How To Be Irresistible to Men: 15 Tips

Ladies, if you want to be irresistible to men, it’s time to step up your game.

To catch a man’s attention beyond reason, it’s not enough to be physically attractive.

Yes, your appearance does matter a lot and it’s a big part of the process. However, a genuinely irresistible woman also has certain personality traits and skills.

If you wan to learn about them, read further!

I’ll share 15 ways to be irresistible to men with you, divided into 3 main categories.

Let’s begin!

How To Be Irresistible To Men: 15 Tips

Part A: Having an Irresistible Personality 

Have you ever wondered which of your personality traits are the most appealing to men? 

According to a cross-national study, men seem to appreciate a woman’s good sense of humor and her ability to communicate effectively, among others. 

But how can you improve your personality to make him genuinely interested in you?

Here’s how:

1. Be Charismatic

What does it really mean to be a charismatic woman? 

Simply put, being charismatic is a combination between emotional approachability and the ability to move or motivate others. 

For example, if you often smile and have the ability to make others feel comfortable in your presence, it means you are a charismatic woman.

What’s more, if you somehow end up being the center of attention all the time and people are drawn to you like a magnet, it means you have what it takes to become the woman you want – one that can leave any man breathless.

But how can you increase your charisma?

Here’s how:

  • Smile more often;
  • Make eye contact;
  • Practice active listening;
  • Use your body language;
  • Say the other person’s name.

While the first 3 ways are self-explanatory, let me share a few details about body language:

To become more charismatic, experts encourage you to keep your hands where everyone can see them, and use hand gestures to emphasize whatever you are talking about. 

This works wonders because you also draw people’s attention with your physical movement, not only verbally. And since men react to a woman’s physical movement, this will make you appear harder to resist.

But, more about that later.

2. Be Funny

Let me ask you two questions:

  • Do you consider yourself a funny person?
  • Do you laugh at other people’s jokes?

If no one laughs at your jokes or you don’t find others funny, you might need to improve your sense of humor. 

This will not only make you irresistible to men, but it will definitely improve your life. Laughter has numerous physical and emotional benefits.

But how would you go about that?

While there are numerous ways to improve your sense of humor, here are 5 tips:

  • Watch stand-up comedy and funny videos;
  • Learn how to make jokes about yourself;
  • Discover more than one type of humor;
  • Don’t rule out dirty jokes – men love them;
  • Freely share your point of view.

In addition to all of the above, if you’re trying to improve your humorous side, don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and also tease others – in a good way.

Both men and women love attention, so it goes without saying that if you tease men the right way, you’ll be desirable to them.

Now, don’t feel discouraged if humor is not among your strengths. You can get better at it every day!

3. Be More Independent

It’s no secret that men don’t like clingy and needy women. On the contrary, they appreciate independent women and find them ravishing.

An independent woman is typically characterized by the following traits:

  • She takes care of herself financially;
  • She is confident and takes action;
  • She is not afraid of changes and takes initiative;
  • She works hard to fulfill her goals;
  • She takes responsibility for her own happiness.

Can you relate? Are you an independent woman irresistible to men? 

If you’re not, don’t worry. There are many things you can do to become more independent. For example, you could start by defining your life’s goals. 

As soon as you have clear goals in mind, you can start taking action. This will awaken the motivated and hard-working sides of you and will accentuate your independence. 

Also, taking care of yourself and your health are important aspects, just as maintaining a positive attitude is. 

However, keep in mind that this is a process. You won’t become an independent woman overnight just because you want to.

Becoming independent takes hard work and determination. 

4. Be Confident & Yourself

Here’s an interesting fact: Men and women express their opinions differently

A woman tends to say less about a certain topic she knows many things about, while a man tends to talk more, although he is not as familiar with the topic as she is.

What does this really mean? 

You can be highly appealing to men if you express your opinions confidently. You see, it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you really are – at least not to them. What they like is how you say it. 

This doesn’t mean you should say whatever goes through your mind at any time. It might work once or twice, but if you really value yourself, you should make sure to express an informed opinion.

On top of that, try to avoid saying “I don’t know.” Why?

Although a sure path to avoiding countless issues that might occur as a result of expressing an opinion based on zero facts, this answer is perceived as unattractive by men.

Instead, you could try to say something funny that would distract people’s attention from waiting for you to share an opinion about something.

5. Stand Firm On Your Beliefs

If you still want to be irresistible to men, stand firm in your beliefs. 

Despite the general opinion that men prefer women who agree with them and are somewhat submissive, it’s not true. 

Men will always appreciate a woman who clearly shares her beliefs without shame or hesitation – especially if she is respectful toward others who don’t agree with her.

This doesn’t mean that, when presented with a strong argument, you should dismiss it. Not all at!

