How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text? (Obvious Signs)

Texting back and forth with a girl can be a fun experience. But to what end?

It’s possible she likes you and wants to pursue a romantic relationship with you. However, women are notorious for being difficult to understand.

This means that a few simple texts may mean nothing. Or, not exactly what you’re hoping for.

The good news?

There are signs that can reveal if a girl likes you over text!

Watch out for the signs below. They’ll reveal the answer you’re looking for. 

Fair warning: You’ll have to read the texts you got from her once more and analyze their content, as well as their frequency. 

Don’t worry though, I’ll help you out every step of the way. Let’s do this!

11 Signs That Tell a Girl Likes You Over Text:

1. She initiate conversations and replies on the dot

Here’s the thing: If a girl initiates a conversation with you via text once, that’s not a big deal. Who knows, maybe she had a personal curiosity or maybe she needed your help.

However, if she texts you first more than once, that’s an indication she’s into you

The only exception? She contacts you because of the same reason. For example, you’re good at something she needs help with.

As soon as you get that out of the way, there’s something else to look after: How long does she take to reply to your texts?

She responds quickly: This means she made you a priority and she always makes time to send a response. Chances are she likes you.

She takes minutes or hours: The girl you’re exchanging texts with could be busy and that’s why she needs more time to reply. There’s a high chance she’s interested in you.

She answers after days or not at all: I’m sorry to tell you this, but she doesn’t give you much importance.

2. She wants to get your approval

Another sign a girl has a romantic interest in you is when she asks for your approval in direct and indirect ways. 

Why is this important? She cares what you think of her!

Now, depending on her personality and level of confidence, her inquiries could be related to her looks, skills, ideas, and/or principles.

Here are a few examples:

  • She wants to know if you agree that something she did is right
  • She is insecure about making the right decisions and needs reassurance
  • She is looking for validation before accepting or rejecting various opportunities

Whatever the case, the conclusion stays the same: She likes you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t ask for validation. It’s simple as that. 

But… there is a small chance she turns to you to make her feel better. In other words, maybe you manage to give her the confidence she needs to deal with other aspects of her life.

How to tell the difference? Pair this sign with other signs to make sure.

3. She keeps the conversation flowing

I want to ask you the following questions:

  • When she texts you, does she have a specific reason? 
  • Do you feel your conversations flow naturally?
  • Does she ever run out of questions to ask you?

As I mentioned before, whether or not she messages you with a clear purpose in mind counts a lot. If she texts you “just because” to ask you how you’re doing, that’s a really good sign! 

It suggests she is thinking about you and has a genuine interest to talk to you. The same applies in case she does her best to keep the conversation alive by sending back to back messages. 

Especially if you’ve been texting each other for a short while, she probably never runs out of questions to ask you. 

On top of that, she might try to mix things up a bit by using suggestive emojis, GIFs, memes, etc. You’ll find more info about these below.

4. She uses emojis to express herself 👀

You might say: “Everyone uses emojis, that’s not a proper sign!

However, I have to disagree. While it’s true that using emojis is pretty common these days, not everyone will send you emojis that express certain feelings, such as the shy emoji or the heart emoji. 

Of course, you’ll have to use your own judgment on this and read between the lines. Sometimes, the context in which some emojis are used gives away their real meaning. 

For example, if you help a girl with something, she might text you “Thank you” accompanied by a heart emoji.

Does this mean she’s interested?

She might, but a better explanation could be that she appreciates what you did for her and is thankful –  no romance involved. 

So, don’t be afraid to use your intuition as well… just for a little bit. If you’re picking up a lovey-dovey vibe from her emojis, that’s probably right!

Pro tip: Try to determine whether her texting style includes the same emojis you’re getting. Take a peek the next time you get a chance.

5. She sends well-crafted texts

If a girl…

  • … sends long-form texts
  • … cares for grammar and punctuation
  • … talks about meaningful topics
  • … takes your questions seriously
  • … gives thoughtful answers

….She’s interested in you!

Writing a well-crafted text doesn’t come easy to anyone. We all need to make some effort to express ourselves regardless of the situation.

That’s why if she does it, you should take it as a big green flag. It basically reveals her interest in you. 

So, if her replies aren’t lazy and they’re full of details, don’t take them for granted. She’s trying to make a good impression on you.

The more she elaborates on whatever the two of you talk about, the better! This actually says a lot about her personality as well – she is not a superficial person if she does that.

6. She drops subtle hints

Look, if a girl likes you, she will give you subtle hints. She will try to make you see that she likes you without actually saying it. 


Here are a bunch of relevant points:

She uses informal names for you: Let’s say your name is John and she calls you Johnny. That’s an endearing way of calling your name that suggests affection.

