19 Signs A Girl Likes You But Hiding It

Have you ever had an gut feeling that a woman is interested, but she’s trying hard not to show it?

Maybe you catch her stealing glances when she thinks you aren’t looking. Or you notice her blushing when you get close.

But as soon as you make a move, she gives you the cold shoulder or laughs it off.

It’s enough to leave you scratching your head.

While her words deny it, her actions and body language tell a different story.

In this article, I’ll share the psychological signs she secretly wants you but hiding It for various reasons – shyness, uncertainty, fear of rejection.

I’ll help you read between the lines so you can discern genuine attraction versus mere wishful thinking.

19 Psychological Signs A Girl Likes You But Hiding It

1. She Laughs At Your Jokes

Jokes are a great way of connecting with a girl on a more emotional level.

If you can make a girl laugh, you can trigger a whole wealth of positive associations in her brain that causes her to relax around you and want to spend more time with you. 

Yes, even, if you’re not the next Dave Chappelle or Kevin Hart to make a girl laugh. 

In fact, even if you don’t consider yourself a comedic genius, she’ll still chuckle and giggle at your jokes. 

Even research has also shown that when a girl likes a guy, she will make sure he thinks he’s the funniest dude in the room. 

This especially goes for laughing while flirting. There’ll be no awkward jokes that fall flat – instead, every joke you tell will hit the spot with her. 

So, if you want her too and want to establish a deeper emotional connection with a girl, then humor is your best friend. 

2. She Gives Non-Verbal Clues

A girl won’t tell you she likes you – but she might give off a range of non-verbal clues (through her body language) that drop huge hints that she’s attracted to you.

For example, she glances at you even when she isn’t talking to you and maintains a prolonged eye contact when she is talking to you.

She’ll also play with her hair and simply can’t stop smiling!

Take a look at what she does with her lips, too. If she licks them, it’s a good sign that she’s into you. 

On the whole, a girl might act really nervous around you. She may fidgets and stumble over her words and act a bit clumsy. 

3. She Finds Ways To Be Close To You 

If a girl secretly likes a guy, she won’t tell the crush – but she will still ask him a bunch of questions that help her learn more about him so that she can decide if he’s really the one for her.

For example, she’ll ask questions about your past, your family, and your past relationships in order to create a deeper bond with you.

Other than asking questions, a girl will excitedly jump on common interests that the two of you have, suggesting that you can do these things together. 

She may also find ways to help you out so that you can spend time with her. Perhaps you’re studying for an exam and she’ll suggest coming over to ask questions and help you revise. 

4. She Gives You Her Undivided Attention 

There’s probably nothing that says a girl isn’t interested in you more than when she uses her phone in front of you.

You’re trying to get into rapport with her and she’s sending a text.

Worse still, when someone calls her, she actually answers it!

If, on the other hand, this girl doesn’t even check her phone and leaves it in her bag the whole time, it’s a huge sign that she likes you.

She doesn’t want any distractions – she just wants to focus on you.

5. She Hints About Her Relationship Status

When girl likes you secretly, she is going to do two things: She’ll subtly hint that she’s single – and she’ll also ask how your love life is going.

How subtle are her hints?

She might mention how she is “bored” with single life or she might mention how long it’s been since she even had cuddles with a guy. 

She might even say that she’s been using dating apps but that she hates them all. She’s having no luck! 

Then, she’ll quickly ask how dating is going for you. Are you seeing someone or have you given up, too? 

6. She Has Deep Conversations With You For Hours 

If a girl likes you, she’ll do all she can to keep you talking.

Maybe she’ll keep asking questions even after it seems that a conversation has died, or she’ll send funny GIFs or links to YouTube and TikTok videos to keep things going. 

She might also send you a text before saying that she sent it by mistake. But that’s okay because, hey, the two of you can have a conversation now!

However she does it, if you notice that this girl seems to really want to keep the conversation alive, it’s a good sign she likes you. 

7. Her Friends Give You Their Attention

While a girl might keep her attraction for you a secret from you, this doesn’t mean she won’t tell her friends about you. 

Maybe she told them she finds you cute or maybe she even went as far as telling them that this girl likes you and hopes you ask her out

So if her friends start adding you/following you on social media, this is the first sign that they know about you.

It might even be the case that if all of you hang out together and they take a stronger interest in you than usual.

8. She Frequently Uses Emojis When Texting You 

Ever had a text conversation with a girl who doesn’t use emojis? 

Yeah – it’s pretty flat. Without emojis, it’s impossible to read the tone of a text conversation and it often feels dull and forced. 

When there are emojis involved, things heat up. A text becomes sweeter and funnier and you can read a person’s intentions a bit more.

Even better, emojis are ideal for flirting. For instance, she could use the blushing emoji whenever you’re flirting with her, which strongly suggests she’s enjoying this – as opposed to a simple “lol” that has no real meaning whatsoever. 

Or she might use the heart eyes emojis anytime she’s arranging to meet up with you or paying you a compliment

(hint: the heart eyes emojis when used in this context can mean that she really likes you!)

And then, of course, there are the crying laughing eyes emojis that show she doesn’t just find you a little bit funny – she thinks you’re the funniest guy she knows!

So look out for the emojis she uses and don’t be afraid to read into the real meaning as to why she’s using them. 

9. She Brings You Thoughtful Gifts

You’re feeling down and she brings you something to cheer you up. And when you’ve got something to celebrate, such as a job promotion, she makes sure to buy you the perfect gift.

And when she buys you a gift, it always means something. Perhaps the gift has sentimental value or perhaps it’s something you’ve mentioned to her before, which she took note of. 

 What’s going on? 

While friends will certainly be there to support their friends when they’re down and help them celebrate when they’re up, girls who actually bring you thoughtful gifts usually like you as much as just a friend.

