55 BEST Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Do you ever struggle to find the right things to talk about with your girlfriend?

You want to connect deeply, but the conversation falls flat. Before you know it, you’re both scrolling through Instagram in awkward silence.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The secret is asking the right questions to your girlfriend – ones that reveal her hopes, dreams, and deepest desires.

This draws you closer together and helps you determine if you’re truly right for each other long-term.

In this article, I’ll provide thought-provoking conversation starters to strengthen your bond. You’ll discover what matters most to her – from core values to future goals to sexual intimacy.

Let’s get started. 😈

55 Topics to Talk About With Your Girlfriend:

1. Her Passions And Hobbies

Everyone has something they’re passionate about. Help her discover it. Or at least help her notice it. Maybe she likes deep philosophical conversations. Maybe she often writes poems on her notes app. Let her express herself and avoid being judgmental.  


  1. “What is the hobby or passion you spend the most time on, and what about it excites or fulfills you the most?”
  2. “If you could turn any of your current hobbies into a profession, which one would it be and why?”
  3. Have you ever thought of making a career out of your passion?

2. Her Favorite Coffee Order

Women put so much emphasis on simple gestures like this, so it’s worth the effort of discussing and memorizing what she prefers to order. Black coffee with little sugar, or a medium Latte with caramel? Get to know it and surprise her the next morning with the cup in your hands.  


  1. “What’s your go-to coffee order on a busy morning, and does it change when you have more time to relax?”
  2. “Have you ever experimented with making your own special coffee blend or drink at home? What’s your secret recipe?”
  3. “If you’re allowed to order only one type of drink or coffee for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

3. Things You Have In Common

Two aspects of your personality you should discuss with each other are similarities and distinctions. Since you’ve fallen for each other, there are definitely more similarities than differences between the two. Make sure to keep focusing on them, but don’t keep any skeletons in the closet either. 


  1. “I’ve noticed we both enjoy [shared interest, like a genre of music, a type of food, a hobby, etc.]. What’s your favorite aspect of it?”
  2. “We both seem to value [shared belief or value, like environmentalism, fitness, creativity, etc.]. How has this influenced your life choices or daily habits?”
  3. “What trait of yourself do you see mostly in me?” 

4. Future Relationship Goals

You don’t want to end up falling for her and dreaming of a future together, while she simply wanted to have a good time. Avoid getting your heart broken, and start talking about where this relationship could go. 


  1. “What are some key qualities you think are essential for a long-term, successful relationship, and how do you see us cultivating them?”
  2. “Where do you envision us in the next five years, both as individuals and as a couple?”
  3. “What’s your idea of the ideal husband?”

5. What You Admire About Each Other

Knowing what she admires about you makes it far easier to stay in the shoes of the man she admires. Maybe she loves your beard. Consider keeping it. Maybe she loves it when you cook together. Keep doing it. And share what you admire about her. Is it the way she dresses or keeps her hair? Tell her. 


  1. “What is one trait or quality in me that you really appreciate, and how does it impact our relationship?”
  2. “I’ve always admired your ability to [mention a specific trait or action]. How did you develop this quality?”
  3. “What’s one thing you’d never want me to change in myself?”

6. Her Communication Style

Differences in communication can make or break your healthy relationship when the first conflicts come up. To avoid ending up confused when she shuts down during an argument, learn what’s her way of calming herself down. 


  1. “How do you prefer to discuss serious topics or resolve conflicts in our relationship? Are there approaches you find more effective?”
  2. “I’ve noticed you often [mention a specific aspect of her communication style, e.g., thoughtful, direct, humorous, etc.]. Has this always been your natural way of communicating, or has it evolved over time?”
  3. “How would you react if I forget to run an important errand or when something goes terribly wrong?”

7. How She Likes To Receive Affection

We’re all unique, especially in the way we want to receive love. Share with each other what comforts you. Do you prefer to get physical all the time, or you’re more into small meaningful gestures such as writing letters, or simply staying hugged for a long time? 


  1. “In a relationship, what forms of affection mean the most to you and make you feel most loved?”
  2. “I want to make sure I’m showing you love in the way you appreciate it most. Are there specific gestures or actions that you find particularly heartwarming or meaningful?”
  3. What do you want me to do when you’re sad?”

8. Her Love Language

Talk about your love language. What warms your heart and draws you closer to each other? Is it motivational words, frequent gifts, or physical touch? Sit down with her and share with each other what you long for in a partner. 


