16 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

You just (recently) broke up with your ex and now the following questions arise: Should I wait or should I go on with my life?

Have they been moving on or are they just like me, longing for a possible reconciliation?

Is this relationship really “over”?

According to this research, it’s shown that 40 – 50 % of people get back to their exes. Most often, this happens because neither one can completely shake off their past.” 

This opens the door for a good look at the signs in this article if your ex will ever make its way back to you or is your ex never coming back.

16 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back:

1. Your ex was the one who ended the relationship

They were the one who brought this serious relationship to an end and told you to move on, giving a strong sign your ex is never coming back.

Even research has shown that when it’s your partner ends the relationship, it is more likely that they are the one who would be able to move on more easily than you are.

2. It’s been a long time since your break up

You have been out of touch now for months (more than six) or even years.

You don’t even know where they live anymore or what they’re doing with their lives.

If this sounds like you two, it clearly states that both of you have been separating your lives now.

When someone truly thinks greatly of you, when someone truly loves you, they won’t be far away from you. 

3. Your ex does not communicate with you 

Time is passing by and it’s getting longer and longer since you both have spoken with each other.

They don’t initiate any contact and it almost feels like they disappeared from the earth.

The longer the time passes by without contact, the less likely they will come back to you .

Think about it: No one can live eternally without the one they truly love, don’t you think?

4. Your ex acts cold towards you 

Your ex has just completely turned cold whenever you’re around them.

You can just feel that they’re not giving you a smile and they don’t even seem to be touched by being around you.

It’s almost like you don’t exist.

If this feels like your ex, this is a clear sign that you shouldn’t wait for them and move on. You don’t deserve someone who isn’t moved a single dime by your presence.

5. You have been friend-zoned

If your ex initiated the break up and also communicated that they prefer to stay just friends, this is a “gentle way to exit from the relationship without any hard feelings for each other.”

It’s easier to hang on to the good things of someone without truly letting them go.

The pain that is coming after a break-up and the true art of letting go, might be too much for them. That’s where friend-zone comes in.

They are making it blatantly obvious that they have zero intention of getting back together with you.

6. Your ex has advised you to move on

They clearly stated to you that you should leave them alone and that you have to move on with your life.

If someone truly loves you they would never clearly tell you to move on as they have a deep love for you and want you to be around them.

If there is a reason that they can’t be together with you at this moment, they will clearly state out that reason to protect the relationship that you both have.

If they clearly state to you to move on, this is a clear sign your ex is never coming back.

7. Your ex ignores people in your shared social circle

Your ex isn’t bothered by chatting or socializing with mutual friends, it’s actually almost the opposite: they ignore them or don’t have any eye for them.

When your ex is still in love with you, they know that one of the gateways to your heart is your social circle.

If they don’t put in any effort to get social with your friends, this is also a clear sign the interest they had for you, is gone.

8. Your ex has blocked you on all the social media platforms

If your ex has blocked you on all their social media platforms, this is a sure fire sign that they are done with you. Not being able to have any contact with you at all shows that they aren’t interested in coming back.

If you’re still waiting for your ex to come back after they blocked you, don’t get your hopes up too high.

Besides this, this survey has found that 71% of people don’t get back together with their exes, only 15% of those who get back together stay together, and around 14% get back together but break up again.

Waiting on them to come back after you’ve been blocked, can cause you to take place in the waiting room of their lives. That’s where you have to step out and live life for yourself again.

9. Your ex is moving away

If your ex truly loves you, would they make the conscious choice to be far away from you?

Everyone who loves someone deeply, would always do their best to be as close to this person as possible.

Even though it might happen that time and circumstances are not in their favor, still they will work towards a possible outcome and closeness together.

If your ex is simply moving away to another country or another place, long distance, they are moving on.

It’s a huge sign you ex is never coming back so there is no point to have false hopes.

10. Your ex has returned all of your belongings

They don’t want to keep anything that reminds them of you, so they bring it all back to you.

When you don’t want to let go of someone, you will do everything in your power to get back to the person you love, this also means to hold on to their belongings.

If your ex has returned back that belongs to you, this might be a clear sign your ex will never come back.

