20 Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You (Based Off Psychology)

Are you wondering about the soft gaze or the extra text messages he’s been sending your way?

Romance often speaks in whispers, through small gestures rather than grand declarations. It’s in the casual to careful shift, where you might catch glimpses of a man’s growing affection.

In this article, we’ll dive into these subtle signs (backed off psychology) to help you decode the gentle progression of feelings.

As we explore these cues together, you might just find the clarity you need in understanding the if he is slowly falling for you.

Here are 20 subtle signs he’s falling in love with you:

1. He consistently seeks opportunities for physical closeness and contact

If you think he’s simply attracted to you just because he touches you frequently, think again!

There’s actually another explanation for why a man would put his hands on you often other than to express his sexual desires.

When a man tries to get close to you and make non-sexual physical contact with you, it means he’s trying to build intimacy.

By touching you, he’s actually trying to say that he likes you, accepts you, cares for you, and understands you. 

Touch has numerous emotional and physiological benefits, such as:

  • It makes you feel accepted, content, and relaxed;
  • It lowers your cortisol levels which increase due to stress;
  • It increases the production of oxytocin – the love hormone.

This means that he’s not only trying to make you feel better by touching you as a sign of affection or support. It also makes him feel good as his levels of oxytocin also increase.

Note: Body language speaks a lot so paying attention to it necessary. if he has started using open body language in front of you then it’s one of the strongest signs he is slowing falling for you.

2. He stares into your eyes deeply but doesn’t make it awkward

Does he look you in the eyes confidently and makes prolonged eye contact with you?

If he does, it means he has feelings for you. 

In fact, it was scientifically proven that when a man and a woman look into each other’s eyes for 2 minutes, they become more attracted to each other. 

Feelings of passionate and dispositional love increase, and there’s a high chance of actually liking someone better after looking into their eyes for a while.

On top of that, if he feels comfortable maintaining his gaze and he doesn’t feel awkward doing it – or makes you feel awkward – it means he’s obsessed with you .

He’s really savoring the moment.

This sign applies if you’re already dating him, and also if you’re not there yet.

3. He only sees the best in you and focuses on your positive traits

Another sign he is slowly falling for you is when he sees you through rose-colored glasses. In other words, he only notices your positive traits.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “love is blind.” It means that someone can’t see the shortcomings of the person they have feelings for. 

But, it also means another surprising thing.

A psychological study has shown that when someone only sees the best in you, they actually perceive you as more attractive than themselves.

Wait, is that a good thing? 

According to a journal article on the benefits of positive illusions, yes, it is! Various studies have shown that when one of the partners is idealized, the chances to build a successful relationship increase significantly. 

So, if he tends to point out your positive characteristics only, he may be smitten by you. However, he might as well be an optimistic guy who always sees the glass half full.

How to tell the difference?

Just watch him interact with other people. If he maintains the same attitude when talking to others, you might not be special to him. 

4. He seeks ways to get closer to you and connect with you

Especially if you just started dating and he seeks ways to get closer to you and connect with you, it only means one thing: he is slowly falling for you.

Do you know why he does it?

When a person is in love or falling in love, something happens in their body. Their dopamine levels increase As a neurotransmitter, dopamine has the ability to stimulate certain centers in the brain that are responsible for pleasure. 

To put it simply, when he spends time with you and feels a connection with you, the pleasure centers in his brain are activated. That’s why he comes back for more. 

This is another scientifically-proven fact about love meant to explain how love (chemically) really works.Use it in your favor and figure out his feelings for you. 

5. He can’t help but get jealous and a little possessive sometimes

Look, he might not know what he really feels about you yet, but if he’s showing physical signs of jealousy or gets a little possessive, he’s clearly in love.

A jealous man can react in many ways. Some men get angry, some men get up and leave, while others try to draw all their attention to themselves. 

As for a possessive man, he may express himself through body language (he gets physically close to you when he feels threatened) or words, trying to make decisions on your behalf, and so on. 

For example, if you talk to other guys his face go red or he start acting like he is hurt.

But you know what? It’s not his fault.

If he has developing feelings for you, he simply can’t help it. His brain is infused with hormones that tell him what to do.

6. He keeps in constant touch with texts throughout the day

Regardless if you’re already dating him or not, he keeps in constant touch with you.

Why does he do it?

He’s slowly falling in love with you, of course. You are probably on his mind a lot and that’s why he communicates with you constantly. 

