15+ Signs a Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text!

Has the text chatter slowed to a crawl?

Do their replies seem like he lose interest or detached?

If you’re noticing the messaging magic fading with someone you like, it may be time to read between the lines.

It’s quite common for people to lose interest after the initial spark fades away. That’s when they discover whether their connection runs deep or… not so much.

So, to avoid future heartbreak and get a better understanding of this man’s feelings for you, I’ve put together a list of super-helpful signs a guy is losing interest through text.

Pay special attention to #6 as it says a lot about your situation.

Let’s begin!

15+ Signs a Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

1. He doesn’t text you as much

Constant communication is key in the dating phase, as well as in committed relationships and marriages. 

Not many couples master this art, so don’t worry about it now.

What you should worry about is whether the guy in your life sends you fewer texts compared to what you are used to.

If that’s the case, it’s a huge sign he is losing interest. 

Unless you know for a fact that he’s going through a drastic change in his life due to professional or personal reasons, such a change in his texting behavior doesn’t point to anything good.

Look at it this way: If there isn’t anything else going on in his life, then something must be going on between the two of you. 

2. He takes hours to reply back

Another sign he’s becoming more and more disinterested in you is this: Replying to your texts is not a priority for him anymore. 

If not long ago he used to text you back in a matter of minutes (even if he was at work), now you typically wait 2 or more hours for him to say something back. 

Again, ask yourself whether his life has changed. If it hasn’t, the next logical conclusion is that something is different about the way he feels for you. 

There must be a reason that determines him to leave your messages on “read” for hours in a row without a reaction. 

Most often than not, he’s not thinking about what to say back. He’s simply not as enthusiastic to communicate with you as before.

3. His replies are short and confusing

So, he is taking his sweet time to text you back. But when he does reply, does he make you feel it was worth the wait?

YES: He sends you a long message explaining why he couldn’t reply faster. He apologizes and then he addresses all your concerns. 

NO: He replies with a very short message that is also very confusing. Here are some examples:

Let’s say you ask him about his day. His reply? “It was okay.

Let’s say you ask him out on a date. His reply? “Not sure. We’ll see.

Let’s say you ask his opinion on something. What does he say? “It’s fine I guess.”

Overall, all these examples show he doesn’t make any efforts to open up to you, make plans with you, or give you a piece of thoughtful advice.

4. He puts no efforts keep the conversation going

When two people are interested in each other (romantically or not) they tend to sending texts back and forth throughout the day.

There’s virtually nothing that can stop them. 

Maybe when you first started seeing this guy, things were the same with you two. You kept talking through messages all day long with curiosity and excitement. 

Are those times long gone? If they are, stay alert: It’s a sign he’s losing interest.

How can you be sure? He…

… doesn’t ask you any follow-up questions.

… shows no interest in what you’re talking about.

… doesn’t try to keep the conversation going.

… tries to keep the conversation really short.

Especially if he expresses less interest in communicating with you via text (and in general) lately, take it as a bad sign. 

5. He shows no interest in your life

Another indication that he is losing interest in you is when you’re no longer at the center of his attention.

Not long ago, he used to check up on you multiple times per day. He used to ask how you were feeling and was curious to know what was happening in your life. 

He wanted to know what you were up to and who were you hanging out with, as well as your whereabouts.

What about now?

In case he’s acting completely different, something must be lacking. 

Who knows, maybe “the honeymoon phase” is over for him and he doesn’t see things through rose-colored glasses anymore.

Or, maybe he’s playing hard to get! Some guys like to do that, too!

So, beware of any change in his texting behavior – they all mean something.

6. He doesn’t text you first anymore

As I mentioned before, this is one of the most important and sure-tell signs when men lose interest: They won’t initiate conversations through text (or at all) anymore. 

Taking initiative is all about acting based on our desires.

For example, if you want to talk to him, you pick up the phone and call/text him. 

Or, if you want to see him, you don’t wait for him to ask you out. You ask him out first. 

What if he doesn’t do that anymore? It could mean…

  • … he isn’t thinking about you as much as before. 
  • … he doesn’t feel the desire to talk/text you.
  • … he doesn’t have anything on his mind to communicate with you.
  • … he has no questions for you or curiosities about you.

Are his good morning/good night texts a thing of the past as well? If they are, you might have to face a brutal truth:

You might not be the first person he thinks about when he wakes up and/or goes to sleep (anymore).

7. He is constantly busy

Is he suddenly the busiest guy on the face of the planet? 

Look, I’m not saying that he’s lying to you. Maybe he is a lot busier now than he was when you first met.

But hear me out: No matter how busy, when a man is truly interested in you, he’ll find the time to initiate conversations through text, reply to your texts, and spend time with you. 

How? It’s called prioritizing! 

Each person has a well-defined set of priorities in their lives.

For example, my priorities are my work, my romantic relationship, my family, my well-being, and my friends (not necessarily in this order).

Regardless of how busy I am, I always make time for the top 5 priorities in my life. And so does everybody!

So, is he really busy or probably has lost interest? It could be both!

8. He doesn’t use pet names anymore

Although we’re all different, couples in love tend to use cheesy, but cute pet names for each other. It’s something that comes naturally to most of us. 

We do it because that’s one of the ways we express affection and it has amazing benefits.

You see, psychologically speaking, we feel more attracted to people who call us cute pet names.

