Does He Like Me? 17+ Signs That Tell He Likes You

Not knowing what a certain guy feels about you (especially if you like him) can be a nerve-wracking experience.

At this point, you might feel overwhelmed by uncertainty. But, it doesn’t have to be like that.

I can tell you from personal experience that discovering a man’s feelings for you can be both a challenging and magical experience

As long as you don’t let your fear of rejection or his mixed signals get the best of you, you’re in for a sentimental journey.

Savor it by observing and analyzing his…

  • Verbal Signs
  • Non-verbal Signs
  • Behavioral Signs!

I’ll take them one by one and explain them to you. 

Let’s begin!

Part A: Non-Verbal Signs He Likes You

1. He makes prolonged eye contact

When your eyes meet, he doesn’t look away. He maintains eye contact and stares into your eyes deeply. 

Even if he’s a little shy, you’ll still notice that he locks eyes with you longer than other people.

Did you know that most people feel comfortable looking into each other’s eyes for just a few seconds?

Thanks to research published in 2016, we now know that people are generally okay with maintaining eye contact that lasts between two and five seconds.

If he looks into your eyes longer than that and his eyes also appear bigger (his pupils are dilated), that’s a sign of attraction.

It’s also a sign he feels close to you. How so? According to a 2007 study, men tend to make more eye contact and maintain it when their brains are flooded with oxytocin – the so-called love hormone.

2. He gets handsy, but not inappropriately

Let’s look at the facts here: 

As discovered by Matthew J. Hertenstein, Julie M. Verkamp, Alyssa M. Kerestes, and Rachel M. Holmes in their 2010 study, physical touch is essential when forming bonds and emotional connections.

In other words, if he hugs you when he sees you or finds other ways to make physical contact, such as giving you high-fives, playful nudges, or the classic hand-on-shoulder, he signals his strong feelings for you.

He is trying to bring you closer to him – literally.

3. He displays signs of nervousness

No matter how confident a guy is, he’ll still get nervous around the girl he likes.

However, he might hide it really well, so pay attention to the following:

  • What he does with his hands/legs/feet – If he fidgets or can’t stay still and moves his legs nervously, he’s either anxious by something or he’s into you.
  • The way he speaks to you – Whether or not he stutters or stumbles over his words. If he does, he might like you.
  • A feeling of awkwardness – You fascinate him if he gets awkward around you.

My boyfriend, for example, used to play with his rings. That’s how I knew he was nervous when we talked for the first couple of times.

4. He imitates your gestures/attitude

The next non-verbal sign he likes you is this: He mirrors your body language, speech pattern, and/or attitude.

This is something that humans do unconsciously when they like another person. It’s actually a mechanism that helps us build rapport with others.

So, pay special attention to this one because he doesn’t control it. 

Examples are when he…

  • … crosses/uncrosses his arms/legs after you do so
  • … uses one or more words or phrases unique to you
  • … copies your attitude such as friendly/sarcastic etc.

Last but not least, mark the words of Dr. Vanessa Van Edwards, a behavioral investigator and author:

“Pay attention to non-verbal cues, like mirroring your body language or leaning in when you speak. These subtle gestures suggest a desire for emotional closeness.”

5. He seeks your physical proximity

When a guy likes you, you’re like a magnet to him. He feels drawn to you and seeks your physical proximity.

He wants to be close to you and that’s why he will find opportunities to sit next to you or face you directly at school, work, or wherever you two meet.

He could pop out of nowhere and stand close to you in line to get a coffee or at a concert if you two hang out together casually.

On top of that, if you look closely, the position of his feet will give him away – He points his toes at you.

6. He preens himself when you’re looking

While it’s true that men are now more conscious about their appearance and take better care of themselves, they don’t fix their hair or smooth their clothes for just anyone.

No, they only do so when someone they’re attracted to sees them.

