with her?

If she’s a coworker , you might notice that she takes the lunch break at the same time as you do. She might also come by your desk to ask you questions. 

Is she a friend of a friend?

If she’s an acquaintance who tends to join your group for outings more and more often, this should make you wonder why. 

Did you meet online?

If you did and now she shows up at every party you RSPVed positively, then maybe she’s interested and trying to create opportunities for the two of you to connect.

2. Her body language says she’s interested

Does she uses open body language when is around you?

Here are common body clues that reveal a woman’s attraction:

  • She moves her shoulders toward you.
  • She touches you accidentally.
  • She licks her lips and/or bites them.
  • She strokes her knee or your knee.
  • She doesn’t cross her arms around you.
  • She points her knees and/or feet at you.
  • She plays with her hair or does the hair flip.
  • She exposes her thighs and rolls her hips.

If you don’t know the answer now, don’t worry! It’s normal to miss all these details, especially if you’re confused about her. 

The next time you see her though, analyze her body language. Even if she wants to hide her feelings for you, her body language will give her away.

3. She is open and kind to you

What’s the next sign you’re looking for?

An open and kind attitude. 

While most women are friendly and kind, not all of them are also open. Interest is what them her open to you. 

To be more precise, if she smiles when she sees you and you two talk and doesn’t seem annoyed or impatient, it means she’s interested. 

The same applies if she always volunteers to accompany you and help you out with certain school or work tasks.

Or, another sign is when she pays attention to you when you talk. If you’re with a group of people, and she stops looking at her phone when you talk, it’s a good sign.

On top of that, she seems curious to find out what you want when you approach her.

4. She flirts and compliments you

Another thing a girl would do if she wanted you to make a move on her is to compliment you.

She would point out your best features and say nice things about you. 

In addition to that, if she’s a confident woman and wants you to notice her, she won’t hesitate to flirt with you. 

Now, if you’re notorious for not being able to pick up signals from women, here are a few indications that she flirts with you:

  • She makes eye contact with you for a long while.
  • She plays with her hair or other objects when talking to you.
  • She fixes her hair and her clothes when around you.
  • She smiles at you and laughs at what you say.
  • She might tease you or compliment you.
  • She asks you playful questions beyond small talk.

5. You catch her staring at you

Prolonged eye contact is a sign of flirting and also a sign she’s intersted and she wants you to make a move. 

Especially if you catch her staring at you from across the room, you can be sure of her intentions.

According to a this study done on women, if you truly want to find out what she feels about you, you should watch her body language rather than listen to her words.

Behavioral clues such as hair flipping, frequent blinking, coy smiling, lip licking, and lip pouting, as well as prolonged eye contact, reveal her attraction for you.

As for her words, she might be too nervous to express herself in an impressive way. 

6. She is always available for you

A woman’s availability for you can also help you find out how much she really likes you. 

Unless she follows some sort of texting rule that prevents her from replying too fast, this point might shed some light on your burning question.

What texting rule?” you might ask.

For example, there’s the double time texting rule which states that you should wait for double the time she took to answer you and then text her back. 

While not completely ineffective, these are mostly considered mind games meant to draw someone’s attention. 

So, if she’s not playing games with you, and always replies fast to your calls and texts, it means she’s interested. 

The same goes if she says she doesn’t have plans for the rest of the day or for the weekend. It means she’s available and waiting for you to make a move.

7. She tries to stand out from the crowd

How to tell if she wants you to make a move? Analyzing her behavior is needed once again. 

  • Is she a quiet girl who doesn’t look up from her phone or is she trying to be the center of attention?

Answering this question is important because usually when a woman likes a man, she tries to make him notice her. 

However, she may not do this directly. Most often than not, she would try to make you interested indirectly by saying something funny, smart, and so on.

She might even start telling everyone about the awesome weekend she had or about something adventurous that she did. 

Her purpose?

She wants you to take an interest in her. Who knows, maybe you’ll approach her and tell her that you think she’s cool.

8. She initiates conversations with you

Even if you don’t approach her, if a girl wants you to make a move, she finds ways to initiate conversations with you. 

She might do this by asking you questions, telling you something funny, or even complimenting you. 

And this would be very smart of her. Do you know why? 

According to research, we all respond very well to praise. In fact, when someone has nice things to say about us, we feel just as good as when we receive a monetary reward.

She may initiate conversations with you in person, online, or via text if she already has your phone number. 

Regardless of her communication style, if she does this, it’s because she wants you to ask her out on a date.

9. She laughs at your jokes

The ultimate sign she likes you? She laughs at everything you say – even if it’s stupid.

She may even put herself in awkward situations because she’s the only one who laughs at your jokes.

If she does this, then wait no longer and make a move. Clearly, this is something she wants badly. 

What’s more, it was scientifically proven that laughter enhances connectedness in societies. Laughter is also known to elevate one’s social status and help with attracting potential partners.

So, in a way, when she laughs at your jokes, she wants you to know that she likes you and finds you funny. She also wants you to know that she understands your humor and she likes it.

This woman is trying to show you that you’re similar because you both find the same things funny. 

If that’s true, she wants you to make a move on her.