  1. “I’ve been reading about love languages and got curious — do you know what your primary love language is and how it influences the way you like to give and receive love?”
  2. “In the context of love languages, like words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch, which do you resonate with most and why?”
  3. “What could I do repeatedly to make you feel loved?”

9. Biggest Life Challenges

We all got our personal mountains to climb. What’s hers? Do you know the crucial periods of her life where she struggled the most? Discover what challenges she aims to conquer and what has she passed already. Knowing her challenges tells you where you should lend a hand to support her. 


  1. “What would you say has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your life, and how has it shaped who you are today?”
  2. “Looking back, which life challenge are you most proud of overcoming, and what did it teach you about yourself?”
  3. “What are some challenges you’re proud to have overcome?”

10. Her Weaknesses

Avoid making her feel uncomfortable. You should aim to help her improve herself but don’t push her into doing things she hates. That’s why it’s a good idea to know her weaknesses. Start by sharing yours so she feels more comfortable sharing hers.  


  1. “We all have areas we’re working to improve. What’s something you consider a personal challenge or weakness, and how do you approach it?”
  2. “Is there a particular trait or habit you’re currently trying to better in yourself, and how can I support you in that journey?”
  3. “What gives you uncontrollable anxiety?”

11. Her Idea Of Romance

Does she prefer long drives under the afternoon sunset, or she just wants to binge-watch her favorite movies snuggled in your chest? Find out her ideal idea of romance and make it possible for her. 


  1. “What does a truly romantic gesture or moment look like for you? Are there specific things that really capture your heart?”
  2. “Can you recall a time when you felt deeply romanced or cherished? What about that experience stood out to you?”
  3. “What’s that idea of romance you always long for?”

12. How She Deals With Conflict At Office

How she behaves at work reveals much about her character. You want to understand how she handles tense situations. Because in the future that could turn into one of the ways she reacts with you, or your acquaintances. 


  1. “When you face a conflict or disagreement at work, what’s your usual approach to resolving it?”
  2. “Can you share an example of a challenging situation you’ve encountered at work and how you managed to navigate through it?”
  3. “If a colleague ruined your project but the boss blamed you, what would you do?”

13. Improving The Relationship

Relationships are like puzzles, except that people aren’t fixed pieces. They need to smooth out their edges until they fit the puzzle. Two partners should work on their relationship together to make it a strong and healthy relationship. And no hack can help you achieve this better than sharing what you value in a relationship.


  1. “Are there areas in our relationship you feel we could strengthen or improve, and how might we work on them together?”
  2. “What’s something new or different you’d like us to try or incorporate into our relationship to keep it growing and exciting?”
  3. “What are your relationship deal breakers?”

14. About Your Families

Relatives and family backgrounds can be a deal-breaker. Even though couples are more independent nowadays when making decisions, knowing more about your girlfriend’s parents, helps you understand her better. We inherit almost all of our prevalent traits from our parents.


  1. “How has your family influenced the person you are today? Are there specific values or traditions you’ve carried forward from them?”
  2. “If you could describe your family dynamics in a few sentences, what would you say, and how do you think it compares to my family dynamics?”
  3. “What traditions do you respect and follow in your family?”

15. Money And Financial Goals

Do your goals match when it comes to finances? Is she a party girl who wants to be provided for by someone or a frugal woman who earns what she spends? Is she a long-term planner or someone who lives day to day?  


  1. “How do you approach budgeting and saving? Do you have any long-term financial goals you’re working towards?”
  2. “What’s your perspective on managing finances within a relationship? How important do you think it is for a couple to have aligned financial goals?”
  3. “How much money do you wish to make per month, and how would you spend it?”

16. Children

After you’ve been together for a while, it’s time to talk about kids. You should know what her thoughts on having kids are. Maybe you wish to have three beautiful boys while she has decided to spend her life traveling the world and climbing her career ladder instead of having kids. 


  1. “Have you thought about having children in the future, and what are your views on parenting and family life?”
  2. “If we were to have children one day, what values or experiences would you most want to impart to them?”
  3. “How do you picture your ideal family?”

17. Health And Wellness Goals

If you’re a night owl sleeping at 6 a.m. you won’t get along with someone who wakes up at 6:30 a.m. and begs to go jogging together. And vice versa. So talk about your wellness and health goals and find a way to align them. 


