What Type Of Narcissist Is He Quiz?

Relationships can be complicated. You may notice your partner exhibits certain behaviors that seem self-centered, grandiose or lacking in empathy. When trying to understand these dynamics, you may wonder β€œwhat type of narcissist is he?”

While only a professional can diagnose narcissistic personality disorder, this quiz looks at common types of narcissism that can show up in relationships. By reflecting on how he handles criticism, relationships, and more, you can gain clarity on patterns causing you concern.

The goal isn’t to put a label on your partner, but to recognize unhealthy behaviors. Understanding the form narcissism takes allows you to better address problems and improve the relationship.

Keep in mind, people exist on a spectrum. This quiz simply shines a light on aspects needing compassionate exploration. From here, you are empowered to nurture meaningful connection.

Let’s start.

How does he typically engage in social situations and make connections with others?

How does he handle criticism or feedback about his actions or behavior?

How does he view relationships and commitment?

How does he react to others' successes or achievements?

How does he approach communication within relationships?

How does he handle conflicts in his professional life?

How does he view vulnerability and emotional expression?

How does he handle praise or acknowledgment in professional settings?

How does he perceive the concept of commitment in friendships?

How does he respond to challenges or setbacks in his personal life?

How does he approach personal growth and self-improvement?

How does he navigate friendships and social circles?

How does he react to changes or uncertainties in his life?

How does he handle conflicts within his relationships?

How does he approach the idea of personal growth and self-awareness?

What Type Of Narcissist Is He Quiz?
Playboy Narcissist
Engages effortlessly with people, seeks constant attention, and values the thrill of new connections without a commitment.
Romantic Narcissist
Expresses love through grand gestures, craves admiration, and believes in the idealized concept of romantic love.
Commitment-Phobic Narcissist
Hesitant to commit emotionally, prefers casual connections, and avoids deep emotional involvement.
Possessive Narcissist
Expresses love through control and possessiveness, seeking dominance in relationships and displaying jealousy.
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