17 Signs She Wants to Be Your Girlfriend *BADLY* 🥺

I wish I could tell you that if a girl likes you and wants to be your girlfriend, she’ll let you know.

However, things are not easy like that. 

Even though a lot has changed in the dating world over the past 20 years, some aspects remain the same – women expect men to pursue them.

While there are definitely exceptions, you can’t count on that with every girl you meet. I’m not saying that a woman will never make a move on you.

But, instead of waiting for that to happen, there’s something else you could do: 

Learn everything you can about the signs women usually give when when she wants to be your girlfriend and be with you.

Trust me, if you do that, you will be able to tell the difference between a woman who likes you and a woman who is simply being friendly with you.

Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! 

The 17 Key signs she wants to be your girlfriend:

1. She puts herself in your orbit

What does she want? She wants to be your girlfriend if she puts herself in your orbit. 

How? She finds ways to be around you.

Do you work together, go to school together, or volunteer together? 

If so, then pay attention to what she does. In case she is looking for opportunities to talk to you and be physically close to you, it means she feels comfortable with you and wants to be near you. 

The same goes if you catch her looking at you from across the room more than once. It means she’s observing you because she has started to develop feelings for you .

Another way a girl might do this is by texting you or calling you for no apparent reason. Unless she wants to talk about something specific, take it as a sign she wants you to ask her out.

2. She finds ways to keep in touch with you

Where did you meet her?

I am asking you this because, for example, if you see her almost every day, it will be easier for you to tell whether she wants to be your girlfriend or not. 

In case you two see each other frequently and she constantly pops out of nowhere to tell you something or ask you something, take it as a good sign!

She’s doing this because, as I said earlier, she wants to be around you and make herself noticed without being too obvious about it.

However, if you mostly talk on the phone, text each other, or DM each other, she might express her desire to be close to you differently. 

She might casually ask you, “Hi, how’s it going? Are you doing interesting today?” or “Hey, how are you? You crossed my mind just now.”

If she does, ask her out (again)!

3. Her body language and behavior give her away

Remember this: When a woman is attracted to you, she does certain things with her body – things that she’s not aware of. 

What things?

  • She makes prolonged eye contact with you
  • She plays with her hair when you two are talking
  • She smiles at you whenever your eyes lock
  • She mirrors your body language and even words
  • She touches you accidentally on purpose

How can you be sure, though?

Just watch her behavior around other men. If she’s as kind and flirty with them as well, it means that’s just the way she is. 

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What if you don’t see each other much but she’s all over your social media? 

Well, if she frequently likes your photos and posts, leaves you comments, tags you in her posts, and sends you DMs, she wants you to read between the lines and ask her out.

4. She doesn’t shy away from paying you compliments

Another very reliable sign a girl wants to be your girlfriend is when she pays you compliments

She does this because she genuinely likes and appreciates you, and also because she wants to stand out. 

First of all, she knows that she will make you feel good if she gives you a compliment. Everyone likes compliments, right?

Second of all, she wants to point out that you two like the same things. 

For example, if she compliments your taste in music, movies, things you like to do, and so on, she wants to show you that you share similarities which are good for a relationship.

Fun fact: Having things in common with your partner actually makes relationship healthy.

5. She asks for rainchecks when she can’t meet you

Want to know how to easily differentiate a friendly girl from an interested girl? 

If you have plans with a friendly girl and she can’t make it, she will let you know and apologize. 

But, a girl that’s romantically interested in you won’t stand the idea that she misses her chance to see you and that’s why she will not only apologize but also want to reschedule. 

Pay attention to HOW they cancel plans as well:

Friendly girl: “Sorry, I can’t make it tonight.” 

Interested girl: “Something just happened… I can’t make it tonight… Sigh… I’m so sorry, I was really looking forward to this. When will you be free again?”

6. She is no longer using any dating app 

Did you meet her on a dating app? If you did, and she no longer uses it, that’s a good sign she wants to be your girlfriend. 

It basically means that she’s no longer interested in meeting other guys. On top of that, if she also tells you that she deleted her account, she’s giving you a hint. 

However, if you met elsewhere, you might not know whether she discontinued using dating apps.

To find out, I have a few ideas to share with you:

  • Ask her what she thinks about dating apps and whether she has ever used one
  • Try to find out this information from one of her friends if you know them
  • Look her up on the dating apps that you normally use – if any

7. She acts more like a girlfriend than just a friend

Are you familiar with the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”?

The same goes for this girl. Perhaps she has already started acting like your girlfriend, although she’s not. 

