20 Psychological Signs She Loves You Deeply

Understanding a woman’s feelings is far from easy. 

Feelings of insecurity might overwhelm you sometimes because you don’t know for sure where things stand with her.

Or, you might not know what to think of her behavior.

If only there was a way to find out for sure if she loves you deeply or not, right?

Well, let me give you some good news: There is a way and I’m going to tell you about it!

To get an answer to your burning question, all you have to do is look out for the following 20 signs. 

Go over every point carefully until you find the confirmation you need. Let’s begin!

20 Psychological Signs She Loves You Deeply

1. She shows her affection for you every day

When a woman genuinely loves you, she expresses her affection every day.

Depending on her love language, she might do this verbally, physically, or otherwise.

As you probably know, there are 5 love languages, namely acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch.

They indicate what makes us feel the most loved. With this in mind, here are some examples:

  • She pays you compliments and says nice things about you. She praises you verbally.
  • She brings you a small gift every time you meet, probably something sweet or something she knows you like. 
  • She jumps into your arms when she sees you, holds your hand, kisses you, caresses you, and sits very close to you. 
  • She offers her help without you asking because she wants to be useful in your life and take some of its weight off your shoulders.
  • She clears her schedule to make sure she spends enough quality time with you.

Now, she might express her affection for you in more than one way because we all have a dominant love language and a secondary one.

However, if she does any of the above, it means she genuinely loves you.

2. She always want to be around you

When a girl wants to be physically close to you, it can mean a lot of things, including that she loves you deeply. 

Depending on where you are in your relationship and her personality, she might run toward you when she sees you and then jump into your arms. 

Or, she might refrain from touching and simply lean in when the two of you are standing or sitting. 

You see, girls may express their desire to be close to you in various ways. Some of them are very affectionate and can’t take their hands off you.

Others are like cats. They don’t show much affection, but they’re physically there. They show up when it truly matters.

If you can simply be with her and around her without doing anything specific, you’ve reached a level of acceptance that points to love.

3. She unintentionally acts like you

Is she in love or what?

She is if you notice that she mirrors your body language, such as your gestures and manners. The same goes if she starts using some of your usual phrases. 

The explanation?

More than 20 years ago, scientists discovered mirror neurons, and thanks to this study, we now know how they work.

Mirror neurons basically help us understand the action and the intention of others. They help us to get a grasp of what they’re feeling and show compassion in a natural way.

For example, if you raise your hands when you get mad, she might do the same. This is an unintentional reaction meant to show you that you two are alike. 

4. She pays attention when you talk

Another huge sign she loves you deeply is if truly listens to you.

Even if girls are known to be good listeners as opposed to guys, not all of them pay full attention. 

How can you tell?

If she actively listens to you, she also asks questions to make sure she understands you. She gets involved and tries to come up with solutions. 

If you think about it, she is able to piece the puzzle together pretty quickly and even gets the things that you don’t clearly say. 

What’s more, she’s not dismissive of you.

On the contrary, she appreciates that you talk to her and tries to give you the needed power and strength to deal with anything that comes your way. 

5. She is highly empathetic toward you

What does it really mean to be empathetic?

It means that you have the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and imagine what they’re feeling given the circumstances they’re in.

In your case, it means that if you’re upset about something – even if it’s something small – she tries to understand you. 

She does not diminish or exaggerate the importance of what you’re going through. It’s like she knows how important that thing is for you. 

To tell you the truth, she doesn’t know.

However, because she has developed feeling for you, she has a deep desire to get to know you in a profound way.

According to the Greater Good Science Center, a research institute that studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, having empathy is actually a key ingredient in successful relationships, a study shows.

It helps you understand her perspectives, intentions, and needs.

6. There’s a side of her she only reveals to you

When a woman loves you deeply, she shows you a side of her that no one else sees.

This is her most authentic side because she lets you see the real her.

If you also love her deeply, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You let your guard down with her, am I right?

Moreover, this is something you do with her and her only. You don’t open up the way you open up to her to anyone else. 

You notice that she acts very different to her coworkers or friends but when it comes to you she is like little child looking for your love.

What you’re experiencing is something special. You see her in a unique way and the other way around.

7. She embraces vulnerability with you

One other revealing sign she loves you deeply is this: she lets you see her vulnerable side.

How can you tell, though?

  • She shows you her real emotions.
  • She allows you to see her weaknesses.
  • She asks for what she needs from you.
  • She risks getting hurt by you.
  • she lets you in on her personal life.

But why is vulnerability important?

Here are a few reasons, shared by a licensed psychotherapist Dr. Anton Shcherbakov:

  • It deepens the bond between you and her because you understand each other better.
  • It makes both of you feel less shameful and fearful when it comes to expressing feelings.
  • It helps you both resolve conflicts easier because it makes you less defensive.

By doing so, she basically avoids a wide array of destructive behaviors and promotes empathy in your relationship.

8. She says she wants to commit to you

If you didn’t have the DTR talk yet, but she says she wants to have long term relationship, then you don’t need to look for more signs.

She clearly loves you deeply if she wants to be exclusive with you.

While it’s true that committing to a monogamous relationship comes easier to women than men, if she’s willing to take this step with you, that’s an obvious sign of love.

She wants you to be her one and only and wants to give herself to you as well. What’s more beautiful than that?

Now, be honest: Do you want the same thing?

If you do, let her know you’re serious about her.

9. She remembers the smallest details about you

Does this girl have a really good memory or is she simply in love?

