What does it mean when you dream about your crush? (Every Scenario Explained!)

Your dreams are useful on so many levels, you will not believe it!

Indeed, they may have a powerful emotional impact on you, such as when you dream about your crush. 

However, as soon as you learn what they mean and why you have them, you won’t get enough of them!

You see, your mind creates images and stories as a way to…

  • … sort through daily information
  • … highlight your innermost unconscious desires and struggles
  • … improve your problem solving-skils
  • … help you process emotions 

What does this really mean? It means that dreaming about your crush is a common experience and is full of significance!

However, the meaning of your dreams changes according to what actually happens in them, as I’ll explain later. 

But, first… 

What is the meaning behind dreaming about your crush?

Dreaming about your crush has general possible meanings, as follows:

  • Your crush appears in your dreams because your brain processes the latest memories you have about them and decides which ones to keep and which to forget
  • You dream about your crush because you have fantasies related to them or because something about them or a possible relationship with them troubles you
  • Dreaming about them in various instances means that your brain is preparing you for more than one possible real-life scenario that involves them
  • Your crush shows up in your dreams because of your feelings for them or related to them that you don’t think about while you’re awake 

Interpreting Common Dreams About Your Crush (11 Scenarios)

Scenario #1: Dreams About Your Crush Calling or Texting You

Dream interpretation: What does it signify?

A: Your crush called you or texted you during the day and your brain is consolidating that memory.

B: You want him or her to call you or text you, or both. Your dream focuses on your desires.

C: You are thinking about them a lot and that’s why your mind creates a story in which you get to communicate with each other.

D: During your waking hours, you try very hard not to think about them. Deep down, you wish they’d call you or text you, but you reject that idea because you don’t want to get hurt.

Scenario #2: Dreams About Your Crush Kissing You

Dream interpretation: What does it signify?

A: Your crush kissed you that day. During your dream, you are basically remembering the moment when they kissed you (even if you don’t see it that way).

B: Your dream brings to the front your deep desire to be kissed by your love interest. You probably think about this all day.

C: Although you want to kiss them, you might not feel ready to do that in waking life. That’s why your subconscious mind is playing this scenario in a dream – to familiarize yourself with how things could go down.

Scenario #3: Dreams About Your Crush Liking You Back

What does it signify?

A: You are optimistic that your crush likes you back. Your mind may be processing memories that indicate their feelings for you, signs that you didn’t notice consciously. 

B: If your love interest likes you back, what will you do? Dreaming about this could be your brain’s way of preparing you for such a possibility. 

C: When you think they could reciprocate your feelings, that scares you and makes you feel happy at the same time. These are the feelings that you must process.

Scenario #4: Dreams About Having Sex With Your Crush

Dream interpretation: What does it signify?

A: Your crush appears to you in an erotic dream because – be honest – that’s what you are thinking about for a while now. You can’t help yourself but imagine what I’d be like to have sex with them.

B: The idea of getting intimate with him or her terrifies you. This is understandable if you’re not experienced and you are thinking about making a good impression in the future. 

Scenario #5: Dreams About Your Crush Rejecting You

What does it signify?

A: Most often than not, your dreams reflect your deepest fears. So, the meaning of your dream could be that you fear they might reject you. Keep in mind: This is not a precognitive dream (a premonition).

B: You are a pragmatic person who knows that your crush may like you or they may not like you back. 

While you might be prepared for the first scenario, maybe you never thought about how you’d react if they reject you. 

Therefore, when you dream about your crush rejecting you, you should have a backup plan.

Scenario #6: Dreams About Arguing With Your Crush

What does it signify?

A: Your dream indicates your frustration. When you argue with someone in a dream, it actually means that something they did frustrates you. 

In your case, maybe you don’t know how to draw their attention to you or have failed many times and you don’t know what else to try. 

B: You don’t want to face the fact that your love interest and you are not a good match. Despite the odds, you still want to give them a chance.

Scenario #7: Dreams About Your Celebrity Crush

What does it signify?

A: You’ve been watching tons of videos with them. On top of that, you’ve been reading about them and scrolling through their social media all day long. So, your mind is simply processing all this information.

B: Your desire to take things to the next level with this person is very strong. They appear in your dream, especially if meeting them in waking life is pretty much impossible.

Scenario #8: Dreams About a Old Crush

What does it signify?

A: A old crush who appears in your dreams is a sign you didn’t make peace with the breakup. You may have unresolved feelings about them that you should deal with. 

B: You have recently seen your former love interest somewhere and your mind is recalling the incident. Or, maybe you’ve seen a photo of them or something they posted online.

And, here’s the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your EX.

Scenario #9: Dreams About Your Crush Ignoring You

What does it signify?

A: You don’t feel seen by your love interest. This could happen because they don’t respond to your gestures as you expect them to.

B: You feel insecure. Your crush’s feelings for you are a mystery and you can’t handle the uncertainty any longer. Your fear that you might mean nothing to them.

Scenario #10: Dreams About Your Crush Dying

What does it signify?

A: It’s time to face the truth: He or she is either not the person you thought they were, or your relationship with them hasn’t changed at all, in spite of all your efforts. 

B: Your crush’s death is symbolic and it could mean that they have changed a lot. Maybe, they turned into a completely different person and you don’t like them anymore. You are experiencing conflicting emotions.

Scenario #11: Dreams About Your Crush Dating Someone Else

What does it signify?

A: You feel threatened by other potential romantic partners your crush might have. Think about it, maybe there is a certain someone in your SO’s life that makes you feel jealous.

B: Deep down, you fear that if you don’t confess your feelings to your crush, they’ll find someone else. This is especially true if you don’t have the courage to tell them how you feel.

Do Dreams about my crush indicate that they are also thinking about me?

Psychologically and neurologically speaking, there’s absolutely no connection between your dreams and your crush’s thoughts.

Your brains are not connected to each other, so experiencing such synchronization is not very probable. 

However, if you’re a spiritual person who believes in soulmates and twin flames, then you can count it as a probability. 

Cosmic couples are capable of telepathically communicating with each other and manifesting in each other’s dreams.

Numerous spiritually-gifted people think that’s true. However, there’s no scientific evidence to back that up.


You can have both positive dreams about your crush or negative ones. Either way, you now have all the needed information to decipher your dreams. 

Remember that most of the time, they reflect your desires, struggles, and feelings. They don’t predict the future or reveal secrets that you are not aware of.

Your dreams may also be real-life simulations meant to prepare you for certain situations that might happen to you while you’re awake. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll come true. 

So, try to keep an open mind and analyze your dreams objectively!

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