17+ Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

Women, huh?

They treat you like a friend without paying much attention to you until one day when they start to develop romantic feelings for you. 

How unexpected is that?

In fact, according to a research article, most romantic relationships start as friendships (66% to be exact).

With this information in mind, all you can do right now is look for signs your female friend likes you more than a friend.

Find them below!

17 Signs She Likes You More Than Friend

1. She unconsciously mimics your body language

Let’s talk about the “chameleon effect”! If you’ve never heard of it, then sit back and relax as I explain it to you. 

Documented in 1991 by New York University researchers, the chameleon effect refers to situations when people unconsciously mimic each other’s behavior. 

But why are we wired this way?

Mimicry actually contributes to liking, so we can safely say that it’s a mechanism meant to help us adapt to various social situations.

If your friend starts to mirror your body language, then she might do it unconsciously because she likes you and wants you to like her back.

Will she succeed?

So far, the results have been positive. The NYU researchers concluded that people tend to like others more when their body language is being copied by them.

2. She acts nervous when you make an eye contact

Eye contact is also essential when you’re looking for signs a woman has feelings for you. 

Typically, when a woman is attracted to a man, she wants to make eye contact and keep his gaze.

However, in your situation, she might do just the opposite. Due to her feelings for you, she might show signs of nervousness and/or restlessness.

In other words, she might look away whenever your eyes meet. She won’t look comfortable for as long as you look at her.

If this is something you didn’t particularly notice so far, then pay attention! Try to lock eyes with her and see how she reacts. 

In case she starts fidgeting or her cheeks get flushed, it means she is interested in you romantically.

3. She takes advantage of every opportunity to touch you

When a woman wants to be physically close to you, it shows that she is comfortable with your presence and also willing to break the personal space barrier.

Unless she is the type of girl who expresses herself through touch – she touches you and everybody else in a friendly manner – this is a positive sign she likes you more than just a friend.

What are some of the ways in which she could touch you?

Here are some examples:

  • She brushes against you when she walks by
  • She stands or sits really close to you
  • She touches your shoulder or arm during laughter
  • She puts her hand on your back or waist when she passes by
  • She gives you “hello” and “goodbye” hugs
  • She touches your arm or knee to emphasize something

4. She does her best to impress you in many ways

Since you know this woman for a while now, you must’ve seen her during her good days and bad days as well.

But what if lately she always looks amazingly good whenever you see her?

Well, that could be a sign she has developed romantic feelings for you and wants to draw your attention. She wants you to notice her and look at her from another perspective.

Your friend dresses up and does her hair and makeup hoping that you find her attractive and feel compelled to approach her. 

On top of that, I want to share another clue with you: She tries to impress you further with her sense of humor or by laughing at your jokes – or basically anything you say.


According to numerous studies, men tend to like women who laugh at their jokes more than women who make them laugh.

5. She starts taking a real interest in you and your life

As friends, you might know each other for a long time, but not really well. Maybe you usually see each other at group get-togethers and don’t interact much. 

If that’s the case and she likes you, she won’t hesitate to talk to you more often and take a real interest in you and your life.

She might not be very obvious about it. Even so, her attempts to get to know you better won’t pass unnoticed if you pay attention.

So, think about it. Did she ask you any questions about yourself or your life lately? 

For example, if she asks you for more details about your likes and dislikes, that counts. The same goes if she asks you questions about your family.

6. She doesn’t like it when you interact with other women

Is this woman jealous all of the sudden? Does she make mean comments about other girls after you talk to them?

Any negative reaction she might have when she sees you with other women matters here. If she crosses the line and no longer acts like a friend, that’s a sign!

It’s a sign she feels threatened by the other women – that’s why she behaves like that. 

How to identify such behavior?

Here are a few examples:

  • She rolls her eyes when you talk to other women and seems impatient
  • She shows signs of nervousness and interrupts your conversations
  • She has mean things to say about any woman you talk to
  • She belittles the other girls and puts herself in a good light

If she gets jealous when you talk to other female coworkers then it means this female coworker like you but is hiding it .

7. She displays a playful attitude and flirts with you 

Another sign your female friend has feelings for you is when she changes her behavior from friendly to playful and flirty

This woman puts herself in your orbit, smiles at you from across the room, and she plays with her hair when you talk to her. 

She positions her body facing you whether she stands or sits and she points her feet at you. Not to mention that she can’t stay still. 

She might take an object in her hand and play with it or she might show other signs of nervousness. 

Her approach could differ from before meaning that she might be more suggestive and touchy-feely compared to the past. 

What else could she do?

Playfully throw a pillow at you or some other light or small object to either get your attention or make a point.

8. She tries to include you in her plans for the future

While making plans with friends is common, if it’s something she’s never done before and it only includes the both of you, it’s safe to take it as a sign.

This change in her attitude is determined by her newly-developed romantic feelings for you.

That’s why she might ask you if you want to volunteer with her, take a class with her, or even go to a festival together.

In fact, if she already knows what you like, then she might actively seek opportunities to do whatever you like together. 

For example, if you mention you like a certain band, she might give you a heads-up when they come into town and ask you if you want to go together. 

9. She is looking for opportunities to spend time with you alone

In general, friends go out together or meet in groups. I am not saying that there aren’t exceptions. I mean, it’s not like you don’t meet at all if one of you can’t make it.

However, if this friend of yours specifically asks to meet you alone, then she definitely has a hidden motive. 

Now, don’t expect her to use this opportunity to hit on you. She probably won’t. But what she may do is try to get to know you better and build a more emotionally intimate connection with you. 