  • Does he do it?
  • Does he fix his tie when he sees you coming?
  • Do you see him taking a quick look at himself on his phone’s screen pretending to do something else?
  • Or, as you talk to him, does he run his hands through his hair, making sure it looks right?

If he does, it means he has a thing for you.

7. He displays his body expansively

We will now talk about a recent find that will help you figure out if a guy likes you or not more easily!

Back in 2016, Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk, Emily Reit, Poruz Khambatta, and Dana R. Carney conducted a research article about the attractiveness of dominant and open non-verbal displays.

What they found is nothing short of amazing: People are more attracted to individuals who have an expansive body posture. To be more precise, they expand their bodies in the physical space as much as possible.

This suggests dominance and openness, which is attractive at zero-acquaintance.

So, if he stands taller, keeps his arms and legs wide open, and tries to look confident, it means he wants to get your attention. He hopes you’ll see how masculine he is.

Summary: How to interpret non-verbal signs?

  • To make sure you interpret the signs correctly, look for consistency. One prolonged look can be a coincidence, but the same can’t be said for more.
  • Pair this sign with others, such as anything that could give away his nervousness when he’s around you (fidgeting, swinging, stuttering).
  • Conclude whether he tries to be physically close to you and how often he touches you casually.
  • When in doubt, always take your time to compare how he talks to and behaves with other people.

Part B: Verbal Signs He Likes You

8. He says good things about your looks

One of the magical parts of your journey is when he pays you compliments. He uses words of appreciation and admiration to tell you he likes you.

He could tell you that you’re beautiful, pretty, or even hot. Or, he could make positive remarks about the way you do your hair or your choice of outfits.

He could also say he’s attracted by your scent. 

Some guys, however, don’t know how to make compliments. If he tells you, “I like your dress” take it as a compliment. He means he likes how you look in that dress. He also compliments your taste in clothing.

9. He is curious to find out more about you

Want to know a secret? If a man likes you for more than your looks, he’ll become curious about you.

And he’ll express his curiosity and interest by asking you questions about yourself. He’ll try to find out what you like drinking, and eating and also what you like doing.

He’ll want to know what you think about different topics.

On top of that, he won’t do it just to pass the time. He’ll listen to you attentively. 

Want to know about one of the things my boyfriend liked about me before we started dating? He liked that I asked him how his day was, how he was feeling, and other similar questions.

10. He talks about himself with you

For the next verbal sign, I have a question for you: Does he open up to you?

Things like sharing his feelings, opinions, and interests with you count here.

If he does that, he’s putting himself out there for you. He’s trying to paint a picture about himself for you. 

On top of that, if he tells you things about himself that few other people know, that’s great! His decision suggests he’s trying to establish an emotional connection with you.

11. He tries to be funny and teases you

A man who likes you will want to put a smile on your face as often as possible. He’ll do that by using humor or by teasing you – whatever works.

If you react positively to his jokes, he will tell you more and more. Hearing you laughing is music to his ears and food for his confidence.

Moreover, he will laugh at your jokes as well. Even if you tell poor jokes, you’ll still hear him laughing. Laughter is a sign of attraction and it works both ways.

A lot of men try to play it cool when they like you by actively teasing.

12. He flirts with you often

How can you tell if a man likes you or is simply being friendly?

  • He flirts with you,
  • He tries to impress you.

Signs he’s flirting are: he smiles a lot, he teases you, he tries to appear more masculine, he touches you playfully, he leans in, he tells jokes, etc.

Signs he’s trying to impress you are: he shows off, he puts himself in dangerous situations due to an increase in his testosterone levels (because he’s attracted to you).

13. He calls you by nicknames

I stand by this nickname thing! Simply put, when you get a cute nickname from a guy, you can take it as a definite sign of affection.

Especially if he finds a unique nickname for you, it means you represent something to him and he’s been thinking about you (since he came up with it).

For example, I got a unique nickname from my boyfriend at the beginning of our relationship. Six years later, he still calls me that! 

