40 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Want to know how my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend?

He paid me an unexpected visit at home and gifted me flowers, chocolates, and wine. Then, he confessed his feelings for me and asked the question. 

My reaction?

I thought his way was cute and romantic. It worked for me – even if his gesture didn’t blow me away.

But if you’re looking for something different, don’t worry!

In case this method doesn’t resonate with your relationship with her and her preferences, you have plenty of other options to choose from, as follows:

40 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

1. Write her a love letter by hand

Oh, the classic handwritten love letter… It has brought countless people together over time.

And it can do the same for you and the girl you like!

The perfect love letter should include:

  • Things you like about her
  • The way she makes you feel
  • Your desire to be boyfriend and girlfriend

When it’s ready, give it to her and tell her to read it when she’s alone or slip it into her bag or mail it to her.

2. Hide the question in a balloon

For this idea, you need a balloon, confetti, a piece of paper, and a pin.

Write the question on a narrow piece of paper, put it inside the balloon along with some confetti, inflate the balloon, and secure it at the end.

Take the girl for a walk in a park, gift her the balloon, and when the moment is right, ask her to pop it and look for the note.

3. Write the question on a balloon

The idea of popping a balloon might make some girls feel uncomfortable, so here’s another suggestion:

Buy different-sized balloons, inflate them, and on the biggest one, write, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Next, leave the balloon bouquet someplace where you know she’ll find it soon and watch her from a distance or surprise her in person.

If you can’t do that, you could hire a courier to deliver them to her.

4. Buy a “talking” teddy bear for her

If she likes stuffed animals, then buy a cute teddy bear or any other animal you think is more suited – any works as long as it has a voice recorder inside.

You’ll need it to record yourself asking her if she will be your GF.

When you’re done, wrap it nicely and wait for an opportunity to give it to her. Make sure you two are alone when she opens it.

5. Create a scavenger hunt for her

Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun, especially when they’re personalized and they lead to a big surprise.

You can create a special one for her and hide the clues in places that mean something to your relationship, such as the place you first met, where your first date took place, etc.

The end of the map should lead her to you. Wait for her there with flowers and ask away.

6. Ask her with the help of your pet

If you own a cat, a dog, a rabbit, or even a turtle, that’s great! You can write a cute note that contains your question and tie it around your pet’s neck.

Invite your crush over and have your pet deliver the message to her. Wait a few minutes to see if she notices it, if she doesn’t, you can point it out.

Say: What’s that around my pet’s neck?

7. Ask her with the help of her pet

This method also works if the girl you’re into has a pet and you don’t. 

Prepare a message and take it with you when she invites you to her place. Find the right opportunity to attach the note to her pet’s neck – be careful.

Then, point it out in a playful way. She’ll be surprised for sure!

8. Change your name in her contacts

Are you close enough with this girl to use each other’s phones? If you are, then go for it!

However, if you aren’t, you can still try to ask for her phone under a pretext. 

When you have access to her phone, change your contact name. Replace your name with, “Will you be my girlfriend?” or “Boyfriend”.

Next, wait for a good time to call her while you’re there to see how she reacts.

9. Spell the question with tealight candles

To sweep her off her feet, you could surprise her with a nighttime proposal.

Buy many tealight candles and spell the question with them. Place them on her driveway or in front of the apartment building she lives in – making sure she can see them.

Text her or call her to draw her attention outside. Make sure she also sees you – holding a red rose, waiting for her.

10. Use food in your proposal

Another cute way to ask a girl to be your GF is with food. Don’t ask her directly – write the question on take-out food bokes or on the inside of a pizza box.

If you are at a restaurant, you can excuse yourself and ask the waiter to add your note to her order in a creative way.

If you’re at home and you’re ordering in, you can write the message yourself.

11. Create a music playlist for her

Is the girl you fancy always with her headphones on, listening to music, podcasts, and so on? If she is, then give her something to listen to!

Create a music playlist for her with love songs you know she appreciates or with all-time hits that talk about love. 

You can put it on a USB flash drive and also add a file named “Open me after you listen to all songs” that contains a message with your question.

12. Write her a poem or serenade her

Want to ask her to be your girlfriend like in the movies? Then write a poem for her or sing her a serenade.