How can you tell? She might…

… act concerned if you’re feeling unwell

… take a genuine interest in your well-being

… ask you if you’ve eaten and slept well

… try to cheer you up whenever you feel blue

… want to find out everything about you

While there are many other ways a woman might express her desire that she wants to be your girlfriend, the main idea here is to observe her attitude around you. 

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If it’s a caring and loving attitude, then ask her out!

8. She drops hints about her romantic relationship status

Look, there are 2 situations when girls talk about their romantic relationship status: when they DON’T want to get hit on, and also when they DO.

Let me explain:

When a woman tells you that she’s in a committed relationship, it means that she wants you to keep your distance from her. 

However, when she tells you that she’s single, it means just the opposite. Of course, there are exceptions, such as if she says “I’m enjoying the single life a lot.”

But, most of the time, if a girl discloses this info to you, she wants you to use it and she wants you to make a move.

9. You’re her go-to person for advice and support

When it comes to asking for advice, she turns to you. She’s interested in your opinion and wants to know what you’d do if you were in her shoes. 

Why does she do this? 

She wants to build intimacy with you and she is looking for opportunities to talk to you. By doing so, she tells you more about herself and her life. 

The same applies if she comes to you looking for support. She might not really need it, but she thinks it’s a good way to bond with you.

10. She reveals secrets about herself to you

The next very important thing to know about women is this: They feel safe around you and want to create a deeper bond with you if they start revealing secrets about themselves. 

Now, don’t let your imagination fly too far.

I’m not talking about heavy secrets here, but about various slightly sad or embarrassing incidents that happened to them in the past. 

So, if a girl starts opening up to you like that, what you need to understand is that she wants to deepen your bond; she wants things to progress with you; she wants to take things further .

In other words, she wants you as her boyfriend.

11. She points out the things you have in common

Even if a woman will rarely ask you out or confess her feelings for you first, she will do plenty of other things to send you the right message. 

One of these things is to point out the things you have in common. She does this because she wants to show you that you have things to talk about and that you both enjoy doing the same things.

She wants you to realize that you two are similar and should explore that further.

12. She’s interested in meeting your friends and family members

Is she interested in meeting your closest ones?

If so, she’s definitely girlfriend material! But, does she want to be your girlfriend?

Well, if you’re the only one she invites to a family dinner, then yes! She wants you to be her boyfriend. 

Also, if she tries to include you in her group of friends as well, that’s another positive sign she wants to wants be your girlfriend.

13. She asks you open-ended questions often

What is an open-ended question?

It is a type of question that allows the responder to reply with an ample answer that does not resume to a simple “yes” or “no.”

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For example, if she’s interested in you then she might ask you:

  • “What are you looking for in a girlfriend?”
  • “What are your priorities in life?”
  • “What do you think about monogamy?”
  • “Do you ever want to get married?”

She might ask you anything related to the topic of love.


Because she wants to see if you could be a good match for a serious relationship with her. Or, maybe she wants to know how to become a better match for you.

14. She makes an effort to look good for you

Women these days pay more attention to their looks than before. This fact alone can be deceiving, especially when you are looking for obvious signs she wants to be your girlfriend.

However, if you notice that she looks very good every time you meet her, then rest assured she’s interested. 

Other things she could do to make sure you notice her are:

  • She sends you pictures and asks you in which outfit she looks better
  • She asks you in person what you think about her outfit/hairdo/makeup

15. She wants you to be part of her world

Are you ready for more?

Here are other subtle ways a woman might signal you that she wants to get seriously involved with you:

  • She tries to include you in her weekend plans
  • She invites you to hang out with her friends
  • She asks you to meet family members and have family dinners with her
  • She shows you something she’s passionate about
  • She wants to take you to her favorite places

Whatever she does, if her main purpose is to include you in her life even more, then you’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for!

16. She suggests great places for hanging out 

Let me ask you this: 

When she suggests places for you two to hang out, do her choices seem random? Or, does she make a real effort to come up with fun ideas?

If she appears to put a lot of thought into what you two could do together, her romantic interest in you is obvious. 

She’s spending time with you because she’s interested in you and wants to make sure that whatever you two do together, you’re having a good time.

17. She is not afraid to act silly around you

The ultimate sign she wants you to be her boyfriend? She feels so comfortable around you that she is not afraid to act silly.

If you reach this stage with a girl, you must know that her guard is down. She is open to you and she is doing her best to show you the real her.

And the best part? She might not even do it on purpose. It could be a natural response to her attraction to you. 


Hopefully, you’ve noticed enough signs she wants to be your girlfriend to give you the courage to ask her out. 

If you’re already hanging out together, make sure to clearly mention that you want to take her out on a real date. 

Make your intentions clear and leave no room for confusion. She will love that!

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