So if you notice that her gifts to you have lots of thought and meaning behind them, don’t just think “She cares for me.” Instead, assume that this girl secretly wants you. 

10. She Has a Good Memory For Things You’ve Shared With Her

People might say that girls have a better memory than guys – but research doesn’t really back this up.

Data might suggest that women aged 45-55 have better short-term memory than men, but other than that it’s pretty equal.

So what does it mean when she has a good memory for the things you’ve shared with her? Does it mean she simply has an awesome memory? 


However, it’s more likely that she cares about you so much that she makes it her business to remember the things you’ve told her.

This could be anything, such as your birthday, something that happened to you in the past … and it can even be things you’ve completely forgotten that you told her! 

How did you remember that?!

She might not want to say it but the real reason is surely that she secretly wants you. 

11. She Opens Up To You About Her Personal Life 

A girl will only open up to a man about her personal life the moment she trusts him.

While sharing personal information with you in and of itself doesn’t mean she wants you, it does help to create emotional intimacy.

And when coupled with other factors, it can indicate that she wants to take things to the next level. 

Maybe she has told you things that she rarely tells anyone else, such as things related to her past, her family and her former relationships. Maybe she’s confided in you about issues and problems she’s had to deal with. 

The more she tells you, the greater the bond will be between you and her (at least in her mind). And this is another of her ways of hinting to you that she likes you without actually telling you to your face. 

12. She Pays Attention To Even The Smallest Changes In Your Appearance 

Girls notice things – but only if they’re really into you. 

Let’s say you made a fairly insignificant change to the way you look. While no one else noticed it, it surprises you that she noticed it. 

You’ve done something different with your hair. It really suits you!” 

This means she’s paying attention, which strongly suggests that she wants you (even if she hasn’t told you so yet).

She might even comment on something way more insignificant. For example, if you changed your cologne.

So you changed your cologne!

Or maybe you got a new pair of glasses? While no one else mentions them, she certainly does. 

The changes you make to your appearance can be good changes or average changes – it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that she’s noticing and letting you know that she’s noticing.

13. She Likes All The Stuff You Share On Social Media

Does she really care what you share on social media? 

If we’re honest, she won’t even pay attention to what you share half the time (unless it’s something super controversial).

In her mind, it really doesn’t matter what it is that you share. As long as she wants you, she’s going to “like” what you share regardless.

It could be anything, from a funny meme to an informative video. It could be a status update or something completely trivial.

The point is that in order to get your attention and make sure that she’s in your thoughts, she will use social media strategically. As soon as you post something new, she’ll like it. 

14. She Celebrates Your Special Days 

Imagine it’s your birthday coming up and she sends you a message a few hours before the big day.

I just wanted to be the first to say ‘happy birthday!” 


Not just that but she celebrates all your special days, whether it be your first day at a new job or the day your sports team just won a big game. She’s going to be there with you, cheering and celebrating. 

This is because she knows how much your special days mean to you and she wants to join you in celebrating them. She’ll wish you good luck, she may even buy you a gift or a card … and if she can’t be there with you in person, she’ll for sure shoot you a message on social media or text. 

15. Her Body Faces You

A tell tale sign of how a girl feels about you is how she orients her body when she’s with you. If she faces away from you, it’s a bad sign. 

If, on the other hand, she positions herself so that she’s facing you, this tells you that she’s really into the conversation, developing feelings for you – and she maybe even finds you attractive. 

16. Her Pupils Dilate 

It’s not super easy to see if her pupils are dilating or not (and you definitely don’t want to appear creepy by looking into her eyes all the time). 

But if you notice that her pupils are dilated when she’s with you, it’s a strong psychological sign that suggests she’s trying to hide the excitement and pleasure she’s feeling right now!

17. She Mirrors You Your Body Language & Behavior

If a girl likes a man but isn’t forward enough to tell him, she might consciously and unconsciously mirror his actions.

What does this look like?

It’s simple. If you scratch your face, she’ll scratch hers. If you sit forward, she’ll sit forward. 

If you smile, she’ll smile. If you talk slowly, she’ll talk slowly.

The good thing about all this is that it isn’t hard to spot. If you notice she’s mimicking you, make a few slight alterations to your behavior and see if she copies you. 

18. She Tilts Her Head

Pay attention to her actions when she’s chatting to you. Does she tilt her head so as to hear you better? 

A girl that does this is a girl who’s interested in you and what you’re saying. She’s hanging on your every word and doesn’t want to miss anything out 

This is usually something she does unconsciously, which means she isn’t even aware of it. Because she is no longer in control of her actions, it strongly suggests that this girl likes you.

Why Doesn’t She Confess If She Likes Me?

  • She’s nervous or ashamed of her feelings for you but can’t help showing them sometimes. Sometimes, a girl likes a guy but hates herself for liking him. It could be because she has low self-esteem.
  • She doesn’t know how you feel about her and isn’t ready to show her cards yet. If you’ve not been direct enough with your feelings, the last thing she’s going to do is show her hand first. Until you’re upfront about how you feel, she’ll keep her cards close to her chest. 


These are the signs a girl likes you but hiding it cause she is scared secretly.

Typically, she’ll engage you in conversation, she’ll try to spend as much time as possible with you and she’ll talk to you about her personal life. 

Despite all this, she still won’t told you she likes you! So what should you do?

If you’ve read the article and come to the conclusion that she likes you, the best thing to do is to ask her directly if she wants to go on a date with you. What’s the worst you can lose? 

You could suggest going for a drink together or having a meal – and if she really does like you, it’s almost certain she’ll say Yes. But even if she doesn’t say Yes straight away, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you – it just means she’s still figuring things out in her head. 

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