You might think she’s a highly focused woman with a big brain because she remembers the smallest details about you. 

However, a person’s memory does not work like that. As you probably know, our memory is selective, which means that we remember the things that interest us the most or impact us the most.

So, if she knows how you drink your coffee, what your favorite color is, the name of your pet, and your grandma’s birthday, consider yourself lucky. She’s interested in everything about you!

10. She finds ways to be around you

Most often than not, we find our partners in the places where we spend the most time. What I mean is that it’s likely you go to school or work with this girl. 

Or maybe you both volunteer at the same place or have common friends and hang out together constantly.

Whatever the case, she likes to always have you in her line of sight. She finds ways to be around you, even if she doesn’t directly interact with you. 

One of the reasons why she does this is because she wants to keep her eyes on you and because she wants you to see her as well, and not stop thinking about her for a second.

If she is your coworker and always find a way to spend time with you it’s a sign of her strong feelings.

11. She opens up her world to you

Besides all of the above, a woman in love would also try to make you part of her world.


Here are some examples:

  • She wants to introduce you to her friends or already has.
  • She wants you to meet her family or you already have.
  • She invites you to family events ( like family dinner) or friends get-togethers.
  • She shares her interests with you and her hobbies as well.

As mentioned before, when a woman loves you, she does her best to show you the real her and include you in every aspect of her life.

She is happy to have you in her life and that’s why she wants you to meet the other people that are part of her life and learn about the things dearest to her.

12. She likes to stay in touch throughout the day

You are dealing with an honest girl who doesn’t play mind games and doesn’t disappear for days in a row.

She is the type of girl who likes to stay in touch and communicate frequently. 

If so, you can take it as a sign that she cares. It’s not that she feels the need to obsessively check up on you. 

No, her desire to keep in constant touch is driven by her feelings for you. She is in love with you and thus craving your attention. 

She also genuinely cares about you and likes to know what is happening with you and in your life.

13. She accepts and embraces your flaws

Are you looking for the ultimate proof of love?

You might think it’s loyalty or self-sacrifice. However, I beg to differ

Truly loving someone is not about that, or about asking for nothing in return. It’s about accepting and embracing your partner’s flaws. 

In other words, this woman is not trying to change you. She is aware of your flaws and she doesn’t ignore them either. 

She simply wants you the way you are and if that doesn’t mean she loves you deeply, I don’t know what does!

14. She makes sacrifices for you 

Self-sacrifice, as stated above, is another way to tell if she loves you. But, what is it really about?

The word itself sounds bad. Even so, I assure you it refers to something positive. 

To make a sacrifice for someone signifies making them a priority and going the extra mile for them. 

A woman could express that in the following ways:

  • She helps you with something instead of going out with her BFFs.
  • She spends an evening taking care of you because you are sick instead of going somewhere else.
  • She watches a certain movie just because you are excited about it.
  • Her actions speak that you in her priority list.

15. You feel emotionally safe by her side

The way you feel around this girl could indicate her feelings for you.

If she creates a safe space that makes you feel calm and relaxed, she is a keeper!

You might be surprised by how many women make their partners feel like they’re walking on eggshells. They don’t encourage their men to open up and be vulnerable with them. 

On the contrary, they create high expectations and their partners find it hard to live up to them. And you know what?

They don’t do it out of love.

They have their reasons, but what matters here is that a woman who cares for you would rather make you feel safe and secure than always alert and insecure.

16. She always puts in the effort to look good

Here’s another important thing you should know about women: they don’t let themselves go if they’re in love.

They take good care of their appearance and do their best to look good for the man they have deep feelings for. 

This is not something difficult to notice, so give this some thought. I am sure she is always dressed nicely and has a good-looking hairdo when you two meet. 

If that’s the case, then it means she makes an effort to make herself look attractive. She wants to leave you with your jaw dropped when you see her.

17. She tries to make you smile often

Unless she’s a naturally joyful person who likes to joke a lot, this sign is also for you!

A girl who tries to put a smile on your face cares about you. She doesn’t like to see you sad or upset and that’s why she tries to make you smile. 

Especially if she’s not the funniest person around, the fact that she tries actually reveals her feelings for you. 

18. She tells you she wants to get more intimate

Look, I don’t know which base you’ve touched with her. Regardless, if she tells you that she wants to get more intimate, that’s great!

For some couples, intimacy means having sex. For other couples, it means spending the night together without having sex.

It’s up to you to establish what intimacy means for each of you and then figure out how to move forward.

19. She refers to you as a couple and makes plans

The next thing that might give her real feelings for you away is the way she refers to the two of you. 

If you constantly hear her saying “us”, that’s an indication that she no longer thinks of you and her separately.

On top of that, if she also includes you in her plans for the future, then you must know that she’s hooked on you and wants to you make a move

She is imagining a future in which she does things together with you because she has deep feelings for you.

20. She agrees to disagree from time to time

A simple disagreement with her doesn’t turn into a big fight. She agrees to disagree from time to time.

Do you know why?

She loves you, of course. But there’s another reason and we’ve talked about it above. She accepts you just the way you are. 

In other words, she accepts the fact that you two might not have the same opinions and views about everything and when it happens, she doesn’t make a big deal out of it.


In case you’ve just got the confirmation you needed and your girl loves you deeply, congratulations! 

If you love her back, then do your best to cherish your loving relationship and grow together. 

However, if you don’t reciprocate her feelings, don’t string her along. Gather up the needed courage and let her down easily. 

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