She coined a new pet name for you: In case she already made up a pet name for you, you shouldn’t wait any longer before asking her out. She likes you for sure.

She gives you compliments: If you’ve ever liked a girl, then you know that complimenting someone you like comes naturally. So, hearing her say good things about you point to a positive conclusion. It also show that she’s comfortable with you.

She praises you for your achievements: Did she text you saying she’s proud of you? Don’t take it lightly. It most definitely means she is.

She wants to make plans with you: Do you ever talk about doing things together? If so, it means she wants to include you even more in her life and spend time with you.

She flirts with you via text: She uses playful words and remarks and makes jokes. She also inserts suggestive emojis in her texts.

7. She asks you open ended questions

Is she asking you a lot of questions over text? If she does, one thing is for sure: She’s curious about you.

You somehow managed to make her curious about a side of you or the whole of you. Which one is it?

Analyze the questions she has for you. What are they about? 

In case they’re very different and cover most fields in life, then you can rest assured she has an interest in you. 

Is it a romantic interest? It could be if she wants to know about your relationship status, your previous relationships, your taste in women, your ideal date, and so on.

What else?

Apart from trying to find out more about you, she doesn’t shy away from sharing her personal life stories and experiences with you. 

What’s more, she doesn’t shut you off if you touch on a topic that goes way beyond small talk. On the contrary, she tries to give good insights.

She may also ask for your opinion on various matters. She does this to find out what you think and to deepen your connection.

8. She creates inside jokes with you

You’ve reached sign number 8 and now things are getting pretty serious. You see, there is no doubt a girl likes you if she creates inside jokes with you.

Even if it’s just via text and not IRL for now, this is a very good sign. Inside jokes are very powerful because they are unique to you and her. 

No one else knows about the meaning of your inside jokes and that’s what makes them so special. They’re only for the two of you to understand and laugh about. 

By simply exchanging texts with you, she creates opportunities for your connection to become more intimate. 

There are numerous humorous situations that may intervene as you text each other, a fact that leads to the development of inside jokes.

Do you already have an inside joke with her? If you do, it indicates closeness.

9. She texts in the morning/late at night

  • Are you the first thing on her mind when she wakes up?
  • Are you the person she thinks about late at night?

If you don’t know the answer, just take a look at what time she typically texts you. 

She texts you throughout the day: Constant communication is the best type of communication. It points to romantic interest because it suggests she thinks about you throughout the day.

She sends texts at random times: She takes every chance she gets, such as school breaks or work breaks to text you.

She texts you at night: Thinking of you keeps her up at night and that’s why she messages you. She likes you and she enjoys exchanging messages with you.

She texts you in the morning: When a girl writes a “Good morning” text to you, wishing you a great day, that’s a sweet gesture. What do you think it means? She likes you!

10. She sends you lovey-dovey GIFs

Now it’s time to look beyond her words. Take a look at the GIFs or stickers she sent you. Are they love-related?

If they are, then what are you waiting for? Clearly, she likes you and that’s why she uses GIFs or stickers to express that. 

There are countless examples in this regard, so you’ll have to figure this out on your own. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask her!

Just pop the question:What do you mean with this GIF?” or “Does this GIF mean what I think it means?

Don’t be afraid to act playful with her, flirt with her, and challenge her with your questions. If she’s into you, then she will love that.

She’ll love to tease you and express herself with even more emojis meant to explain herself and her feelings for you. 

11. Just Ask Her Out!

What are the signs saying? If you’re unsure, then maybe you should just ask your crush out

There’s really no better way to discover the truth about her feelings for you than asking her on a date. 

Each of us is unique and what applies to most of us might not apply to her. To put it simply, stop trying to guess if she likes you or not. 

Gather the needed courage to make the first move. She is probably waiting for you to do that, so you shouldn’t hesitate.

What’s the worst that could happen? She could reject you, right? 

Well… think about it this way: What would be better? 

A: To know a girl is not into you.

B: To hope she is into you without knowing she isn’t.

I’d go with B. Why? Because not knowing would stop me from finding someone who is romantically interested in me.

What about you? If you decide to ask her out, think about a few date ideas before you pop the question. This will make things easier for both of you.


Figuring out if a girl likes you over text is not that hard. You just have to pay attention to certain aspects.

By doing so, you’ll get a better understanding of her feelings for you. The signs will point you in the right direction, however, they won’t guarantee your success. 

So, instead of guessing why she keeps texting you and whether she enjoys talking to you as much as you do, find out for sure! 

Ask her out on a real date. Chances are she’ll say “yes.”

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