Am I Obsessed With My Crush Quiz?

Having an intense crush can be thrilling, but at what point does it cross the line into unhealthy obsession? If your crush has become all-consuming, it’s important to objectively assess the situation.

This quiz can help you determine if your feelings are normal or have veered into obsessive territory.

By analyzing thoughts, behaviors, and emotions related to your crush, the “Am I Obsessed With My Crush Quiz” will uncover key insights.

Questions will range from how often you seek them out to if your mood depends on their actions. Without judgment, this quiz provides a safe space to evaluate if your focus has become excessive.

Once you have more understanding, you can take steps to find balance again. While crushes are enjoyable, letting them consume your whole world is unsustainable. This assessment will empower you with knowledge to course-correct when needed.

Let’s find out!

How often do you catch yourself daydreaming about your crush?

How often do you find yourself scrolling through your crush's social media profiles?

How often do you replay conversations with your crush in your mind?

How often do you imagine different scenarios involving you and your crush?

How often do you find yourself thinking about your crush's daily schedule?

How often do you remember small details about your crush?

How often do you check your phone for notifications from your crush?

How often do you plan out potential interactions with your crush in advance?

How often do you think about or try to get to know your crush's friends?

How often do you find yourself researching or remembering your crush's favorite things?

Am I Obsessed With My Crush Quiz?
Mild Interest
Based on your responses, it seems that you hold a Mild Interest in the subject or person in question. Your approach reflects a low-level engagement or curiosity, suggesting a casual and occasional interest that doesn't require a substantial amount of mental or emotional energy.
Casual Thoughts
Based on your responses, it seems that you approach organizing or arranging future actions and interactions with a sense of moderation. Your style involves Limited Planning, reflecting a balanced consideration for upcoming events or engagements without an overwhelming focus on detailed planning.
Occasional Daydreams
Based on your responses, it seems that your engagement with this subject or person is marked by occasional thoughts. Your perspective is characterized by sporadic or intermittent reflections, indicating that thoughts arise infrequently.
Constant Obsession
Based on your responses, it appears that you are deeply engrossed in your thoughts about a specific subject or individual. Your mindset is characterized by an intense and continuous preoccupation, where your focus remains consistently dominated by the object of obsession.
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