20 Signs She Wants a Serious Relationship with You

All women express love and affection in unique ways.

Even so, there are a few common signs that most women will give you if they want a serious relationship with you. 

A girl who wants a serious relationship with you will start to change her behavior with and around you.

She will try to get closer to you and create a meaningful connection with you.

But there’s no way to tell for sure what she’ll do to make that happen. That’s why you shouldn’t take the signs below as definite proof of what she wants from you.

Not all of them will apply to everyone in the same way.

Instead, you can use them as guidelines and also try to read between the lines sometimes. 

Let’s jump right in! 

20 Signs She Wants a Serious Relationship with You

1. She has stopped going on dates

The girl you’re seeing has made some changes in her lifestyle. She doesn’t spend as much time online as before and all of her attention seems to be directed at you.

Just by taking a look at her social media profiles, you can clearly see that she engages in fewer conversations with guys she doesn’t know.

She doesn’t respond to their comments anymore.

On top of that, you may have noticed that she no longer has dating apps installed on her phone. 

All of these are great signs she’s not interested in dating anyone else but you.

2. She communicates with you on a constant basis

To get a better grasp of this woman’s level of seriousness when it comes to your relationship, think about how often she reaches out to you. 

If she communicates with you constantly, it means she cares about what’s going on with you and wants the two of you to deepen your bond. 

By doing so, she shows you that her behavior is predictable, a fact that gives your relationship stability. 

What if she double-texts you?

That’s even better! It means she doesn’t care who initiates the conversation. She wants to talk to you and she’s not afraid to show it.

3. She talks about the future of relationship

Another indication she want a serious relationship with you? Pay attention to what she tells you!

Look, maybe she doesn’t say, “I want us to be exclusive.” But, she could give you hints regarding exclusivity. 

She could say: 

  • “I like spending time with you so much, I don’t need other people!”
  • “I wish we were the last 2 people on Earth!”
  • “I’ve never liked a boy as much as I like you!”
  • “I’m ready for the next phase of our relationship!”
  • “I want you to be mine and only mine!”

Now, your girl is unique and she might express herself differently. So make sure you actively listen to her and ask, “What do you mean?” if you don’t understand something.

4. She pays attention to the smallest details

Here’s the thing: A woman’s interest in having a serious relationship with you is directly proportional to how much she remembers about you.

If the girl you’re dating is interested in pursuing something serious with you, she won’t miss the smallest detail about you. 

You’ll know when this happens because she will bring up the things she knows about you in conversation. 

Most often than not, she could ask you follow-up questions, depending on the situation:

Let’s say you mentioned your brother’s birthday is coming up. Not long after the event, she asked you how it went.

Or, let’s say she offers to buy you coffee. Does she ask you how you like to drink your coffee every time? If not, she’s serious about you!

5. She is aware of and respects your beliefs and values

Does she keep things superficial or does she like to challenge you with meaningful questions?

If she expresses her interest in finding out more about what you believe in and what your principles are, it means she’s interested to truly get to know you.

The way she reacts to your sincere answers also matters. You see, if she wants to become your life partner, her aim is to understand the way you think.

With this in mind, her attitude should be an accepting and understanding one. She doesn’t judge you. She simply wants to know what are your guidelines in life.

6. She talks about her goals and aspirations

When we’re in love, we are naturally inclined to share things about ourselves with the other person. 

We do this because we want to be seen, but also because we’re looking for validation and maybe encouragement.

She wants relationship to become more serious if she shares this information with you. She’s curious to know what you think and how that may affect the two of you and her plans for the future. 

Also, by simply sharing these details about herself with you, she makes your connection stronger. 

Self-disclosure is known to have this effect on a relationship. It makes the other feel included and closer to you.

7. She wants to get along with your inner circle

While it’s true that some girls will make no effort to get along with your friends and family members, even if they’re very much into you, most of them do. 

Here’s how they think: This guy’s friends are important to him and they’re part of his life. If I also want to be part of his life, then I have to do my best to befriend the people close to him.

Your girl could have the same mindset. However, that’s not something 100% guaranteed. 

For example, if you’re dating an introverted woman, she won’t be as open to hanging out with your friends as an extroverted woman.

8. She wants to spend more and more time with you

The amount of time a girl dedicates to you is important, too. In case she has slowly made you a priority in her life, spending more and more time with you, that’s great news!

It means she enjoys spending time with you. It also means that you’re distracting her from whatever she was doing before she started dating you.

Unless you distract her from school or work, don’t be sorry! This simply indicates she has fallen head over heels for you.

She thinks the relationship she has with you is worth investing in and would like to see where things go.

9. She likes to get physically intimate with you

Let’s set one thing straight: This sign is not about her desire to have sex with you. It’s about physical intimacy, which is something quite different. 

Being physically intimate with someone means that you hug each other, hold hands, cuddle, and so on. 

So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does she sit close to me?
  • Does she grab my hand? 
  • Does she put her arm around me?

If you relate and she’s comfortable with doing all of the above, then the conclusion is clear: this girl likes you and she’s interested to be in a serious relationship with you.

10. She involves you in her plans for the future

Does she have a couple’s mentality?

To tell for sure, pay attention to how she refers to you and her and whether or not she includes you in her plans. 