  1. “What are your current health and wellness goals, and how do you stay motivated to achieve them?”
  2. “How do you think we can support each other in our individual health and wellness journeys?”
  3. “How can I support your wellness goals?”

18. Her Dream Career

Career talk appears to be important for women. 71% of single women surveyed said a man with a good job is deeply attractive. Talking about careers and career goals shows you have a vision for the future.  


  1. “If you could choose any career without any restrictions, what would your dream job be and why?”
  2. “How does your current career path align with your ultimate dream job, and what steps do you envision taking to get there?”
  3. “Has your dream job changed over the years?”

19. Something She Always Wanted To Do But Never Got A Chance

We all have our little regrets but we avoid talking about them because only a few people can understand us. Be one of those rare people. Encourage her to be vulnerable with you, and don’t be afraid to open up yourself either. 


  1. “Is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing but haven’t had the opportunity yet? What’s been holding you back?”
  2. “If you could pick one activity or experience you’ve never tried but always wanted to, what would it be and why?”
  3. “What’s something (no matter how foolish or childish it sounds) you’ve always wanted to do?”

20. Unexplored Intimate Preferences

One of the best things to talk about with your girlfriend before you’re ready for the action. Sexual fantasies aren’t to be kept discreet and hidden from your partner. Actually, experts say that sexual fantasies can be beneficial for your relationship. Sharing them with your partner leads to a satisfying experience in the bedroom and closer bonding.  


  1. “Are there aspects of intimacy or romantic experiences we haven’t explored yet that you’re curious about or interested in trying?”
  2. “In terms of our physical connection, is there something new or different you’d like to experiment with or experience together?”
  3. “What’s the dirtiest sexual fantasy you’ve had cross your mind at least once?”

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21. Travel Aspirations And Plans

Traveling changes our worldviews, but our desire to travel also shows how open-minded we are. A close-minded person would consider traveling either a luxury or tiresome. If she is curious and plans to travel and discover new places and cultures, it means she’s someone with a growth mindset. 


  1. “What’s at the top of your travel bucket list, and what about that place fascinates you the most?”
  2. “If we could plan the perfect trip together, where would we go and what kind of activities would we do?”
  3. “If you could pick only one place in the world to visit, where would you go?”

22. Living Preferences

Talking about your favorite place(s) tells you directly what kind of lifestyle she wants to have, and whether it matches yours. You might be fond of the suburban areas where you grew up, but she could prefer to live in big cities and even overseas. So start talking about this before it’s too late. 


  1. “When you think about your ideal living situation, what does it look like? Are you more of a city person or do you prefer the countryside?”
  2. “How important are factors like climate, community, and culture in your decision about where to live?”
  3. “What’s the ideal place for you to live?”

23. Her Favorite Things

As we mentioned above, small gestures like surprising her with her favorite coffee order will mean a lot to your girlfriend. So start discovering more about what she likes. Such conversations are usually opened during the first dates, but it doesn’t have to end there.


  1. “Can you share some of your all-time favorite things, like a book, movie, song, or even a cherished memory?”
  2. “What are a few small things that bring you immense joy or comfort on a day-to-day basis?”
  3. “What’s your favorite food, singer, or sport?”

24. Concerns And Worries

While you might be a meticulous perfectionist, she could be the type of person who acts fast and doesn’t like to see you spend hours to take decisions. So get to know her pet peeves. Knowing what she likes is important but knowing what she doesn’t is equally important. 


  1. “What are some things that have been worrying you lately, and how do you usually cope with these concerns?”
  2. “Is there anything specific that’s been on your mind that you’d feel comfortable sharing with me, so we can possibly work through it together?”
  3. “Tell me about a time you’ve been badly stressed out?”

25. Her Favorite Relaxation And De-Stress Techniques

Stress is inevitable, and everyone has their own way of coping with it. Some prefer sleeping. Some running. Others meditating or journaling. Find out what works for her, and talk about it. You’ll end up sharing valuable de-stressing techniques to stay mentally healthy. 


  1. “What are your go-to activities or routines for unwinding and relieving stress after a tough day?”
  2. “Do you have any particular relaxation techniques, like meditation, yoga, or a hobby, that you find really effective for de-stressing?”
  3. “Have you ever meditated? And if not, how do you relax in stressful situations?”