If you go for the poem, you can give it to her or read it to her when the two of you are alone. However, if you serenade her, you’ll have to show up at her doorstep or catch her after school.

Give the time and the place some thought because you don’t want to draw everyone’s attention.

13. Use chalk to ask her in writing

Similar to spelling the question with tealight candles, this point is also about writing, “Will you be my GF?” someplace where she will notice it, such as her driveway.

To do this, you need chalk in all sorts of colors you can find. You can draw flowers, hearts, and other adorable symbols next to the question.

Or, pick a side street and write it there – a path you know she takes daily. Don’t forget to sign yourself to let her know it’s you.

14. Bake something for her

How about a cake with, “Want to be my girlfriend?” written on it? It’s a sweet idea if you ask me! 

Baking a cake is not that hard either, but if you can get someone to help you, that’s even better! Ask your mom or a female friend.

Find out which cake she likes best before you proceed!

15. Make a memory jar for her

I love the memory jar idea! It should be filled with notes, each containing a cherished memory with her or a reason why you fancy her.

At the very bottom of the jar, glue one last note for her – the one in which you ask her to be your girlfriend.

You can use a regular jar, or buy a special, decorative one.

16. Take a trip down memory lane 

In case you’ve been seeing the girl for a while, taking her on a walk down memory lane is a cute idea. 

Think of which places you went together and pinpoint them on a map. Then, make a route and pick a meaningful spot for the end.

Take the walk with her and remind her of all your special moments before you reach the end and ask her to be your girl.

17. Make her a gift by hand

Or maybe you like the DIY gift idea better?

As you already know, things made by hand have a higher sentimental value. So, make something with your own hands for her.

Like what? A bracelet, a necklace, origami hearts and flowers, etc. Choose based on your skills and the girl’s preferences.

Don’t forget to add a note with your question!

18. Buy a nice gift for her

Look, if you don’t want to go out of your way to create something handmade for her, that’s fine. You can buy a nice gift for her instead.

Maybe you know if there’s something on her wish list. If you do and you can afford it, buy that for her and give it to her along with a written message.

Women in general like jewelry so I think you can’t go wrong with that.

19. Recreate a romantic scene she loves

Want to wow her and convince her to say yes? Then recreate a romantic scene from her favorite movie or TV show.

Rehearse your role, dress for the part, and choose a location that fits the script. Then invite her there and put on your best performance.

20. Use cheesy lines to ask her

Here’s an example:

You can take her to a Chinese restaurant, enjoy dinner with her, and then open your fortune cookie and tell her:

My fortune cookie says I should go for what I want and what I want is you. Would you be my girlfriend? 

You can check this article for more examples: Flirty texts for her .

21. Write the question on a t-shirt

Buy a white or a light-colored shirt, as well as textile paint, and paint brushes, and make a special t-shirt.

To make sure the result looks nice, practice your calligraphy on paper before you do it on the t-shirt.

Wear it the next time you see her, but cover it with a jacket at first. Reveal it to her when you feel the moment is right.

22. Plan a surprise visit and ask her

A bolder move would be to surprise her by showing up at her place unexpectedly. Of course, this works better if she lives alone or with apartment mates.

If she lives with her parents, you can pull the following old movie trick: throw pebbles at her window and hope she’ll hear you and come out on the balcony to talk to you.

That’s when you should tell her how you feel and ask her to be your GF.

23. Put the question in a bottle

Do you live in a place where the beach is near?

If you do, then insert a note with your question in a bottle, seal it, and make sure she finds it when you take her to the beach.

You might need the help of a friend to “plant” the bottle before you arrive with her.

Or, this could also work in a setting such as a park with a river or a lake.

24. Make a personalized photo album

Browse through all your photos with her or with things related to something you did together and put them in a folder.

Write, “Will you be my girlfriend?” on a larger piece of paper and take a selfie holding it. Add it to the end of the album.

Whether you go for a digital photo album or choose to develop the pictures and put them in an old-fashioned photo album is up to you. 

25. Create a romantic setting to ask her

Want to keep things simple and genuine?

Buy red roses for her, play her favorite love song, gaze into her eyes, and slowly whisper your feelings for her into her ear.

Do this where you first met or someplace quiet where no one can bother you.

