How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special?

Are you making your girlfriend feel special?

Let’s put it this way: if you are, you’ll know it!

When you make your girlfriend feel special, it’s solidifying how you feel for her. And that doesn’t just make you a catch; it makes you more alluring/attractive to her. 

When your girlfriend feels genuinely appreciated, she’ll be excited to see you, feel confident in the relationship, and find you instantly more attractive.

Before you start to think that it’s all about flash, expensive gifts, it’s not.

It’s in the little things. 

If you can strike a delicate balance between listening to her and spoiling her with the little things that make her smile, you’ll be on a winning streak – no big bank balance required! 

Ready to learn how to do that? Read on!

20 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special:

1. Make her day by complimenting her frequently

One small compliment can entirely change a person’s day.

For example, let’s say you wake up late for a lecture, can’t get your laptop to charge, and your bank card has been blocked for some reason, so you can’t afford your morning coffee. 

You’re having a day straight from hell for all intents and purposes. But then, you receive a cute compliment from a girl you like.

It could just take the words, “I love that shirt on you!” to turn your bad day around. 

Of course, nobody likes a liar, so make sure that your compliment is true. 

Examples of genuine compliments to inspire her :

  • β€œYou have excellent taste in music! I love it!”
  • β€œYou have an incredible sense of humor.”
  • β€œYour smile makes my day.”
  • β€œYou look beautiful today.”
  • β€œI love your style – you always look great.”

2. Keep her on her toes with unexpected surprises

Surprises are a great way to keep make you girl feeling special and excited.

Now, we’re not talking about buying her a Porsche or spending all your savings on dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant – we’re talking about little surprises.

According to professional life coach, Ella Clark, surprises cause our brains to wake up and process new information through touch, sound, light, taste, and smell.Β 

And when all this information is being processed, the brain’s pleasure center comes alive – it quite literally lights up! And this can be seen on an MRI! 

What happens next is the very reason why a small unexpected surprise can make your girlfriend feel special. The brain activates the release of dopamine which intensifies emotions and enhances happiness. 

Now, that’s a great way to make your girlfriend feel special!Β 

Some inspiration for small surprises are:

  • Leave cute notes hidden in her favorite places for her to find just to remind her of how special she is to you.
  • Send her a postcard, even if you live in the same place.
  • Pack a picnic and send her directions for her to meet you somewhere special for the afternoon.
  • Create a playlist for her on Spotify or a similar app.
  • Invite her out for dinner, but instead of venturing to a restaurant, spoil her by cooking her favorite meal for her.
  • Hide a treat for her under her pillow or in her handbag with a cute note attached.
  • Frame a photo of the two of you and display it in your house or your bedside table for her to see.

3. Make time for her and be fully present

One of the most effective ways to show someone you care and that they’re special to you is by spending quality time with them. 

Creating memorable moments is a great way to increase relationship satisfaction and provides for those good-vibes feelings when she thinks back on the fun times you’ve had together. 

One way you can do this is to plan special dates where you put your mobile phone away and fully engage with her. Put effort into talking to her and making her laugh. 

In fact, studies prove laughter itself increases relationship satisfaction at the moment and in the future when thinking back on past events.

Some great date ideas where you spend quality time together include:

  • Plan a scavenger hunt where you provide handwritten or printed clues when she gets to each correct point. Ensure that the endpoint is something she will find fun, like a snack on the beach, watching the sunset together, or taking a selfie in her happy place.
  • Research local hikes and choose one with the best scenery.
  • Plan a chocolate or coffee-tasting afternoon. You can set one up yourself at home or take her somewhere that does it professionally. 
  • Grab your favorite takeout and do a relationship quiz together. 

The idea is to talk and share so she feels you’ve genuine interest in her.Β 

4. Send her romantic handwritten love letters

Nothing says “you’re special” more than a handwritten love letter. In fact, some might even say that love letter writing is a forgotten art. 

You don’t need to hand it over to her formally. Rather hide it for her to find when she’s getting ready for bed or pop it into her handbag when she’s not looking. 

Need help with what to write in your love letter?

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your girlfriend’s personality in mind when you start writing a love letter. If she is very romantic and serious, you want to lay off the jokes, but if she has a wicked sense of humor and loves to laugh, make the letter a combination of humorous and cute.
  • Start by stating what prompted you to write the letter.
  • Phase into mentioning a romantic memory you share, letting her know why it’s stuck in your mind and why it will always be special to you. You might say, “I just can’t get that night we spent together at Vick’s party. You were wearing that little black dress, and your laughter lit up the room.”
  • Next, focus on telling her the little things you love about her. While you want to compliment your girlfriend’s physical appearance, try to balance it out with sincere compliments about her personality, how she makes you feel, and how she positively impacts the world around her.Β 
  • Finish the letter by telling her you can’t wait to see her again. 

