23 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

I love it when you do that.

Ever had a guy say that to you?

Yeah – guys love it when you do that thing.

And once you know what that “thing” is, you can start to do it more.

The thing with guys is that they just love it when their girls are really cute. It makes them fall in love with you more and their attraction grows. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing evidence-based points about just what it is that girls do which guys love. 

I will also be sharing some very oddly specific points that are based on surveys and feedback from fellas who can’t get enough of their girls being super cute. 

Gosh darn it – by the end of the article, you’ll be far too cute. 

23 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

1. When You Gaze at Him and Smile 

You probably know by now that eye contact is important. In fact, research has shown that we find other people more attractive when they make eye contact with us. 

And when you combine your gaze with a smile, you will make him go weak at the knees. He knows you’re thinking good thoughts about him and that makes him feel really special inside. 

Also, smiling is infectious – the more you look at him and smile, the more he will smile back. How amazing is that?

2. When You Express Yourself with Physical Touch

There are plenty of ways women can express themselves to their partner with physical contact. You could stroke his arm, leg or chest, you could rest your chin on his chest or you could slip your hand onto his stomach.

You could even run your hand through his hair – and playfully punch him on the arm! 

Whatever girls do this, guys love it!

When you touch him, it stimulates the production of the love hormone oxytocin, which can turn him on and deepen his feelings for you.

3. When You Rest Your Head on His Arm and Drift Into a Peaceful Slumber 

No guy will complain if you rest your head on his arm and drift into a peaceful slumber.

Not even if he’s playing Call of Duty?


Well …

We’re kidding. When you rest your head on his arm and fall asleep, it shows that you trust him and love him. 

It’s a huge sign of affection and all he’ll think is how cute and beautiful you are right now and how much he loves you. 

And if he’s a real stand-up dude, he’ll try very hard not to disturb you. He might even fall asleep with you! 

4. When You Tie Your Hair Back Before Doing Something 

We’ve spoken to girls about this and they’re often surprised that guys love it so much.


Think of it this way: How does it make you feel when a man rolls his sleeves up? 

It’s quite sexy, right? It generally demonstrates that he means business – he is determined to get things done. 

For a guy, a girl tying her hair back is the same thing. It means you’re focused and determined – and that’s a turn-on. 

5. When You Ask Him For Help

Guys love to feel needed. It’s biological.

And when you make a guy feel like he’s needed, you’re not demonstrating that you can’t do something – you’re making him feel good about himself and this relationship (or potential relationship). 

Moreover, you’re showing him that the two of you are a team. You don’t want to be able to do everything by yourself (and neither does he). 

He wants to help you. And he loves it when you come to him before someone else. It awakens a man’s inherent hero instinct.

6. When You Play With Your Hair 

When you fool around with your hair – such as putting it over your top lip like a mustache or twirling it around your finger like it’s spaghetti – you’re exerting power over a guy.

How so?

You’re turning him on!

Guys like your hair and they especially love it when you play with it. It’s also incredibly suggestive because it tells the guy that you’re flirting with him. 

7. When You Blush 

Girls blush for different reasons. 

But when they’re with a guy, it usually tells him that you’re feeling this situation – and you’re perhaps even turned on by him.

That’s enough to arouse him.

Blushing can also suggest to him that you’re flirting and thinking naughty things. 

8. When You Play With Their Hair 

As well as playing with your hair, guys love it when you play with their hair. 

The scalp is full of nerve endings, and when you touch them with your fingers or run your hands through his hair, it makes him feel oh so good. 

Of course, hair massages are incredibly relaxing. But they’re also intimate and can turn a man on.

Be careful, though – fondling his hair is very flirtatious and romantic and he’s definitely going to get ideas about where this is going. If you want it to lead to other things, be our guest. 

9. Hugging and Cuddling Him Tightly 

If you didn’t know that guys love it when a girl does this, well, we’d have to ask – who doesn’t love to be hugged and cuddled?

Even the most manly of men love nothing more than to get into bed with their partner after a long day at work and snuggle up to her. It’s comforting, it’s reassuring and it makes them feel safe.

And, yes, guys need that, too.

Guys like lying next to you, holding you tight and feeling your warm breath on their face.

You can never go with physical affection.

10. Calling Him By Cute Names 

What else guys find attractive, even many men?

calling him by cute names.

Naturally, they might not want you to call them cute names in front of their buddies (!) but guys love it when you create a cute name for them.

You could address them by a cute name via text, as well as when you’re at home together. The name could be absolutely anything you want which perfectly encapsulates who he is. 

It also drives them wild when you use the name in bed. 

11. Texting Him First 

Some girls try to refrain from texting first because they’re worried that their partner is busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed. They also don’t want to be seen as needy. 

The reality is the opposite – guys want you to text them first. 

When you text first, you’re expressing your interest in him. You’re showing him that you want to talk to him and he’ll feel much better when it’s not him that’s always sending the first text. 

12. Showing Him Your Caring Side 

One of the main reasons a guy will commit to a girl in the first place is because she’s shown him that she cares. 

A woman who cares for a man will go a long way. Remember, a lot of many are “momma’s boys” at heart – guys love their moms and they still remember the way their mother’s cared for them when they were young.

While grown men aren’t looking for a mom, what they are looking for is a woman who has motherly instincts – such as the ability to let her guard down from time to time and show that she has a caring side, too.

13. When You Listen Patiently and Attentively 

Guys are just like girls in that they want their partner to listen to them.