She needs to spend quality time with you alone to figure out her feelings and also to make you like her.

10. She shares details from her life and is up to date with yours

Do you need more signs? If you do, then here are 2 more!

First, your friend goes from not sharing anything in particular with you – especially about her and her life – to oversharing.

It’s like she suddenly wants to tell you everything about herself. What’s more, she also goes from knowing nothing about you to discussing almost everything you post on social media with you.

This girl could go as far as asking you about your whereabouts if she doesn’t recognize the place you went to from a simple photo that you posted online. 

What gives? Is she a stalker? The truth is that she may stalk you a little if she has feelings for you and she wants you be your girlfriend.

But hey, don’t blame her! Her actions are based on her emotions.

11. Remembering things related to you comes easy to her

Women tend to remember the little details a lot more often than men. It’s usually the women in a group of friends who organize surprise birthday parties or do thoughtful gestures for the others.

Even so, if this friend, in particular, seems to remember small details about you, this could mean something other than the fact that she has a good memory.

It could mean that she actually listened to you when you talked to her and she valued the information you gave her. 

For example, she could text you on your mother’s birthday to send her best wishes. Or, she could show up with something you said you like, such as a beverage or something sweet.

12. Your other friends notice a change in her behavior

Your friend is definitely in love with you if your other friends decide to talk to you about it. 

In case they notice a change in her behavior, they might think discussing it with you is the right thing to do.

Depending on who approaches you, they could make jokes about her liking you, or you could benefit from a more gentle approach. 

Either way, if this happens, you might not need a clearer sign. She has feelings for you and she’s probably wondering if you like her at all.

13. She expresses her desire to introduce you to her parents

Meeting the parents?

Isn’t that a step that people in relationships usually take? 

Yes, it is! And if she tells you that she wants you to meet her parents, that could be a sign she wants to be in a relationship with you

Her parents probably know a lot about you and she wants to introduce you to them casually. She doesn’t put pressure on you. 

No, she just wants to include you in her personal life even more. He wants you in her close circle of people, not only in her group of friends.

14. She treats you differently compared to her other male friends

The ultimate proof she likes you more than a friend can be obtained by simply observing her when she interacts with her other male friends. 

What does she do? If she is as playful and as flirty with them as she is with you, then you can let this go. 

That’s just the way she is. She either likes the attention or she likes to make others feel better about themselves by giving them this type of attention. She doesn’t want a relationship with you.

There’s one exception, though: She might try to make you jealous. So, just to be sure, think about her behavior a month ago.

15. She doesn’t let herself get distracted while she’s with you

Her eyes and ears are on you – she doesn’t let herself get distracted, at least not when the two of you are alone together.

If you think about it, you don’t even know what her phone looks like. She always puts it away to make sure that she’s giving you her undivided attention. 

Can you relate?

If you can, then her interest in you is obvious. Especially if she didn’t do any of these before, her behavior changes give her feelings away.

What if your other friends are calling? Does she admit she’s spending time with you? If she does, then maybe they know about it. 

You could be the only person who doesn’t know she likes you for real.

16. She sometimes pulls away intentionally to see if you notice

Are you familiar with the “hot and cold” seduction game or, manipulation technique – as others call it?

Here’s how it goes: A girl gives you attention, showers you with compliments, spends time with you, and then, at some point, she stops.

She changes her behavior radically going from hot to cold. In this phase, she no longer replies to your messages or reacts enthusiastically to something you say. It’s like she’s lost interest.

However, when you least expect it, she reappears as if nothing happened and starts to pull you towards her, just to push you away once more. 

Why does this work? It works because she makes you feel good and then she takes that away from you. 

Your reaction? You have the tendency to chase that feeling – that’s how she wins.

The truth is that she has no idea how you’d react. Even so, she’s expecting some sort of reaction, such as anger when she doesn’t reply to you.

17. She doesn’t want to hide her feelings for you anymore 

In case you didn’t react to her subtleties yet, she might lose her patience and decide to simply confess her feelings for you. 

You’re not a stranger to this woman and that might give her the courage to tell you what she feels.

It is indeed a risky move, especially if you don’t feel the same for her. But if she still goes through with it, then she must think you’re worth it – her feelings for you might be strong. 

Now, she might not be very obvious about it. She might not declare her love in front of everybody.

However, she might ask you on a date, tell you that she sees you differently than before, or use sweeter words. 

18. She asks someone close to talk to you on her behalf

Look, this might not be a bold move.

However, it clearly shows that she has romantic interest but she’s shy to tell you that. That’s why she might ask her best friend to talk to you.

Your friend might be shy or she could fear rejection. That’s why she needs a middle person – to do the job for her. 

Even if it’s a pretty childish technique, we’re not here to judge, are we? Some men might even think it’s cute when a girl does that. 

Don’t expect anything too complex though. You might just learn that she likes you, without the juicy details. 

In case you’re interested, I’m sure she’ll tell you all about it. You just have to ask her.

What Should You Do Next?

So, what are the signs saying? 

Although it’s quite common to find the love of your life among your friends, maybe this woman’s feelings for you caught you by surprise. 

You might like her, since you’ve been friends for a while – but not in a romantic way. If that’s true, then you have to tell her that. 

It’s not advisable to string her along or avoid her. After all, she’s part of your circle of friends and deserves better treatment anyway. 

What I’m trying to say is that if you don’t want to take things to the next level with her, just let her down easily.

But what if you feel the same? Then you’ve got the green light to start dating her!

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