Love letters are about being honest, creative, and showing your deep affection to her. So let your creativity run wild!Β 

5. Give her a thoughtful gift

While most people assume that gifts should be based on spoiling the other person, sometimes a thoughtful gift has more impact. 

For instance, buying your girlfriend flowers and a box of chocolates is a nice gesture, but it doesn’t genuinely show her that you’ve noticed her interests and desires. 

Now, let’s say you have a girlfriend who studies or has a passion for carnivorous plants. The perfect gift for her may be a beautiful flowering Venus Flytrap and a witty note to go along with it.Β 

You don’t have to expensive gifts to make your girl feel special.

Think of your girlfriend’s unique interests and needs and try to come up with a creative gift that shows her that she’s not just another girl but a girl you’re getting to know and value.

A thoughtful gift will always cheer up your girlfriend.

6. Show your love and affection through nonverbal cues

Don’t underestimate the power of PDA (public displays of affection). 

According to the Kinsey Institute, studies have shown that couples who touch each other tend to be happier. 

Giving your girlfriend non-verbal affection can boost bonding and connection while promoting relaxation and intimacy. 

What non-verbal affection can you give your girlfriend?

  • Holding hands
  • Hugging
  • Playing with her hair
  • Cuddling
  • Putting your arm around her
  • Forehead kiss are the perfect starting points to.Β 

She’ll love the physical affection and it will make your girlfriend happy!

7. Encourage and support her in all her endeavors

For your girlfriend to feel truly special and confident in the relationship, she must know you’re her biggest cheerleader. 

While you’re not expected to shake any real-life pom-poms, encouraging her and supporting her in her new interests, projects, and endeavors is a great way to show her that she’s special.

How can you do this?

Help her study for a big test, attend a work event with her and speak positively about her, or tell her how much she will succeed if she keeps working as hard as she is. 

You could note important events and milestones coming up that are meaningful to her and fire off a supportive text on the day or the night before to let her know you’re thinking of her and support her wholeheartedly.

8. Express your love through both words and actions

Words are easy to share with someone, but they must be backed up with actions.

For example, you can’t tell your girlfriend you support her but never turn up to show support at any of her important events.Β 

Much the same, you cannot say that you care about her but never check to see she has made it home safe after a night one. 

Aligning your words with your actions is a great way to show your girlfriend that you’re serious about her when you say you care about her and that she is special. 

Try to pay attention to the things you’re saying/promising and then see how you can behave accordingly to prove those words are true.

9. Keep her updated on your life

One way to make a girl feel like she’s not special is to go away for a weekend with the boys and not check in once. 

If you want to make your girlfriend feel special, keep her updated on what’s happening in your life. 

You don’t need to make a running commentary or seek her approval on your plans, but letting her know that you’ve arrived at your destination or sending a few pics of the things you’re up to can be an effective way of saying, “Hey, you’re special enough to share my life with!”

Another way to keep your girlfriend updated is to tell her about your hobbies and projects and ask her opinion and advice. 

You don’t always have to use the advice, but she will feel special knowing that you care what she thinks and feels about it.

10. Actively listen and understand what she says

We all know listening is important for any relationship to survive, but is listening enough? 

No. Active listening is enough, though! In fact, studies show that active listening can boost open communication, spur bonding, and increase levels of intimacy. 

How can you listen more actively?

For starters, put your mobile phone away (or turn off the television) when conversing with your girlfriend, out on a date, or experiencing an activity together. 

This way, she feels your attention is on her and not on everyone else while you’re trying to spend time together. 

You can also use body language and verbal cues to indicate that you understand what she is saying. 

You can lean in slightly to show you’re listening while making eye contact. Smile and nod to ensure she knows you’re keeping up with the conversation. 

Keep your posture open (don’t fold your arms) and look interested. 

Asking questions and commenting (of course, not by overtaking the conversation) is also a good way to genuinely listen and understand actively.

11. Offer a helping hand to her everyday chores and tasks

Nobody revels in the idea of doing chores every day. And if your girlfriend is particularly busy or she’s tired, the chores may mount and appear exhaustive.Β 

One way to show your girlfriend how special she is is to run her a bubble bath and let her relax while you make her favorite dinner. 

Of course, she may have more pressing chores that need tending to than dinner, so you should see where you can lend a helping hand and treat your girlfriend right – like the queen she is. 

You could do the dishes or offer to run errands around town while she catches up on other pressing work or responsibilities.

I’m telling you, if you want to make your girl feel special and appreciated then you’ve to help her with chores every now and then.

12. Go above and beyond to make her feel loved 

Some days all a person needs is for someone to go all out to show them that they’re special and appreciated. 