Also, if he’s mainly texting you during the day, he definitely has feelings for you.

How do I know?

If a man communicates with you constantly during the day it means…

… he makes time for you while he’s at work/school etc;

… he thinks about you on a constant basis;

… he is genuinely curious to know what you’re up to;

… he is eager to tell you things and he simply can’t wait.

7. He wants to protect you and acts like your personal hero

Another sign that gives away a man’s feelings is his protective behavior… or lack thereof. 

A man can be protective in many ways. He can protect you from physical dangers, as well as emotional ones. 

So, if he stands up for you, makes sure you get home safe and doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, take it as a positive sign.

If he does all these, it means you have awakened an innate part of him that drives him towards all these actions. 

Maybe you did it by letting him see your vulnerable side. Or, maybe you did something else. Whatever you did, he likes you and wants you to like him in return. 

When a man is naturally protective of you, he gives away his feelings without realizing it. But, as long as you’re aware of this aspect, you’re one step ahead of him.

8. He spends more time with you and less time with his friends

Are you his new favorite person? 

Lately, you’ve been spending more and more time with this guy. He even spends more time with you now than he spends with his friends. 

What do you think this means? Yes, you’ve got it right – he’s slowly falling for you. 

The explanation? Spending time together helps create and deepen the connection between two people. 

In case you sparked an interest in him and he enjoys spending time with you, he’ll keep doing it. In a way, you could say he’s making you a priority. 

So, if he found numerous excuses to see you or if he planned a lot of dates, it’s pretty obvious that he’s making an effort to impress you.

And why else would he make an effort if he wasn’t head over heels in love with you?

9. He truly listens to you and tries to come up with solutions

As you already know, men aren’t the best listeners. I mean, they have to at least be motivated by something powerful to make an effort and listen. 

In your case, his motivation could be his love for you. If he genuinely cares about you and his feelings get stronger every day, he will pay attention to you. 

Not only he will listen, but he’ll also try to come up with solutions. He’ll do his best to remove any inconvenience that comes up in your life. 

He may be a problem-solver putting his skills to use, or he may be a man who is slowly falling in love. 

If you want to know for sure, you know what you have to do! Study his behavior around other people. No one treats everyone in the same way.

10. He compromises to please you

A man who makes compromises? Where did you find this guy? 

If he is love with you, he’s also mature enough to make compromises, you just found yourself a keeper!

But, before you get all excited about this, ask yourself whether he’s actually made a compromise or not.

To make things clearer for you, a man who compromises tries to meet you halfway. He gives up a little if you also give up a little. 

Simply put, he tries to be flexible for you and does certain things just because you want to. It might not be in his nature to walk your dog for example. He might not even like dogs. But he does it for you. 

This light form of self-sacrifice is often an indication that love is present. 

11. He finds you funny and tries to make you laugh as well

Pay attention because science strikes again! 

The results of a recent study revealed a very surprising thing. It appears that there are differences in the way we laugh with friends and the way we laugh with our romantic partners.

Different how?

The results showed that laughter with friends sounds more pleasant, natural, and spontaneous. As for laughter with a romantic partner, it sounds more submissive, as well as tense. 

Now that you know this piece of valuable information, all you have to do is listen to his laughter. However, if you two already laugh a lot when you’re together, you might not need another sign.

12. He is always concerned about your well-being

A man’s concern for you is a sign he has feelings for you. For a man to ask if you, for example, get enough sleep at night and eat well, he has to care about you. 

Otherwise, he wouldn’t show any interest or worry. You see, men don’t have maternal instincts like women do. They are not nurturers.

That’s why it doesn’t come naturally to him to have these thoughts about you. He only has them because of his feelings for you.

You are slowly winning him over if he expresses concern related to your emotional or physical well-being. 

At times, he might not even wait for you to tell him something concerning. He may ask you direct questions that reveal how invested in you he really is.

13. He has told his friends many things about you

You may or may not know his friends. 

If he has already introduced you to them and they welcomed you among them, telling you they’ve heard many good things about you, you’re one lucky woman. 

This guy is clearly attracted to you and wants to be more than friends with you. 

If you didn’t get the chance to meet his friends yet – since you don’t know where things stand with him – but he still mentions they know about you, you’re also lucky. 

Well, in case you are also slowly catching feelings for him, take this as a positive sign. He is excited about you and shares his emotions with his friends.

14. He pays close attention to the smallest details about you

What else could give a man’s feelings away? His attention to detail, of course.