They are following their own path and they want to let you go.

11. There are no signs of jealousy or possession

Someone who loves you deeply, will always show some kind of jealousy from a place of love. 

When there is healthy jealousy, your ex is jealous from a place of love.

When someone has a healthy amount of jealousy for you, they might still have deeper feelings for you.

If someone isn’t bothered at all, this is also a clear indicator they have moved on. 

Because, let’s be honest, would you be jealous of someone you don’t really care for?

12. Your ex does not seem to care if you are seeing someone else

Your ex can’t be bothered if you’re with someone else and doesn’t seem to show any signs of jealousy or possession.

They’re okay with what you’re choosing to do with others and on rare occasions they even support it.

If your ex isn’t bothered at all by your choices to be with others or not, this might be because they just really don’t care.

They just live their life and wish for you the same.

13. Your ex has deleted all photos of the two of you together

We tend to hold on to the things that we don’t want to let go off.

If your ex still has all the beautiful memories in pictures of you two together, this is a clear sign that they haven’t been moved on from the relationship as you might think they have.

If your ex isn’t ready to let go of you or see a future together, they won’t get rid of all the things that remind them of you.

If they’re easily and readily let go of all the photos, your ex chooses for him or herself.

14. Your ex has turned to a hater (Your Ex is talking bad about you, your family, and mutual friends)

When someone you love has turned into someone who is only talking ill about you, your family or even mutual friends, this is a clear indicator that they don’t see a future together.

No one is talking bad about the person they hope to get back together with.

If they would still care for you and hope to get back together, the only thing that they see is the love for you.

Even when there are a lot of red flags that people who aren’t wearing their love-glasses would see, someone who is deeply in love would miss.

Your ex talking bad about you, clearly shows that they don’t have anything good to say about the experience and don’t see a future together.

15. Your ex has started a new committed relationship

They opened their hearts for a new romantic relationship. They are moving on and dreaming together with the new love of their life. 

If besides this they aren’t being in contact with you and you feel a distant feeling, it’s a clear sign that your ex isn’t thinking about a life together with you anymore.

You can see the pictures on their social media and they seem genuinely happy. It feels like your ex is never coming back, because they probably have already moved on.

However, if this relationship started after a few months or right away after the breakup then it’s possible that your ex is in a rebound relationship.

16. You have a strong gut feeling

In the end the only real indicator next to all the clear signs, is your gut feeling. Your gut knows things that you can’t reason. Sometimes your mind can get into overthinking, which can overrule your gut feeling.

This can be really tricky, because your mind can convince you really deeply that someone still loves you.

You might be very sure about the fact that someone comes back, while in reality this isn’t grounded in your gut but in your thinking.

This is a thin line that should be considered before making any assumptions about someone’s feelings.

So, become quiet and let the soft voice in the background speak instead of the loud, chatter of your mind.

So, What is your gut telling you?

Do I still have a chance with ex?

If after reading this article and going through all the signs your ex will never come back, you still feel that something in your gut feeling is pointing towards coming back together, good for you.

This might be very positive for you and your ex.

If you didn’t check all the boxes, it’s a sure sign your ex isn’t interested in you anymore.

Sticking around waiting on someone to come back to you, is never a good plan.

If you’re put in the waiting room of someone else’s life, your own life is standing still. You’re not moving forward. You should get out of this and focus on yourself again.


If you feel like you still have a chance that your ex comes back, you can move towards this.

You can slowly tip your toes in the water by sending a message or open the doors to see if your feelings are actually accurate. 

If your ex is open and responsive, you can take it from there. If they aren’t, then there is your sure sign to let go otherwise you will loose self respect even in your eyes.

Build up the courage to start dating and meeting others again. Open yourself to new forms of love instead of wondering back to what “could have been”.

Sometimes people have been there to walk a chapter with us, but not write the whole story with us, even though it might feel different.

The universe has a magical way of bringing people together when the time is ready and also to keep them away from your life, if they aren’t for you.

If the two of you are truly meant for each other, there will be a way.

Trust your path. Everything that is meant to be there, will be there.

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