10. Her friends mention her in conversations

Take a moment and remember if your school buddies, work colleagues, or friends ever mention this girl when they’re talking to you. 


It’s quite common for a woman’s friends or close ones in any environment to know about stuff like this. 

In other words, she might have told someone from the group that she wants you to ask her out on a date.

If she did, you might hear that person praising her when she’s not around.

Or, that person might be more direct. They could tell you that she thinks you’re cute or that she said something positive about you. 

Or, they could drop other hints that ultimately point to the same conclusion. So, pay attention to what others say when they mention her name to you.

11. She puts an effort into her appearance

When a woman wants a man to notice her, she flaunts her goodies, of course.

This means that she wears tasteful and sexy clothing whenever she thinks she might run into you. 

She also makes sure she wears impeccable makeup and takes care of other details such as her manicure and pedicure. 

And yes, she does all these on purpose and more, like wearing perfume and doing nice things with her hair.

She does all these because she wants your eyes on her.

But what if she didn’t change anything about her looks since you met? 

Well, a simple way to figure this out is to tell her things like…

  • … I like how you look with your hair up.
  • … You look great in these jeans.
  • … I love the design on your nails.

Then, you should wait to see her again. When you do, look at her.

She might have the same hairdo you complimented and the same pair of jeans on because she knows you like them.

12. She drops hints about being single

For this sign, it’s time to listen to what she tells you. Why? She might drop hints that she’s single.

She might say things like:

  • I might stay a little longer. No boyfriend is waiting for me at home.
  • I didn’t try any new restaurants lately. I have no one to take me.
  • I don’t know what to say about relationships. I don’t have a partner.

So, listen to her very carefully. You might not need to look for more signs if you understand what message she’s trying to send.

She might also drop hints about new places that recently opened because she wants you to take that chance and ask her to go there with you.

The same could apply if she mentions a party or a concert she’d like to go to, but all of her friends are busy. She might be giving you opportunities.

13. She tells you that you’re on her mind

Wait a minute… Did she tell you that you were on her mind?

If she did, then it’s safe to say that she wants you to make a move on her.

Here are some examples:

  • I thought about what you said earlier about…
  • I saw this… and I immediately thought about you.
  • You are on my mind lately.

These are all pretty straightforward signs she’s giving to you about her interest. So, if she tells you anything like this, take it as a positive sign.

You could say…

  • … I also thought about spending more time with you.
  • … What a coincidence, I was thinking about you as well.
  • … No way, I thought about you as well.

14. She is all over your social media

Still not convinced she has the same feelings?

Read further to learn how to tell if she wants you to make a move.

Another indirect way to figure out a girl’s feelings for you is to check if she frequently likes your posts and photos. 

On top of that, if she tags you, messages you, or even posts photos with you, the answer is clear: she’s waiting for you to ask her out.

A woman who likes you will usually use all her resources to make that obvious to you. She will not only use her friends, but also social media. 

If you think about it, that’s smart. So, don’t freak out if she follows you and befriends you on all social media channels. She’s just trying to get your attention. 

15. She likes being close to you

What does she do when she sees you? Does she try to find a seat close to you, or across the table from you?

If she does, then she likes you and she wants to be you girlfriend! You have a green light to make a move on her if she likes being close to you. 

In addition, if you find that she doesn’t withdraw from your touch or she accidentally touches you a lot, you don’t need more signs.

However, if she’s not particularly interested to be in your physical proximity, she might not want you to make a move on her.

So, if you often find her invading your personal space, it’s a sign your crush likes you too.

16. She remembers the little things

Want another clue? A woman is interested in you if she remembers the little things.

For example, if one day she asks you out of the blue how your job interview was or your family get-together, it means she remembers what you said to her. 

If she asks about the most unimportant things that you mentioned at some point during your conversations, take it as a positive sign. 

She’s not only a curious person. She’s trying to take an interest in you and your personal life because she likes you and is attracted to you. 

This could also be her attempt to find more topics to talk about with you. It might be her way to strike up conversations with you.

17. She always helps you if you ask

In her attempt to make herself noticed and prove her value, a girl who likes you will always help you if you ask her. 

She might even offer her help without you having to ask. 

What does this say about her?

She definitely wants you to make a move and she tries to find opportunities for that to happen. 

Of course, she’s also a good person because otherwise, she would not help you, but find other ways to draw your attention to her and to spend more time with you.

18. She often asks you for advice

Another way for a woman to strike up a conversation with a guy that she likes is to ask him for advice. 

This shows that she values his opinion and thinks he’s knowledgeable enough to give her a good answer. It also shows that she wants to appear a little vulnerable in front of him.

How so?

You see, she might ask you for advice even if she doesn’t need it. It could simply be a way for her to connect with you. 


What to do if she wants you to make a move?

If all the subtle signs point in your favor, you are free to make a move on her. You can confidently ask her out on a date or if you don’t like the term “dating”, you can ask to spend time alone with her. 

However, even if she’s not displaying many of the signs above, don’t get discouraged. If you like her, try to spend more time with her or text her from time to time to spark her interest in you.

There are many ways to make yourself noticed. Here’s my guide that will help you make a move on a girl, the right way.

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