Does My Ex Miss Me Quiz?

I know it’s been eating away at you – do they miss me or are they totally over it? The back and forth is exhausting, I get it. That’s why I want to help you get some clarity.

This quiz is just between us – no one else needs to know your private feelings about your ex. I’ll ask you some thoughtful questions and all you have to do is answer honestly. Together we’ll get to the bottom of this mystery.

Do they still light up when you walk in the room? Have they been liking your posts online? Do they find little excuses to reach out or talk to you? All those small signs can reveal a lot about how they really feel deep down.

I know a part of you hopes the answer is yes, they miss you like crazy. But another part worries the answer is no, they’ve moved on for good. Either way, getting insight into their true feelings will help you process everything you’ve been feeling post-breakup. You deserve to find some peace around this.

So, let’s figure it out.

How often does your ex reach out to you?

How do they respond when you share updates about your life?

How do they behave around mutual friends or acquaintances?

Have they ever brought up memories or moments from your past relationship?

How do they react when you initiate contact?

How do they engage in conversations about your shared memories?

Do they inquire about your current life and activities?

How do they behave in social media interactions with you?

Have they initiated plans or suggested meeting up?

How do they react to your achievements or good news?

How do they respond to conversations about your past relationship?

How have they responded to any emotional conversations or vulnerabilities you've shared?

How do they react when you share your challenges or struggles?

How have they reacted to changes in your life, such as a new relationship or significant milestone?

How often do they initiate contact with you?

How do they respond to messages or calls from you?

How do they react when you bring up shared memories?

How have they responded to changes in your life, such as a new relationship or significant milestone?

How do they react to your emotional vulnerabilities or personal challenges?

How do they behave when you share your achievements or successes?

Does My Ex Miss Me Quiz?
Great news! Your ex is experiencing intense feelings of longing, actively yearning to rekindle the connection you once shared. There's a strong desire to bridge the emotional distance and reignite the flame of your past relationship.
Subtle Missing
Your ex occasionally feels a sense of absence or nostalgia. The connection you had still lingers, though it doesn't dominate their emotions.
Your ex is taking on an emotionally distant stance. While not entirely disinterested, their reserved and detached demeanor indicates a reluctance to fully engage in reopening emotional ties.
It seems your ex is not displaying much interest or missing feelings. They appear uninterested in re-establishing a connection and may have moved on emotionally, with the past relationship holding little significance in their current emotional landscape.
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