Post Breakup Questions To Ask Your Ex About Your Relationship

Bringing up the memories of the past relationship is not only a complex but also an emotional task. 

It takes some level maturity and inner love to revisit hurtful memories, unresolved issues, and seeking clarity about why things didn’t work out. 

This article will help gain perspective from your exe to understand your and their part in the breakup.

We have also shared questions about reconciliation, or make personal improvements for future relationships. 

Overall, we have written thought-provoking questions to ask your ex, carefully categorized into three sections – for closure, reconciliation, and self-improvement. 

Not all of these questions are about rekindling old flame with your ex or playing blame game but about self-awareness, healing, and personal growth.

Good Post Breakup Questions To Ask Your EX:

1. What’s your favorite memory of us when we were together?

2. Regardless of our current relationship status, do you think I was a good partner?

3. Looking back, do you think we shared a platonic relationship rather than a romantic one?

4. Do your friends hate me now?

5. Did the family influence ever cast a shadow or light on our relationship?

6. What did our relationship teach you?

7. What initially attracted you to me?

8. What is your least favorite memory of me?

9. Was there ever a quirky habit of mine that secretly made you roll your eyes, but you never mentioned?

10. If you could, what would you change about our time together?

11. Have you lost feelings for me?

12. Have you been in a rebound relationship after our breakup?

13. How do you think our past relationship shaped who you are today?

14. How have our mutual friends reacted or changed since our past relationship ended?

15. Do you feel we were ever truly on the same page during our relationship?

16. Do you believe there were moments in our past where we truly had a happy relationship?

17. Can you pinpoint the exact reason why things changed between us?

18. How do you think our past problems influenced the course of our relationship?

Closure Questions to Ask Your EX:

The purpose of these questions is to get a clearer understanding of why your relationship ended and to fix unresolved feelings, lingering doubts or resentments. These can also help you gain insight into your ex’s perspective and feelings. It’s important to approach these questions with an open mind and be ready to accept their responses, even if they’re not what you’d like to hear.

1. “Can you help me understand why we broke up?”

2. “Do you think we gave our relationship a fair shot?”

3. “Is there anything that you felt was left unresolved between us?”

4. “What were your expectations from me in our relationship that I couldn’t meet?”

5. “Did you ever consider discussing our problems more openly?”

6. “What was the turning point for you in our relationship?”

7. “Did I do something that pushed you away?”

8. “Did our relationship change your perception about love or relationships?”

9. “Do you hold any grudges against me?”

10. “What is the one thing you wish I would have done differently?”

11. “Did you feel loved and cared for in our relationship?”

12. “Were there things you wanted to say but never did?”

13. “Did our breakup change your perspective on us?”

14. “Did you see the breakup coming, or was it a sudden decision?”

15. “Do you think the issues that led to our breakup were avoidable?”

16. “What did you learn from our relationship?”

17. “Are there any apologies you wish to make?”

18. “What are your feelings towards me now?”

19. “Did we ever truly know and understand each other?”

20. “Looking back, do you think we could have handled things better?”

Questions to Ask Your EX For Getting Back Together:

These questions are designed to explore the possibility of a renewed relationship with your ex. They’re meant to assess changes that have occurred since the breakup, and whether there’s potential for a healthier relationship moving forward. It’s crucial to respect your ex’s feelings and decisions, and to consider their responses honestly in determining whether getting back together is a good idea.

1. “Do you believe there’s a chance we could start fresh?”

2. “How have you changed since we broke up?”

3. “If we were to try again, how do you think we should approach things differently?”

4. “Do you think our relationship deserved another chance?”

5. “Have you thought about me or us during the time we were apart?”

6. “What things about our relationship do you miss?”

7. “Are you willing to work on the issues that led to our breakup?”

8. “What would you like to see changed if we were to get back together?”

9. “Do you think we have grown since our breakup?”

10. “Are we more suited for each other now than we were before?”

11. “What steps do you think we should take to ensure a healthier relationship this time?”

12. “Do you see a future with me?”

13. “Are you currently in a place where you feel a relationship could work?”

14. “How would you handle disagreements if we got back together?”

15. “Would you be willing to seek professional help if required?”

16. “Are you ready to let go of the past and start anew?”

17. “What made you consider reconciliation?”

18. “How would you suggest we manage our expectations this time?”

19. “Are you still in love with me?”

20. “Are you prepared to take the risk of another potential heartbreak?”

Deep Questions to Ask Your EX For Self-Improvement: 

This set of questions encourages self-reflection and personal growth after a breakup. They aim to uncover areas in which you could improve as a partner based on your ex’s experiences and observations. It’s important to approach these questions without defensiveness and with a genuine desire to learn and grow. The goal is not to place blame, but to improve yourself for future relationships.

1. “In what ways do you think I could have been a better partner to you?”

2. “What habits or traits of mine do you think contributed to our breakup?”

3. “Is there anything that I did or didn’t do that you wish I had understood better?”

4. “Do you feel like I listened to you and understood your needs during our relationship?”

5. “Were there times when you felt I was being unfair or unreasonable? Can you give me examples?”

6. “What qualities or behaviors should I work on for my future relationships?”

7. “Do you think I communicated effectively during our relationship? How can I improve?”

8. “Were there certain arguments or problems that we had that you felt were mostly my fault?”

9. “Do you think I was supportive and understanding enough when you faced difficulties?”

10. “Did I give you enough space and freedom during our relationship?”

11. “What’s one thing you wished I did more of in our relationship?”

12. “Did you feel respected and valued in our relationship?”

13. “Was there ever a time when my actions didn’t match my words?”

14. “How could I have made you feel more loved and cherished in our relationship?”

15. “In what ways could I have compromised better in our disagreements?”

16. “What kind of emotional support did you need from me that I failed to provide?”

17. “Did you feel that I was truly invested in our relationship?”

18. “What are some instances where I could have been more patient or understanding?”

19. “Was there a lack of balance in our relationship, and how could I have addressed it?”

20. “Looking back, what would you say were my biggest mistakes in our relationship?”

21. “How did you feel about our level of communication regarding sex life?”

Editor’s Note:

If you broke up recently then it’s best to avoid asking questions to your ex about relationship. Right now, you should be focusing on personal growth. As you spend more time with yourself, your mind will get clearer and your dependency on your ex will start to go away. In fact, you might not even feel like any questions to your ex. So, calm down for now and focus on things that heals you.

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