How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy? (45 Ways)

The best advice I can give you on how to make your girlfriend happy is the following:

Give her what she wants and needs, NOT what you think she wants and needs.

Other than that, here are 40+ more things you can do to be a good boyfriend:

45 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy:

1. Determine what is her love language

Your girlfriend’s love language will tell you exactly how she wants to be loved.

If hers is acts of service, she appreciates thoughtful and helpful gestures more than anything.

If it’s words of affirmation, verbalizing your affection for her and affirming your relationship will make her feel most loved.

As for receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch, they’re self-explanatory.

Use our quiz to find out love language .

2. Learn things about her personal preferences

Simple things such as knowing how she drinks her coffee, what she doesn’t like to eat, or her little quirks are key to making your GF feel happy.

For example, I hate revolving doors and my boyfriend of 6 years knows that. He always finds ways to go around them, without even mentioning it.

3. Practice open and honest communication

Psychologist Dr. Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., explains why open & honest communication is important:

“What honesty gives you is a great deal of comfort. Knowing you can implicitly trust your mate allows you to be your best self, and your relationship will continue to thrive because you are able to give each other the positive energy you need to navigate life’s ups and downs.”

4. Listen attentively and be emphatic

The secret here is to put yourself in her shoes. Whenever she explains something to you, try to feel what she’s feeling.

Doing this will help you understand her better and show empathy.

Remember: Something you think is unimportant can mean the world to her. Look at it through her eyes.

Also, listen attentively. Otherwise, you might miss the point.

5. Discover more about her interests

Knowing your GF’s interests, hobbies, and passions is more valuable than you think.

If you know all of that, you will…

6. Verbally express your affection for her

Whether or not your girlfriend’s love language is words of affirmation, you can still express your affection for her with words.

From complimenting her to telling her how she makes you feel, there are many nice things you can say to her to highlight your feelings for her.

7. Compliment her and express gratitude

Simply telling your GF what you like about her or what effect she has on you, as well as expressing your gratitude can greatly contribute to the well-being of your relationship.

Also, don’t underestimate the value of saying “thank you”. According to Business Insider, it can save your relationship.

2019 research shows that higher levels of gratitude increase life satisfaction and relate to each other over time. 

8. Reassure her when she needs it

Let’s listen to the numbers: 

According to a study published in the book For Men Only by Jeff Feldhahn, women find it incredibly comforting when their partners reassure them of their love.

No less than 95% of all female participants agree they become less anxious and more secure when their partners do that.

Do the same for her and express your love & commitment when she needs it.

9. Support her with her individual goals

No matter what your GF’s goals are, to make her happy, you should support her. 

Even if you think they’re far-fetched or you think she won’t make it, keep encouraging her, offer your help, and be understanding.

She needs someone who believes in her. Be that someone and you’ll mean the world to her.

10. Include her in your decision-making process

Do you know what else is essential for her long-term happiness?

  • To ask for her opinion! 
  • To include her in your decisions!
  • To make choices together!

That’s how you make her feel important. You show her that what she has to say matters to you.

11. Respect your girlfriend’s boundaries & privacy

Boundaries are needed in healthy and happy relationships. Examples are time boundaries, financial boundaries, material boundaries, sexual, and physical boundaries.

Your GF may need time alone and space from you occasionally. To give her what she needs, try to understand her.

Understand her need to spend time with her friends, and her privacy as well. Honor her need for independence and don’t take things personally.

Respecting her boundaries will make her happy.

12. Prioritize spending time with her

Quality time is not only a love language but also a way to deepen your bond with your girlfriend and enjoy each other’s presence.

A very good idea that my boyfriend also applies in our amorous life is to schedule weekly date nights. 

So, make time for her and when you’re together, be present and engaged.

13. Remember important dates and special occasions

Good boyfriends remember important dates such as…

  • … your first date
  • … her birthday
  • … your anniversary
  • … Valentine’s Day
  • … important events in her life

And good boyfriends also recognize how important these dates are and act accordingly. They surprise their girlfriends, give them gifts, and organize special dates.

14. Surprise her with handmade or store-bought gifts

Although my love language is not gift-giving, my heart still melts when my boyfriend buys things for me. I know it means he thinks about me and cares about me.

He buys all sorts of things for me like sweets, jewelry, or even clothes. He knows what I like, a fact which makes things a lot easier for him.

Doing the same for your girlfriend will have a similar effect. Or, you can gift her something handmade like bead bracelets, scrapbooks, or love letters.

