Am I Over My Ex Quiz?

Are you wondering “Am I really over my ex?”

It’s a common question when trying to find closure and move forward after a breakup. This lighthearted quiz aims to help you reflect on where you currently stand in that journey.

Heartbreak can be brutal, and moving on from someone you cared for deeply is never straightforward. This quiz is thoughtfully designed to help you check in with yourself – to understand any lingering feelings towards your ex.

It’s an opportunity to notice how often they cross your mind, how you react to their new chapters, your readiness to start new relationships. These questions prompt meaningful introspection into your emotional state and coping since the split.

It’s completely normal to feel a mix of nostalgia, pain, wistfulness – and everything in between. The important thing is to acknowledge these feelings and how they may be impacting you now.

Let’s start.

How often do thoughts of your ex cross your mind?

When you hear about your ex's life or new relationships, how do you typically react?

How open are you to the idea of dating someone new?

How would you describe your emotional state when recalling memories of your past relationship?

How do you handle disagreements in your relationship?

When it comes to personal growth, how do you view your partner's role?

How do you perceive the level of intimacy in your relationship?

How would you describe your communication style in the relationship?

How do you view the role of shared goals and vision in your relationship?

How would you describe your level of emotional connection in the relationship?

How do you perceive your partner's approach to autonomy in the relationship?

How do you navigate conflicts and disagreements in your relationship?

How would you describe the level of collaboration in decision-making with your partner?

How do you feel about the idea of investing time and effort into building a new relationship?

How do you view the balance of power and influence in your relationship?

Am I Over My Ex Quiz?
Moving On
Congratulations! Your quiz results suggest an openness to reconnecting with individuals from your past. You believe in the potential for renewed connections and are actively exploring those opportunities.
Congratulations! You are in a phase of reflection and contemplation regarding your past relationship. While you may not have completely moved on, you are taking the time to understand your emotions and learn valuable lessons for personal growth.
Lingering Thoughts
Congratulations! Although you have made some progress, there are still lingering thoughts about your ex. These thoughts may occasionally resurface, indicating that there's more emotional processing to be done. Consider exploring these feelings to achieve closure.
Congratulations! Regretful feelings from the past relationship weigh heavily on you. It's important to acknowledge these emotions and, if possible, seek closure or engage in activities that promote healing. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.
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