22 Signs a Girl Has a Crush on You

Here’s the thing: Most girls like to play it safe and give subtle signals to the guys they like (myself included). 

Let me put it this way: There are fewer girls who give obvious signs than girls who give themselves away without knowing. 

That’s why it would be useful for you to have a good idea about how girls generally behave when they have a crush on a guy.

I’ll make things easy for you by sharing 22 signs that will help you read any girl like an open book.

Let’s begin!

22 Proven Signs a Girl Has a Crush on You

1. Her Eyes Are On You

A girl who likes you will look at you. It’s as simple as that!

Unless she is on some sort of a secret mission and needs to follow your every move, it means she’s into you. 

So, if you see her checking you out whenever you’re in a social context, at school, work, or any other place, that’s good news.

She likes what she sees and she is also curious to find out more about you. 

Social media also counts! If she’s already among your followers, she definitely slips a like or a heart or two to the things you post on a daily basis.

2. She’s All Ears, Too

Ask yourself this: Does she pay attention to me when I’m talking?

YES: A girl who looks away from her phone or stops talking to her BFFs when you start talking is, without a doubt, interested in what you have to say.

Especially if you’re saying things about yourself – not something serious that she needs to acknowledge for school or work assignments – it means she wants to hear you out.

If she’s crushing on you, she’ll hang on to your every word. She’ll be fascinated to learn every little detail about you.

NO: If a girl gets easily distracted when you talk, she’s not that into you.

3. She Gets Your Humor

This point is all about laughter. It’s a sign of attraction or a confirmation that you’re a funny person.

How can you tell the difference? Well, a girl who is smitten with you will laugh at every joke you make – no exceptions.

You might notice that she stands out among the others because she always laughs the hardest. And she’s not pretending either!

She genuinely finds you funny. 

I can confirm this sign is as real as it gets. Looking back, I can tell now that whenever I liked a man, I was the one encouraging him to tell more jokes and laughed hard at what he said (compared to other people).

4. You Get Calls/Texts From Her

When a girl initiates texts or calls “just because” without having a hidden reason or trying to get something from you, she might have a crush on you!

You see, she feels good when she talks to you and that’s why she wants to do that often. She keeps in touch to create rapport with you and to deepen your bond.

One way to tell for sure you’re not dealing with a girl who just wants to vent and thinks of you as her confidante is by identifying the presence or the lack of “we” language. 

If she uses “we” a lot, it means she creates a “we” identity for the two of you – a couple’s identity to be more precise.

5. She Communicates with Intention

Is she passing time or putting effort into your conversations?

Give this question some serious thought because it really matters!

Relationship Expert and Match’s Chief Dating Expert Rachel DeAlto thinks that “If she’s replying with comments on your texts and questions for you to answer, she’s probably interested as she’s trying to keep the conversation going.”

To figure this out, try to remember if she asks follow-up questions, whether she’s on point with her replies, and how serious is her choice of topics.

6. She’s Either Nervous or Shy

Unless you’re dealing with a highly disciplined girl who has the ability to keep her cool in any circumstances or with a good actress, you’ll notice signs such as…

  • She can’t stay still. She either plays with an object in her hand or with her hair.
  • You literally sweep her off her feet as she’s swaying or rocking when you’re around.
  • She freezes if you approach her or ask her a question in person.
  • She either blushes or starts sweating. The color of her cheeks might turn bright pink.
  • She keeps adjusting her clothes to make sure she looks good for you.

7. She Makes Eye Contact with You

Making eye contact with someone is a powerful thing!

With the right look, you can communicate lots of different things to a girl. The way you look at her can be friendly, intimidating or so sensual that she’ll wet her panties.

With this in mind, when you make eye contact with a girl, try to figure out what type of look she’s giving you.

  • Does she immediately look down or the other way as if you caught her? 
  • Does she make prolonged eye contact and slightly smile?
  • Does she have a sweet, dreamy look?
  • Does she have the so-called puppy eyes?

She’s crushing on you if she does!

8. She Mimics Your Movements

This is one of the signs a girl doesn’t realize she’s giving up when she likes a guy, so be alert!

She could mirror not only your body language but also your facial expressions as well as the way you talk. 

For example, she could frown when you frown or cross her arms when you become defensive and cross your arms yourself.

How so? According to The Art and Science of Mirroring, we all have mirror neurons, which determine us to mirror or mimic other people’s body language in an attempt to understand them and connect on a deeper level.

It’s a natural process that often signals interest and attraction.

9. Her Body Language Signals Openness

For this point, we’ll stay focused on the girl’s body. Analyze her posture and decide whether she’s displaying an expansive or a contractive nonverbal posture.

According to psychologist Sally D. Farley, in her work Expansive Posture, “Postural expansion includes “enlarging” behaviors such as sitting more erectly, opening up the torso, and extending limbs away from the body.”

What about postural constriction?

That involves slumping of the shoulders, avoiding eye contact by looking down, self-hugging, and so on.

Why does this matter? 

Studies have shown that people with expansive body postures have a higher romantic desirability. That’s because they express both dominance and openness.

10. She Says She’s Single

Another sign she has a crush on you? She makes sure you know she’s single.

Now, every girl has her own style, so not all of them will be subtle or direct about their relationship status.

But somehow, you’ll know for sure that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Or… she will show you.

Before my boyfriend and I hooked up, I used to hang out a lot with a mixed group of friends, him included. 

So, I didn’t have to tell him I was single because I clearly didn’t have anyone since I was meeting up with them all the time.

11. She Introduces You To Everyone

Want to know what Celebrity Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Bonnie Winston has to say about this?

“If she introduces you to her family, that is another good sign that she really likes you and wants you in her life.”