26. Childhood Memories & Photos With Backstories

Simply talking about childhood has the potential to make you both feel like kids once again for a few moments. It’s one of the best things to talk about with your girlfriend. However, don’t insist much if she doesn’t want to talk about it. Maybe she’s had a difficult childhood filled with traumas, and it’s best not to push her to scratch those wounds. 


  1. “Do you have a favorite childhood memory or a story behind a childhood photo that you’d like to share?”
  2. “Looking back at your childhood photos, is there one that stands out with a unique or funny backstory?”
  3. “What was your favorite time of the day as a kid?”

27. Her Favorite Books Or Podcasts

Podcasts are the trendiest way to stay informed and learn new things, while books never get old. The two of them are endless streams of topics, enough to keep you chatting for hours. Knowing her favorite topics tells you what she is thinking most of the time. For instance, if she loves romance books, she craves romantic conversations, moments and sweet gifts.  


  1. “What are some books or podcasts that you absolutely love and would recommend to anyone?”
  2. “Is there a particular book or podcast that has had a significant impact on your life or way of thinking?”
  3. “What books or podcasts have you enjoyed the most?”

28. Current Events And News

You don’t have to turn this into a boring rant about politics or anything like it. But knowing what she thinks of the news shows whether she updates herself and likes new things or not. Either way, it’s a great way to get to know her perspective on the world. 


  1. “Are there any recent news stories or current events that you’ve found particularly interesting or impactful?”
  2. “How do you usually stay updated with current events, and how do they influence your opinions or day-to-day life?”
  3. “Do you plan on voting this year?”

29. Favorite Date Ideas

Don’t be that guy who plans dates in the places he likes without considering what his partner enjoys. Is she an outdoor or indoor person? Does she prefer morning walks or movie nights? Find out what her favorite date ideas are and try to remember them for the next time you plan a date. 


  1. “What’s your idea of a perfect date? Is there something specific you’ve always wanted to try or experience on a date?”
  2. “Can you recall a date we’ve had that you really enjoyed? What made it special, and should we plan something similar again?”
  3. “Tell me, what spot would be perfect for a romantic date?”

30. Her Favorite Food 

Food is never a bad topic. Discover her favorite culinary choices, and get to know her opinion on your preferences. Here it’s also the time to determine who’s going to reign in the kitchen. Will you share your meal-cooking duties or one of you will cook most of the time? 


  1. “What’s your absolute favorite food, and is there a particular memory or reason why it’s your favorite?”
  2. “If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?”
  3. “What’s that one dish you’re proud to cook?”

31. Music, Movie, And TV Show Preferences

Share your favorite music preferences and tell each other who are your favorite singers. Our music tastes and cinematography preferences reveal a part of our personality. By knowing them, you learn more about her emotional states, perspectives on life, and her mindset overall.  


  1. “What are your top three favorite music genres, movies, and TV shows, and what do you love about each of them?”
  2. “Is there a particular song, movie, or TV show that you feel really resonates with you or has influenced you in some way?”
  3. “Which songs can you listen to on repeat without getting bored?”

32. Go-To Songs And Favorite Actors

Is she a Zendaya fan or someone who loves grandiose movies and admires the likes of Roberto de Niro, and Al Pacino? Would you binge-watch the Godfather series with her without dozing off? The same goes for songs. Get to know her tastes so the next time you book cinema tickets you can select the right movie.  


  1. “What are your go-to songs when you need a mood boost, and why do they have that effect on you?”
  2. “Who are your favorite actors, and is there a particular role or performance by them that you find outstanding?”
  3. “What’s your go-to song whenever you feel sad? Which movie makes you emotional every time you watch it?”

33. Her Role Models

Everyone has a role model. And sometimes more than one. They inspire and provide some kind of moral or lifestyle compass that guides our decisions and the way we dress, talk, or behave. Who’s her role model and why does she admire them? Is it a hardworking relative or a famous celebrity? 


  1. “Who are some of your role models, either in your personal life or public figures, and what qualities do you admire in them?”
  2. “Has there been a role model who significantly influenced your life choices or career path? How did they inspire you?”
  3. “Who inspires you to continue through tough moments?”

34. Bucket List Items

Where’s that list of places you’ve planned to visit in your life? Dig it up and share it with her. Talk about traveling together. Show her what made you want to visit specific places. This can lead to endless conversations about these places, their food, culture, traditions, etc.   


