100+ Flirty Texts For Him (Make Him Want You More) 🥵

You see his name flash on your phone screen and your stomach flutters. You can’t stop smiling like an idiot as you keep on texting him for hours.

Chatting with your crush or boyfriend by text can feel like the butterflies of new romance all over again.

But how do you keep the playful spark alive and send flirty texts to him that charm, intrigue, and excite him?

Generic “hey, cutie” gets old fast. You crave that effortless, can’t-get-enough repartee you had in the beginning.

In this article, we have shared the list of flirty texts (for every situation) to help you flirt without looking like creep.

So, let’s get started…

Cute Flirty Texts For Him

1. Just wanted to let you know that I can’t stop thinking about you!

2. You’re so handsome. How did I get so lucky? 😍

3. I can’t stop thinking about our kiss last night. Any chance we can pick up where we left off later? 💋

4. You make me smile more than anyone else. Just wanted you to know that!

5. Is it hot in here or is it just you? 🔥😉

6. I had the best dream about you last night! Maybe we can make some of it come true soon…

7. On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re an absolute 15. 🤩

8. How did you get to be so cute AND funny at the same time? It’s just unfair.

9. I could stare into your eyes forever and get lost in them 😇

10. You have the best smile EVER. I hope you never stop shining it at me!

11. You know, I don’t tell you this enough but you always make my heart skip a beat. 💗

12. Ok I gotta admit something…you’re my dream guy 🥰

13. I love that I can just be 100% myself around you. Thanks for loving me just the way I am.

14. What did you think after our first kiss?

15. I can’t stop blushing every time I look through our selfies together! 🙈

16. Thinking of you and that handsome smile of yours! Hope you’re having an amazing day! 😁

Flirty Texts for Him in the Morning:

Send him these flirty messages to make his mornings romantic.

17. Wake up sleepyhead! Can’t wait for our date later 🥰

18. You know, I’m smiling thinking about you already this morning…

19. Sun’s out, so is that gorgeous smile of yours?

20. I had the best dream about you! Want me to tell you about it? 😏

21. Good morning to the most handsome man! Hope your day is as amazing as you are!

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22. Wish you were here to cuddle in bed with me right now…

23. Hope you slept well and that I can catch a glimpse of you before work!

24. This morning would be so much better waking up with you by my side…

25. Can we play hooky and laze in bed together all day? 😇

26. I can’t get our kiss goodbye out of my head…already eager for round two!

27. Thinking of you already and can’t wait for our next date night!

28. I fell asleep smiling last night thinking of you xx

29. Woke up wishing your arms were wrapped around me!

30. First thought this morning? That killer smile of yours! 😍

31. Happy Thursday handsome! Almost time for our Friday night plans! 🥰

Flirty Texts for Him at Night:

32. Send him these flirty text messages to make to drive him crazy at night.

33. Getting cozy in bed and wishing you were here with me 🥺

34. Just crawled under the blankets and I gotta admit…really wishing you were here to keep me warm!

35. The moon is so beautiful tonight, just like you! 🌃 Can’t wait for our next night under the stars together.

36. Can’t sleep, you’re on my mind! We still need to finish that convo from earlier… 🤔

37. I’m snuggled up with your hoodie wishing you were here to fill it even better…

38. You have no idea how tempting it is to ask you to come over right now! One day you won’t be able to resist 😉

39. Sweet dreams! Make sure you dream of me tonight 🥰

40. Big spoon or little spoon? Asking for a friend.

41. It’s getting late but I just can’t stop thinking about our picnic in the park tomorrow! 🥰

42. My head’s hitting the pillow but my heart is wide awake thinking of you xx

43. Just got into bed but there’s no way I’m falling asleep anytime soon…too tempted to stay up thinking about a certain someone! 😏

44. Night night! Thanks for an amazing day as always! Already eager for our next adventure 😘

45. The day went by so quickly – wish we had more time together. Until tomorrow! 😴💤

46. Can’t wait to make breakfast together after our sleepover this weekend! 🥞 🧇 Sweet dreams 😙

47. The day always ends perfectly with a goodnight text from you. Here’s to sweet dreams! ✨🌙

Flirty Texts to Make Him Laugh:

48. You know I’m just your average, everyday, run of the mill, garden-variety, cookie cutter, middle of the road wife material…no big deal 😂

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49. Soooo I was thinking, how do you feel about renewing our vows every year until we’re 90? I need excuses to wear bridal gowns 👰‍♀️😜

50. Just wanted to remind you in writing that you are #Blessed to have me. You can thank me whenever 😇

51. Me looking at pictures of us from early dates vs now. Progress! 👧👵 😂

52. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

53. So when do I get your Netflix password? I feel like it’s time we make this official! 😆

54. Just a heads up, pet names I’m workshopping for you include hunk biscuit, snuggle muffin…let me know if you hate any of them! 😅

55. When I picture our perfect house, I’m thinking waterbed room, lava lamp room, jelly bean room for snacking…normal right??

56. Promise that when we’re 80 you’ll still give me butterflies? Cuz I’m gonna be adorable with my walking cane in one hand and werther’s candy in the other 😂🥰

57. Quick poll: do you think I could pull off being a blonde??? It’s suddenly very important. 😂

58. So I’m thinking we tell our future kids I proposed to you in Paris, not that I begged you to go out with me for 3 weeks until you finally said yes! 😅

59. Who needs a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes…and refusing the directions to escape! 😍😜

60. We need to take a vacay together asap because how else will they make a movie about us?? 🎥😂

61. Hey I just had an idea for our couple Halloween costume this year…bald eagle and American flag, right? You know, something subtle… 🦅🇺🇸😜

62. Quick question, on a scale of 1-10 how quickly would you come pick me up if I called saying there was a huge spider in the bedroom? Asking for a friend 🕷😅

Sexy Flirty Texts for Him (To Turn Him On):

63. You have no idea all the things I want to do to you next time I see you… 😈

64. Kissing you and touching you is my love language… 🥵

65. Guess who can’t stop thinking about sliding those pants off you slowly…👖🔥

66. Do you get how crazy you drive me when we kiss? I lose all control…

67. I love the way your body feels against mine.

68. You’re so sexy, it honestly takes all my willpower to not completely tear your clothes off every time I see you… 🔥

69. I keep replaying our last steamy night together over and over in my head…🤤

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70. Want to know all of the dirty things you do to me in my fantasies at night?…😏

71. I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off you later…or my lips for that matter 😘

72. Thinking about your amazing body gets me all hot and bothered over here…hope you’re ready for me to ravage you later 😈

73. You know when you kiss that one spot on my neck? Just thinking about it now got my heart racing…😍🥵

74. Damn I love when I catch you stare at me THAT way…makes me want to tackled you on the spot

75. Do you want to know what clothes I’m imagining peeling off you right now? 👀 Or should I just show you later…

76. I have a feeling we won’t be making it out of the bedroom tonight…😉

77. You are still my favorite distraction from work.

Innocent Flirty Texts for Him (To Make Him Want You More):

78. You know, I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I see you 🦋🌸

79. Listening to love songs today always makes me think of you 🎶💕

80. Counting down the days til I get to see your cute face again! 🥰

81. You have the sweetest smile, I can never help but grin right back 😁😊

82. Thanks for being my shoulder to lean on and making my bad days brighter 🤗

83. Gosh I’m lucky to have such an amazingly cute guy like you in my life! 🍀 ❤️

84. Hope your day is going wonderfully! Can’t wait to catch up later 😘

85. You’ll never guess what happened today…I couldn’t stop bragging to all my coworkers about my charming boyfriend 😍

86. I just saw the sweetest elderly couple holding hands and it reminded me of you 👴👵❤️

87. Listening to a romantic song and daydreaming about slow dancing with you 💃🕺

88. Just baked your favorite cookies…can’t wait for you to try them! 🍪

89. I saw baby ducks at the pond today and it made me smile thinking of you 🐥🐥🐥

90. You popped into my head today and I couldn’t stop thinking happy thoughts 🥰😘

91. The sun is shining and I can’t help but grin picturing our picnic this Saturday ☀️🥗

92. I found your old sweatshirt today and immediately slipped it on to feel close to you 😊 P.S. It smelled like you! 🧥

And there you have it – your ultimate guide to flirty text messages for him. Remember, it’s not just about the text; it’s about the connection. So, personalize these and make them your own. Happy flirting!

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