While I totally agree, nowadays girls tend to be more reserved when it comes to introducing their crushes to their families.

However, they are more open to introducing their crushes to their friends and inviting them to group activities.

So, if she asks you to tag along or go to a get-together with her friends, her feelings for you motivate her actions.

12. She Always Finds Time for You

A girl’s availability to talk to you and spend time with you is a strong indicator of her romantic interest in you.

It’s true! Even if she has a lot to study or she works overtime, she’ll still make time to talk to you on the phone or chat online. 

What’s more, if she’s crushing hard, she’ll reply fast to your calls and messages. She’ll seize the moment because that’s all she has for now.

13. She Makes You Part of Her Plans

I remember the first time I tried to include my now boyfriend in my plans. I was invited to a cabin in the woods at a friend’s birthday and I asked him to tag along.

Although he had recently hurt his ankle, he accepted my invitation. 

But, I want to be fully honest with you: I also invited my male friends to such events because I wanted to have someone to socialize with, a buffer person.

To make sure you’re not a buffer person for her, look for more signs in your favor!

14. She Leans on You for The Silliest Things

Women are like delicate flowers and they need men to protect them and help them out, right?

This could be right for some women. One way to get a man’s attention is to play the role of a damsel in distress and awaken the hero inside them.

Even if she doesn’t really need your help, if a girl is into you, she’ll still ask for it. Why?

Because it allows her to interact with you more and spend more time with you as well. It gives her a reason to call you or send you a message.

15. She Reveals Secrets About Herself

People who share secrets with each other become closer. They create a special bond based on trust. 

If you think about it, when a girl shares a secret with you, she becomes more vulnerable. She tells you something about her that no one else knows (or few people know).

Why would she do that?

Because she is developing feelings for you and wants you to see the real her, especially if she’s revealing a not-so-flattering part of herself to you.

16. She Wants You Physically Close

Attraction works on multiple levels: Yes, if a girl has feelings for you, she will want to talk to you a lot. But, she’ll also seek your physical proximity.

It’s just as Psychologist and Relationship Expert Dr. John Gottman says, “When someone is genuinely interested in you, they’ll find ways to be close, physically and emotionally.”

Clear signs are when she…

  • … sits/stands next to you
  • … leans in when you talk
  • … saves you a seat

👉 If your female coworker likes you, she will find a way to sit next you.

17. She Always Looks Top-Notch For You

Just how much effort a girl puts into her looks can give away her romantic interest in you. 

It shouldn’t be hard for you to notice if the girl on your mind dolls herself up when she knows you’ll see her or not.

In case she puts on makeup, fixes her hair, and highlights her body with cute/sexy clothing, she wants you to notice her! 

She wants you to look at her and she hopes that you like what you’re seeing.

18. Her Remarks About You Are Flattering

When we like something, we say it. That’s what she’s doing when she gives you compliments. She tells you what she likes about you.

Her compliments can range from remarks about your physical appearance to your personality, talents, and more.

Anything positive she says about you can be taken as a compliment. 

Pro tip: If she likes you, for you, she’ll focus more on your personality traits or style than on your looks. She’ll probably give you pretty unique compliments.

19. She Breaks The No-Touching Barrier

How can you tell she sees more as more than a friend? When she playfully touches you!

If she initiates physical touch, that’s a proven sign she has a crush on you! A 2010 study by Matthew J. Hertenstein, Julie M. Verkamp, Alyssa M. Kerestes, and Rachel M. Holmes found that touch plays a huge role in emotional communication.

Examples are when she…

  • … touches your arm or leg while laughing
  • … hugs you when you meet and when you part ways
  • … holds on to you tight when she’s scared or grabs your hand
  • … grabs your attention by touching you on your shoulder

20. She Teases You Sometimes

Believe it or not, some girls use teasing as a form of showing affection. They may tease you based on your insecurities or make fun of you for some reason.

But, trust me, they mean no harm. Their intentions are just the opposite – that’s just how they express themselves.

The push and pull can be considered a form of teasing as well. They could offer you something, just to take it back as soon as you accept it.

What matters here is that she gives you attention. 

21. There Are Signs of Jealousy, Too

Jealousy is hard to hide and it reveals hidden feelings.

Here are a few signs of jealousy:

  • She tries to get your attention when you have conversations with other girls.
  • She suddenly changes her behavior if she sees you with another girl.
  • She makes mean remarks about the girls you hang out with.
  • She gets upset when you talk about other women with her.
  • She begins to compare herself with your other female friends.
  • She doesn’t like it when you don’t reply to her immediately.
  • She wants to know what you’re doing and who you hang out with.
  • She doesn’t like it when you spend too much time with your friends.

22. Her Behavior Is Different Around You

Is the girl on your mind simply friendly or there’s more to it?

Figure this out by observing her. Just watch her and determine whether she is as touchy-feely with others as she is with you. 

Notice if she mirrors other guys’ body language and makes prolonged eye contact with any of them. 

Also, ask yourself: Does she laugh harder at your jokes? 

All these details are important for getting a girl’s feelings right. So, make sure your assessment is as thorough as possible!

If you conclude that her behavior is different around you, it means her heart beats for you.


Is it really that hard to tell whether a girl has a crush on you? I hope that by now you are more familiar with the signs that give her feelings away.

Her body language and how she interacts with you can give you the information you need to start with.

Subtle details such as her availability, initiative to share secrets, and the occasional jealousy signs are important to take into account as well.

If she displays at least half of the signs above, you have the green light to make a move on her. Meet her halfway and ask her out (or ask a friend to do it).

Don’t worry, everything will go smoothly if you observe her close enough!

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