Once again, this doesn’t have to be a hugely expensive endeavor for it to be a success. 

Send her flowers or pick her as many wildflowers as you can find. 

You can also celebrate her small successes and milestones to show her you’ve been listening and care. Her favorite dessert delivered to her door or a song devoted to her on her favorite radio station are great options. 

Hugs and kisses, when least expected, are also an effective way to make her feel loved. 

When is a good time for an unexpected hug or kiss? While cooking dinner together or simply walking down the street! 

13. Pay attention to important things about her life

As with you, your girlfriend has important things happening in her life. 

  • Her mother’s birthday may be coming up, and she has yet to decide what to get her. 
  • Or, she’s been saving for a new car, and finally, she has enough to buy it. 
  • She may be going for an important job interview, and it’s a position she really wants. 

In these events, you want to show that you’re present and supporting her. This shows you’re paying attention and that she’s special enough for you to care. 

You can show that you’re paying attention by noting down important dates, events, wishing her luck, and checking in with her after the event to see how it went. You could provide some advice and encouragement along the way.

Sending her a list of mum-appropriate gift links you’ve found online or handing over a “congrats” card and her favorite chocolate when she buys the new car are good options. 

Arriving with a bottle of Champs and two glasses when she lands the new job is also a fine example of how you can show you’re paying attention.. 

14. Include her in your social gatherings

Taking your girlfriend to meet your friends is an excellent way to say, “You’re special!” 

If you feel ready for it (and she does, too), you can introduce her as your girlfriend, which will make her smile. 

When you’re at social gatherings with your girlfriend, you can make her feel special by telling your friends about the fun things you’ve done together and encouraging her to participate in the storytelling.  

Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking, especially when they mean something to the other person, so while she may feel special, she may also feel a bit nervous. Put your arm around her and make her feel included. 

15. Show your trust in her

Studies presented by the NCBI show that many people consider trust one of the most important aspects of a good relationship. 

While knowing you can trust someone can make you feel special, showing someone you trust them can make them feel special. 

There are several ways that you can show your girlfriend that you trust her:

  • Give her some privacy. For instance, refrain from trying to read her phone messages or expect a full rundown of what she and her friends spoke about in a recent conversation. 
  • Ask her to plan the next date/outing/activity and trust her to make good decisions.
  • Trust her to handle herself around other people. Jealousy has no place in a thriving healthy relationship. If your girlfriend is attending an event that has attractive people attending, hold off on questioning her or acting jealous.
  • Share something private or a secret with her.

16. Show your editing skills by creating a short β€˜Memories’ video

Generally, women are sentimental. Your girlfriend undoubtedly likes to remember the good times you’ve had together. 

You can capitalize on this by creating a video clip of some of your best memories together. This shows her that you’re just as invested in the good times with her as she is. 

You don’t have to buy any expensive camera equipment or learn how to become a professional videographer to do this. 

You can use mobile apps to create collage videos of photos you’ve snapped together while on dates and adventures or even to compile fun videos from a collection of videos.

Some apps you might want to look up include Memories Photo Video Maker or Apple Moments and Memories Creator.

17. Create a playlist of her favorite songs

Every couple has a favorite song or at least songs they love to listen to that boost the mood and increase the shared fun. 

While you don’t have to create a sappy playlist of love songs, you can include songs you both find fun and get you in a good mood. That said, a few romantic songs wouldn’t hurt, either! 

You can create a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube – many options!

18. Make a photo book or scrapbook

If you want to make your girl feel special then get a scrape book or photo book.

Gathering a few keepsakes and mementos from your time together is a great way to show your girlfriend that she’s truly special and you value your time together. 

You can place these mementos, keepsakes, photos, and other goodies you’ve gathered in a scrapbook or photo album she can page whenever she wants to stroll down memory lane. 

What’s great about a scrapbook is that once you’ve given it to her, you can keep adding to it or create new follow-on scrapbooks. 

19. Arrange a surprise visit from a long-distance friend

If your girlfriend has a sibling or friend she hasn’t seen in a while because of distance, be the knight in shining armor who delivers them to her for a much-needed visit. 

Be their chauffeur for the night so they can spend quality time together, or arrange to spend the weekend at a fun destination. 

20. Schedule a surprise spa day

Who doesn’t enjoy a spa day, right? If you’re up for a bit of pampering, book a spa day for you and your girlfriend to enjoy together. 

Most spa facilities allow couples to book joint massages, facials, and other treatments. You can even book a picnic or flash lunch together with her favorite treats.  

Choose the right spa to enjoy the day or part of the day together. Keep your girlfriend’s personality in mind (as most spas have a theme or “vibe”), and try to find out what her favorite treatments are ahead of time.

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