22 Signs a Girl Has a Crush on You

Here’s the thing: Most girls like to play it safe and give subtle signals to the guys they like (myself included).Β  Let me put it this way: There are fewer girls who give obvious signs than girls who give themselves …

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should i talk to my crush

Should I Talk To My Crush Quiz?

When you have a crush, working up the nerve to start a conversation can feel daunting. You may obsess over when and how to approach them, paralyzed by shyness or fear of rejection. This quiz can help give you clarity …

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Is My Crush Toxic

Is My Crush Toxic Quiz?

When you have intense feelings for someone, it can be hard to see red flags. But certain behaviors can signal that a crush may not be a healthy romantic interest. This insightful quiz can help you objectively assess whether your …

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Will I Marry My Crush

Will I Marry My Crush Quiz?

When you have an intense crush, it’s easy to fantasize about a future together. You may even picture marrying your crush one day! But how do you know if wedding bells are really in your future or just wishful thinking? …

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Does My Crush Know I Like Him

Does My Crush Know I Like Him Quiz?

When you have a secret crush, a major fear is that they might find out before you’re ready to reveal your feelings. You may overanalyze every interaction, wondering what they’ve picked up on. This suspenseful quiz can help find if …

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Am I Over My Crush

Am I Over My Crush Quiz?

Moving on from a crush can be complicated. Even when you’re sure the sparks have fizzled, they still linger in your thoughts from time to time. If you’ve found yourself questioning whether you’re truly over a former flame, this quiz …

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Should I Ask My Crush Out

Should I Ask My Crush Out Quiz?

You’ve got a crush that gives you butterflies, but should you take the plunge and ask them out? This quiz can help give you clarity on if it’s the right time to reveal your feelings. By analyzing details about your …

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who is my crush

Who Is My Crush Quiz?

Crushes can stir up romantic fantasies, but pinpointing exactly who is starring in those daydreams can be a challenge. When butterflies start fluttering, it’s not always clear who is awakening these feelings in your heart. If you find yourself swooning …

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is my crush thinking about me

Is My Crush Thinking About Me Quiz?

When you have a crush, it’s only natural to wonder if they’re thinking about you too. Whether you’re looking for signs they like you back or just want assurance you’ve crossed their mind, this fun quiz can uncover if your …

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