If you admit you are wrong and you’re a woman, you’ll grow in the eyes of any man. As you already know, there are a lot of jokes about a woman’s inability to admit that she’s wrong. 

In this case, it doesn’t really matter what you believe in either. It would be too difficult to also share the same beliefs with most men. 

But the truth is that every man is different, so you can’t really make that happen. However, if you stand firm in your beliefs – no matter what they are – you’re one step closer to being irresistible.

Staying true to who you are is an indispensable characteristic for a serious relationship that aim to thrive.

6. Be Mysterious

The next way to get his attention is by creating an aura of mystery around you.

Men love mysterious confident women because they make them curious. 

In addition, men find mysterious women intriguing and graceful.

The explanation?

If you manage to make men feel intrigued by you and fascinated as well, they will consider you irresistible. But how?

Here’s what to do to create an aura of mystery:

  • Give men attention, but just a little bit;
  • Don’t tell them everything about yourself;
  • Leave them wanting more of you;
  • Be playful and confident without being arrogant;
  • Act spontaneously, not predictably.

For example, to create an aura of mystery around you, don’t be too available.

Don’t hang out more than you have to, just because you have some time to kill or nothing to do at all.

If you leave men wanting more of you, they’ll see you as highly desirable. They’ll want to be near you again and they won’t know what to expect from you. 

Why? Because you are not predictable.

No man can know for sure what your next move is going to be if you are spontaneous and take initiative. 

7. Embrace a Positive Attitude

The last way you can enhance your personality traits to achieve your goal is by embracing a positive attitude. 

Positive people in general are much more appealing than negative and pessimistic ones.

Let’s face it: no one likes someone who complains a lot and always sees the dark side of things. 

The same goes for men. You can attract them like a magnet with your positivity. 

In fact, men can lose interest quickly if you’re full of negative attitude – regardless how incredibly attractive you look.

But what if you’re having a hard time staying positive?

Luckily, there are numerous ways to become more positive, such as:

  • Express gratitude every day for what you have and who you are;
  • Spend time outdoors to boost creativity and reduce stress;
  • Start practicing meditation, and mindfulness, and write your own mantra;
  • Be kind to yourself and to others, and always give back;
  • Try journaling and writing about your best possible self.

Ultimately, being positive doesn’t mean you’re confident the outcome of a certain situation will be positive.

It’s a way of thinking and a way of living. Showing attitude by playing hard to get can be a major turn off.

Part B: Becoming Physically Irresistible

Now that you know which personality traits to focus on to be irresistible to men, it’s time to focus on something else: your physical appearance.

8. Keep Your Body in Good Shape

Probably the easiest way to be irresistible to men – at least as a first impression – is to look physically attractive. 

Now, depending on where you live in the world, the standards of beauty differ. Even so, there are a few common physical characteristics that appeal to men the most.

An overall healthy appearance with smooth, glowing, and clear skin, shiny hair, and well-kept nails, hands, and feet, is desirable. 

However, there are many other ways to keep your body in shape, as follows:

  • Choose walking instead of taking the cab, bus, or personal vehicle if your time allows it;
  • Try different types of exercising to shape your body in any way you like;
  • Try to eat less fast food, more fruits, and vegetables, and drink a lot of water;
  • Include yoga and/or pilates in your weekly routine or practice them occasionally;
  • Choose a balanced lifestyle, not harsh diets or extreme measures.

Maintaining a fit and healthy figure is definitely not easy. But, if you make long-lasting changes in your lifestyle, things will get easier in time. 

In case you want to get out of your comfort zone and truly enhance your physical appearance, I personally recommend massaging. 

There are tons of DIY videos online showing you various massaging techniques to help rejuvenate the skin and keep it toned – all over your body. 

9. Make Sure You Always Smell Amazing

I’m confident that you already wear clothes that fit you well or create a good style for you.

However, i’m not sure if you use any body perfume.

Will wearing the right perfume make you impossible to resist? This study Lindenwood University shows it will! 

Are you familiar with those perfume commercials when a man or a woman puts on perfume and becomes instantly more sexually appealing?

Well, the same applies in real life. But, there’s a catch.

Some perfume brands add something called pheromones to them. Or, they add synthetic musk to perfumes. 

Simply put, these are all natural or synthetic materials used as ingredients for perfumes to increase the attractiveness of both sexes.

Although there is a difference between pheromone-free fragrances and those that contain attractive pheromones, it’s enough to simply smell good. 

As long as you smell fresh and you don’t wear an excessive amount of perfume, you have all the chances to attract men like flies!

How to choose the right perfume for you?

First of all, as soon as you smell it, the perfect perfume should make you feel confident. Second of all, it should say something about your personality.

For example, floral scents are suited for affectionate and happy people, while oriental scents are recommended for seductive, enigmatic, and sensual personalities. 