  1. “What are some must-do items on your bucket list, and what makes them so important to you?”
  2. “Is there a particular bucket list item you’re excited to tick off, and would you want to do it together?”
  3. “What place from your bucket list is a must-visit for you and why?”

35. Dream Location To Settle Down

Where does she wish to settle down for the long term? Does she prefer a quiet small house in a tranquil city like Irvine, or a big house in the buzzing metropolitan areas of New York? Can she keep up with the fast-pacing life you want and vice versa? Do you share the same picture of the ideal life? 


  1. “If you could pick any place in the world to settle down, where would it be and what draws you to that location?”
  2. “Do you have an ideal setting in mind for where you’d like to live long-term, like the countryside, a bustling city, or a beachside town?”
  3. “In which city would you want to settle down if money wasn’t an issue?”

36. Favorite Flowers And Pets

Are you both cat lovers or she’s mostly in love with dogs? If she prefers dogs and you prefer cats, can you fall to an agreement about what pet to keep? Flowers spark a similar joy to pets. As a man, you should get to know what her favorite flowers are so you can surprise her with your gifts. 


  1. “Do you have a favorite type of flower, and is there a special reason or memory associated with it?”
  2. “If you could have any pet, what would it be and why? Do you have a favorite animal?”
  3. “Are you a cat person or a dog person?”

37. Life-Changing Books

There is at least one book in our lives that impacted our understanding of the world and pushed us to form a different perspective on it. The best relationships are those where you learn from each other. Talk about those books that had an impact on you and learn what books have helped her. 


  1. “Have you ever read a book that completely changed your perspective or had a profound impact on your life? What was it about?”
  2. “Is there a particular book that you find yourself returning to at different stages of your life, and how has its meaning evolved for you over time?”
  3. “What book has helped you through confusing phrases in your life?”

38. Things That Make Her Feel Alive

We’re unique, and we all have a few hobbies, or activities that move us. What’s that blood-rushing activity that makes her feel alive? The same goes for you. Share your special activities, and consider what you can do together. 


39. Secrets And Strange Dreams

We don’t often share our strange dreams with anyone because we’re afraid we’ll look dumb. But opening up about them to each other will make the atmosphere between the two comfy. As with dreams, a similar thing happens to secret-sharing. Sharing secrets will bond you closer to your SO. 


  1. “What activities or experiences give you the most exhilarating sense of being alive and why?”
  2. “Can you recall a moment or experience when you felt the most vibrant and alive? What was happening, and what emotions were you feeling?”
  3. “What’s one secret you’ve never told anyone?”

40. What’s Her Desired Superpower 

Ah, superpowers. Growing up watching superhero movies, we all fantasized about having one of their superpowers. With them, we could arrive faster home, impress our friends, or discover what others are hiding from us. So it’s a topic that could bring back childhood memories, and lead to more intimate conversations about hidden desires and fears, or regrets. 


  1. “If you could have any superpower, what would it be and how would you use it in your daily life or to help others?”
  2. “Is there a specific reason you’d choose a particular superpower, like a personal goal or a problem you’d want to solve?”
  3. “What superpower do you wish you had and what would you do with it?”

41. What Are Her Views On AI

Time to get more serious. You won’t talk about love and sweet things all day. Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world. It’s the elephant in the room of conversation topics whenever we want to have a chat with someone. Get to know what she thinks of ChatGPT, the future of the job market, and more.  


  1. “What are your thoughts on the growing role of artificial intelligence in our daily lives and its potential impact on the future?”
  2. “Do you have any concerns or excitement about the advancements in AI, especially in areas like work, creativity, or personal life?”
  3. “Do you think it’s fair for AI-generated art to compete in contests alongside human artists?”

42. Views On Gender Roles And Feminism

Feminism is blowing all over the world to all possible extents. Is your girlfriend simply in favor of being an independent woman or does she look down on the role of the man in a relationship? Talk about feminism and how she defines the role of the man and the woman in a relationship. 


  1. “How do you feel about traditional gender roles in today’s society, and in what ways have you noticed them impacting your life or the lives of others?”
  2. “What are your thoughts on feminism and its role in shaping modern relationships and societal norms?”
  3. “What’s your attitude towards feminism?”

