How to Tell if A Girl Likes You? (21 Signs She Likes You)

There is a simple and straightforward way to find out if a girl likes you: Just ask her out!

Easier said than done, I know!

You need to be confident to pull that off from the first try. 

However, if you have doubts, that’s okay, too because there are many cues you can watch out for to find out if a girl likes you.

As follows, I’ll tell you all about the verbal, non-verbal, social, and digital cues that give away a girl’s true feelings for you.

Stay with me until the end of the article because that’s when I’ll share the Brad Pitt Rule with you. It’ll help you shed light on her level of attraction for you once and for all.

Let’s get started!

21 Signs a Girl Likes You:

Part A: Verbal Cues

1. She repeatedly calls you by your name in conversations

When she talks to you, does she call you by your name? If she does, that’s very good news for you. It means the following:

  • She acknowledges your identity
  • She wants your attention

By repeatedly saying your name, she is trying to create a deeper connection with you. What’s more, if she also uses informal names for you, that’s an indication she feels close to you.

For example, if your name is Thomas and she sometimes calls you Thommy, that’s proof of affection. Her attitude towards you is friendly.

Now, she might do this unconsciously or because she knows that calling someone by their name frequently is like massaging their ego. If it’s the latter, she definitely likes you!

2. She asks you open ended questions

A girl who asks you many questions is either an extremely curious person or she’s interested.

How can you tell?

For example, she might ask you about your preferences, such as…

  • “What’s your favorite drink?”
  • “What do you think about…”
  • “What are you passionate about?”
  • “What are your hopes and dreams for the future?”

She talks about the small stuff with you, but she isn’t afraid to touch on more meaningful topics either.

It’s like she’s trying to get to know you on a deeper level.

One way to tell apart someone who’s simply curious from someone who is romantically interested in you is by analyzing their behavior with others. 

To be more precise, if you’re the only one she has inquiries for, then she’s into you.

3. She gives you all sorts of flattering compliments

Another verbal cue that will give you the answer you’re looking for is related to compliments. 

While it’s true that if a girl pays you compliments it doesn’t 100% mean she has a romantic interest in you, it’s definitely a plus if she does it.

The girl on your mind could slip a compliment or two in a casual way during a conversation. Her compliments can be about your appearance, intelligence, skills, and humor. 

Or, they could be directed at your looks only. In case she pays more attention to that side of you, what do you think it means?

That’s right, she’s physically attracted to you! 

So, do your best to actively listen to her. Her words will reveal just how much she likes you.

4. She teases you from time to time, keeping it light-hearted

Another thing women do when they want to attract a man’s attention is to tease him.

To put it simply, she may pick on you while maintaining a light-hearted attitude. 

Maybe she chooses to make fun of something you wear, say, or own. It really doesn’t matter as long as you clearly see that she’s joking. 

This is also a tactic, you know. She wants to talk to you, but she doesn’t know what to say, so she makes remarks related to things about you. 

Now, there’s a fine line between teasing and being mean. Make sure you know the difference. Examples:

Mean: Look who came in, the loser!

Tease: Look who’s here, the I-always-wear-a-hat guy!

5. She lets you see her vulnerable side by opening up

Does she like you or… not? 

Yes: She opens up to you by telling you about some of the mistakes she made or about one of her weaknesses.

No: She makes small talk with you and that’s it.

Here’s the thing: People don’t open up to just anybody. We need to feel some sort of connection or attraction for the other person to do that.

Or, we show vulnerability to people who we think might understand us or are similar to us. 

To figure this point out, think about some of the most vulnerable things she said to you. What were they about? 

In case she shared personal stories or a a secret with you that only few people know, then things are pretty clear: She is trying to get on more intimate level with you.

But, beware: She might test you to see whether you tell her secret to someone else or keep it to yourself.

6. She uses psychological techniques to get to you

What else would a girl say if she liked you?

Apart from calling you by your name a lot, she would focus on highlighting the things you and her have in common.

How do I know?

Thanks to a research article published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, we now know for sure that we tend to like people who are similar to us. 

While it’s true that opposites attract in certain circumstances, the most loving and understanding relationships are based on similarities. 

I am not only talking about having the same tastes in food or music. I’m also talking about going through similar experiences.

For example, my partner and I both grew up in dysfunctional families and that’s one of the things that brought us together. 

Part B: Body Language Cues

For this point and the following ones, it’s important to analyze her body language. Let’s start with smiling!

7. She can’t help but smile whenever she sees you

When she sees you, does she smile or keep a straight face? If she smiles, it suggests she’s happy to see you.