15. Be there for her whenever she needs you

Your GF will go through ups and downs. Sometimes she will feel disappointed or sad.

If you want to contribute to her happiness, what you should do is be there for her. Don’t put your own problems first. Instead, offer her a shoulder to cry on.

Also, listen to her without judging her or providing solutions she doesn’t ask for.

16. Stay loyal and committed to her

Look at things this way: Without loyalty, you wouldn’t be together.

The main components of loyalty are trust, honesty, and commitment. They are key to building and maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

How to stay loyal?

Recognizing being with her is a choice, pointing out what you appreciate about her, prioritizing spending time with her, and more.

17. Divide your chores and responsibilities equally

Do you and your girlfriend live together? If you do, you must know that couples who do chores together are happier.

According to an article published by DailyMail people in relationships fight over housework and a quarter of them split up. That’s something you’ll definitely want to avoid.

How? Spend an equal time doing chores with her, preferably simultaneously. 

The same article highlights that women are happier when they do chores side by side with their partners, especially doing the dishes.

18. Take responsibility for your mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen in any relationship. However, to avoid making her feel more sorrow than she should, learn to own up to your mistakes.

If you did something to upset her, apologize to her, and don’t make excuses for yourself. 

Also, don’t blame her for whatever you say/do, not even if it’s a reaction to something she said/did.

19. Get intimate and focus on her pleasure

Another way to make your GF happy is to satisfy her in the bedroom.

First, have an open talk with her about what she likes or what she’d like to try. Just because many girls like long foreplay, it doesn’t mean she’s the same. 

Second, prioritize her pleasure during sex until you discover all her erogenous areas and learn what takes her to climax.

Third, forget everything you know about “passion decay”. Studies show it’s totally made up.

20. Spend time with her and her loved ones

Your GF’s friends and family are a big part of her life. Some of them have been in her life since she was born.

They’re important to her and so are you. Deep down, she wants you to get along with them. 

That’s why your attempt to bond with them and spend time with them will make her happy.

21. Physically express your affection for her

Research shows that physical affection increases relationship and partner satisfaction.

Simple gestures such as a peck on the lips, a kiss on the cheek, a hug, or a back rub can have surprising effects. One of them is easier conflict resolution. 

Holding hands falls in the same category.

22. Include regular grooming in your routine

What if I told you that something you do for yourself will also make her happy? I am referring to taking take of your physical appearance.

According to social science research, women are especially attracted to well-groomed men. They like it when men’s facial and pubic hair is nicely trimmed. 

They also appreciate men with good personal hygiene who smell good and pay attention to their clothes.

23. Try new things and go on adventures together

Create memories and grow together by trying new things and going on adventures. Your girlfriend’s happiness and yours depend on it.

Couples that experience various sensations and emotions together share a deeper bond. 

Such activities trigger their brains to produce chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine, which greatly contribute to feelings of closeness and pleasure.

24. Surprise her with weekend getaways

Want a happier girlfriend? Then take her on weekend getaways.

Plan a surprise city break or a nature getaway whenever you can to escape your routine and responsibilities for a few days.

Such experiences have rejuvenating, relaxing, and therapeutic effects. 

25. Recreate the first date you two had

Re-affirm your relationship with her by recreating your first date.

Tell her all about your plan and dare her to wear the same outfit.

You’ll have a lot of fun remembering the awkward moments and what you liked about each other in the beginning.

26. Learn to cook her favorite food

My boyfriend and I love to eat together. Sadly, he doesn’t cook much. But, when he makes me an omelet in the morning, my day gets instantly better.

Become an even better boyfriend by learning how to cook her favorite food or at least something else that she enjoys eating. 

27. Pamper her with relaxing massages

One of the perks of being in a relationship is getting and giving massages!

Everybody needs massages as we all have muscles and they sometimes get tense. Not to mention they have an overall unwinding effect and may clear the mind too, if done well.

28. Send cute and thoughtful texts

How else to increase her happiness levels? Send her cute and thoughtful texts now and then.

You could say you’re thinking about her, wish her good luck if she has an exam or a presentation that day, or send her many flower emojis.

29. Praise her on social media

Knowing you are proud of her and supporting her will make your GF feel all sorts of positive emotions.

That’s why praising her on social media is a good idea. Sharing info about her achievements or simply cheering her on will do the trick.

30. Change your wallpaper with a photo of her

A sweet way to put a smile on her face and brighten her day is to change your computer’s wallpaper or phone’s wallpaper with a photo of her, or the two of you together.

This will make her happy because she’ll know you’re serious about her, want to see her all the time, and are proud of being with her.