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that guys have opinions on a lot of things. 

They have a lot of ideas, too – and they want you to listen to them.

Not just that but listening is so important when it comes to communication. When you show that you’re listening to him full attention, it prevents any future misunderstandings from taking place.

14. Expressing Positive Words to Encourage 

Even a man who seemingly has the world’s biggest ego wants encouragement from his girl.

But here’s the thing: Many men aren’t born natural winners who believe they can do absolutely everything. 

Self-belief has to come over time … and it always helps if we have someone who believes in us.

If your man has dreams, make sure to encourage them. Tell him that you support him no matter what and that you’ll always be there for him.

He can do it.

And if there’s something that he struggles with? Something that he sucks at?

Instead of watching as he struggles to get to grips with something and grows with frustration, put your arm around him and tell him he can do it.

Motivate him with compliments. Be his biggest cheerleader. 

If his girl isn’t there to cheer him on … who is? 

15. Showing Real Body Confidence 

It’s a myth that guys don’t like confident women.

In fact, the opposite is true: Guys love and prefer confident women. 

This is especially true of emotionally healthy men. They are so in-tune with their emotions and their own confidence that they don’t need a “damsel in distress” to come along who they can rescue.

On the contrary, they want a woman who believes in herself.

And if she’s got it, she’s not afraid to flaunt it. 

If you love your body, tell him that you love it. Wear dresses that accentuate your body type. 

If there’s a risqué dress that less confident women wouldn’t be able to pull off? Don’t be afraid to wear it. 

The more confidence you show with your body, the more he’ll be attracted to you. 

Oddly Specific: As well as some general things that girls do which guys love, there are also some curiously oddly specific things, too. We asked a number of guys what things their girls do that make them go weak at the knees, and these are some of the answers.

16. Stretches for a Yawn When Waking Up in the Morning 

Ever thought you weren’t cute in the morning?

We all think that way. 

We don’t want anyone to see our tired eyes when we’ve just woken up!

As it turns out, guys love your morning face – and they especially love it when you stretch for a yawn when waking up. 

Don’t worry about making noises, too – guys love that as well. 

17. When You’re Being Silly 

Life’s too short to be taken seriously all the time – and guys feel the same way about this.

Even the most serious, professional dude needs time to relax. And what better way to relax and let his guard down than in the company of his girl who’s acting silly? 

That’s right: Don’t worry that you being silly will bug him or turn him off. Instead, it will make him fall more in love with you.

Whether you put straws in both your nostrils or you crawl around the floor on all floors barking like a dog, guys love it when their girl is playing the fool. 

Never be afraid to be your silly self in front of him. Make him laugh! 

18. Hard Laugh and Big Smile 

You’ve probably noticed by now that if there’s one thing guys want to be it’s funny. 

If their buddy is funnier than them? They hate it. 

So if your man can make you laugh – show it!

Laugh at his jokes and make a big smile when you’re with him. These two things alone demonstrate your feelings for him and that you love being around him.

In turn, his brain will release more endorphins, which will help to bring the two of you closer together. 

19. When You Scrunch Your Nose to Fix Your Glasses

If you don’t wear glasses, then obviously this one isn’t going to work (although you can still scrunch your nose? We won’t judge – and heck, he’s clearly going to love it). 

But when a girl who wears glasses scrunches her nose as she’s fixing them, well, gosh darn it – that’s just too cute. 

So if you wear glasses, maybe next time try fixing them in front of him. Take your time to get their position on the bridge of your nose just right and make sure to scrunch your nose real bad. 

And don’t forget to look at him cheekily as you do it. Maybe wink at him, too? 

20. Closing Your Eyes for a Kiss

There’s a lot to be said for kissing with our eyes open (although not much!). 

What’s more, there’s more to be said for closing your eyes when you go in for a kiss … and guys love it.

When you close your eyes for a kiss, it tells him that you’re focusing on the task at hand. You’re feeling this and nothing else matters right now. 

Not just that but it also suggests that you’re imagining things as you’re kissing him. You’re shutting your eyes to the exterior world and picturing pleasurable things with him. 

Kissing with your eyes closed is also a sign that you trust him and that you’re surrendering to him, which is obviously a huge turn-on for him. 

21. Singing Without Realizing It

Another sign that you trust him and feel comfortable around him is when you sing without realizing it!

Is it embarrassing?

Well, it’s natural that a girl might feel a tad embarrassed if her man points out to her that she was just singing without realizing it. But there’s no need to be embarrassed because your man really loves this! 

Naturally, this isn’t something you should force. But keep doing you – if that means signing your favorite songs without a care in the world, so be it. 

22. When You Fight to Favor His Point 

You know the old saying “stand by your man”?

Standing by your man literally means backing him up.

If he’s making an argument that no one is agreeing with, now is the time to step in and back him up. 

Fight for what he’s saying. You don’t always have to agree but it’s important that you show that you are on his side. 

You’re a team – and this really matters. 

23. When You Cook for Him 

Is it true that the fastest way to a man’s heart is by his stomach? 


Look, no one is saying that you need to cook for him all the time. You’re not his slave, after all. 

But men really appreciate it when their women (and especially women who can actually cook!) rustle up their favorite dish. This is especially the case if you surprise him one evening by cooking up a real treat for him. 

Cooking for him shows that you care for him and that you want to make him happy. 


So, this was the complete list of cute things girl do that guys love. A lot of these things are common among men. A confident women with sense of humor is a big turn on for men.

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