It’s also an indication that her attitude towards you is open and friendly.

But how can you tell that on top of being friendly, she also has a sexual interest in you ?

She will do the following:

  • She will make short and intense eye contact with you
  • She will smile, giggle, and laugh at your jokes
  • She will flirt by looking at you and then looking away

In fact, the combination between a giggle and a short eye gaze is considered one of the most distinctive indications of a woman’s genuine interest in a man.

8. She leans in while talking and sits/stands close to you

Let’s make an exercise together.

Answer the following questions:

  • How far apart do you normally sit/stand from your friends?
  • How far does she sit/stand from her friends?
  • How far does she sit/stand from you?

In general, it’s believed that people maintain a so-called “personal space.” In other words, we avoid standing/sitting too close to others.

Of course, there are exceptions such as when we’re in love. That’s why it’s important to determine if she crosses your personal bubble.

If she does, it means this girl likes you and could be interested in getting intimate with you. For example, in case you notice that she leans in slightly when you talk to her, that’s good!

People are different and so is their personal space. Most people are okay with maintaining a 2 feet distance from each other. 

But if this girl likes you, she’ll get really close… there will be no more than 18 inches between you and her.

9. She mirrors your body language 

Humans are wired to unconsciously mimic other people’s nonverbal and verbal language in certain social situations. 

Long ago, people needed each other to survive, so it was a big plus when they made each other feel comfortable.

Nowadays, mirroring is consciously used for various purposes such as in sales, at school, and in romantic relationships.

In your situation, observing whether the girl in your mind displays such behavior will help you figure out what she feels for you. 

Watch out for the following:

  • Nonverbal mirroring – She stands/sits in front of you, makes prolonged eye contact with you, and gives you the triple nod (known to make other people talk 3 times longer). In addition, she crosses/uncrosses her legs/arms if you do, and so on.
  • Vocal mirroring – In this regard, she could mimic the pace and the volume of your speech. This works because, as research shows, people like other people better if they have a similar pace and volume when they speak.
  • Verbal mirroring – As the name suggests, this type of mirroring is about using some of the same words as the other person. In your case, observe whether she uses any of the words you commonly use.
  • Punctuator – The punctuator refers to a person’s unique gesture when they’re trying to make a point. For example, maybe they smile, raise their eyebrow, clap their hands, etc. If she knows your punctuator and she uses it, she’s definitely into you.

10. She touches you or brushes against you frequently

Do you know what other body language sign points to attraction? This one is all about physical contact and it may manifest itself as a light touch.

To be more precise, if this girl likes you, she’ll touch you in various instances without thinking about it first, such as when you make her laugh. 

As she laughs, if she touches you lightly or gives you a nudge, that’s a body language sign she’s hoping for more intimacy between you two. 

Or, let’s say that she wants to go from point A to point B and you’re in the way.

Does she wait for you to move or does she brush against you? If it’s the latter, then her feelings for you are clear.

11. She plays with her hair while gazing at you

I’m sure you’ve heard about the “hair flip” – it’s a known thing that women do when they feel attracted to a guy. 

Or, if she doesn’t do a full flip for you, she’ll definitely play with her hair while you talk to her. 

Some women simply slide their hands through their hair, while others take a hair strand and play with it. 

That’s where your own judgment comes in. Just look at her and what she does with her hands when you two are talking.

Some women feel the need to constantly arrange their clothes to make sure they look perfect while listening to the man they fancy.

12. She’s nervous around you

If it’s not her hair she plays with, then she’ll find other things to play with, such as a piece of paper, a pen, or anything to fiddle with.

How so?

Well, if she’ likes you’s interested and feeling a bit nervous around you, she’ll find something to hold in her hands during a conversation.

This helps her stay grounded, listen to you, and hide her real emotions at the same time. Instead of expressing them, she transfers them to whatever object she picks.

Part C: Social Interaction Cues

Now, let’s talk about your interactions with her.

13. She tries to include you in her plans for the future

The tendency to make plans with you and/or include you in her plans for the future is one strong argument she likes you. 

Otherwise, she would simply avoid making plans with you or asking you to accompany her to do various things together.

Unless you think she somehow feels obligated to invite you to different places, then you can rest assured she’s into you.

Spending time together with you, even if it’s not one-on-one is important to her because that’s an opportunity for her to get to know you better and the other way around.

14. She asks you to hang out

As you’ve seen so far, it’s pretty easy to tell if a woman’s general attitude toward you is open and friendly. 

But, to determine whether she’s romantically interested in you, you have to dig deeper.