Choose an option that best fits her:

A: She refers to you and her by saying “we” and asks you to join her regardless of what she’s planning to do.

B: She never refers to the both of you like that. She rarely tries to get you involved in her plans.

If you chose option A, you can rest assured she’s interested in going steady with you and only you.

11. She opens up about her feelings for you

A girl is most likely very much interested in you if she…

  • … is transparent about her feelings for you
  • … talks about her fears regarding you and the relationship you two have
  • … tells you what expectations she has from you and the relationship

I said it before and I’m going to say it again: Every woman is different. Just because the girl you’re dating doesn’t fully express how she feels about you, it doesn’t mean she feels nothing.

Talking about their feelings doesn’t come naturally for many people. Maybe she is one of them. 

12. She leaves some of her things at your place

One of the signs your relationship is getting pretty serious is when she starts to leave some of her things at your place. 

Items that she needs every time, such as toiletries, are usually among the firsts she might leave at your place.

Then, depending on how much time she spends in your apartment, she could decide to leave other things as well.

What items are we talking about?

Things like a toothbrush, a hairbrush, slippers, a book, a phone charger, face cream, an umbrella, etc.

Or, if you allow me to use a personal example, I used to leave a clean pair of underwear and socks at my boyfriend’s place when we became exclusive.

13. She picks you as her go-to person in times of need

To learn how close this woman feels to you, think about whether she reaches out to you in times of need. 

  • Is it true that she calls you when she’s sad?
  • Is it true that she asks for your help?

Yes: It’s possible she’s deeply in love with you and you bring her comfort. Also, she’s not afraid to ask for your help because she sees you as a potential life partner.

No: She is highly independent and never asks for help. She might not see you as a life partner. The same goes if she never complains and always seems composed.

Why? Because she is hiding her real emotions from you. 

14. She is willing to make compromises with you

What does it really mean to compromise?

It means to sometimes make sacrifices for the greater good of your relationship.

Let me give you some examples:

  • She rearranges her schedule to spend more time with you
  • She agrees to do things for you that make you happy
  • She compromises on places to eat, and things to drink
  • She adjusts her goals to match the development of your relationship
  • She changes her plans according to your availability

In other words, she makes compromises because she doesn’t want things between the two of you to be on her terms. She wants mutual agreement and understanding.

15. She is your no. 1 supporter in everything you do

A woman who supports and encourages you is a keeper. It shows she cares about you and wants to empower you to achieve anything you want.

To her, it doesn’t really matter if you’re passionate about something big or small. She supports you regardless of what you want to do.

Let’s say you play amicable football once per week. Every time before you leave, she tells you things like, “Go get them!” or “Have fun and score many goals!

Or, let’s say you study for a very important exam. She gives you space and says that she believes in you. She also offers her help and says she’s proud of you.

16. She doesn’t keep her feelings bottled up

How open and honest do you think this girl really is?

If you think she doesn’t keep her feelings bottled up, but freely expresses them, take it as a positive sign.

However, keep this in mind: She could express her feelings in numerous ways, not only verbally. For example, scrapbooking is known to provide emotional release. 

It is also a way to preserve memories. So, take it as a very sweet gesture if she makes a collage or something like that about a landmark in your relationship.

17. She is comfortable with public displays of affection

We’ve already talked about physical intimacy, but we didn’t touch on public displays of affection. Where does she stand when it comes to that?

A woman who doesn’t hide her affection for you in any circumstance is definitely hoping to develop a serious relationship with you. 

However, this sign isn’t conclusive. She could be very much into you, but simply uncomfortable to be seen by others. 

Who knows, maybe she’s shy or she doesn’t want to rush things between the two of you.

18. She finds ways to make you feel special 

Ultimately, the way this woman makes you feel could indicate her intentions with you. If she manages to make you feel special and keeps trying to surprise you, you are a winner.

She has genuine interest in you and this is the only reason she needs to go out of her way to make you happy. 

Depending on her love language, she could do this by using words, being affectionate, giving you gifts, doing things to help you out, and so on.

19. She includes you in minor and major decisions

Does she care about your opinion? Does she ask for it?

A woman who includes you in minor and major decisions values your opinion. She also cherishes your insight and that’s why she always asks you what you think before she makes a decision.

She could start by asking you in which outfit you think she looks prettier, how to get her nails done and continue with more meaningful questions related to her career or finances.

20. She addresses conflicts directly and constructively

Arguments, misunderstandings, and fights are bound to happen in any relationship. The strongest couples face their problems right away and find solutions. 

The other ones prefer to stop talking to each other, treat each other badly, and be mean to each other. 

What about her? How does she react? If she addresses the conflicts between you two with a positive attitude and determination to find solutions, that’s great!

It means she loves you deeply and is focused on improving your relationship, not ending it.


Does she want a committed relationship with you? 

If she makes more time for you, opens up to you, talks about her feelings, includes you in her plans, and makes compromises, chances are the answer is YES. These all are solid signs that a casual relationship is getting serious.

But, I urge you to remember that she might not be like the majority of women. She is special in her own way and this could mean that she won’t show all the signs above.

You shouldn’t let that discourage you. When in doubt, talk to her about it!

If you’re unsure yourself, what call to make then read this article by our male relationship expert, Will: Is she the one for you?.

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