12 Subtle Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

Modern young women are more adventurous and forthright compared to previous generations.

What does this mean for you?

It means that now, more than ever, you have way more chances to tell whether a girl wants to sleep with you. 

Especially if you know what signs to look out for, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting the answer you’re looking for. 

Since most women in general have become more open sexually, they’re no longer afraid to hide their sexual desires. 

Still, don’t expect her to come right out and say it. She probably won’t. Instead, she could try to give you hints. 

Here’s how she could express the sexual interest she feels for you in indirect ways:

12 Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

1. She talks about living alone and loving it

Look, women don’t make a habit out of telling people about their living arrangements.

They’re usually reluctant to share this information with most guys they meet.

After all, It’s a matter of safety.

However, if the girl you have in mind already told you that, it could mean two things:

  • She trusts you enough to disclose this information to you.
  • She feels intense sexual chemistry with you and wants to have sex with you.

The way I see it, the simple fact that she trusts you a bit more than others is a good sign. Maybe what she’s feeling is a mix of romantic feelings and sexual desire.

This could be one of the reasons she shares more personal info with you. She could want to build a deeper connection with you.

Or, her body could react to yours in a way that she can’t resist.

As a result, she could try to increase the sexual tension between the two of you by giving you such a hint. 

For example, she could go as far as painting you an arousing picture in your head by saying something like “I like to drink my coffee naked in the morning. It feels so liberating!

2. She has invited you for Netflix & Chill

Did she invite you over to her place?

If she did, don’t celebrate just yet. 

As a woman, I’ve invited plenty of guys over to my place. But, I can honestly tell you that my intentions were not sex-related (most of the time).

Some of my reasons were:

  • To spend more time with them and get to know them better as friends.
  • Because I simply didn’t want to spend time by myself and enjoyed their company.
  • To pick their brains and learn various things from them that interested me.
  • Because they expressed their desire to be with me alone and I was curious why.

So, before you jump to conclusions, think about how she asked you and whether she gave you a reason. Also, consider her timing.

For example, let’s say that the two of you hang out and then you walk her over to her place.

If she seductively looks into your eyes and asks you, “Do you want to come upstairs?”, that’s a good sign. It indicates she wants to sleep with you.

Or, if she texts you the classic “Netflix and chill?” especially late at night, that could be a booty call. 

But if she doesn’t give you a clear reason, she might not know for sure herself, so you could play along and see where this goes.

3. Her body language points to sexual attraction

If this woman is indeed fantasizing about you sexually, there are certain body language signs that may give her away. 

So, to find out the truth, look out for flirty body language signs:

  • She frequently touches her hair or neck when talking to you;
  • She doesn’t shy away from making prolonged eye contact with you;
  • She leans in closer to you when you two interact with each other;
  • She puts on a very seductive smile from time to time;
  • She licks her lips and even bites them as she listens to you talk;
  • She often crosses and uncrosses her legs in your presence;
  • She touches your arms, legs, and even thighs in various contexts;
  • She has an open and inviting posture whether she’s sitting or standing;
  • She always has something in her hands she plays with (nervousness);
  • She purposely or unconsciously mirrors your movements;

As you can see, she could express herself in multiple ways. That’s why it’s important to closely watch what she does with her body when you’re next to her.

4. She brings up sexual conversations

Here’s the thing:

When a woman wants to sleep with you, that’s probably all she thinks about. That’s why she might bring up sex a lot. 

Depending on how well you know each other and in which context you two meet, she may be more or less daring with her questions. 

By doing so, she’s also making you think about sex, which is a plus in her favor.

For example, she could ask you what you think about a certain sexual practice to get the conversation started:

  • I’m hearing a lot about pegging these days. Are men really into that?
  • I wonder if all men fantasize about having sex with two women. Are you one of them?

Or, she could choose an easier way. This woman might resort to telling you a lot of sexual jokes. In addition, pay attention to possible sexual allusions.

If you pick up on this sign when you’re talking to her, don’t hesitate to answer provocatively.

She could be trying to know your sexual preferences. So build up on this sexual intimacy.

5. She goes out of her way to look sexually appealing

Remember this: If she wants to go to bed with you, she’ll do her best to look sexy for you. 

But since many women highlight the best parts of their bodies on a daily basis, you might find it hard to draw a conclusion.

Don’t worry, though. I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about this:

  • Any change in her appearance is meant to draw someone’s attention. That could be you.
  • If she starts wearing bright red lipstick when she knows you’ll see her, take it as a sign.
  • She reveals more and more skin every day to put sexy thoughts in your head.
  • She wears shorter skirts and deeper cleavages whenever you meet her.
  • She started wearing high heels only after you mentioned you liked them.

Is she really making all this effort for you?

If you have a hard time believing that you’re the one she’s attracted to, don’t hesitate to pair this sign with others. 

For example, if her body language isn’t flirty, you might not be the guy she dresses herself up for. 

6. She likes to sit or stand as close to you as possible

Is she thinking about you “that way”?

She is if she’s trying to sit or stand really close to you.

Physical proximity is not something we’re all comfortable with. That’s why it’s a positive sign when a girl feels comfortable enough to get close to you. 

Whether she’s sitting on the chair next to you, or walking on the street with you, she doesn’t keep you at arm’s length.