Another social interaction cue you might get from her is this: She finds opportunities to spend one-on-one time with you or invites you to various activities in two.

I am not saying that she’ll ask you out. She probably won’t. But she might ask for your help with something, for example.

Or, she could find something only the two of you like, such as a movie, or a music band, and ask you to go to the theaters or a concert together.

15. She sometimes acts jealous when you talk to other girls

A woman’s behavior might be hard to decipher for most men. At times, women don’t understand themselves either. 

However, a change in her attitude after you talk to another girl, clearly suggests feelings of jealousy. 

Other signs she’s jealous are when she interrupts your conversations with other women, tries to draw your attention somehow, or is mean to the other girls.

She could start being mean to you as well, especially if she feels seriously threatened. Or, she could try to hide it by acting dismissive.

16. She introduces you to her inner circle of friends

A woman’s affection comes with multiple benefits, such as the fact that she wants to include you more and more in her life.

One way to do that is to introduce you to her inner circle of friends and to ask you to tag along to most group get-togethers. 

She might start slow by introducing you to her BBF or make a big deal out of it when all her friends are around – this depends on her personality.

17. She laughs at every joke you make, without exceptions

  • Does she find you funny? 
  • Does she laugh even if no one else laughs?
  • Does she giggle at almost everything you say?

While it’s true that you two might have a similar sense of humor, that’s usually not the case. 

Women in love do this all the time: They can’t help but react in an enthusiastic way to whatever the guy they like says.

According to several studies, women tend to be attracted to men who make them laugh, while men like women who laugh at their jokes. Researchers have also found that humor is a key factor in human “sexual selection”. 

In a study by Jeffrey Hall, an associate professor of Communication Studies at the University of Kansas, it was found that when two strangers meet, the more times a man tries to be funny and a woman laughs, the more likely she is to be interested in dating. 

Another study found that women were three times more likely to give their phone number to a man who made them laugh. 

Note: However, It is important to note that laughter is not always a true indicator of whether someone finds a comment funny or not.

18. She is often brought up in conversation by her friends

Depending on how much this girl likes you, she will ask her friends to help her out or not. If she does ask her friends, then you should notice some of the following:

  • They often bring her up in conversation if she’s not present
  • They point out similarities between you and her
  • They make jokes about you two looking good together
  • They give you hints that she likes you in a romantic way
  • They wink at you in various situations to make a point
  • They interrupt your conversation with her by saying “You two should get a room!”

Part D: Digital Communication Cues

Now let’s look at the signs that a girl likes you through texting.

19. She communicates with emojis, reels, and inside jokes

Look, if this woman likes you in a romantic way, she will not cease to try and show that to you IRL and online as well. 

It’s not like when you don’t see each other face to face, you don’t talk. No, your conversations continue via text or online as DMs on certain social media platforms.

If you relate, then scroll through your messages and look at what emojis she uses. Has she ever sent you a “blushing” emoji, a “kiss” emoji, or a “heart” emoji? 

Yes: She likes you!

No: She might be shy.

20. She replies to your messages in a matter of seconds

Let me ask you this: How available is she to talk/hang out with you?

Highly available: 

If the girl in your mind replies to your message really fast or picks up the phone every time you call her, she’s either not busy at all or she is interested in you in a romantic way.

To figure this out, you’ll have to get to know her better. However, if she responds in a matter of seconds, regardless of the time of the day, then it’s unlikely she’s free all the time.

To put it simply, she prioritizes talking to you/messaging you.

21. She engages with your social media posts and photos

Is this woman all over your social media content as well? If so, then she obviously has some kind of interest in you. 

Romantic interest: She likes your photos, uses heart or flame emoji, etc. She also engages with your other content and writes comments. 

What’s more, she doesn’t pay attention to your new content only. She liked some of your older posts as well, soon after you followed/befriended each other online.

If You’re Still Unsure Then Employ the Brad Pitt Rule to Determine if She Likes You

Are you still unsure about this girl’s feelings for you? Take action!

Use the Brad Pitt Rule to determine if she likes you once and for all.

How does it work?

This rule is really simple and effective. What is required of you is to think of yourself as if you were Brad Pitt (the actor) and ask this girl out. 

To do this, it’s essential to have the actor’s attitude in mind: To act confident and as if there’s no way she could refuse. After all, you’re Brad Pitt.

What if she refuses? If you ask her out and she simply says “no” then she doesn’t like you and you should not try to pursue her.

However, if she says she can’t, but asks you to reschedule, then that’s completely different! It means she is into you and you should chase after her.

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