Does My Ex Want Me Back Quiz

Let’s get to the bottom of this – I know you’ve been wondering if they want you back. It’s okay, you can admit it!

Your ex has been sending some seriously confusing signals lately. One minute they’re liking your pics on social media, the next they’re acting totally cold. I want to help you decipher what’s really going on in their head.

This quiz is just for you. I’ll ask some questions about your ex’s behavior and your honest answers will help us figure this out together.

I know a part of you hopes the answer is yes, they want you back badly. But another part worries they’ve moved on for good. Whatever their intentions are, you deserve to gain some clarity. Getting insight into their mixed signals will help you process everything, I promise.

At the end of this quiz, you’ll have a better sense of what’s going on in your ex’s head and heart.

Let’s start.

How often does your ex initiate contact with you?

How does your ex behave during interactions?

Have they brought up shared memories or inside jokes from your past relationship?

How have they responded to the idea of you dating someone else?

How often does your ex mention future plans or possibilities involving both of you?

During your interactions, how does your ex respond to your achievements or positive news?

How has your ex reacted to the idea of meeting up in person?

How does your ex respond when you share personal challenges or difficulties?

How does your ex react to discussions about the reasons for the breakup?

How does your ex behave in social situations where you're both present?

How do they respond to your attempts at humor or lighthearted banter?

Have they introduced you to new people in their life since the breakup?

How do they respond when you express emotional vulnerability?

How do they react to the idea of revisiting places that hold significance from your past relationship?

How does your ex respond to your social media posts or updates?

How do they react when they see you unexpectedly in public?

How have they responded to your attempts to initiate contact since the breakup?

When discussing shared memories, how do they respond emotionally?

How does your ex react when mutual friends mention you in conversation?

How does your ex respond to compliments or positive feedback about you?

Does My Ex Want Me Back Quiz?
Positive Signals
Your ex is consistently exhibiting behaviors that lack positivity, and there seems to be little to no interest in reconnecting romantically.
This suggests neither a strong inclination toward reconciliation nor a clear avoidance of it. Interpretation may require a closer look at specific behaviors.
Mixed Signals
This ambiguity creates uncertainty about their feelings or willingness to rekindle the relationship.
Negative Signals
Consistent negative signals from your ex imply a reluctance or lack of interest in reigniting the relationship.
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