If you think about it, it makes total sense! When you have sex with someone, you are as close to them physically as it gets.

Well, maybe that’s exactly what she’s trying to do – to minimize the distance between you two.

She could be hoping that you’ll eventually pick up on her subtle signs and make a move on her.

So, the next time you see her struggling to get near you, make an effort to meet her halfway. Or, save a seat for her and see how she reacts.

7. She often gets touchy-feely when she’s with you

If you got a girl all hot and bothered, expect her to touch you… a lot. In case the chemistry between the two of you is off the charts, she won’t be able to help herself. 

Of course, she probably won’t go as far as touching your groin area to show you that she is sexually interested

However, she might touch other sensitive areas of your body such as your thigh or hip. Or, she may sit/stand very close to you, so close that her body brushes against you. 

Let’s say you’re sitting close to this girl and she wants to tell you something.

To get your attention, she might touch your thigh and then lean in to whisper something in your ear.

But what if she’s touchy-feely with other guys except you? Well, I’m sorry to be the one who tells you this, but that’s just the way some women are.

They are very tactile people who naturally and without hidden motives touch others during conversation.

Or, she could be a promiscuous girl who wants to explore her sexuality with multiple partners at once or separately. 

8. She checks you out from head to toe

When a woman wants to sleep with you or is sexually attracted to you she will check you out from head to toe.,

She may not be interested in every inch of your body, but still, you might be able to read her intentions better. 

If you happen to notice her checking you out from head to toe more than once, it means she’s daydreaming about going to bed with you.

She may even undress you in her mind when she looks at you for a longer time. In this regard, women often look at a man’s lips, arms, chest, and groin area.

If you happen to catch her when she’s checking out your big, muscular arms, don’t let the opportunity pass!

Flex your muscles a little, even if you think you’re being silly. Ask her if she wants to feel them. Trust me, she’ll appreciate the humor.

Or, maybe her look is fixated on your lips. Either way, try to say something. That’s your best chance at taking things to the next level with her.

9. She reacts positively to your advances

Do you want to have sex with this girl?

If you do, then you have to make a move on her as well. Otherwise, she’ll think things are one-sided and she’ll probably give up.

In case you’ve already tried that, and she encouraged you, what other sign do you need? It means she gave you the green light.  

How can you tell she likes what you’re doing?

  • If you get closer to her, she gets even closer to you;
  • If you touch her, she touches you back;
  • If you put your arm on her shoulders, she grabs your waist;
  • If you look into her eyes, she doesn’t look away;
  • If you hug her, she hugs you back and glues her body to yours.

Even so, as you already know, not all women are the same. Some like to get chased more than others (especially if there are also romantic feelings involved).

So, there could be times when she playfully rejects your advances. But you don’t have to take those seriously. It’s just a game of seduction.

10. Her compliments you

Does she have the hots for you?

Yes, she does, especially if she directs her compliments to your physical appearance. 

Here are some examples:

  • I like what you did with your hair. It gives you a bad-boy look. 
  • I never thought a man could look so good in jeans. Your posterior is impressive.
  • You look hot with this T-shirt on. It shows you’ve been working out. 
  • I bet you broke a lot of hearts with your smile. It’s so warm and inviting.
  • What’s with the James Bond look? Are you planning to get my panties wet?

Can you relate?

If you can’t, don’t lose hope! Maybe she doesn’t know what to say or how to bring it up, so you can help her a little. 

You can fish for compliments by asking her the following:

  • Do you like my new shirt? I am unsure about the color. 
  • I’ve been working out lately. Can you see any change?
  • I’ve been thinking about shaving my beard lately. What do you think?

Ask her anything along these lines and pay attention to what she says. If she reassures you that you look hot, it’s a good sign.

11. She prefers to hang out with you alone

Here’s another general truth that you should keep in mind: A girl who wants to spend time with you alone is creating opportunities. 

On the one hand, she wants to be alone with you because that’s how she can express herself freely. She can make sexual jokes with you without caring about anyone else’s opinion.

On the other hand, being alone with each other gives you both the chance to increase the sexual attraction between you by flirting, touching and maybe more.

Spending time in privacy with you has other potential benefits, such as: 

  • She can try to get to know you better.
  • She can talk to you about sex-related topics in a personal way.
  • You two can go with the flow and let whatever happens, happen.

12. She sends you pretty suggestive photos of herself

Last but not least, this sign should help you get a definite answer to your question. 

Apart from all of the above, this girl could try to seduce you and provoke you by sending you unsolicited sexy pictures of herself.

This is a common practice. However, guys are the ones who usually ask girls for indecent photos of themselves. 

In case she didn’t wait for you to ask, her intentions are pretty clear. She’s horny for you, so I encourage you to stop overthinking this situation.

How revealing should you expect the photos to be? Each girl has a different style. This means you could get tasteful, but highly erotic pics. Or, topless/naked pics right from the start.

I guess it depends on how lucky you really are!


Now that you know what signs to look out for, don’t waste too much time before you draw a conclusion.

You shouldn’t let her cool off. On the contrary, you should make a move on her while she’s burning with desire.

Most often than not, women don’t go as far as taking their panties off and telling you something like, “Take me, I want you now!” or “she calling you daddy!”

That’s why you have to read between the lines and do something about it sooner rather than later. 

You’ve got this!

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