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What is Relationup?

Relationup is a mobile platform designed to connect you with professional Relationship Advisors who can offer you advice and coaching on your specific dating and relationship issues.

Our app enables you to access one or more Relationship Advisors who can provide on-demand advice via text messaging on your mobile device.


Is this therapy?

No — Relationup is not therapy. While many of our Relationup Advisors are licensed therapists, they are not providing therapy or mental health services. They are acting as life coaches providing dating and relationship advice.


How are Advisors selected?

Our Relationup Advisors are experienced, screened, and hold at least a Masters degrees in related fields such as Marriage & Family Therapy, Social Work, Psychology, and Counseling.

Every applicant is interviewed by a member of our team and undergoes a mock texting conversation.


Is there a long term commitment?

No. There are no membership fees, contracts, or long-term commitments. Your payment for an la carte conversation and/or packages of conversations is subject to our Terms and Conditions.


What is the price for using Relationup?

You can purchase a single 15-minute chat or a discounted package. You can have a 15-minute conversation for as little as $10 or the price of a cocktail.

Relationup reserves the right to adjust the price and/or quantity of single conversation or package of conversations at any time. Any changes to our pricing will be clearly displayed on the Credits page of the Relationup app prior to purchase.


How can I get the app?

Download Relationup from the App Store. Relationup is only available on devices which run iOS 8 or later.




Is there an age restriction?

Yes. You need to be at least 18 years old to use this service.


What if I am experiencing Depression, Anxiety, or Suicidal Thoughts?

Relationup is not a mental health service. If you are experiencing any suicidal thoughts, you should immediately dial 911. If you are seeking help for depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues, you should consult a professional mental health expert.


How do I connect with a Relationup Advisor?

You can start getting advice from one of our Relationup Advisors by downloading our free Relationup app which is available on the App Store.

Our app is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that run iOS 8 or later. We are working on the Android version and hope to have it available shortly.


Can I use Relationup anonymously?

Yes, you can be anonymous when you text with an Advisor. We want you to feel completely comfortable sharing your concerns and personal information with our Relationship Advisors.

When building your profile, you have the option of being anonymous. When you’re anonymous on the app, your photo is disabled and only your first and last initial will appear in your communications with your Relationship Advisors. You can change this setting at any time.


How do I report an inappropriate conversation or question initiated by an Advisor?

You have two ways to voice your concerns. The first is to review the Advisor and leave a comment. The second is to send us an email at and we will investigate it immediately.


How do I report if an Advisor tries to solicit my personal information?

Our Advisors should not be soliciting your personal information. They should not contact you outside the app, in an attempt to engage with you socially or to have conversations outside of the app. You can report this by sending us an email at and we will investigate it immediately.


Can I get a refund for any unused text conversation credits?

No. Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for unused text conversation credits.


Does Relationup offer refunds for text conversations?

Relationup offers a refund of one (1) conversation credit for a conversation that is canceled due to an Advisor who quits the conversation. If an Advisor leaves a conversation and becomes unavailable (logs out, closes the app, or their device loses signal connectivity, disconnects, or powers off) for more than three (3) minutes, the Advisor is deemed to have quit, and the conversation is canceled. The timer on the conversation will pause and the user needs to remain on the app for the entire 3 minutes to see if the Advisor returns and the conversation can be resumed. If the user leaves prematurely, the timer will recommence and the conversation will appear as if the user has abandoned it.

In the instance that an Advisor quits a conversation and the conversation is canceled, the user should notify Relationup at Upon validation, Relationup will issue a refund of one conversation credit. In the instance that a Advisor quits a conversation and the conversation is canceled, the Advisor does not earn any money for that conversation.


Do my text conversation credits expire?

Text conversation credits expire twelve months from the date of purchase.




Am I a “mandated reporter” as a Relationup Advisor?

No. As a Relationup Advisor, you are not providing therapy. You are providing coaching and advice.


I’ve applied to be a Relationup Advisor, what’s next?

You will receive an email at the email address you provided notifying you that your application is in process.


How do I know if I have been accepted as an Advisor?

If you have been accepted, you will receive a notification at the email address you provided communicating you that you have been accepted as an Advisor.


I was not accepted as an Advisor. Can I appeal?

Yes. You can submit a request in writing for an explanation as to why you were not accepted as Advisor. Requests should be sent to


How do I change my Advisor Profile?

You can submit changes to your Advisor Profile by clicking “Edit Profile” on the app. Once the changes are approved, your Profile will be updated.


Can I read my Client reviews?

We do not allow Advisors to read their reviews. We want to encourage Clients to be honest and open in their feedback. Your star rating is the aggregate of all of your reviews.


Can I engage in more than two Relationup text conversations at a time?

No. At this time, the maximum number of concurrent text conversations an Advisor can engage in is two.


How do I report inappropriate/offensive language or comments made towards me by a Client?

If this occurs, please contact us immediately at and we will begin an investigation.


Can I solicit my Clients to offer them therapy outside of the app?

No. You are not allowed to solicit Clients to provide them with therapy outside the app. See Terms and Conditions for more information of this policy.


Do I need my own liability insurance to participate?

No. Relationup provides a full indemnity to its Advisors and carries a full Errors and Omissions policy to cover claims made by any Clients.


How do I get paid?

You are only paid for completed conversation. You must be logged into and active on the app to receive conversation requests from Relationup users.

Relationup uses direct deposit through Dwolla, a digital payment network which securely connects U.S. banks and credit unions to enable safe, fast, account-to-account transfers between Relationup and your account. Dwolla has built a federally approved payment network, called FiSync, that allows any connected institution to instantaneously send any amount of money.


As a Relationup Advisor, am I an employee of Relationup?

No. Relationup, via its app, provides a platform for online educational, advice, and consulting services with respect to relationships. As a Relationup Advisor, you are acting as an Independent Contractor in the capacity as a life coach.


Do users see my phone number when using Relationup?

No. Clients can only see your Profile. They can not see your phone number.


What tax forms can I expect from Relationup?

Advisors are responsible for filing and paying for all taxes related to earnings from conversations. If you earn more than $20,000 and had greater than 200 transactions during a calendar year through Dwolla, they will provide you a 1099-K to assist you in filing your income taxes related to your work on Relationup. If your earnings do not meet these requirements, you may use Dwolla’s summary to calculate your total earnings from Relationup for income tax purposes. In any event, you are responsible for preparing and submitting tax filings for any income generated through your use of Relationup.




Does Relationup use secure payments?

Yes. Relationup uses Braintree, a PayPal company, to process payments. We do not store any payment information on our servers. With Braintree, we can accept Paypal and most major credit and debit cards.


Does Relationup take steps to secure my data?

Yes. All Relationup data is stored externally through Amazon Web Services and utilizes Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) encryption for all data exchanged between our users, Advisors, and our application. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


What if I experience a technical issue during my text conversation?

If this occurs, immediately reach out to us at