As someone with many male friends, I can tell you for sure that they don’t notice when I change my hairstyle, my hair color, or lose/gain weight. 

I can also tell you that they don’t remember my pet’s birthday either or my doctor’s appointment. They are truly good friends and we care about each other. However, no friend remembers these details if they have a busy life themselves. 

A man who is in the process of falling in love does though! He notices everything you change about your appearance. He also remembers the little things about you.

15. He acts concerned

Are you convinced yet? If you’re still unsure about his feelings for you, consider this:

A life partner has more than one role. He is your lover, your friend, and sometimes, your parent as well.

Love isn’t about feelings of attraction and attachment only. It’s also about wishing the best for the other. 

That’s why it makes sense if a guy worries about your well-being and calls you on your BS. He only wants what’s best for you. 

For example, let’s say that you ran super late at a get-together that he was also attending. While the others noticed that you didn’t show up, they weren’t worried. 

However, he was worried sick especially because you didn’t tell anyone that you’ll be running late. What’s more, he made a big deal out of it when you finally arrived.

Who is he, your father? No, he’s just a man in love.

16. He begins to open up to you and share more about him

I mentioned before that a man’s desire to connect on a deeper level is usually a sign he got love-struck. The same goes for when he opens up. 

You must make him feel quite comfortable because otherwise, he wouldn’t do this. He wouldn’t share any sensitive information about himself with you. 

By doing this, he is letting you in. He reacts to the way you make him feel and does what comes naturally to him. 

He shares secrets and personal details with you and this is a sign of closeness. Who knows, maybe you two can share more than one intense moment together.

One thing is for sure: He feels drawn to you and wants to be part of his world.

17. He puts his phone away when he’s with you

Are you at the center of his attention? You are if he puts his phone away when he’s with you. It’s not that he’s hiding his phone away from you.

No, he’s just trying to put all distractions aside and direct his attention to you. In case he really needs to take a call, he excuses himself and is transparent about who is calling him.

He doesn’t wait for you to ask him who was on the phone (not that you’d ask). He’s being honest because he doesn’t want you to have doubts. 

Even if you’re not dating him, if he’s falling in love with you, he knows it would be a great idea not to make you think there are other women in his life. He doesn’t want to send the wrong message.

18. He focuses on the things you two have in common 

Having things in common with a new love interest often drives us to pursue a more meaningful connection with them.

I am sure you’re familiar with the phrase “like attracts like.” It refers to the fact that when two people discover they are similar, they also become more attracted to each other.

If he noticed that you two have many things in common, it’s a normal reaction for him to focus on them, point them out, and explore them further. 

Finding common ground with someone we have feelings for gives us hope that the relationship will develop in a romantic and committed direction. 

It also makes us believe that we are compatible with the other person, which means we have even more reasons to pursue a relationship with them. 

19. He has a hard time accepting your male friends

Let me tell you my story.

At the beginning of my very serious and committed relationship (we’ve been together for 5 years now), my partner had a really hard time accepting my male friends.

He thought it was uncommon for a woman to have so many male friends. He simply didn’t understand why I couldn’t get along with women and instead had male friends.

And because he couldn’t wrap his mind around that situation, he tried to compensate by trying to prove he was better than any of my friends. 

He didn’t want to accompany me at get-togethers and he said mean things about them.

Do you know why?

He had strong feelings for me and saw my male friends as threats. That phase didn’t last long though because in time he got the chance to know me better, as well as them, and understand what was bringing us together.

20. He has shared his relationship history 

No man or woman is comfortable talking about their past love life. It can be hurtful, and embarrassing, and it can send the wrong message.

However, it can also be useful. Learning things about each other’s relationship history can help two people get to know each other better. Even so, few men find the courage to bring it up.

So, if he had the strength to talk to you about his past relationships for all the right reasons (not because he’s still hooked on his ex, or needs consolation), it’s the last sign you need to be sure of his feelings for you.

What’s Next?

Now that you know whether he’s slowly falling for you or not, it’s time to ask yourself one more question: What do you want?

In case he’s not there yet and he didn’t catch feelings for you yet, but you want him to, don’t give up! There are many practical ways you can try to make him fall in love with you. But if he is, and you’re also falling for him, don’t hesitate to act accordingly.

I’m not saying that you should confess your love for him. However, you can at least reciprocate his efforts and show him you also have strong feelings for him. Either way, you’ve got this!

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