Let’s face it: A man who coins a new pet name for you can make you feel weak in the knees, especially if that name is sweet and/or empowering. 

For example, a man who calls a woman “queen” is giving her power over him. Or, one who calls her “duckling” does the exact opposite. 

In short, being called by a pet name by the man you’re dating is seen as a very positive thing. However, if he stops, it’s a possibility that he is losing interest.

9. He replies with one-word answers

You can get a better understanding of how high a guy’s level of interest in you really is by analyzing his replies. 

If you receive long texts filled with information, thoughts, and questions from him, you’re a lucky girl. It means you have the green light to explore your connection further.

However, things may go south if he sends you one-word answers (after taking forever to reply) such as “ok” or “cool”. This alone is a sign of disinterest

If he was a man of few words, I guess you’d know that by now, which leaves us with a sad possibility… you no longer pique his interest.

Don’t beat yourself up, though! Every relationship goes through ups and downs.

The sooner you know what is wrong, the better – you have more chances to do something about it.

10. He uses fewer emojis to express himself

Since we’re talking about a guy’s behavior through text, we can’t leave out emojis. They are a big part of communicating in writing as they help us express emotion better than words.

In case he never used emojis in his texts, you should disregard this point. 

But if he used emojis to express emotions such as “blushing,” “love” and “laughing,” and actions, such as “kissing” and “hugging” and he no longer does, he must have a reason.

His reason could be diminished affection and interest in you. Make sure you’re not overreacting, though. 

Just because he sent you 3 hearts instead of the usual 5, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. It probably doesn’t mean he loves you less.

Only the complete lack of emojis counts! Or, if he replaces the usual loving emojis with, for example, the one that rolls its eyes, take it as a sign he is losing interest.

11. He makes plans without you and cancels plans

In the beginning, he used to love to make plans with you and to follow through. He was enthusiastic about the idea of spending time with you. 

What’s more, he was initiating dates and he used to invite you to various events, as well as group get-togethers with his friends. 

What about now?

In case he’s losing interest, the texts you get from him look something like this:

  • “That was today? Sorry, I can’t make it.”
  • “Maybe we’ll hang out. I’ll text you later”
  • “I already made plans for the weekend.”
  • “I can’t. I’m hanging out with my friends”

So, to gauge his real interest in you, write down how many times he canceled your plans lately and how often he chose to do something else instead.

Is the number high? If so, it’s a major sign he has lost interest.

12. He sends you rude and/or disrespectful texts

  • Does he make you think you’re being pushy?
  • Does he act as if you are annoying him?
  • Is he ever rude to you or disrespectful?

I hate to be the one telling you this, but if the guy you’ve been casually seeing or dating does all of the above, he’s not as interested in you as you’d like him to be. 

For example, if you send him too many texts or ask him too many questions, he could react in a negative way by saying, “It’s none of your business.

Or, let’s say you’re trying to keep the conversation going by asking him uncomfortable questions.

His reaction? “Leave me alone.

By doing so, he’s not only avoiding talking to you further, but he’s also lashing out at you. 

Could disinterest be confused with a bad temper? While that may be possible, I don’t think that’s the case. 

You see, numerous people with anger management issues do their best not to treat their partners like that.

13. He makes conversations dull and meaningless

Texting him used to be so much fun! What happened?

It’s like now he purposely makes your conversations dull and meaningless. 

When he does text you, which happens less often than before, he picks shallow topics and he doesn’t say much. 

Did you tell him everything about yourself and the other way around? If you met the guy a few months ago, that’s out of the question. 

So if that’s not the case, what is?

When a man changes his approach, it means he’s not driven by the same motivators anymore. 

In other words, he is not feeling the emotional connection anymore.

14. He tells you “good night” but doesn’t go to bed

The excitement that comes with meeting a new love interest is responsible for countless sleepless nights.

Maybe you know exactly what I’m talking about. Maybe you lost a few nights talking to him through text.

So far, so good!

However, a sign things have changed is when he cuts your conversations short at night, but doesn’t go to bed. 

If his interest in you is getting lower, then you might notice he spends time online after he tells you “good night.”

He basically chooses to spend the free time he still has before he needs to go to bed doing something else rather than texting you.

15. He doesn’t send you flirty texts

Flirting through text is definitely possible and, if you ask me, it’s even easier than in person. That’s why it’s a red flag when a guy doesn’t do it or stops doing it. 

You see, it could be proof he’s losing interest. Otherwise, he would use every opportunity he has to flirt with you. 

He’s not flirting anymore if he:

  • Doesn’t give you any compliments.
  • Doesn’t ask you any playful questions.
  • Doesn’t have an overall positive attitude.

16. He texts instead of calling

Remember those long phone calls where you’d talk for hours just because you loved hearing each other’s voices?

How he’d call spontaneously just to say hi and you’d end up chatting the afternoon away?

Lately though, your conversations have shifted to short and boring texts.

Maybe you try calling him but keep getting directed to voicemail. When you do manage to connect, the call ends abruptly after just a few minutes.

This distance is a red flag – don’t ignore it.


By now you should know whether he’s losing interest in you and/or your relationship. 

If you find out that you were wrong to believe he’s changed, that’s great! It means he shows no signs of disinterest, at least not through text.

But if the signs point to a loss of interest, not everything is lost! There are many ways to reignite the spark between you and him.

What matters now is to ask yourself this question: “What do I want?” If you want him, then act on your desire!

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