Why Does Your Girlfriend Call You Daddy? (Reasons and How to Respond)

She gives you a sultry look and says, “Hey, Daddy, want to get out of here?” 

It’s intriguing, but you’re confused. 

What does it mean? Did you miss something?

Of course, you know it has some sexual or intimate connotation, but what?

Should you be concerned, or should you embrace it?

But there’s more to it than bog standard bedroom talk, which we delve into below.

Read on to discover why your girl has started calling you Daddy and how you can respond.

Why Does My Girlfriend Call Me Daddy? (8 Reasons)

1. You’re dominant, particularly in the bedroom

If you take control in the bedroom and things are going well, she may use the term Daddy in the heat of the moment. 

Don’t freak out; this doesn’t necessarily mean she has some underlying daddy issues that will plague the remainder of your relationship. 

Using the term Daddy passionately could indicate that she’s having a great time and doesn’t want it to stop!

She is probably just signaling that she likes that you’ve taken charge, you’re doing good, and she wants you to keep doing it.

If a woman calls you Daddy in the bedroom, it often means she finds you powerful, strong, and confident – and she likes it.

It’s not that uncommon for girlfriends to call boyfriends daddy during the sex 😏.

2. She feels secure and at ease in your company

If your girl feels safe and protected by you, she may call you Daddy in the bedroom (and outside of the bedroom) to let you know how you make her feel.

Perhaps the level of safety and the feeling of power you exude reminds her of how a girl feels protected by her father.

But it doesn’t mean that she actually sees you as her daddy or like her daddy – so there’s no immediate need to panic without further evidence.

If she’s comfortable around you because you make her feel safe and secure, calling you Daddy may feel natural to her.

3. It turns her on

Sometimes bedroom talk doesn’t make all that much sense but it works in terms of sexual stimulation. 

Think of the last time someone said something to you that you found incredibly sexy.

Do you think it would appeal to everyone, or was there a personal trigger you just can’t explain?

That’s the nature of dirty talk / bedroom talk.

Think about people who like to talk dirty. You’d probably never talk that way with each other in public or at a family dinner, but a little dirty talk can set the mood and get those sexy-time feelings racing through your veins when in the bedroom.

It’s similar when it comes to using the term Daddy in the bedroom. Perhaps your girlfriend calls your daddy, it turns on her and gets her in the mood. In which case, you should embrace it and probably encourage it – if you enjoy it, of course.

4. She is trying to be submissive

Think of your girl in everyday life.

  • Does she hold powerful positions at work?
  • Is she always burdened with responsibility and having to make important decisions?

Bold, powerful, independent women in everyday life may want to play a submissive role in the bedroom from time to time. 

By calling a guy “Daddy,” she may be indicating that she wants to step away from being the dominant person she usually is and hand the reins over to the guy. 

If your girlfriend is a high achiever or someone who excels in the boardroom but comes home and calls you “Daddy,” it’s time to take the lead and show some initiative in the bedroom. 

Allow her to take the submissive role – she’ll thank you for it.

5. She wants to try role-playing in the bedroom

If your girl is adventurous, she may like a bit of role-play in the bedroom. There are many role-play ideas out there, and you may even come up with your own. 

Are you missing the cues that she wants to get a little more playful and explore other role-play concepts?

Daddy role-play is a popular one and a go-to for many couples, so don’t feel as if it’s unusual.

Before you start scrutinizing it and analyzing the situation to try to find a deeper meaning, there may be one. It is possible that the concept of Daddy role-play simply turns her on, and that’s as far as it goes.

6. She wants you to feel like an Alpha male

Remember that your girl chose you because she sees you as her top pick. To her, you are the Alpha. 

If your girl wants you to feel in charge and like you’re above all other males, she may call you “Daddy.”

When young girls form relationships with their fathers, they see them as the Alpha male. But as they get older, they shift away from seeing their daddy as an Alpha male (in a healthy lifestyle) and seek out their own Alpha male. 

She may be indicating that she sees you as the Alpha male in her life when she calls you “Daddy.” If you’re not uncomfortable with it, you should embrace it!

7. She wants your attention

Tone is everything when it comes to being called “Daddy.”

Is she just using it to get your attention for fun or to tease you? If she is, she may say something like, “Yo, Daddy!” 

If she wants to get your attention sexually, she may whisper, “Hey, Daddy…” in your ear.

Many women say Daddy to get attention from a guy – you need to figure out what kind of attention that is. Consider context, tone of voice, and body language when she uses the term.

For instance, if she is saying “Yo, Daddy” while giving you a high-five, it’s probably not sexual at all.

If she looks cheeky and says, “Hey, Daddy!” while laughing with her girlfriends, she is most likely just teasing you.

But if she’s gently rubbing your arm and whispering, “Hey, Daddy” in your ear, there’s a high probability that she’s being sexual.

8. She could have daddy issues

Here’s the part that a lot of people get uncomfortable with. Some men don’t want their girl to call them Daddy if it stems from deeper psychological issues.

Many men get confused or feel uncomfortable when they’re first called Daddy because they don’t know what it means. 

Some think it could stem from past problems or unresolved issues, and the reality is that it can come from those things.

Below, we look at some of the psychological roots of a woman calling a man Daddy.

  • Childhood trauma from her father
  • Attachment issues
  • Absentee father

Is calling me daddy a red flag?

No, it’s not anything serious. In fact, “Daddy” is becoming an increasing pet name. And, If you’re comfortable with this pet name and it’s used in a mutually respectful and consensual manner, it’s generally not a concern.

As long as both of you are on the same page and the overall relationship is healthy and respectful, such personalized terms of endearment can be a positive aspect of your connection.

How to respond when a girl calls you Daddy?

How you respond when your girl calls you Daddy will come down to how you feel about it. That said, it’s not a good idea to disrespect your partner’s desires, even if they don’t align with yours. Still, if you’re uncomfortable, have an open communication with her.

If you feel the same and it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, you can call her “baby girl” or “little one”, thus mirroring her sentiments and desires.

A few additional ways you can mirror her language include:

  • “Yes, my love?”
  • “Yes, my girl?”
  • “What’s up, my cutie?”
  • “What can I do for you, princess?”
  • “Yes, my angel?”

What if she calls you Daddy and it makes me uncomfortable?

If a girl calls you Daddy and it doesn’t make you feel good, you can apply gentle tactics to get her to change what she calls you. Suggest that she thinks of a more unique pet name so that you can have something special between you or imply that while Daddy might seem special, it may be a bit generic, and you’d like something more unique.

If she’s calling you Daddy to rile you up and push your buttons, you can probably get her to stop by fighting fire with fire. 

For instance, you could say:

  • “Yes, mommy, what’s up?”
  • “Hey, my son!”
  • “Yes, my good girl! I have a chores list for you!”


Being called Daddy is great for some guys and not so great for others. If you decide that it’s not for you, just remember to communicate this without hurting her sentiments. After all, it’s a sensitive topic, but her intentions for using it may be good.

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