Summary: How to interpret verbal signs?

  • The verbal signs above could speak the truth about his feelings for you if you notice them often. 
  • If he compliments you every time he sees you and constantly asks you questions about yourself, you’re in for the real deal.
  • His willingness to open up to you and tell you private things about himself is usually proof of romantic feelings as well.
  • Observe whether he tries to make you laugh or if it’s something he does with everybody. Also, make sure you’re the only one he’s flirting with.
  • When in doubt, let the nickname (or the lack of it) decide!

Part C: Behavioral Signs He Likes You

14. He initiates conversations online and on the phone

Does he like you? He does if he regularly talks to you on the phone or social media.

Unless he contacts you because he needs something from you, you can take it as a good sign.

He’s clearly interested in you if he asks you about your day, and spends time talking to you about different topics. 

Maybe he sends you a video related to something the two of you talked about or a link to something you’ve been searching for but didn’t find.

He could use virtually any excuse to talk to you, even if it’s for a few minutes.

15. He makes plans with you and always keeps them

A man who likes a woman will want to spend time with her. That’s why, he will make plans, and invite her to meet up and engage in different activities.

Now, depending on how creative your guy is, he will choose the old walk in the park or something more original. 

However, what’s more important is if he follows through on them. Does he keep his word?

If he does, it means he’s a reliable guy and he’s trying to build trust with you.

My advice? Go and have fun – it’s part of the journey.

16. He introduces you to the people close to him

Here’s another indication he likes you: He tries to convince you to meet his co-workers, friends, and family.

But why? The reason behind his action is based on his feelings for you. Because he likes you, he wants you to become part of his life.

That’s why he wants to include you in his circle of friends or bring you to various casual meetings with his co-workers.

Also, he’s excited about you and wants all his close ones to meet you.

Don’t worry, though – It’s not that he wants their approval. It’s all about including you.

17. He expresses interest in everything about you

Let’s say you take an art class, or you’re an amateur writer, or you perform in a band… whatever you do, if he likes you, he’ll express interest in what you do.

He’ll want to see your paintings, read your articles, or see you perform. He’ll be interested in all of that.

Also, he’ll want to know more about your passion and support you in every way he can.

If it’s possible, he’ll get involved in helping you to reach your goals as well. This could be as simple as buying you some weights if you want to pick up weight training.

18. He acts protective, supportive, or even jealous

Does he act protective of you? If he does, it means you have triggered his innate hero instinct that stays latent most of the time in every man.

Small gestures such as defending you in front of others, standing up for you, or protecting you from physical danger count here. 

Also, if he positions himself between you and other people, he wants to protect you.

Acting supportive and showing jealousy are possible signs as well. They both suggest there are deeper feelings involved.

Summary: How to interpret behavioral signs?

  • Interpreting non-verbal signs is not an accurate science. However, if the signs occur consistently, you should rely on them.
  • A man’s actions speak volumes about his feelings for you. So, if he maintains constant communication and initiates conversations often, that’s great!
  • If he comes and goes… that’s not so great.
  • On top of that, a man’s desire to include you in his circle of close people is almost always motivated by his feelings for you. It shows he wants you close.
  • But if he doesn’t take an interest in your hobbies, passions, and goals, that’s a red flag.
  • At the end of the day, if he likes you, he’ll want to protect you and be there for you when you need him.
  • Watch how he reacts if he sees you with other men – Jealousy is a strong sign of attraction, too.


A guy who likes you will display multiple non-verbal, verbal, and behavioral signs, as shown above. 

The more you notice in your guy, the better! 

In this regard, do your best to exclude isolated incidents from your analysis. Only include signs that occur consistently. 

Also, ask your intuition for guidance. What is your gut feeling saying? A positive feeling based on the vibes you get from him is exactly what you need!

If everything checks out, find out for sure by asking him directly. You can do it!

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