As for the woody notes, they imply an adventurous and daring spirit. 

10. Don’t Forget About Your Hair

Do men really care about your hair?

I asked myself the same question and here’s what I found:

A renowned brand that produces hair-related products, conducted a survey on men and got incredible results. 

According to their studies, 82% of all men responders said they would rather pick up a woman with great hair at a bar rather than a woman with a short skirt.

Surprising, isn’t it?

What’s even more surprising, 78% of men surveyed admitted that they are turned on by a woman with healthy hair

But what kind of hair attracts guys?

Here are a few examples:

  • Men like shiny, healthy hair;
  • Men like soft hair that they can touch;
  • Men like thick, natural, and wavy hair;
  • Men also love braids, and asymmetrical hairstyles;
  • Men like it when you wear your hair up and down.

So, if you want to become hard to resist, you can’t neglect your hair’s condition or style. 

Keep in mind that choosing a hairstyle that you like and that makes you feel confident is more important than fitting in line.

11. Use Dynamic Body Language

There’s one more way to use your body to achieve your purpose: as a means of communication. 

As mentioned earlier, you can use dynamic hand gestures, as well as other body language types to be irresistible to men.

To be more expressive and catch the attention of most men, it’s very useful to practice hand gestures that match your words and enhance their meaning.

On top of that, if you refrain from crossing your arms or putting them in your pockets, you’ll get much more positive feedback from the men you’re talking to.

Your posture is also essential. Make sure you adjust it in order to display your best attributes. For example, sit or stand with your back straight, push your breasts out, and pull your stomach in.

Wearing a pair of high heels is considered a great help when it comes to your posture. However, it’s not a mandatory item that a desirable woman is required to wear. 

So, don’t beat yourself up if your style is different – confidence is still key.

Part C: Becoming a Irresistible Flirt

By now you should have a better idea about how to be irresistible to men. To make sure you succeed, though, there are a few other things you should consider. An effective flirting technique might be the only thing keeping you away from fully achieving your goal.

If that’s the case, here’s how to flirt in a captivating way:

12. Express Your Intentions Clearly

Look, the last thing men want is to be confused by a woman. When you flirt with a man, you shouldn’t send him mixed signals.

Instead, it would be great to express your intentions clearly. You might be a fan of subtlety, but unfortunately, that doesn’t work with most men.

Men want you to be shamelessly direct. Now, this doesn’t mean they want you to be vulgar about your intentions – that’s far from the truth.

It does mean that they want to be approached directly. And the best part?

This works because most men don’t expect to be approached like that. That’s when you become irresistible to them. The element of surprise works in your favor.

It also works because it denotes confidence. You have the needed courage and believe in yourself enough to flirt in such a way. 

13. Touch His Body and Yours

Flirting in an irresistible way can’t be done without touching. A playful touch here and there will work its magic.

For example, if you have a chat with a man you’re attracted to and he says something funny, you can touch his arm as you laugh and tell him that he is hilarious.

Or, in case he tells you about a not-so-positive event, you can lightly caress his back and try to comfort him. 

If you really want to be bold, and you have serious intentions about getting physical with a man, you can go as far as touching his inner thigh as you suggest something indecent to him.

However, if that’s not your style, and you want to make him want you without touching him, then focus on drawing his attention to your body.

You can do this by playing with your hair, touching or biting your lips, and rubbing your thighs. Crossing and uncrossing your legs in a suggestive way is also a thing.

14. Smile

Yes, it’s really that simple! A woman with a big and bright smile is irresistible to men. Why?

Because when you are smiling, it means you are happy, positive, and enthusiastic about something. Perhaps you are having fun, and that’s inviting.

A woman who smiles is easier to approach and sends out the right signals. But be aware: fake smiles don’t have the same effect.

That’s why it’s best to find genuine reasons to smile. This is where your sense of humor comes in.

15. Maintain Eye Contact

Last but not least, if you want to get a reaction from a man and show him how irresistible you really are, maintain eye contact with him.

Don’t shy away and take your eyes off him the second he notices you. Hold his gaze, lick your lips, and smile in a suggestive way.

Then, you can look away because staring at him is something you want to avoid. There is a thin line between being irresistible and creepy. 

Don’t let this aspect scare you though, with a little bit of practice, you’ll master the art of flirting in no time!

The Takeaway

As you can see, becoming highly desirable and appealing to men or (opposite sex in general) to the point of no return is not exactly easy. 

It’s not like dolling up will instantly turn you into an irresistible woman. As important as the physical aspect may be, it’s not enough. 

You’ll also have to improve some of your personality traits and your flirting technique to impress any guy. 

But, you’re now one step closer to achieving your goal thanks to the steps above. Feel free to start your journey in any way you like!

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