26. Put the question in a fortune cookie

Fortune cookies add the element of surprise to any proposal. However, there’s a catch: you have to make them yourself. There are numerous tutorials online about that.

Or, you could approach the owner or the cook of a Chinese restaurant and ask them to help you with your romantic goal.

27. Organize a picnic under the stars

A cute way to ask a girl to be your GF during the summer is to organize a picnic under the stars. This is also applicable if you live in an area where it is warm all year round.

Remember to pack her favorite snacks and drinks and enough blankets. As you admire the stars together, tell her you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend. The romance meter will be off the charts.

28. Write the question with/on chocolate

Buy small chocolates and spell the question with them. Put them on a tray or someplace where they won’t fall off. 

Or, learn how to make frosting and use it to spell your question on a ready-made chocolate bar. Buy one big enough to fit everything you have to say on it.

29. Write the question on her favorite drink

… or ask someone else to write it for you. In some coffee places such as Starbucks, it’s customary to have your name written on your cup by one of the employees.

But instead of her name, you should ask them to write, “Want to be my girlfriend?” on her cup. 

Walk her to a table before you place the order. In this way, she won’t hear you. 

30. Use a coffee stencil to ask her

An even more surprising way to accomplish your goal is to make coffee for her and use a coffee stencil to powder the needed words on it. Another option is edible ink.

While doing it, you can mention something like, “I want to make you the best coffee you’ve ever had. It will be special; trust me.”

31. Ask her inner circle for help

A girl’s friends and family can help you, especially if you’re close to them. You can choose to involve them in your proposal.

For example, they can distract her attention while you prepare a surprise for her. Or, they can motivate her to participate in your scavenger hunt. They can even participate in it.

32. Display the question on a big screen

Other people’s help could come in handy as well if you decide to make a grand gesture such as displaying your question on a big screen.

Such a thing is possible at sports events for example, or even at the movies. However, you have to get in touch with someone who can help you with that.

33. Plan a candlelit dinner

Even if planning a candlelit dinner for the girl you have a crush on is not an original idea, it’s still a cute idea and romantic, too!

Choose the right setting, such as outside in the garden, or in your living room, and decorate it with candles and flower petals. 

Cook something yourself or have the food prepared before her arrival.

34. Take her to a photo booth

Are you quick with your hands? If you are, then write, “Want to be my GF?” on a piece of paper, put it in your pocket, and meet her.

Take her to a photo booth, and take pictures together. At the end, ask her to cover her eyes for a second, pull the paper out, and as the shutter clicks, show it to the camera and tell her to look.

35. Create a crossword puzzle

This idea is great for girls who love puzzles and for guys who have a way with words. How so?

It requires you to create a crossword puzzle in which to include your question for her. To make it even more special, add words related to her likes and dislikes, and memories you both share.

36. Write the question in the sand

If you are ready to ask her out, then invite her to a romantic walk on the beach and surprise her with your question.

Excuse yourself for a few minutes and go write “Do you want to be my GF?” in the sand, ideally behind a rock or somewhere she can’t see you.

37. Dedicate a love song to her on the radio

You’re in luck if the girl you fancy listens to the radio. All you have to do is call the radio station she listens to and request a love song for her.

Dedicate a song to her and pop the question as well. Do it when you know for sure she’s listening.

38. Buy her favorite candy and slip a note inside

Step 1: Write on a note something like, “Will you be my girlfriend? Yes – You can eat the chocolate. No – Return the chocolate”

Step 2: Buy chocolate for her and a gift bag.

Step 3: Put them both in the bag and give the bag to her.

39. Ask her via text message

Asking a girl to be your GF via text is underrated. I think it’s a cute and sweet way to do it. 

To succeed, add a few compliments to the beginning of your text, state your feelings, and only ask at the end.

40. Approach her directly with honesty

You might not want to make a fuss out of asking her to be your girl and that’s ok. You can go for the direct and honest approach.

Open up to her, tell her how you feel, and express your desire to be in a romantic relationship with her.


Now that you know some of the cutest ways to ask her whether she wants to be your GF, you have to decide on just one.

Pick one that suits your style and her preferences as well. Be honest about your feelings for her and try to make your gesture as thoughtful as possible.

Good luck with your proposal!

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