43. Ask Her About Your Annoying Habits

We wish we had only positive traits, but the reality is that each of us has some pretty annoying habits not everyone is ready to put up with. What are some habits you can’t stop? Do you snore or roll around in the bed all night? So, ask your girlfriend what she thinks about your habits, and what she can’t tolerate. 


  1. “Is there anything I do that you find annoying or bothersome? I value your honesty and want to understand you better.”
  2. “We all have quirks that can be a little frustrating. Are there any habits of mine that you think I should work on?”
  3. “Uhmm…I’ve never been good at keeping my room organized. Would you have an issue with it?”

44. Regrettable Purchases

If you’ve ever scrolled through Wish, chances are that you’ve bought at least once something dumb you didn’t really need. Share with each other what are some things you purchased that made you instantly regret once you got home. (Here you’ll see her shopping habits come clear.)


  1. “Have you ever made a purchase that you later regretted? What was it, and why do you regret it?”
  2. “Is there a funny or interesting story behind a purchase that didn’t turn out as you expected?”
  3. “What’s one thing you bought and regretted immediately about it?”

45. Childhood Crushes

Ah, the sweet and innocent childhood days when we ate our meals without worrying about the future and cried our hearts out for love stories we hoped would come true. Years after the stress has passed, we can sit across our real partners and joke about our childhood crushes. 


  1. “Did you have any memorable childhood crushes, like a celebrity or someone from your school days? What attracted you to them?”
  2. “Can you share a funny or cute story about a childhood crush and how you felt at that time?”
  3. “Can you tell me one or two crushes you were head over heels in love with during your childhood?”

46. Her Purpose In Life 

Without a strong purpose in life, we wouldn’t get up from our bed in the morning. What’s hers? Is it to make her parents proud, become an entrepreneur, or stand on a stage in front of millions of people? Do you have similar purposes? Can you walk alongside each other to achieve them? 


  1. “Do you feel like you’ve found your purpose in life, or is it something you’re still exploring? What does ‘purpose’ mean to you?”
  2. “How does your sense of purpose shape your goals and decisions? Are there specific experiences that have influenced this?”
  3. “Do you think you’re on the right path to achieving your life purpose? How can I help?”

47. Religious & Spiritual Beliefs

Is she a religious or a spiritual person? When life hits us hard, and we are completely alone, the only thing that gives us hope can be a light of faith in God, the universe, or a supreme being. What’s her definition of this force? 


  1. “Can you share your views on religion and spirituality? How do these beliefs influence your daily life and decisions?”
  2. “Have your religious or spiritual beliefs evolved over time? What experiences or insights have been most influential in shaping them?”
  3. “What’s your definition of God?”

48. Her Biggest Fears

What’s lurking in the darkest corners of her mind? Is she afraid she won’t be a mother before her parents pass away or that she will fail to make them proud? Or is it something else? Also, don’t forget to talk about literal fears, such as the fear of highs, flying, or whatever you both find frightening. Alternatively, you could talk about a embarrassing moment.


  1. “Are there any fears or phobias you have that really impact you? How do you usually cope with them?”
  2. “Is there a particular fear you’ve overcome in the past, and what did that experience teach you about yourself?”
  3. “What’s one thing you’d never do because of fear?”

49. Conspiracy Theories

It’s one of the interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend. As long as you have an Instagram account or have browsed the internet for a while, chances are that you’ve run into some crazy conspiracy theories. Such controversial theories put our critical thinking to the test. What are her thoughts on them? Is she a complete non-believer or a flat-earther? 


  1. “Are there any conspiracy theories that you find particularly intriguing or plausible? Why do they capture your interest?”
  2. “How do you feel about the impact of conspiracy theories on society and public opinion? Do you think they have a significant influence?”
  3. “What’s the craziest conspiracy theory you can’t logically dismiss?”

50. Feeling Appreciated And Ways To Show It

Happiness in a relationship is based on equal appreciation from both sides. You should learn what makes her feel appreciated so that whenever you’re going through a rough patch, you know how to cheer her up.   


  1. “What makes you feel truly appreciated in a relationship? Are there specific actions or words that resonate with you?”
  2. “Can you think of a time when you felt particularly valued and loved? What was done or said that made you feel that way?”
  3. “What can I do to express how much I appreciate you?”

51. Asking For Her Advice

We like it when people ask for our advice. It makes us feel important, appreciated, and more fond of the other person. Let her voice her opinions and ask your girlfriend for advice. You’re paving the way toward a healthy and long term relationship. 