31. Keep a photo of her in your wallet

Alternatively, you could print your favorite photo of her and keep it in your wallet. 

This is how our parents used to do it. It’s a bit old-fashioned but it has the same effect. 

Or, ask her for a photo to keep in your wallet and give her one of yours.

32. Engage in a girly activity with her

If you’re looking to go the extra mile for her, then engage in a girly activity with her such as going shopping for clothes, brushing her hair, painting her nails, etc.

Especially if she doesn’t have any female friends (I don’t), your gesture will make her feel different in a good way.

33. Treat her with compassion and respect

Want to have the happiest girlfriend? Then be there for her, do nice things for her, listen to her, respect her, and apologize if needed.


  • … raise your voice at her
  • … call her by a name she dislikes
  • … talk down to her
  • … be pushy
  • … smother her

34. Do other random acts of kindness for her

Here are a few ideas:

  • Let her win an argument just because.
  • Help her without waiting to be asked.
  • Don’t wait for special occasions to surprise her.
  • Take a moment to tell her how much you appreciate her.
  • Thank her for spending time with you.
  • Do her chores and let her relax.

35. Attend various events together

I was over the moon the first time my boyfriend asked me to accompany him at a music contest in which he participated. I felt so good knowing he wanted me by his side and didn’t mind showing me off.

You can do the same for her. Invite her to any events that allow a plus-one. 

36. Go to the gym together

You and your GF can motivate each other when it comes to exercising. You can go to the gym together or find routines you can both do at home.

Exercising together is not only a fun activity but also a way to support each other with your fitness goals.

37. Volunteer as a couple

Especially if she volunteers often, your girlfriend will be more than happy if you volunteer with her. 

Or, if you’re the one who frequently helps others, you can show her what volunteering is all about, and how it feels. She might find it just as rewarding as you do.

38. Read relationship books 

If you are serious about becoming the best boyfriend ever, read relationship books! They’re quite helpful in understanding relationship dynamics and your partner.

They can be real eye-openers, especially if you have a hard time being altruistic, emphatic, or accepting her boundaries.

39. Create playlists with songs you both like

Music has the power to change her mood, and yours as well. Listening to certain songs makes her think about you or a special moment you shared. I am sure you experience the same.

That’s why creating a playlist with such songs can improve the way she feels. 

Or, you can make a compilation of songs you had fun on, or sex on and listen to it when the moment is right.

40. Frame your photos or share them online

Make her happier and happier as your relationship progresses by displaying photos of the two of you together. 

You can frame them and hang them on your walls, or share them online for everybody to see. Both methods work great.

However, if you or your girlfriend want to keep your personal life private, refrain from sharing them on social media.

41. Try cooking recipes together

Is your GF always cooking for you? Improve her experience by joining her. 

Try to cook dinner together or try recipes that are new to both of you. Or, simply offer your help.

You can slice a few onions and listen to her talking about her day. She’ll thank you for keeping her company and hearing her out.

42. Include her in your inner circle

Part of opening up to her and building a life together is including her in your inner circle. Introduce her to your friends and family without hesitation.

Even if you’re friends don’t know how to behave around girls or your parents are a bit weird or unpleasant, they are who they are and they are part of your life.

43. Show your vulnerable side to her

Well… I admit that seeing you vulnerable will not make her feel happy. However, it will make her feel closer to you. Your intimacy will expand.

Thanks to a research article by Chandra E. Khalifian and Robin A. Barry we now know that specific vulnerable disclosures have a higher impact than general ones.

Also, if your vulnerability is not related to your GF, it has an even greater sentimental value for her. 

44. Hold her hand in public

As I mentioned before, showing physical affection matters to her happiness and the overall well-being of your relationship.

One example in this regard is holding hands in public. This gesture is not only affectionate. It comes with other perks like feeling safe, letting others know you’re together, etc.

45. Write sweet notes for her

Want to cheer up your girlfriend even when you’re not there?

You can do that by writing sweet messages for her on Post-Its for example and slipping them someplace where she will find them later.

Put a note in her lunch bag, on the bathroom’s mirror before work, or in her backpack.


As you can see, your girlfriend’s happiness depends on a lot of aspects and it requires continuous effort.

One gift, a single personal disclosure, and a few compliments won’t keep her happy forever. You also need to be there for her, support and help her, and take her on adventures.

To develop a more fulfilling relationship with her, you should express physical and emotional affection, and include her in your inner circle and your decisions.

If you also focus on honest and open communication and listen attentively, you’ll be the best boyfriend ever! 

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