  1. “I really value your perspective. Could I get your advice on [specific situation or decision]?”
  2. “You always have great insights. What would you suggest I do about [specific problem or challenge]?”
  3. “I’m thinking of getting a new pair of jeans. What do you think of this pair?”

52. Views On Current Social Issues

How well-acquainted is she with the happenings around the world? What are her opinions and views on climate change, so-called “toxic masculinity”, or any other buzzing topic? 


  1. “Are there any social issues you feel particularly passionate about currently? What are your thoughts on how they’re being addressed?”
  2. “How do you think we, as individuals or as a society, can better handle some of the major social challenges we’re facing today?”
  3. “What do you think about the traditional education system?”

53. Fun Hypothetical Questions  

As humans, we’re gifted with a powerful imagination. So, use it to have some fun conversations with your girlfriend. Ask your girlfriend hypothetical questions. What would she do if she was the president of America for one day? What would she do if she was the CEO of Instagram for one day? 


  1. “If you could have dinner with any three people from any time period, who would they be and why?”
  2. “Imagine you wake up with a superpower tomorrow. What would it be, and what’s the first thing you would do with it?”
  3. “If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?”

54. What’s Her Biggest Achievement Or Success

Find out what she’s proud to have achieved so far in life. Is it her education, reading a particular number of books, visiting several countries, or something else? What about yours? Congratulate her on her achievements no matter how small they are. 


  1. “What accomplishment are you most proud of in your life, and what did it take to achieve it?”
  2. “Is there a particular success or milestone in your life that has been especially meaningful or transformative for you?”
  3. “What’s something you’re proud of achieving last year?”

55. Ask Your Girlfriend About Her Past Relationships

Tread lightly when it comes to discussing her past relationships. It’s a topic best saved for when you’ve established a deeper connection. However, it’s crucial to understand her past experiences to potentially foster a healthier relationship together.


  1. “What have you learned from your past relationships that has shaped your perspective on love and partnerships?”
  2. “Are there experiences or lessons from your previous relationships that you think are important to share for the betterment of our current relationship?”
  3. “Could you share your experiences from past relationships?”

56. Interesting Things That Happened to Her This Week

If you never wanna run out of things to talk about with your girlfriend then this is a great topic that you can ask every week. Engaging in conversation about the interesting things or events that occurred in her week can be a great way to connect. This topic not only allows you to understand her daily life better but also provides insight into her interests and passions.


  1. “What’s something interesting or unexpected that happened to you this week?”
  2. “Have you had any memorable moments or experiences this week that stood out to you?”
  3. “What were some interesting things that happened to you this week?”

57. Did anything exciting happened recently

This question opens the door to sharing fun things she experienced recently. Whether it’s a small victory at work, a random act of kindness, or a funny incident on the subway, these stories add color and depth to your conversations. It’s always fun to celebrate the fun little things in life together!


  1. “Have you experienced anything particularly exciting or out of the ordinary recently?”
  2. “Is there a recent event or moment that really made you feel thrilled or particularly happy?”
  3. “Have you had any exciting or unexpected experiences recently that you’d love to share?”

What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend?

  • The Open-Ended Questions:

Forget yes/no questions. Open-ended questions are where the magic happens. They invite her to share her thoughts and experiences, keeping the conversation lively and engaging.

  • Unearthing Common Interests:

Finding shared interests or values creates a solid foundation for deeper conversations. Not only does it boost rapport, but it also leads to more in-depth discussions. Explore her interests together and watch your bond grow.

  • Storytelling for Connection:

Share personal stories and experiences to create an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability. This encourages her to open up, deepening your understanding of each other and fostering emotional intimacy.

  • Trendy Topics for Thought-Provoking Talks:

Discuss current events, from news to pop culture, to spark fascinating conversations. Be mindful of sensitive topics, but don’t shy away from understanding each other’s viewpoints.

  • The Light-Hearted Banter Formula:

Balance deep conversations with light-hearted banter, funny stories, and shared memories. This mix keeps your chats fresh, fun, and intimate, creating a stronger bond between you two.

  • Active Listening:

Transform your conversations by truly listening to your partner. Nod, maintain eye contact, and summarize her points to show you’re engaged. This secret sauce demonstrates that you genuinely care about her opinions and feelings.

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